A Weekend With My Sisters

by Baron Rod

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Masturbation, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: The parents go away for the weekend. After the chores are done three sibling find their parent's X-rated DVD stash. Then the fun begins.

It was going to be a lousy weekend in mid July. My folks had left right after work on Friday to see our Great Aunt Barbara who lived in the next state and was in the hospital. They left my older sister in charge. She can be a real nice person, but she has a control streak. The orders were no visitors, no leaving the house or backyard and they wanted a bunch of house chores done by the time they got back Sunday evening. If we did the chores by the time they got home they would take us all out to dinner.

My name is David, usually Dave, and I've been fifteen for three months, five foot seven, a hundred thirty pounds. I'm in good shape as I swim a lot and am on the track team at school. I have two sisters. Cathy, usually Cat, is sixteen months older at sixteen and a half years old. She is five foot six and a thin hundred twenty pounds. Eleanor, Elle, is fourteen months younger than me having just turned fourteen. She is five foot three and a hundred ten pounds. Our family runs to green eyed, auburn haired people. I wear mine in what Dad calls 'business length', Cat goes for shoulder length and Elle has hair down to her mid-back and is usually in one long braid.

From the time the parents left until supper Cat had us working. She used the ploy that if we got it all done early then we could relax the rest of the weekend. After supper we did some more chores, but eight o'clock came along and we all wanted to watch TV. We had only a couple more chores to do which could easily be done in under two hours tomorrow. The girls wanted some inane reality show and I wanted a movie. I lost. Of course. Two to one vote.

Mom and Dad like living in the dark ages. There is only one TV, not even hooked to cable, just the five local broadcast stations. The three major networks, an independent and PBS. There's a DVD player my Uncle Stu bought for Dad. There is a small collection of 'G' rated DVDs and some old stuff that our folks like. A couple radios are the only other electronics in the house. They say it brings us closer as a family and prevents a lot of temptation. Since I couldn't watch my movie my options were very limited. I had worked very hard at the chores and decided to take a shower and then read a science fiction book.

I'd finished the shower, had put my PJ's on and was reading when Cat came up and told me the show was over and did I want to watch a DVD ... my pick. I picked one of Dad's favorites, "McClintok", a John Wayne movie. It has the most hilarious fight scene I've ever seen.

When the movie was over Cat said, "While I was tidying up Mom and Dad's room and I found a box of DVDs in their closet. From the cover pictures I think that they are 'X' rated movies. Pornography. Should I bring them down?"

I knew what my vote would be, but I kept quiet until after Elle said "You mean that they show sex?"

Cat replied, "Yup! At least that's what the covers and promo stuff imply."

Elle giggled and said "Wow! We could see what that's all about. Sure bring them down."

I just happily nodded my head.

Cat left and was back moments later. She had a small box that had about a half dozen jewel cases in it. She said "I found it and I'm the oldest so I'm going to pick the first one. Dave, you can pick the next and then Elle and back through the circle again. OK?"

Elle and I agreed and Cat picked one and fired it up. I don't know if all porn is like that, but this one had only the sketchiest of plots and people were fucking from thirty seconds into the movie. I, of course, was stiff instantly.

Cat noticed and asked "Does this stuff on screen turn you on? From that tent in the front of your pants I guess it does."

I decided not to be embarrassed and gave a hearty laugh. I told her "Of course it does! It's designed to do that."

Elle asked "Is your thing as big as those guys? Can we see it?"

I glanced at Cat and she gave me an interested look. Maybe if I did this right I could get them naked, too. I stood up and dropped my PJ pants and as I did I commented "I'm nowhere near as big as those guys. I'm only fourteen and they're full adults and porn stars, too."

My prong was a bit over a hand width and was pretty thick. From what I'd seen in gym class showers I had nothing to be ashamed of and maybe something to be proud of when I finish growing up.

Cat asked "Do you squirt that white stuff like they do? What is that?"

I answered in reverse, "It's cum ... and yes I can do that. I do that every time I masturbate." I decided to give it a try. "Hey, since you guys are looking at me I want to see you too. Fair is fair." and I removed my PJ top also.

They looked at each other and then in a flurry of clothes they were naked. Cat's breasts were (I later learned) a B-cup and had little finger tip sized nipples on fifty cent sized areolas and she had a well defined bush. Elle had bad bee stings raising her areolas and nipples that were a standard pencil eraser size, her bush was very fine and almost not there. Both of my sisters' bushes were the same shade as their head hair and mostly at the tops of their slits.

Cat asked, "Will you masturbate for us? We want to see that stuff squirt out like on the DVD."

I replied, "Sure, I'll do that, but it would be neater for me if you two would take turns playing with me and maybe do some of the stuff we watched those women do. You'd get a closer look that way." Wow. If they fell for that I'd get my first blowjob ... or at least a handjob.

My sisters looked at me, then at each other, then at the TV ... and then repeated the cycle. A final look at each other and they sat down on either side of me. Then they both reached out and touched me.

Oh! My! God! I'd been masturbating for over a year. I'd gotten to know the feeling of my hand around my shaft and the pleasure it brought. I suddenly found out that someone else's hand ... or hands in this case ... felt a whole lot better.

As she was jacking me Elle said, "It's weird. It feels so soft, yet so firm. From school and these movies I know that this ... penis ... is supposed to go in me, but it looks too big to fit me."

Cat, who was rubbing the palm of her hand on the top of my prick, chuckled, "You're designed to let babies come out of there. A guy's penis ... cock ... should fit just fine. Although, from girls at school I've heard the first time can hurt." She traded hand holds with Elle and said, "And you're right, the difference of the really solid shaft and the feel of softness is way cool."

While they were talking to each other they hadn't stopped pumping and rubbing my shaft and it felt great. I took a chance and reached out to them and touched each of the bare breasts nearest me. They gasped and sped up their ministrations. I rubbed their nipples while they rubbed me.

That did it. I blew off. Elle was rubbing the glans and blocked most of the first shot of cum. She jerked her hand away and the follow on shots sprayed in whatever direction Cat happened to point my cock. There were five gouts of splooge and it was all over me. Elle and Cat also had beads of white decorating their skin.

Elle looked at her hand and then licked it. She got an odd expression on her face.

"What's it taste like, Elle?", Cat asked.

"Sorta salty, sour." answered Elle. "Lick some off of Dave. There's enough of it. Wow! You guys sure are messy!"

Cat licked me and said, "Yeah, salty, sour about defines it."

"Well," I replied, "from what I understand most of the mess should be in you. Oh, God girls, that was the most awesome thing to ever happen to me. You made me feel better than I ever have doing it myself."

They grinned at the praise.

I panted a bit trying to get my breathing straight and then a asked, "OK, I've showed you how I masturbate. Will you show me how girls do it?"

They again looked at each other and then sat down on the couch at opposite ends, spread their legs and began massaging their tits with one hand while massaging their pussies with the other. I noticed Elle was a bit slower in doing something than Cat and that she kept looking at her like she was getting pointers. Maybe she hadn't started doing herself as yet and was getting on the job training.

After watching for a bit, long enough for the girls to start panting, I asked "Since you guys touched me, can I touch you?"

They looked at each other again and Cat said, "You already have while we did you. Yeah, go ahead."

I got between them and had them both get closer to me. Then I reached out to touch a boob on each of them. I rubbed their tits as I had seen them doing it. Their nipples were hard little points and both felt really good. Cat was a nice handful and Elle's tit was just a bump in my palm. I got a neat thought and leaned in toward Elle. I took her whole tit into my mouth and sucked while tickling the nipple with my tongue.

Elle started to protest and then groaned in pleasure.

"Oh, yeah, Dave" she moaned, "Oh, yeah ... that feels really nice. Keep doing that."

Cat decided that she wanted to go to the next level too. She took my hand off of her tit and moved it down to her muff. I almost fought her, but I quickly figured out where she was moving me. I started feeling around and found her cleft. I traced my finger along it, at one point getting a gasp. I noted that point as someplace to explore at length, but continues feeling downward. I found a really wet spot and wiggled my finger there getting it very slick.

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