No Denying It
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, First, Squirting,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A sister gets grounded for the summer and realizes that her plans to explore her sexuality like she intended are stifled completely. Another opportunity presents itself and she cannot help herself.

Chantell woke up on Saturday in a gloomy mood. It was the first official day of summer break, and she knew she had the entire summer of being cooped up in the house to suffer through. Earlier in the year her dad had threatened to ground her for the entire summer if she didn't bring her grades up, meaning no car, no freedom, and therefore, no fun.

She found out the hard way that he meant every word.

It wasn't that she didn't try—she absolutely did—but trying and succeeding were two very different things--especially in Algebra. As a matter of fact she had succeeded in every other class, but that one. She had brought them all up to A's and B's accept for that one class, which she received a D+. She knew that the D wasn't acceptable, but she had hoped that he wouldn't lighten the grounding after seeing the rest of the grades came up. He didn't, and she was stuck for the summer.

This would have been her first summer with a driver's license, and she had looked forward to making good use of it. She had planned on getting out, getting a job, and proving something to herself. She had also planned on living a little—experimenting some—maybe finding a guy and starting something. She would have to do that part behind her parents back, but what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

Her parents were strict in that regard. In their minds having a boyfriend meant getting pregnant and ruining your life. She didn't want to get pregnant, but the idea of doing the things a girl had to do to get pregnant ... Now that was a different story. She was definitely into figuring out her sexuality. Just because her parents were up tight about it, didn't mean she had to be.

She held out her hand and looked at it with a frown. "I guess it's just you and me for the summer," she said. "What else is new?"

For the longest time that had been enough. As a matter of fact she usually enjoyed her fantasies and found herself enjoying them more and more frequently—normally just before she went to bed at night--but not always then. Sometimes she would catch herself just before a shower, in the shower, or just when the mood struck her. It wasn't all the time, but as the summer approached and her anticipation of doing it for real approached, the frequency of her fantasies grew.

"Now would be as good a time as any," she thought to herself, slipped her hand down into her panties, spread her legs and tried to relax her way into fantasy land.

She pictured herself with Thomas Silver. He was the high school football hero that every other girl in her school wanted just as bad as she did. She thought about how she would let him get to second base and further if she got the chance. She pictured how the sun would reflect off of the sweat as it glistened on his muscled frame and tanned body as he descended onto her from above. She imagined spreading her legs for him and allowing him to kiss and lick the places that a woman wanted to be kissed and licked.

None of it was working for her now though.

That static electricity feeling wasn't coming to her lower region the way it always had in the past. It was as if she were toying with the food on her plate, but had no intention of eating it. Her appetite just wasn't' there. With the thrill of knowing that it was actually going to happen for real being gone—the idea seemed to be unappealing--as if thinking of Tom, and knowing that it would be someone else that would give their virginity to him, and not her, killed the mood.

"Nothing," she said out loud, and she got up and out of her bed with a huff. She grabbed a fresh pair of underwear, a shirt, and a pair of shorts and headed toward the bathroom that she shared with her younger brother. She didn't bother to dress, because she didn't have to pass through a hall way. Nobody would be able to see her so there was no point.

She walked into the bathroom, and set her clothes on the sink. She was about ready to turn the shower on when she noticed that the door leading to Jay's bedroom was cracked open.

"Dammit Jay," she muttered under her breath, and she made the final few steps to his door.

She was about to close it the rest of the way when she saw movement by the far wall in his room.

She nosily peeked through to see what her brother was up to, and immediately wished she hadn't.

He was standing in front of the mirror that was mounted on the back of his closet door. The mirror covered half of the door and was long enough and low enough that he could look at himself and see all the way down to his waist.

Her first instinct was to quickly and quietly shut the door the rest of the way, and she almost did just that. He was doing something though, and it took her a second to figure it out, even though the thought should have hit her right away.

He was watching himself in the mirror as he stroked himself. Her jaw dropped as her brain finally wrapped itself around what he was doing. As soon as it did, however, the forward part of her brain screamed at her to slam the door shut, and to do it pronto. The last thing in the world she should be doing was watching her brother masturbate. How would she feel if the tables were turned? Hmmm?

Horrified ... That's how she'd feel.

She couldn't though. She couldn't close the door, because even though he was stroking himself it didn't actually look like he was masturbating. The motions were there, but they weren't fluid. He wasn't doing it the way that she thought a guy would do it. At least it wasn't the way that she would do it for a guy if she had the chance. She couldn't close the door because her curiosity was up, but there was another reason too.

He was hung.

That's right. Her fourteen year old brother was not proportionate in size. He was a descent sized kid for his age. He wasn't a tiny kid in other words. He was athletic and tall for his age. He already had the makings of a good body so it wasn't like she thought his "package," should be tiny, but the thing that he was holding in his hand looked like it should belong on an Arnold Schwarzenegger or somebody like that. She couldn't close the door until she was sure she was seeing what she thought she was seeing.

She continued to watch, feeling a little guilty about spying on her kid brother, but still not stopping. It was almost as if he were just trying to keep it hard. He would close his eyes, stroke it a little, and then open them as if he couldn't believe how big he was any more than she could.

She watched him for another thirty seconds and finally tore her eyes away, and shut the door as quietly as she could. She made her way over to the shower, and turned it on, adjusting the water as hot as she could take it. She had shut the door to her room, but she couldn't shut the one in her brain.

She got in the shower, and tried to forget what she had just seen, but she just couldn't do it. The image of him holding himelf ... Stroking himself ... Just wouldn't leave her brain.

Had she really just stood there and watched her brother toy with himself like that. What in the world had come over her? Was she that desperate? Had she actually gotten a point so low that she would spy on her brother while he jacked himself off, or whatever it was that he was really doing—and what would she have done if he had turned around and saw her for some reason? How embarrassing would that of been. It definitely wasn't her proudest moments, and she couldn't help but to think about what her reaction would really have been.

Shame? Disgust? Fear?

The idea of him turning around really did terrify her. Mostly because there would be no hiding what she had seen. She wouldn't just be able to sweep in under the rug. She would have had to deal with it, and she couldn't help but to imagine what that would have been like.

She pictured herself standing by the door again, with it cracked partially open, and with her peering through it like some depraved sex maniac while her brother jacked himself off. In her mind, though, he wasn't just admiring himself. In her head he was actually pleasuring himself. She thought that would have been more embarrassing so she made herself think of it that way instead of the way it really was.

She continued her thoughts along those lines and saw himself standing in front of the mirror with his eyes closed as he stroked along that shaft that seemed to be longer than she thought it should be. She knew from experience that he would be picturing himself with a girl, and she actually wondered who that would be.

Cheyenne perhaps? His best friend's sister? That was possible, but her mind dismissed it. Cheyenne was also Chantell's best friend, and somehow she just didn't like the idea of Jay fantasizing about her. Amanda? Nope ... Amanda was another one of her close friends, and she'd kick her friends ass if she ever touched her little brother.


Without even realizing it she had started to rub herself, while she thought about Jay. She tore her hands away from her mid drift as if it were on fire.

Had she really just started to do what she thought she had? The worst part was that ten minutes before that she had tried to get herself off while thinking about Tom, but no feeling had come to her. She couldn't deny that she had just started to get that feeling a second ago, but she was going to deny it anyway, because the last thing in the world she was going to do was let herself start thinking about her younger brother while she jigged herself off.

That was the last thing in the world that she needed in her life at that point. She was low enough as it was, and wasn't about to sink any further down into the abyss.

She finished her shower, got out, and dried off. Once she was dressed she headed back to her room, and tried to screw her head back on the way that it was supposed to be. As soon as she was sure she had come completely back to her senses she headed for the kitchen to grab a bite to eat.

Jay came out a few minutes later followed by Aaron, Cheyenne's younger brother.

"Hey you," Jay said.

"Hey back to ya," she said back mussing his hair per normal as she said it. "Hey squirt," she said to Aaron.

"I'm not a squirt."

"Should I call you A-hole then? Like the asses at school?" She teased.

"Hell no ... That's way worse."

"Besides squirt! In some circles that name might be a good thing!" She said and she winked at him. His face turned a little pink, and she finally noticed as she stood there that he was staring at her chest, and not her face. She looked down and about shit her pants.

"Shit!" She cursed. She had put her shirt on but only buttoned the bottom three buttons and her tits were damn near out in the open. "Damn Jay ya coulda told me," she said closing up their view and spinning around.

"I figured you knew ... I mean I don't normally have to tell you how to dress."

"Since when do I walk around with my tits damned near hanging out?" She said as she buttoned up.

Chantell turned back around. "You owe me one runt!"

"You owe me one?" She thought. "Don't I mean I owe you one ... Like I'm gonna get you back for this ... I'm gonna repay the wrong that you just did me ... That kind of thing? What's going on with you Chantell? Now your telling your brother that what? He's gotta show you something like you just showed him, and didn't he already do that earlier? Have you completely lost your friggin mind?"

She just hoped that he didn't catch the slip.

"Sure sis," he said with a smile. Should I show you now?"

"Show me what?" She said trying to play stupid.

She turned back to the fridge so that she could try to hide her face just in case it was turning red or some other stupid thing, and continued her search. She finally decided to just grab the jelly and she headed for the cupboard for the bread and peanut butter.

"Just joking ... Jeez ... Lighten up. You normally play along with my stupid jokes. What's with you anyway?"

"It's pry cuz she's grounded man ... My sister's bummed cuz she couldn't come over remember."

"Oh yeah. Guess I forgot already. That kinda does explain it," he said. "Sorry about that. I know you had all kinds of shit planned and it's all down the tubes."

Chantell shrugged. She was trying not to think about it.

Jay and Aaron started to head off.

"What you two gonna do anyway?"

"Games," Aaron said. "What else."

They turned and headed back to Jay's room, and Chantell finished making and eating her sandwich. She wasn't alone though. Her thoughts were haunting her like an angry and violent ghost.

She was definitely losing it. She kept reminding herself over and over again. She hadn't buttoned up her damned shirt--knowing that her kid brother was loose in the house. She had worn less when she knew she was alone. What's worse was that when she finally did figure it out, hadn't the first thing that crossed her mind been that she had accidently done that on purpose so that he could get a glimpse the way that she had. Hadn't that thought zipped through her head like a trapeze artist in the middle of a show?

She was pretty sure it had.

In the shower she knew she had started to imagine him fantasizing about her, and she had just started to like it when she snapped to her senses and cut the thoughts dry.

Would she really have liked it though? Thinking about her brother as a lover?

As the thoughts started to flow through her so did that all too familiar tingling sensation.

"This is getting too weird," she said. She took the last bite of her sandwich and headed back to her room.

Chantell lay on her bed, and forced herself not to think about any of it. She pressed herself with all of the will that she had left not to do what she knew deep down that she wanted to do. She knew that she was curious about the feelings that she was starting to have. She knew that she had felt the beginnings of that sexual spark, and she could feel, deep down that it was a high voltage wire that was dormant and waiting for the power to be supplied to it. If she let go and gave it the juice she could power an entire city with it, but she was afraid to. There was still that rational part of her brain that said "NO WAY, JOSE!" No way do you want to have the most incredible orgasm of your life while you think about your brother.

Still there was that other side that said "FUCK YES ... DO IT!"

"Do it, or always wonder what that most incredible orgasm would have felt like. Do it or never know. Never feel it. Forever deny yourself what you now know you really want."

She almost gave in to that second opinion too. She was just about out of will power when she finally decided to get up off of her ass, before it was too late.

She got up and went to Jay's door. She knew that she couldn't touch anything if she was actually in the room with him and his friend. Her hands would be effectively... "Tied."

She knocked on the door and waited.

"You can come in. We ain't naked!" Jay said with his usual sarcasm.

She opened the door.

"Ya never know with you two. For all I know ya got your lips tightly pressed up against each other."

"Ha ha... ," squirt said. "See I told ya she wouldn't..."

Jay punched him on the leg.

They were both sitting on computer chairs, and sitting in front of Jay's T.V. High definition military men were walking to and from. They were on a mission, and Chantell knew the game. C.O.D. It wasn't a game she liked, but she still recognized it.

"She wouldn't what?"

"I told you to keep your mouth shut if she came in idiot."

"She wouldn't what?" Chantell repeated.

"Have your shirt unbuttoned again."

"You mean like this?" Chantell said reaching for her top button. Both of the boys' eyes got wide with anticipation as she did. Chantell wasn't about to admit it to either but her nipples became pebbles beneath her shirt, and she could feel herself moisten at the prospect.

"Psyche!" She said and laughed.

"Damn ... For a second I really believed you were gonna do it," Aaron said.

"You wish," Jay said.

"You do too!!!"

"No I don't you creep ... She's my sister."

Chantell watched the two go back and forth in their little bro-mance spat. She watched with interest, and it sunk in that her brother was just as curious about what he was thinking about her as she was about him.

"This might not have been such a good idea after all," she had time to think.

They were going back and forth between each other in a yeah you do, no I don't kind of way. She knew how to shut them both up right away though.

She unbuttoned the top button of her shirt.

It was almost as if Flash Gordon had ran through the room like a pink haze and stole the words directly from their lips. They both were talking one second and their words were gone the next. Just like that.

They looked at Chantell and shifted nervously in their chairs.

"That's a little better," she said to them, but her attention was drawn to her nether regions. She could feel the warmth down below, and that all too familiar feeling that she loved so much. The idea of giving her brother and his friend a little show crept into her mind like a thief approaching his mark just before he snatched the unsuspecting wallet.

Could she do that? Did she want to?

"Yes," she thought. "Yes. I think I do."

That confirming thought intensified the feelings between her legs letting her know that her sexuality demanded it.

"Is that it?" Aaron asked.

"I'm not sure yet."

"So there might be more?" He added hopefully.

Chantell thought about it for a second. That same old thought of, if you don't give it a go, then you'll never really know what you might be missing, came to her head.

"Maybe," she said, and she unbuttoned another button, and then positioned herself in the middle of Jay's bed sideways, with her feet hanging over the edge. She leaned back against the wall, had a second thought, grabbed both of his pillows, and put them behind her back.

Jay and Aaron scooted their chairs in front of her so that they were facing toward her. They both unbuttoned their shirts all the way and then leaned back in their chairs, putting their feet up on the bed, on either side of her.

Chantell decided that she might as well get completely comfortable so she stood back up in front of them, pulled her shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. Her shirt was long enough that she could still keep herself covered until she didn't want to anymore. She had on panties so even at that point she wouldn't be totally exposed to them. She sat back down on the bed and got comfortable again.

Both of their jaws were damned near hanging to their chests when she looked back at them.


"I damn near came in my pants when you did that," Aaron said.

"Good thing you didn't," Chantell responded. "Otherwise you'd be going home early." She winked at him. "So you'd better keep that thing under control ... Got it?"

"Oh yeah ... I got it." Aaron said.

Chantell closed her eyes and began to trace her fingers up and down along the outside of her shirt. In her head she was imagining letting Jay do that to her. Her nipples immediately began to poke through the fabric of her shirt, and she was glad that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Oh God ... this is so friggin hot already!" Aaron said. Chantell opened her eyes in time to see Jay punch Aaron in the leg again.

"Shut the fuck up you idiot, or she might stop!"

She wasn't going to stop. Even if Aaron was an idiot. The most she'd do is send him home and then offer to keep going with Jay.

She let another button loose, watching to make sure she wasn't giving away the gold, and was relieved to see she wasn't. The idea was to keep something back. That was always a girl's best bet. Keep them wanting more. They could see the full roundness of her breasts but no more. She began to trace her fingers up and down her stomach and then out to her nipples. She could see that Jay was hard, and so was Aaron. Jay was so much bigger, but Aaron had nothing to be ashamed of. She watched as Jay's bulge seemed to crawl its way toward the top of his pants. She traced her way down toward her legs with each hand and continued to watch.

She had a feeling that Jay was too big to actually get a full hard on and still keep it in his pants. She wanted desperately to see if that was true. She had designed one of her rules so that she could find out. His shirt was completely open so that if it did happen she would be able to see the top of his dick, and she was curious to know how much would stick out.

She ran her fingers along the outsides of her thighs, and then came back to the insides of her thighs and back up, pulling her shirt tight up against her wettening panties as she did. She leaned back and moaned, partially for show, but partially because she had no choice. She was already beginning to feel those sparks light her up inside.

Jay's bulge crawled ever onward toward the top of his pants. She could see a flesh colored ball shape begin to emerge. Jay went to cover it up, and she warned him about keeping his hands to his sides.

"Shit," he said. "I didn't even think about this part sis. It's gonna come out in the open."

"It's okay little bro. I can handle it."

The idea of letting his sister see it must have kindled his fire a little more. He leaned back a little further and the head of his dick seemingly lunged forward. There was about two full inches sticking out of his jeans, and Chantell couldn't help but to lick her lips at the sight of it.

She pulled her shirt up, exposing her wet panties to repay the favor. She wanted to touch herself so bad that she could barely stand not doing it.

"Will you touch yourself?" Aaron begged. "Please!"

"I wish I could squirt, but I think I'd go crazy and do something stupid if I did. It's against the rules."

"Shit!!! Aaron said. "This is actually so frustrating ... I can't see anything I can't do anything ... I can't touch anything??? Not even myself ... GRRRRR!"

Chantell thought about it. He had a point. They were all just sitting there driving each other crazy and for what? At the end they were all supposed to take care of themselves, which would suck the worst for Aaron, because he had to walk three houses over to get home.

He was right. They all needed more than that.

"Okay. :You win ... But no cumming. Which means you probably can't even touch it Aaron. I mean it. Show's over if you even touch it."

"Fine ... anything ... I just want more than my imagination okay!"

Okay ... Each of you take one side of me. You can run your fingers anywhere you want until I say stop."

"REALLY? Shit yeah ... Now we're talking!"

Jay didn't say much, but Chantell could tell by the look in his eyes that he was as hungry as she was. She knew that letting them run their hands all over her body was going to send her into oblivion, but she didn't care. Right at that moment oblivion was exactly where she wanted to be.

"Now don't go straight to the point you guys. A woman wants you to take your time so you might as well start learning that now. Make the first stop you want to make the last stop that you actually make."

"Got it," Jay said.

Chantell leaned back, closed her eyes, and waited. Each of them started in the same place. It was as if they were following one another's lead. She could have opened her eyes and watched them, but she was actually enjoying the possibility of being surprised.

They started off by raising her legs and placing them onto the chairs that they had been sitting on. They each started to caress her legs--starting from her calves. They took their time, not rushing, and not panicking. They slowly enjoyed the feel of her skin to their fingertips, and she enjoyed the feel of their fingertips against her skin. She loved the fact that one of them was her brother, and the side that she knew he was on seemed to have extra electricity that escaped his fingertips.

They rounded the curve of her calve muscles, caressing her knees both on top and underneath and slowly approached her thighs. She felt her stomach tighten as they got closer and closer to where she wanted them to be. She knew at this point that the rules were out the window. She was at their mercy and she couldn't stop them if she wanted to. They were younger than her but age was just a number.

The truth was that if they decided to do something and they set their minds on doing it. If they got lost in the passion and just couldn't stop themselves then she was too small to make much difference. She wouldn't even try though. She didn't want to. She loved the way that their hands felt as they inched their way toward her pot of honey, and she hoped that they would break the rules and taste her, feel her, touch her, and make her moan and squeal in pleasure. She wanted their fingers inside of her. She wanted their tongues inside of her, and most of all she wanted their stiffness inside of her. Her brother's hand came ever so close to grazing up against her, and she inhaled deeply drawing her breath in from the middle of her chest and not stopping until her lungs felt like they were going to burst.

He hesitated then, unsure of himself. She knew that he was thinking about it. Thinking about breaking the rule that she had set and touching her where they all knew that they shouldn't go and she wanted him too so bad. She wanted to cry out and beg him too.

But she didn't. If he did it she wanted it to be him that made the choice so she waited and as his hands slid ever so close along her panties, just missing that place that she needed him to be, and passing it up ... she exhaled.

Aaron had stopped while Jay made his move. Chantell knew that the reason that he did was because he wanted to see if Jay would break the rule. Aaron would have no doubt, and a part of Chantell wished that it was Aaron that was taking the lead, but it wasn't.

She imagined Jay tearing off her panties and going down on her. She watched inside of her head as Jay forgot the rules and pleased her with his tongue. She could feel her stomach knot up at the thought, begging her for release. He was her brother and it was wrong, but God did it feel so right. His hands were little miracles as they slid up her sex infested body. Every cell in her body seemed to react to his touch and every cell seemed to beg him to touch them. To become one with them, just as she wanted him to become one with her. She now knew that she had to have Jay. She would make him her lover.

She reached up and unbuttoned her top all of the way. She knew that this was also breaking the rules but she stopped caring. She knew that if they were out in the open that they would be touched and she wasn't about to leave with nothing.

Jay took the hint and as the last button was undone he pulled the side of her shirt aside, he bent down and took a nipple into his mouth. The electricity that shot through her entire body was beyond recognition. It was so powerful that her brain could barely register it as if it were an earthquake that was beyond measuring.

"EEEEAAAaagggghhh, GAAAAAWWWD JAAAAYYYY, SHIT that feels so good," she screamed it out and didn't bother holding back.

Jay hesitated with his nipple in his mouth, and she felt Aaron's tentative lips grab onto the other one.

"OOOOH fuuuuck ... JAAAay... " She said, and then thoughtfully added, "AAAROOON ... Fuck ... ME!!!"

"Oh, Please guys ... I was wrong ... Oh god ... fuck me! Do it!"

Aaron actually started to get up, but it was Jay that was able to keep his head about him. He held out his hand, grabbing Aaron's wrist, and shook his head no.

"I think that's enough sis. I think we should stop!"

He sounded so nervous that he almost sounded scared. Had she scared him? That's not what she was going for, and she hoped it wasn't the case.

"Please Jay! I want you so bad."

"Shhh," he said. "Not right now. Tell me that when you aren't like this and maybe."

He got up and started buttoning up his shirt. And she did the same. She was starting to get a little embarrassed, and light headed. She felt like she was losing it. Her body was still screaming at her and her loins were on fire, but yet she had over reacted, and she was feeling a little vulnerable.

At first Aaron just stood there with a dumbfounded look.

"It can't be over. Please ... I ... I..."

"It's over Aaron. You have to go. NOW!"

Aaron grabbed his shirt and huffed his way out.

Jay came to Chantell and took her by the shoulders. He was firm with her, but at the same time ... Very gentle.

"Chantell!" He said. "You okay ... Chantell!"

He wrapped his arms around her just in time to catch her. She fainted dead away.

She had come to ten minutes later. Jay was sitting on his bed with her cradled in his lap.

"You scared the piss out of me sis. I had no idea what to do ... What I would have told people if I had to call an ambulance. Jesus I'm glad you're coming out of it."

Chantell smiled at him.

"You were incredible."

He blushed at her. "Dammit. This is serious," he said.

"I know it is. Very serious," she added, and pulled his lips to hers. Jay didn't stop her from kissing him. She was the first girl that he ever kissed as well as the first one he ever touched. Her lips felt as good to him as his did to hers and he didn't fight it any more than she was. Their tongues met and shook like strangers in the street, but the two of them were far from strangers.

They were siblings...

More to come...

Prelude to next chapter.

"Yeah ... You can talk to her I guess ... Hold on..." Jay said.

"It's for you. It's Cheyenne and she says it's urgent."

Chantell took his cell from him and put it to her ear. "Hello."

"What the hell did you do to my brother?"

"Huh?" chantell asked. She was thouroughly confused. At this point she was still a little out of it and very much confused. About a half hour had passed, and she was still gathering her senses. She could barely remember everything that happened. It was as if a fog had swept through her brain and took her memories with it.

"My brother ... You know ... The one that you drove so crazy that his balls started aching?"

"I did ... Ummm ... Is he okay?"

"Yeah ... Now ... but you definitely owe me one ... A really big one ... I mean big, big, big..."

Chantell felt her heart sink ... she wasn't sure, but she had a pretty bad feeling she knew exactly why she owed her best friend so big.

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