Breakdown Cover
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about the true cost of getting a helping hand

As I drove home from picking the kids up after their day at school, about a mile from our house, the car just came to a standstill. I hadn't noticed any unusual noises nor were there any warning lights illuminated on the dashboard. And I also had at least a quarter of a tank of petrol; according to the gauge.

As it came to a standstill at the side of the road I turned the key and the engine wurred over with the usual noise; so from that I deduced it wasn't a flat battery; but more than that, I had no idea. Well as we live out in the sticks; in a small village. This meant any taxi would need to travel six miles just to get to where we were. So I decided to opt for walking the mile back home. I mean it was a sunny summer's day, and the exercise would do us all good.

So once I'd collected together all the kids bags, off we set. That is me, a thirty-two year old mother of two, my son, Jason who was ten, and my daughter, Emily who was eight. Well if I'd thought the moaning the kids did when being told it was bedtime, was bad, then that was nothing compared to the moaning and complaining they did on the walk home. But after around twenty minutes we arrived home.

Well once they'd been fed, I took them around to the next door neighbour, so that she could look after them whilst I sorted out what I was going to do about my car.

Now I guess most people wouldn't have thought twice about ringing for a taxi instead of walking, and in so doing, they'd have avoided all that moaning from the kids. But things in our household at the moment are running very close to the edge. I lost my job at the local library about four months ago, and jobs these days are getting harder to find every day.

My husband has accepted a roving position in the refrigeration repair company he works for, as this brings with it a ten percent increase in salary; to compensate for having to work away from home for up to three weeks at a time. And at the moment, we're at Wednesday of week two of one of these shifts.

I'm also aware that most people have breakdown cover on their cars, but again due to lack of money, I haven't. We almost didn't re-insure my car when the premium was due. But knowing that when it came to the winter months, I'd really struggle without my car, James agreed that we'd make sacrifices elsewhere. But added, "I hope the old girl keeps going, and gets through its next M.O.T. Cos once it chucks the towel in, I can't see us finding the money to get another car for you. Well not until things get back to normal and you get a job."

So, you can probably understand now, why I didn't follow the other thing that most people would have done when their car broke down; that is ring the garage and get them to tow it in for repair.

I had no idea what was wrong with my car, and I knew my James knew less than me about cars; so how was I proposing to sort the problem? Well across the road from us live two brothers, both in their mid to late forties. They both have fulltime jobs working for the local electricity company. But you'd quite often see them in the garage at the side of their house, mending cars, and mostly not cars belonging to them. I guess they had a reputation locally as Mr Fix-its. As it wouldn't only be cars, but lawn mowers, rotavators or just about anything with an engine in.

So I'm at their door and waiting for one of them to answer my knock. And I'm feeling more than a little nervous on two counts. The first is that I have no idea what I'm going to say when the door opens. I mean we only moved out to this village just over three years ago, so even though I know their names and a little about them; I can't really claim to know them or be their friend. The second and more important reason I'm nervous is Satan. No, I'm not talking about the devil; but to me he's almost as frightening. Satan is their big (and I do mean big), black and tan, long haired Alsatian. I know it always does everything either of the brothers tells it to do. But it's so big and so full of energy, and it bounds around at top speed.

The door opens, and it's Trevor who is standing there, but seconds later, Satan's head appears alongside his master's leg. I stutter out my words, "Oh, I ... I'm Shirley. Shirley Tranter. I live across the road. Number twenty-five."

"Yes me duck. I've seen you about." The dog nudges his way forwards and I step back, my face must obviously show my fear. "Get back and lie yourself down. Sorry about that lass. But he wouldn't hurt you, he's just being nosey. What was it you wanted?"

"Well I know this is going to sound really cheeky. But you see, my husband is working away from home. And I wasn't sure who to turn to. And I know you and your brother are good with cars."

"Well we tinker. But what exactly is your problem?"

"Well in truth, I guess it's lack of money. Otherwise I'd just have rung the garage, and then I wouldn't be over here pestering you."

"Well lass, join the club. We could all use a bob or two more these days. Those buggers down in parliament seam to take more every year and give half of it away to bloody foreigners. But enough of my moaning, you didn't come here to hear my complaints. What is it that you think I can help you with? I hope it isn't a sub."

"Oh no. I'd never be that brazen. It's my car that's broken down. I wondered if it was possible that you might be able to get it back home for me? You know, using a rope behind your Land Rover; like I've seen you do before."

"That depends. It's not on a motorway. Is it?"

"Oh no. It's out along Wreaking lane. About a mile away."

He turned and shouted up the stairs, "Hey Bill. There's a young damsel in distress down here. Shift your arse; I'll need your help."

And from the top of the stairs came the reply, "Be there in a mo. Just gotta finish watering the horse."

Trevor obviously saw my look of confusion, and explained, "He means he's taking a piss." And then without batting an eyelid, he stepped out of the front door, saying, "Come on then lass, we'll get the old jalopy backed out, and wait out on the road." Satan followed him, and I turned and did the same. As we reached his old Land Rover, he said, "Oh, have you got your car keys with you?"

"Oh god. No. I'll run back over home and get them. It's a good job you've got your brain working."

By the time I'd returned with my keys, their Land Rover was parked out on the road, with Trevor behind the wheel and Bill standing waiting by the passenger door. As I approached, he held the door open, as if ushering me in first. As I looked inside there only appeared to be two seats up front, and in the back sat Satan.

I asked nervously, "Do I have to climb over into the back with your dog?"

Trevor answered, "No lass. That place is in a mess back there, with his muddy clart, and dog hairs. You'd get shit up to high heaven. Just climb over Bill's seat, and squat yourself down on this box in the middle."

Well I climbed in, and positioned myself on the box in between the two front seats. And it wasn't that it was cramped on width (in fact modern Land Rovers of this type now have a seat of sorts in this very position).

But this was an ancient old wreck; I think it was that old its previous owner was Noah. He could have used it to drag his ark up onto dry land.

So as I sat up on the wooden box, I had my feet planted either side of the big long gear leaver. Which meant that they were up at about the same height as my bottom; which was on the box. This meant my knees were sticking up, and my skirt naturally wanted to drop; leaving my legs (and I guess my panties) exposed to their view.

So as I became aware of the situation, I immediately used my hands to pull and then hold the hem of my skirt up to my knees. But even this wouldn't restrict the view from in front of me.

By now Bill had climbed in, and Trevor said, "Right. Are we all fit?"

I quickly replied, "But I haven't got a seatbelt."

"You haven't got a seat. And if I was you, I'd use your hands to steady yourself. Without a seatback, you're likely to flip over backwards and end up on your arse in the back with Satan."

And then as if to demonstrate the point, he pulled off, and as the vehicle set in motion, I rocked over as he'd predicted. I'm not sure if it was his forewarning or just the fact I'd rolled back and collided with Satan, but I managed to grab the seat either side of me, and I didn't completely roll into the back.

But on catching hold of the backs of their seats and hauling myself up, I slid forwards on the box, and my crotch met Trevor's hand as he was pulling the big long gear-lever back to select second gear.

It was only a momentary contact, because as soon as he dropped the clutch in second gear, I slid again, this time away from his hand. But the slipperiness of my skirt on the painted top of the wooden box, meant I had to concentrate all my thoughts to the task of keeping upright and out of reach of the gear-lever. So the hem of my skirt dropped to the top of my legs, and for the whole journey my legs were naked.

And whereas Trevor's eyes stayed mainly on the road ahead (which was where they should be). Bill had his head turned my way, and I could feel the stare of his eyeballs burning a hole through the gusset of my panties.

Regardless of Bill's glaring, and Satan's hot breath on my neck, within a few minutes we'd arrived at the spot where my car had come to a halt. And once we'd all climbed out, they began a quick check of the basics, to see if they could get it started. But after ten minutes of checking various things (some of which I'd already checked), they came to the conclusion that a tow home was necessary. So then, they wasted no time in getting a tow-rope fastened.

Then Trevor asked, "Have you been towed before? Or shall I get Bill to drive your car?"

Well I'd heard my dad relate stories about being towed, and I remembered that it always sounded like a dangerous operation. So I declined, saying, "No. I've never done it, and I'd rather Bill do it. He's got more experience than me."

"Ok, you climb back into the Landy, and we'll get going. Oh, do you want it at your place? Or shall we drop it off at ours, so we can try and suss out what's up with it?"

"Well I know I'm imposing, but if you drop it at my house, it won't move again until the scrap man arrives and hauls it up onto his wagon."

"It's a bit early to be talking scrap. It might be something simple. And by the look of the bodywork, there's plenty more miles of motoring left in it yet. So you're ok with us sticking it in our garage for the night?"

"Well yes, so long as it's not too much trouble."

"Nah. It'll give Bill something to do. Otherwise he'll only spend all night re-running his Benny Hill videos and wake up in the morning with a sore wrist again."

As I climbed into the passenger seat of the Land Rover, I slowly processed the last part of Trevor's remark, and began to blush at the inference therein. But I didn't have long to be embarrassed or even angry at him for making such a naughty quip, because as soon as Satan saw me climbing in, he got to his feet and instantly made his way towards the passenger seat.

But once he saw it was me, he just sauntered across to greet Trevor as he climbed into the driver's door and got behind the wheel. In the few minutes it took to drive home, I asked Trevor about the lack of functional seat belts, to which he replied he didn't believe in them (how he ever got his Land Rover through its annual M.O.T. test I have no idea).

And then he surprised me by saying, "I didn't mention it earlier, when it happened; as I didn't want to embarrass you in front of our Bill. But I'm sorry about nudging your fanny-ann. It wasn't intentional. I hope I didn't bruise it? I'm a thinking they're a bit on the dainty side."

I instantly coloured up red, and I struggled to find the words to reply, "That's alright. I could see it wasn't deliberate."

"I don't mind checking it for you; you know, to make sure it's not bruised or anything?"

I could hardly believe my ears at his off-hand manner in making such a crude suggestion. But I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, and put it down to simple country-bumpkin male naivety. And wanting to stem this topic of conversation, I said, "No. It's ok. Please forget it."

"That's easy for you to say. But for me, I'll be re-living that little encounter with your fanny-ann every night in bed for weeks to come."

Again the reality of what he meant by that took a few seconds to hit me, but when it did I shrunk back inside myself, as I sat silently blushing. Luckily for me, within seconds of him making his comment, we pulled up outside his house, and he got out, quickly followed by his dog.

And then a few seconds later he appeared at the passenger window and said, "Right lass. You get off home and look after your young'uns. Once we've checked it out, I'll come over and let you know the score."

It took all my resolve to get my voice working, and even then it started as a high pitched squeak; as I replied, "Thank you for what you've done. Oh, and thank Bill. I really am grateful to both of you."

"Don't you worry about Bill; he got more than his fair share of a reward gazing at your knickers. He'll not be short of inspiration for his nightly wrist exercises."

I couldn't answer, I turned on the spot and dashed into my next-door neighbours drive and quickly made my way to their front door; where I picked up the kids, and then went home.

Once I'd sorted them out and got them both into bed, I was sitting racking my brain to think where I'd find the number of any of the other mums that I knew in the area. That is mums who might be able to give my kids a lift to school along with their own. But whereas I knew and talked to lots of different mums at the school gates, I couldn't find one number.

It was then, at almost ten at night, that my door bell rang. It was Trevor, and I invited him in. I walked him down the hall into our back parlour, all the time trying to avoid him seeing my face. Because even though it was nearly three hours since he'd made those comments, just seeing his face as I opened the door, brought on another bout of blushing.

And as I gestured to offer him a seat, he said, "Don't take on so lass. I wasn't meaning to embarrass you earlier. I was paying you a compliment. But never mind that now; it's your car I've come about."

I did my best to rise above my embarrassment, "Is it good news? Please tell me it is?"

"It's good and bad. The bad is that your camshaft belt has snapped. The good is that you're lucky. Most cars, it all but destroys the engine. But your engine is what they call a safe one. So all it's done, is stop it working. Fit a new belt and it'll be back to where it was before."

"Does it cost much for a new belt?"

"Nah. About thirty quid."

"Oh my god, that sounds a lot. But at least I'll be able to squeeze that out of my household budget."

"Ah well maybe not. You can phone around the garages. But the last person I heard of, who had one fitted at a dealer, it cost just shy of four hundred notes. There's a fair bit of work removing all kinds of stuff, before you even get to the belt. And it's all time consuming. And time is money, especially at a garage."

"Well that's it then."

"That's what? What does that mean?"

"The car is scrap. There is no way we can afford that kind of money."

"Scrap is it? I sometimes think you young'uns have money to burn."

"No. It's not that. It's the very opposite. We can neither afford to repair it, nor buy a replacement car; so I'll have to go without."

"How can you. Out here in the villages, with the local school closed down twenty years since. You'll have to have a car." I shrugged my shoulders. "Well how are you getting your kids to school tomorrow?"

"At the moment, the only way I can think of, is if we all use our bikes."

"Around these lanes! With the bloody idiots we've got driving today? You'd have to be mad. Right, as far as tomorrow is concerned, I'll phone my cousin. His wife takes their kids to the same school as yours go to."

"Do they live in the village?"

"No. But there farm is only two miles along the gated road."

"But she won't be coming down that road to get to school. It would be dragging her miles out of her way."

"Can I use your phone?"

Well three minutes later, he'd sorted out tomorrow's school run, and after he'd explained the details to me, I said, "Thank you for helping. And if you let me know how much we owe you, I'll get my husband to bring it across the weekend after next when he arrives home. Oh, and do mind if I ask you to push the car back over the road and park it in our drive."

"Don't be a silly girl; you don't owe me a penny."

"Oh no. We'll have to pay you. You've used your fuel to tow my car back. And spent all night working on it. We've got to pay you."

His attitude suddenly changed, and the tone in his voice was agitated and aggressive, "If you ever mention paying me in money again in return for neighbourly help, as big as you are, I'll put you over my knee, pull your pants down, and smack your bare arse."

At this I kind of smirked, thinking it was just a dirty meaningless threat.

But he snapped in a very brusque manner, "I mean it. Out here we help each other. And if you feel you're indebted, then you put yourself out by offering to repay the debt with some other kindness."

"I ... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you."

"Well just think on next time." And then as his voice calmed down, he continued, "Now do you want us to get the belt and let you know how much it costs? Or do you want to shop around to see if you can get one cheap anywhere?"

"But. I mean. I've just said, I can't afford to pay a garage to fit it. And my husband wouldn't have a clue."

"And I've just told you. You're a villager now, one of us. We'll do the job. But if you think you can afford the belt, then that's alright, you can pay for it. But on the other hand, if you're really strapped for cash, I'm sure we could even sort that. It wouldn't break the bank to buy the belt for you."

I was about to say, I'd never be able to repay them, when I suddenly thought he might take that as meaning money. And I wasn't sure if he'd actually carry out his threat, and I'd end up having my naked bottom smacked.

So instead I said, "I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze the money for the belt out of my housekeeping. But as far as thinking what service I can do for you and your Bill, the only thing that comes to mind would be maybe some cleaning around your house or maybe washing."

"Bill wouldn't have anyone in there cleaning, and like as not he'd take it as an insult if you suggested it. And we've got an automatic washing machine; so that's sorted. But don't worry about that now, the point is, should we get the belt, so we can get started on the repair as soon as we get home from work tomorrow?"

"Well in that case, yes please. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No lass. You've got your hands full with the kids. And being as we're on shift, we'll be able to get started while there's plenty of daylight. So I'll come over tomorrow night, probably about this time. If that's not too late for you?"

"No. I rarely go to bed before eleven."

"Ok, half ten, to give you a progress report. Or if you're lucky and we get it finished earlier, you might even see it arrive back in your drive."

An unexplained surge welled up through my body, tears came to my eyes, and without even thinking what I was doing I pounced on him. I say pounced, because that is the nearest word I can find to describe my actions. I'd sprung up from my chair, and flung my arms around his neck. And with him still seated, I smothered his lips with kisses. I know it wasn't a sexual advance on my part. And gratitude doesn't usually surge in that way; well not in my experience. I'm assuming the feelings were a sudden release, as I realized that the bleak future I'd been expecting had now been avoided. So I'll put it down to relief.

Anyway. When I eventually stopped. Maybe after as long as a minute. Trevor, who looked stunned; said, "Well that's me paid in full. Now all you've got to do is think of what our Bill would like."

I was now feeling somewhat of a fool. But trying to make light of what I'd just done and turn it into a joke, I said, "Well if simple kiss would satisfy him as well, then so long as neither of you go telling tales. I think I'll be getting off lightly."

"I'm sure he'd love it, but he's so shy in front of you young girls, he'd run a mile first."

"Well yes. Now you mention it, he hasn't said a word to me face to face. I never realised. Doesn't he like women?"

"You are joking. It's the opposite. He's got tapes of all the old Benny Hill shows, and he spends hours just watching them over and over. But face to face, I think it's too much for him to handle. Anyway, I'd better get back. See you tomorrow."

So with just a few simple words of goodbye, he was gone and I went to bed.

The next day, a lady who I'd seen before at the school gates, but never actually talked to, arrived in her spanking new top of the range, Range Rover (I'm guess that's why I'd never spoken to her. Her being one of the posh moms). She introduced herself as Mrs Mary Randle, telling me to call her Mary. She was obviously the wife of Trevor and Bill's cousin. But she was as nice as pie, and obviously being a farmer's wife, her attitude was normal and very down to earth. So the kids went off with her, and I then began to rack my brain as to how I could repay the two brothers.

I mean, the suggestion I'd made yesterday about kissing Bill, had just been a joke. And the kisses I'd stupidly given Trevor, in no way amounted to a payment in kind for the amount of work they were doing to help me out.

Well an hours thinking later, and all I could think of was baking them a pie. I had apples from my own garden, and I knew the blackberry bushes down the back lane were covered. And making the pastry topping wouldn't incur much expense. So after an hour in the back lane, I returned home with a big bowl of blackberries, and began my baking. And at around half past two in the afternoon, as I saw them pulling into their drive, I slipped a clean tea towel over the dish and pie, and made my way across to meet them as they both approached their front door.

Trevor turned and said, "What have you got there?"

"Oh it's nothing really. I just thought you'd maybe like an apple and blackberry pie." And as I said that, I slipped the tea towel off it.

Their eyes lit up, and Trevor said, "You needn't have gone to all that trouble lass."

"Well its nothing compared with what you're doing for me."

As he took the dish from my hand, he lent forwards, and gave me a simple peck on the cheek. "We'll really enjoy tucking into that later after a bite of tea. Tell you what. Why don't you come and join us?"

"Well no thanks. I'd like to, but the children. They only like their normal fish fingers and chicken nibbles. And besides, they get a little noisy. Maybe another time when I've farmed them out at a birthday party or something."

I hadn't wanted to tell them the real truth, and that was that not only was I scared of their dog, but I just knew my kids would be as well.

"As you like lass."

So with little more said, I went home to await the kids returning from school and Trevor and Bill set to work on my car.

When the kids arrived home from school they were full of it. Apparently my Jason was in the same class at school as one of Mary's boys, Charles. And my Emily was in the same class as her youngest boy Edward. And as both pairs had sat together on the journey to school, it had developed into a new friendship on both counts.

So Mary was now asking if I'd allow them both to have a sleep-over at her farm tomorrow night. And as tomorrow was Friday, she said she'd pick them up from school, regardless of my car being fixed or not. The kids were, of course, full of it, and begging me to say yes.

I didn't want them to be away overnight, not least, because I'd be on my own. But I also thought the whole thing was a bit quick. I mean I'd never met the woman before yesterday, and I'd never been to their farm. But she seamed respectable, and was related to Trevor and Bill; whom I did know. So after a lot of badgering, I agreed.

So as you can imagine, both my mind and body were fully occupied sorting out things in preparation for the next day. That was until around half seven (when I put them to bed).

And then as I sat on my own, and could see the lights still burning in their garage across the road, it reinforced just how inadequate my blackberry and apple pie was as a payment for the hours of work they were both putting into helping me. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't think of anything I could afford that could adequately repay them.

Well by the time the doorbell rang at a couple of minutes before ten, I'd still not thought of anything. So as the bell rang and I jumped up to answer the door, I never even looked at the clock. I just assumed it was ten thirty and Trevor had come to give me a progress report. But as I swung the door open and saw him dangling my keys, and the big beaming smile on his face, my heart leapt with joy.

I almost knocked Trevor over as I bounced forwards to confirm that my car was indeed returned to me. And as I saw it had been, I turned back and repeated the kisses I'd given Trevor the night before. As I dropped back onto my heals, and he handed me my keys, he said, "You know, I could get used to kisses like that every night."

"Oh don't be so silly. You know I'm only showing you how grateful I am. Is it really fixed; can I try it out?"

"Yes to both. But I wouldn't go too far. I'll wait in the doorway here in case your young'uns wake."

"No. I didn't mean I'd drive it anywhere, I just wanted to hear the sound of the engine."

"It'll sound much as it always did, but be my guest."

"No. I'm being silly. If you say it's fixed, I'm sure it runs fine."

"Well it should do. We've given it a service while we were at it. Oil change, oil filter, air filter, new plugs. Oh, and we replaced the top hose; it was buggered and about to split."

"Oh Trevor, I don't know what to say."

"Oh, before I forget. I've rang our Mary and told her you'll not be needing a lift tomorrow morning. But she says she'll still be collecting the young'uns from school and taking them back to her place; that is unless you ring her and tell her different."

"Oh no. I couldn't change that arrangement now; the kids would never forgive me. They're full of talk about tractors and farm animals." At this I walked him along the hall and into our parlour, as I'd done the night before. And then once he was seated in the same chair as last night, I said, "I've got a favour to ask you."

"Fire away then."

"It's connected to repaying you for the work you've done, and my husband's reaction to your approach to the problem. You see he'd be like I was yesterday. He wouldn't like accepting charity."

"It's not bloody charity. I told you..."

"No. Please hear me out. It's just the way we were brought up and what we're used to. But I can see your way is a lot nicer; helping each other as and when people need it. But my husband wouldn't understand. He'd look for an ulterior motive. So what I wanted to ask is, can the work you've done on my car be kept secret? I mean James never looks under my bonnet, so he'll never see what you've done."

"That's not a problem for us. We don't go around bragging and looking for praise. And as for him never looking under your bonnet, not all men are mechanically minded. Just so long as he pops his head under your skirts regularly and keeps your little fanny-ann satisfied, I guess he's fulfilling his marital obligations."

I was about to thank him for his cooperation in keeping my husband in the dark, but his secondary remark about my husband's sexual obligations, completely stunned me into an embarrassed blushing silence.

"My you are a bashful one and no mistake. I was only pulling your leg. One mention of anything to do with sex, and you shrink back into your shell like a little schoolgirl. I guess it's only to be expected with hubby being away from home so much; your fanny-ann must get excited by the merest mention of things of that nature. Still it's not his fault, I'm sure the lad does the best he can to make up in the week he is home."

Through my blushing I managed to say, "Please Trevor, I'd rather you didn't talk about that subject."

"Ok lass; I get the picture. I've set your fanny-ann to throbbing, and you need some privacy to rub one off; well it's time I was getting back anyway."

"Please Trevor, it's not like that, I just don't like that kind of talk. But there is something else I want to ask you before you go. I've been racking my brain all day, but I can't think of anything I can do to repay you both. Have you had any ideas yet?"

"I'd not worry your pretty little head about that. I'm sure something will crop up in the future. And until then, just to know we've helped you out when you needed help is enough reward for us." At this point he got to his feet and began making his way down our hall towards the front door. And then just before he reached it, he stopped and said, "Oh. No. There is maybe one thing you could do; that is if it's not asking too much?"

"Anything. Well almost. You know, within reason."

"The kisses you gave me yesterday, and again when I arrived." I blushed and was about to try to excuse myself. But before I spoke he continued, "I'm sure our Bill would be pleased if you gave him the same. You know, to show him you appreciate his help as well as mine."

"Oh I will. Should I go over now?"

"No lass. For one thing you've got young'uns in bed. And by now, he's probably got a video of Hills Angels playing. And I wouldn't want you to catch him doing his nightly wrist exercises."

It was blatantly obvious he was saying Bill would be at home letching at the TV screen, whilst he wanked himself! I couldn't believe this man could be so nice, caring, and considerate one second. And then in the next breath, come out with comments only fit for a public bar room.

I tried not to react to what he'd said, but as I was at a loss for words and didn't respond immediately, he said, "There you go again; there's no need for blushing lass. It's just a fact of life for us old bachelors. If we lose our wanking hand, it's almost like having your wife run off with the insurance man." And after following that with a self satisfied chuckle, he said. "Ok, I know, you don't like that subject. But back to your car, it should be fine, but any problems, don't hesitate to come and see us. Oh, and the cam belt cost thirty-six pounds something. But there's no hurry for that, drop it off any time you see we're at home. But just make it thirty-five; it's a nice round number."

I'd been stunned into a silence. Part shock at his frankness, and part anger; at him having the gall to talk about such things. And then mid-sentence, he was again showing kindness.

"But you've just told me you've put in new oil and all kinds of other stuff. I must owe you for that as well?"

He stooped down towards me, and said, "Ok. Give me another one of those smackers." And then he closed his eyes and puckered his lips.

My head was spinning, one second I'm ready to ask him to take his foul mouth out of my house. The next I'm feeling I owe him big-time, and a kiss isn't going anywhere near to being adequate.

But regardless of my misgivings about his choice of subject and the coarseness of his language, I knew I was deeply in his debt. So I put my arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips, and I even let it linger. And as we lingered, his arm went around my back, pulling me tightly to himself as he stood upright. So now my feet are clear of the floor, and for a split second I felt unnerved, thinking he'd miss interpreted the motives behind my kiss. But after no more than a minute of him hugging me closely to himself, he returned me to the floor. And then after letting out an exaggerated gasp of air, said, "Well I can't wait for your car to breakdown again."

I pushed him away with my open hand on his shoulder, as I said, "Get away with you. It was only a kiss. I know I'm still in your debt, and I won't forget it."

So with that I showed him out.

The next morning I got the kids ready for school, and into the car we all got. The first shock was the way it started. It normally wurres over and over before eventually starting with a lumpy vibration that shakes the car; and only gradually does it start to run sweet after about half a minute. But today it sprang into life almost before I'd turned the key, and it just purred sweetly. It also seamed to pull away from junctions and run with less effort than normal. Even little Jason noticed the difference!

So with the kids off to school, I then started to think about what I was going to do this afternoon. But there'd been a marked shift in my mood. Yesterday, I felt indebted and grateful for their help at a time when I'd been in between a rock and a hard place. But they'd gone way beyond that with the work they'd put into my car. They hadn't just repaired it and got it back to how it was before the problem. It was to all intents and purposes, as good as a new one. But even though indebted and grateful, didn't really cover the way I was now feeling, I still hadn't come up with any way I could repay them.

But I knew I still owed them the thirty-five pounds, well maybe a lot more if you included all the other things they'd sorted on the car. But as Trevor had said thirty-five, the last thing I wanted to do was to offend him by offering more. Or even worse, rile his temper and find out his threat of a bare arse spanking was in fact a genuine one.

So later in the afternoon, when I saw they'd arrived home from work, after giving them half an hour to get settled, I made my way across and knocked at the door. As Trevor opened the door I repeated my previous demonstration of gratitude by throwing myself bodily at him, and with my arms reaching up around the back of his neck, I planted a big kiss on his lips. It was only a short one, and as I broke it off, I'd intended to drop to the floor. But as I'd pounced up, he'd wrapped one arm around my back as he'd done last night.

So as our kiss broke and I said, "Trevor. You're bloody marvellous. And your brother. My car is so different. Its never ran the way it does now. I can't imagine how I'll ever repay you."

"Well maybe we can start like this." And then his lips re-joined mine. And from the off, this kiss on his part, was forceful. Not that I was fighting him. But as his lips pressed into mine, I detected his tongue probing my lips. And his other hand was cupping the back of my head, preventing me from breaking off the embrace.

I only had a split second to make up my mind. Should I allow such familiarity, or rebuff him. In the event, and bearing in mind my overwhelming feeling of debt, I decided that a wet tongue kiss was indeed a small reward for the trouble they'd gone to on my behalf.

And so as I let his tongue probe into my mouth, I offered my tongue into his. But as our embrace veered from the path of a show of gratitude, onto the path of sexual awakening. I became instantly aware of how steep and slippery that slope is.

I guess our tongue kissing hadn't been going on for a minute, before the hand that had been cupping the back of my head, slipped up inside the back of my skirt, and being so big, cupped both cheeks of my bottom.

As soon as I'd felt the hand going up under my skirt, I'd began to push myself from him. But my back was up against the wall, and he was so strong. In fact, to be fair to him, I'm not sure he was even aware of my feeble efforts. And he was so deeply immersed in the passion of his embrace; I think he was equally unaware of me attempting to break off our kiss.

Meanwhile, the hand under my skirt had forced its way in between the tops of my legs, and fingers were negotiating their way around the side of the gusset of my panties. It was as his fingers slid across the silky wet lips of my pussy, and he opened his eyes, that I think he became aware of the reality of my distress.

It was instantaneous. As his eyes locked onto mine, the dreamy look of rapture disappeared, to be replaced by a look of fright. And as his lips parted from mine, before I even got out a word, he said, "Oh no. No please. I'm sorry."

By now his finger, which had glided along effortlessly on my pussy juices, and penetrated into my pussy passed his second knuckle, was withdrawn along with his whole hand, and he was lowering me to the floor.

As soon as I was standing unaided, he backed two paces away and said, "Please lass. I thought you were. No, of course, you wouldn't. Please, tell me you're alright?"

I was, of course, furious at first. That was when I'd felt the intrusion and not been able to stop it. But his look, and action since opening his eyes had convinced me of his genuine miss interpretation of my signals. And then recapping the signals I'd given him. Maybe what happened was mainly my own fault.

Anyway, I answered, "Of course I'm alright. Just a little shaken to think you'd do such a thing."

"No. I mean, are we alright? You're not gonna tell your husband or report me to the police?"

"No. Of course not. I guess it was just a misunderstanding. I let you kiss me that way as a reward. But I didn't expect you'd take it as a sign I'd go further."

"I'm sorry. But your fanny-ann was so wet, I was sure you were ready to fuck."

"Please Trevor. It's over now. We don't need to talk about such things."

"But it was. I mean I was only going to play with it in my hand. But it was so wet and as my finger touched it, it opened and it slipped up. I guess it's with your husband being away from home so much, it's in need of a bit of attention."

"Trevor! I'm gonna go. I don't like you talking like that." I turned and was about to raise my hand towards the door handle, and a deep throated growl reminded me that as I'd walked in, Satan had sidled up to the front door, and flopped down on the floor. I slowly drew my hand back, then looking at Trevor, said, "Call him away. I want to go home."

By now, Trevor had started to make his way up the stairs. He stopped, turned, and said, "I thought you'd come to tell Bill how grateful you were for his help?"

"That can wait until I see you both outside."

"He's only in the back room. Go on. I'm sure he'll be pleased to see you."

"I'm a bit unnerved. Maybe another time. Just call Satan away from the door. Please."

"You don't mean unnerved. You mean your fanny-ann is throbbing. Don't worry. I know how you feel. While you're telling Bill how grateful you are, I'll be upstairs wanking off this hard you've given me." And with that he turned back and re-started up the stairs.

"Please Trevor."

He turned and paused momentarily, saying, "You go see Bill. I'm sure once you've given him his kiss, he'll call Satan to heal." And with that he turned and disappeared up the stairs.

I made several more attempts to get my hand to the front door handle, but Satan was having none of it. Then I tried calling Bill, but every time, I'd hear his voice coming from the back room, "I can't come now, you come here."

And as I began my walk along their hall, Satan followed my every footstep; dropping to a sitting position every time I paused. Eventually I was at the open doorway of the back room. And although I could see in and part of the room, wherever Bill was, he wasn't visible from the doorway. I again asked, "Please Bill, will you call Satan in to you, so I can go home."


"Please Bill. He frightens me."

"Trev said you were coming to see me."

"I am. I mean I was. But I'm not feeling well. I need to go home. I'll come back another day."

"You're already here. Come in. I won't bite."

"I told you, I'm not feeling well."

"You ungrateful bitch. You won't even come in and give me a kiss."

I didn't think it was worth trying to persuade him to call Satan off, so reluctantly I stepped into the room, only just inside, but enough to enable me to see around the door. Bill was sprawled out in a lounging stance, in a big armchair, with his legs spread wide, and the biggest cock I'd ever seen erect in his hand. I froze as I saw him, or to be more accurate, when I saw his massive cock. I even took an involuntary step backwards. But the deep throated growl reminded me there was no retreating.

"Come in then. Sit yourself over there."

The chair Bill was sitting in, was against the far wall way over to the left of me. And against the wall directly to my left, behind the door, was a big sumptuous settee. And it was towards this settee that Bill was nodding his head. And as it meant I'd not really be putting myself anywhere near where he sat holding that menacing looking cock, I slowly shuffled my way across and sat down in the middle of it. And as before, Satan followed me, and he was now lying with his nose inches from my foot.

I attempted to lighten the tension, and ignoring the fact he was sitting there holding his cock, I said, "You did a marvellous job on my car. Its never ran as well as it does now." Then remembering the money I'd brought, I reached in the little pocket on the front of my skirt and pulled it out, saying, "Oh. Here's your thirty-five pounds."

"Put it on the table."

I rose to my feet, and although the table was nearer the door, Satan didn't even stir. So after dropping the money, I contemplated making a break, but as I stood at the table working out my chances, Bill said, "If he needs to stop you, I'll warn you now, his bite hurts."

I turned and as I walked back to re-take my position on the settee, I said, "But I thought Trevor said he was gentle as a lamb?"

"He is if you do as you're told." And then, cock still in hand, he got to his feet, walked to the table and pulled out a dining chair. Then he carried it across to where I sat, and placed it facing me, with just enough room for him to get in between and sit down. So now that monstrous great big cock is standing to attention directly in front of me. "You are going to do as you're told. Aren't you?"

"Look Bill, as much as I appreciate the work you and Trevor did on my car. I'm not going to sit here while you display that thing. Now put it away, and call Satan off so I can go home."

"Unbutton your blouse."

"Don't be so rude. Who d'you think you are?"

Without warning, he grabbed into the neck opening of my blouse, using both hands. And with his first wrench, it tore open every button from the neck to the point where it was tucked into my skirt. And I think even this first pull initiated a rent in the back of the collar. But he wasn't content with just one pull. And his second wrench ripped the blouse all the way down the back, pulling it from out of my skirt, and off my shoulders. Almost as if it were now two separate pieces.

I instantly cupped my hands over my breasts for cover, but before I could summon up any words, he said, "Put your hands by your sides."

He was a man of few words, but the ones he used, he obviously meant. So knowing he had the upper hand, and thinking placation might be my best option, I did as he'd asked. After all, I still had my bra on.

No sooner had I re-positioned my hands, than he barked out, "Brassier."

"Please Bill, no."

This time I was expecting his hands, and I managed to grab his wrists. But I might as well not have bothered. Even with my hands on his wrists, he tore the front of the bra apart, and the clasp at the back gave up in an instant. So now each half of the bra hung over the ripped blouse on either shoulder. I'd re-positioned my hands again, cupping and covering my now naked breasts.

"Hands. Now."

"Look Bill." I didn't pause here, but at this point, I lifted my hands away, uncovering my breasts. "If I sit here like this, and let you, you know. Wank that thing. Then can I go?"

He smiled, and then slowly reached out and took hold of my right wrist. And then almost gently, but firmly, drew it towards his cock. At first I didn't realise the planned destination. But as soon as the penny dropped, I began to resist. But again, resistance was useless. And even pulling as hard as I could, it had no effect on his progress. And then once my hand reached his cock, he used his other hand to manipulate my fingers until they were wrapped around his shaft. But the girth of his cock was so vast; my little fingers couldn't encircle far enough around it to meet my thumb. He eased my hand up and down for maybe half a minute, then he let go with his guiding hands and lay himself back against the chair back.

For maybe a couple of seconds, I continued wanking him, but then a great big beaming self satisfied smile came across his face. I think I'd resigned myself to sitting there with my breasts on show, whilst he wanked. And maybe, just maybe, I might have even completed this wank for him. But something about his smug gloating just got to me.

And so after only a few seconds going solo on his cock, I took my hand away. I didn't attempt to provoke him by covering my breasts back up, but just lay back into the settee in a similar manner to what he was doing.

This time I wasn't prepared; nor was I quick enough. His hands were into the waistband of my skirt, and he'd ripped the plastic belt, and waistband of the skirt almost before I'd realised he'd moved. Yes I do mean ripped the belt; maybe it was only plastic, not real leather. But the wrenching apart of his steely gripping hands was so fierce and powerful the belt buckle tore through the belt itself. The waistband of the skirt instantly gave-up at the side fastening, but then as each hand flew father apart, the seam at the centre of my back took up the strain; and then it split. So the skirt was wrenched from under me in two separate pieces.

This all happened in the blink of an eye, and also resulted in my bottom being hauled forwards towards the edge of the settee. In fact, I think it was only my feet jamming into the chair he was sitting on, that prevented me from being dragged completely off.

But his rage, for that is what it appeared to be, didn't stop with him just removing my skirt. For once he'd got the two halves dangling in front of me; he then proceeded to tear it into shreds. Almost as if he was making bandage strips out of it; but not tearing it carefully. And then once he'd totally shredded it and strewn the remnants in all directions, his eyes returned to me.

Now I'd been in a kind of stupor since he'd grabbed my skirt. I'd never expected anything of that sort; in fact, I'd never in my life seen violence and such awesome power. So still in a state of disbelief and I have to say awe, I'd froze to the spot; hands either side of me palms face down on the seat of the settee, knees spread wide to miss colliding with his chair, feet wedged at the base of his chair legs, and bottom perched at the very front edge of the settee seat base.

So now as his eyes returned to me, I felt them burning their way through the flimsy exposed gusset of my panties; the only garment I still wore that was intact and giving any measure of cover. I so wanted to lift my hands across and cover my exposed crotch, but I instinctively knew this wouldn't help. So I lay still and let him gloat at how easily he'd overpowered me, and achieved his goal.

But after maybe ten or twenty seconds of him sitting motionless, I sensed that he was waiting for me. And what he must be waiting for me to do, I assumed was to re-start the wanking I'd given up on. So feeling I had no other options open to me, I said, "D'you want me to wank it for you?"

"Too late."

"No. Please. I'll do it."

As I lifted my hands and was about to reach for his cock, both his big hands reached to just above my right hip, slipped into the waist of my panties, and as my hands gripped each of his wrists to stop him, they just pulled the panties apart. And then with my hands still gripping his wrists, he went to my left hip and repeated the action, ripping the other side apart. And after using one hand to peel my hands from his wrists, with his other hand he took extreme pleasure in slowly drawing my panties from under my bottom, and then discarding them to one side.

So now my pussy is naked to his glare, and even though I know he'll easily peel my hands back out of his way, I can't stop myself from plunging them both into a covering position over my pussy. Even as I do it, I regret my stupidity. It was obviously going to annoy him.

And then he took hold of his cock, and began to slowly wank it. I guess, not that I'd noticed it up until this point; his erection had slightly begun to wilt. So now as he looked my body up and down and massaged his shaft it soon re-stiffened. And for a few seconds, I began to think I'd maybe got away with covering my pussy. But it was only a few seconds, not even a minute, before he said, "Come on then."

"Come on what?"

"Wank it. Use both hands."

I couldn't believe I was even considering doing this. But in truth at this point, I had already made up my mind to capitulate to any request, to avoid this leading to a full rape situation. So without question or hesitation both of my hands encircled his shaft, and I began to slide them up and down.

My hands had only just moved from my crotch, when one of his moved in, and as I started on his cock, his middle finger end began stroking the lips, and then the valley of my pussy. "You're ready."

"I'm sorry. What d'you mean?"

"You're wet. No more wanking. Get back up the couch. Here's a cushion to put under your back."

It was all so matter of fact and cut and dried. My pussy was wet, so I was now going to get fucked. No mention of please. Or, would you like to. Or even taking hold of me and forcing his way on me. He just expected me to get myself into position for him, and was even offering a cushion to make myself comfortable. And what was more surreal, was that at first, I even began to comply.

I'd taken my hands from his cock, and I'd eased my bottom up onto the settee and even taken hold of the cushion. But then reality struck, and still in a sitting position, but now sideways on the settee, I stopped and said, "No, wait. Look Bill. I can't do this. I'll wank you. You can look at me naked and I'll even spread my legs so you can see it. But no touching. And I'm not going to let you fuck me."

He had already gotten up from his chair, and was stood alongside where I sat. And as I finished speaking, without making any reply, he used one hand, with fingers spread open like a massive star-fish, placed it on my chest, between my breast and neck. And then as he pushed my upper body back down to the settee, his knee dropped in between my legs, and dropped my right leg off the settee and his other hand lifted my left leg under the knee, spreading me wide open.

It all happened in one continuous sequence, and as I attempted to thwart one thing, the next was already taking place. But at the point he lifted my leg and my pussy was spread I felt his cock touch and enter.

I let out the loudest scream I could muster. "SKREEEEEEEEEEEICH!" But it had no effect on Bill. He'd easily got absolute control of the physical situation, and ignoring my scream; he'd lowered himself into a comfortable position, and now began to test my pussy for depth.

I'd mentioned before the monstrous size of his cock, it being a good two inches longer than my James's and so much thicker. But at the time I'd never expected my pussy to have to experience it. But it was obvious that Bill was aware of his extreme size, and knew the average woman wouldn't be used to encountering such girth.

So now with me securely pinned down and stretched out under him, he was able to take his time, and break me in gradually.

But as my pussy had definitely never encountered anything resembling that girth, before he'd even halted his first probe for depth, the stretching sensation had rendered my scream, to a breathless gasp. And I was held with just gasping silence until his first push had finished and he took a steady withdrawal. It was now, with sensations flooding my every being, and his cock-end almost back at my entrance, that I summoned up all my resolve, and at the top of my voice, called, "TREVOR. TREVOR PLEASE COME QUICK. HE'S RAPING ME."

Bill didn't flinch. No attempt to stifle me, and not in any way put-off the job in hand. In fact, I think the last part of my call for help had probably faded to no more than a breathless gasp, as Bill had now taken a second depth sounding, and this time, I'm sure he had not only stretched my pussy walls wider than they'd ever been. But I'm sure he was now in virgin territory. No cock had ever been up that high, and all I could do was gasp out, "Oh my heavens above. Bill stop."

As Bill stopped with his cock deep up inside my pussy, Trevor arrived in the room.

On seeing the movement, I'd turned my head, and even though I could see Trevor standing to my side, I lay there spread wide open, with my body shaking uncontrollably. As I gasped a long protracted sequence of sighs, as each contraction engulfed me. "Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh."

And as I repeatedly gasped and shook, he froze on the spot, and then looking at Bill, said, "You bloody fool. What have you done?"

"It's ok. She wanted fucking."

"Don't give me that. She was screaming for help."

"She was just frightened. She's ok now."

It was about now, the pussy clamping began to ease off, and without intending to, I voiced my thoughts. "Oh god Bill. I. I thought I'd pass-out. I think its ok again now."

I saw the smile he gave Trevor, and then I felt his withdrawal. But before he pulled it back a couple of inches, he'd pushed again, and it was on its way back up. "Oh god Bill that's soooooo. Oh god."

Well I'm not absolutely sure of the sequence of events, nor my words from this point on, but it was very much like I've described so far. And as it continued in that vein with me coming out with words exclaiming my feelings of exhilaration, Bill continued. Not in a rush, but just taking his time, gently easing himself into my pussy, until I was taking his full length. Not that this was long in terms of time, maybe no more than two or three minutes at the most.

But all the while, Trevor had been at my side. At the onset, standing, but once he'd heard me exclaiming my delight, he'd calmed down himself, and took up a kneeling stance. Still alongside me, with one arm above my head. And after he'd brushed my hair from my eyes with his fingers, he used his hand and began to gently stroke my forehead. And before long, his other hand was on my breast, which he was also gently fondling.

It was now that Bill re-positioned himself, slipping hands under each of my knees and lifting, and then whilst holding my legs aloft, he said, "Hold her tight."

Trevor looked at me, then to Bill, "What are you gonna do?"

"I'm gonna cum."

"Well do it gently."

"I can't. Hold her tight."

Jesus Christ! If I'd thought the sensations he'd generated with his slow steady shafting in and out were the pinnacle of exhilaration, then I'd been very much mistaken. Because as Bill delivered his spunk deep up inside my pussy, his violent ramming thrusts set my body off in an equally violent bucking, as I lifted, thrust and ground my pelvis onto each of his lunges.

It was nothing short of magnificent. And even after he'd finished and pulled out, I lay in Trevor's arms, writhing around. Towards the end of my shameless display, I gradually became aware of Trevor holding me. And I realised, that at least some of the sensations I was in the grip of, were being generated by him; with his two big fat fingers in my pussy.

But even though I now realised, it was a good thirty or more seconds before I could summon the wherewithal to first say, "Please Trevor." And then as I managed to get my hand to take hold of the back of his, "Please stop."

He did, but not instantly.

His first reaction when my hand took hold of his, was to pull out. And then as if to demonstrate that my hand played no part in his decision to stop, he re-entered. And then thrusting them in and out even more quickly, he rammed them in deeper.

But once he'd done this, he pulled his fingers out, and gently returned me to a sitting position, asking, "Was it as good as it looked?"

For a split second I almost replied with the truth. And then from nowhere, I erupted with words I'd not used since my rebellious teenage years. "You pair of fucking bastards. How on earth did you think you'd get away with that? Who the fuck do you think I am? You must think I'm some frightened schoolgirl if you think I'll let that happen to me and then keep quiet."

I could see Trevor had taken the hint, and he'd backed well away. But Bill was slumped back in the armchair, as if he hadn't got a care in the world, wiping his cock with what looked like his handkerchief.

I lashed out again, but this time directing my abuse towards Bill. "Don't sit there ignoring me. You won't be smiling by the time the police have finished with you."

At this point, Trevor regrouped his wits, and edging his way back towards me, he said, "Shirley luv, he didn't mean you no harm. Please don't be hasty."

"Hasty! Didn't mean me any harm! He raped me. And you're as bad. You sat there and molested me whilst he was doing it."

"But he was careful. You have to admit, he didn't force himself into you in a rush. He let your fanny get used to his size before he fucked it hard."

"He raped me. It doesn't matter whether he took his time or went at it bull at a gate."

"Oh no. You're wrong there lass. If he'd rammed it up right from the start, you'd still be squealing with a ripped open fanny. He definitely did his best to ease you in slowly. I know he got a bit rough at the end. But he could see you were on top of it by then, and it's always difficult for a man to control himself during his cum strokes."

"Don't either of you realise the seriousness of what he's just done."

Just then I saw Bill getting to his feet and beginning to strip off. As he was the other side of the room it didn't really concern me, other than I thought it another level of intimidating behaviour to flaunt himself so blatantly. But much as I felt it an intimidation, it was still impossible to ignore looking at him. And as he dropped his underpants to the floor, leaving himself naked, his eyes locked onto mine.

The motionless stare only lasted seconds, and then as he began to walk towards me, he said, "Get yourself comfortable again. This one could take a bit longer." Trevor marched across and intercepted him, holding his hand open palmed to stop his approach. But Bill took his wrist and pushing it aside, said, "Don't be such a prat. You heard her, she enjoyed it."

"And I also heard her talking about police, and being raped."

"That's women for you, can't make up their mind. Now move aside, otherwise I'll move you."

As Trevor held his hand back up to block Bill's passage, he said, "No. you're not touching her again. Maybe if you show her you're genuinely sorry, she might not report you."

Bill brushed Trevor's arm aside again, and as Trevor brought his other arm up, they both went into a full wrestling brawl. I thought about making my escape, even though it would have to be a naked one. But even though Satan kept clear of the brawling brothers, the second he saw me attempt to get to my feet, his hackles went up, and that deep throated growl started. So with any thoughts of escape thwarted, I had to sit back and hope Trevor came out as the victor.

But less than a minute into their brawling, which up to then had been mainly struggling in a clinch, pushing and pulling each other around the room, there was suddenly a fist flying through the air. And when it made contact with the cheek bone of his opponent, it was for all the world, like watching a movie. A kind of slow motion, where at the same time as I heard the, "CRACK," I saw the head spin around, with saliva and blood flying from the mouth. And then he fell, with an equally loud, "CRACK," as his head made contact with the wooden floor.

And then he was still; motionless.

But Bill wasn't, he turned and looking my way, said, "Now look what you've made me do."

I got up, and dashed across, but as I did the torn remnants of my blouse and bra fell from my arms; leaving me totally naked. Then as I knelt by Trevor's side, I carefully lifted his head. But he was lifeless. Then putting my ear towards his mouth, I thought I could detect breathing. I also tried for a pulse at his wrist, but before I'd established one, Bill had taken hold of my elbow, and I was being taken back to the settee.

But even knowing what Bill was about to do to me once he got me there, I didn't attempt to fight him. But still worried about Trevor I said, "Please Bill. Let me make sure he's ok, and then I'll let you have me."

He didn't even comment, his only reaction was the return of that smug grin. And then once he got me to the settee, he lay me back down and pinned me into position, whilst he located the end of his cock. I still didn't attempt to fight him off; I think I'd given up any thoughts of being able to influence things by physical force. And as my appeal to his better nature had fallen on deaf ears, I'd given up that approach as well.

So as he began again cautiously probing for depth with his cock, I kept looking to my side, to ascertain Trevor's condition. Well within the first few seconds Bill had managed to re-establish the awakening of my libido, and he was again thrusting himself into me quite vigorously. But even though I can't deny my bodily reactions gave the impression I was an active willing partner, nothing could be further from the truth. With every moment that passed without a sign of life from Trevor, I was progressively getting more and more worried about him.

And being so worried, even though it seemed to me he'd been unconscious for ages, in reality, it was only around three minutes before I saw his eyes open. And the euphoria that caused, brought about a totally bizarre reaction. As the relief flooded my being, I lifted my legs, stretching them wide and high, whilst at the same time gripping Bill around his neck. And as he responded by picking up his pace and also thrusting harder, I let out a cry, "Oh yes Bill. Make me hurt."

I'd not intended either of those wanton actions, but even though I was aware of them, I couldn't stop myself repeatedly giving him encouragement; both verbal and physical. And seeing Trevor now picking himself up, and coming across to kneel alongside me, only seemed to enhance my feelings of elation.

Bill had been right when he'd warned me this fuck would take longer, and it did. Lasting somewhere between ten and fifteen minutes. And when he cum, he again lost any sense of control. But he wasn't alone in this respect, so did I. And like last time I again remember coming to my senses with Trevor mopping my brow with his fingers. But this time, his other hand wasn't busy fingering my pussy.

As I came out of my stupor, Bill was as before in the chair wiping himself down, and Trevor began to sit me up straight on the settee. But this time, as Trevor said, "I'm sorry lass. I tried my best."

Instead of blasting off at him, I carefully put my hand up to his bleeding face, and said, "Never mind that now. How are you feeling? Can you get up, so I can take you in the kitchen and clean some of the blood away. To see what damage has been done."

"I'm alright. But what about you? He was rougher that time. He hasn't hurt you, has he?"

From the chair the other side of the room, came, "Very touching. Both comforting each other."

"Ignore him." and then as Trevor removed his big shirt, and held it out for me, "Here slip this on. It's a bit mucked up, but you'll maybe feel less vulnerable."

So I got to my feet, slipped his blood stained shirt on, and was about to follow him to the kitchen. But the second I went to take a step, Satan growled. And even though Trevor told him to stop, and to back off, he ignored him. Then Trevor turned to Bill, "Tell him."

Bill didn't even speak, but by just pursing his lips, and blowing, it was as if he'd spoken. It wasn't even a whistle, there didn't appear to be any sound, just a whisper quiet escape of breath. But whatever it was, Satan got to his feet, sauntered past Trevor and out into the hallway where he flopped down again. And so I could now follow Trevor into the hall, and providing I turned right towards the kitchen, my way was clear. And as there was a back door in the kitchen, I did briefly contemplate that as a route for my escape. But knowing the only way from their back garden to the front meant going through their garage, and that was probably locked; I gave up on that notion.

So at the sink, I bathed Trevor's face, and then once he washed the blood from the inside of his mouth, I began to inspect to lesion on his cheek. He was reluctant to allow me to put a plaster on, but eventually, when he couldn't stem the trickle of blood, he relented.

Once he was again looking reasonable, I said, "I guess I'd better go back in, otherwise he'll only come and get me."

"I'm sorry. I did my best to persuade him."

"It's not your fault."

"Look before we go back in, can I ask you a favour? I mean, you kept asking what you could do to repay us for your car repair. Do this favour for me, and I'll consider we've been paid in full."

"Please Trevor. I don't think this is the time to be talking about such things."

"But it's about the things Bill's been getting up to, that I want to ask you. I mean, after all, he is my brother; even if I don't agree with what he's done to you."

"Well what about him?"

"Please don't report him to the police."

I gave him a long determined look, "I should. It's not right to let him get away with it. It'll only let him think he can do it again."

"But I wouldn't want to see him being sent down. And think of the scandal. I mean you didn't even want your husband to know we'd been tinkering under your bonnet. He'd not be pleased to know you came over here to settle your debts without any money. Even if he believed you had innocent intentions, in a village like this, I'm sure there'd be lots who wouldn't; and the gossip would spread like wildfire."

"Maybe you're right. But I'll only agree if you can get him to let me go home now."

So back into that room we went, and Satan followed, dropping to the floor just inside the doorway.

"Ah, you're back. I was just about to come and get you. The old cocks ready for action again."

Now feeling a little more upbeat, after getting Trevor to agree that I could go home, I said, "That's enough of that kind of talk. I've come to an agreement with Trevor. If you let me go home now, I won't go to the police."

"That's mighty big of you. Now get that shirt off, and get yourself down on your hands and knees on the floor."

"Didn't you hear me? I said I'm going home now."

"I heard you. But I haven't finished yet. And you're not going anywhere until I have. So get naked and get yourself on the floor."

I looked at Trevor, "Tell him."

"Come on Bill. She's repaid you handsomely, and she says she won't even tell her husband."

"I'm done talking."

Then as he approached me and Trevor again intercepted him, I said, "No please. I don't want any more violence."

But within seconds they were again brawling with each other. At this point it was just pulling and pushing each other around the room, as they struggled together in a close clinch. But then Trevor lost his footing and as he fell back into the chair, he took Bill with him. But then as Bill grabbed a handful of Trevor's hair, he turned and with his other hand raised high in a clenched fist, he said, "Unless you want to see more of his blood, you'll start to do as you're told."

"Ok. You win." And then as I began to remove Trevor's shirt, I asked, "Where did you want me?"

"On your hands and knees, on the floor, and spread your legs wide."

Once naked I got down into the position he'd asked for, and looking back under my shoulder I saw Bill threatening Trevor. Then once he'd made sure Trevor had got the message, he made his way towards me. And as he reached me, I felt an unexpected pain. He'd landed an open palmed slap, square across my naked pussy.

I let out a, "Shriek." But it wasn't really due to the pain; more the surprise or shock. But before I had chance to complain or protest, he'd taken hold of my hips, and he was thrusting his cock up into me. And as my pussy obviously recognised and presumably welcomed another visit from his monster cock, it dilated and my hips lunged back to aid his entrance. And regardless of my stance just a few moments earlier, when I'd refused to allow him to have me for a third time. From the very onset of this third fuck, you'd have been hard pushed to distinguish my performance from that of a willing partner.

I not only rode myself back to meet his thrusting, I also cooed and gasped as and when, to demonstrate my appreciation of his girth and length. But then at other times I actively encouraged him to fuck me harder, using language I'd never before used during having sex. It wasn't as if I didn't know how crude and vulgar I was being, but even knowing, it was as if I just didn't care. Which at that moment in time, I didn't.

And the only reason I can come up with, was the disgusting position he'd put me in to fuck me. I'd never had sex in this position before, not even with my husband James. And the only reference I'd got, was a porno film I'd seen years previously, during my university days. And so I think, that now I was down on the floor like this, with two almost strangers in the room, I'd taken on an alter-ego. And anything that crossed my mind, either came out on my lips, or was translated into actions by my body. Nothing appeared to be too crude.

And to demonstrate just how far I'd gone into this pseudo personality. When Trevor eventually made his way across to where I was kneeling on all fours, presumably to comfort me as he'd done previously, by mopping my brow. Instead of my reaction being the glazed expression he'd received previously, I demanded, "Get your cock out. Let me suck it." Even now I can remember the look of shock. No, almost horror.

And then hearing Bill say, "Well get it out. Even you can't say she's not keen now."

But Trevor didn't look convinced, and he wasn't in a mad rush. But after asking, "Are you sure?"

And me saying, "Come on. Spit-roast me."

He positioned himself in front of me, and I saw him lifting it out. It was bloody huge. I'd expected big, thinking cock size might be something in their genes. But it was easily as fat as Bill's, and from what I could see, probably longer. I remember part of my head screaming out, "STOP!" But no such words reached my lips; unlike his cock. Which was hard before it was released from his trousers and was in my mouth a split second later. I say in, being so fat, even with my mouth wide open, I could only just get the big purple head inside.

But I sucked and I wanked, using both hands. And even though Bill had been going strong for a good few minutes before I'd started on Trevor, before Bill's cum was upon him, Trevor pulled his cock from my mouth, and wanked his cum towards my face. Some went in my hair, but most landed on my forehead and then dribbled down and around my eyes.

But once Trevor had come down from the influence of his climax, his face showed an instant look of shock at what he'd just done. And whilst apologising and attempting to excuse his actions. He began to gently mop my face clean using his handkerchief, which he continually kept wetting with saliva from his mouth.

But no sooner had he cleared my eyes, than I was again reaching out for his cock. And once I'd taken hold, not only did it start to re-inflate. But the glazed look again took over Trevor's face. And as he glazed over, he stopped wiping my face, and lifted his cock towards my mouth.

So I again sucked and wanked, whilst at the other end of my body, Bill pounded himself relentlessly into my pussy. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that this was the most exhilarating sensation I'd ever experienced. But as Bill's cum thrusts began, the most cataclysmic orgasm just engulfed me.

I have no idea how long I was out of this world, floating in the realms of ecstasy. But when I came back, I was in Trevor's arms, as he sat on the floor. And once he saw my eyes open, he looked away and said, "She's back. Give us a hand."

And before I knew what was going on, Bill was easing me up by my shoulders, whilst Trevor used his hands on my hips. And as soon as they'd returned me to my kneeling on all fours stance, I felt Trevor's cock, as it entered and then he eased it up into my pussy. At this point, I distinctly felt Bill's grip on my shoulders tighten, I can only think he'd anticipated that I might resist. But although my mind might have been thinking along those lines. My body wasn't.

And as Trevor heaved his cock up for his first dip into my wet pussy, I lunged back towards him. I know I'd said Trevor's cock looked longer than Bill's, but I guess I'd not reckoned on just how much difference that would make. And as it just kept on going up, way past the depth Bill had previously been up to, it was very much like Bill's first depth sounding. But whereas Bill had obviously known I wouldn't be used to such girth, and so had eased himself in slowly. With Trevor's cock being only slightly thicker in girth, and my pussy being already acclimatised to Bill's cock, Trevor's cock just slid up on a gossamer stream.

And such was the urgency of Trevor's first lunge (I have to admit, maybe due to my heaving back onto him); it kept going even when it reached virgin pussy. And as I'd done with Bill's first invasion of my virgin territory, I let out a gasp, and then yelled, "STOP! Wait!" And as Trevor stopped and held onto my hips; Bill supported me by my shoulders. And as my body shook in uncontrollable spasms, I again gasped a long protracted sequence of sighs, as each contraction engulfed me. "Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh."

Then as my audible gasps subsided, Bill said, "Go on Trev, she's away now."

And go on he did. And again I gave as good as I got. I fucked Trevor harder than I've ever fuck my James.

In fact, I don't think I've ever really fucked James. I've obviously been fucked by him. And I don't mean I lay there like a wet fish. But with my James, it's always been gentler. Calmer. More loving.

But with both Bill and Trevor, I was actively fucking them. I mean even if either of them had stopped thrusting mid-fuck, I was fucking them so actively, I'd have completed the fuck without there help. Not that either of them did stop, apart from during my pussy clamping.

Trevor hadn't been at it for more than a couple of minutes before Bill got to his feet and left the room. And then in less than a minute I saw him return. But it wasn't until I saw the room whiten-up, that I realised he'd been to fetch his camera. And even though I was immersed in the build-up to another orgasm, I took fright. But Trevor's big hands held tightly onto my hips, and all the struggling in the world wouldn't have pried me free. I was making verbal protests, but they did nothing to hinder Trevor's fuck, nor Bill's photography.

So as Trevor pounded away, and Bill moved from one position to another, getting pictures from every conceivable angle, the arousal gradually took the upper hand. And as my awareness of Bill's presence faded, so did my futile resistance, to be replaced by my previous active participation.

But I guess the pause in my arousal meant I didn't reach my orgasm, in time to coincide with Trevor. So with me deeply under the influence, but not yet close enough to climax, Trevor delivered bolt after bolt of cum. I even remember thinking, he's still hard. And wondering if he was leaving it in, and would soon start fucking again. But no. After what seemed like ages, but was probably only a minute, it began to soften, and then just slipped out.

But I was still high, and my pussy obviously wanted the orgasm it had been looking forward to. So still on my hands and knees, with my bottom held up high, my pussy began to pulse. Opening and closing in harmony with the throbbing going on deep inside. I was obviously only aware of the throbbing inside my pussy. But the pictures Bill took during the half minute or so between Trevor pulling out, and him pushing his cock in, showed my wanton display in graphic detail.

And then the short silent video Trevor took of Bill teasing my pussy, before actually letting me have his cock, showed just how eager I was to get more fucking.

I obviously didn't see either the pictures or the video clip until later.

But as Bill was now satisfying my wanton pussy, I was again content to perform, regardless of Trevor and the camera. In fact, my only worry was, knowing Bill had already had me three times, I anticipated this wouldn't be a quickie. And I so wanted another simultaneous climax.

But no matter how much I tried mind over matter thoughts to slow down the arrival of another orgasm, the arousal Trevor had started was gathering momentum like a runaway train going down a mountain slope. And somewhere around ten minutes into Bill's fourth fuck, another orgasm just engulfed me.

I'm guessing my body was too uncontrollable, for even Bill to manage, and I again came back to consciousness lying in Trevor's arm. This time, with him sitting on the settee. As soon as he saw the life in my eyes, he said, "Ok. She's back. Put that camera down. Which way d'you want her?"

And as he placed the camera on the floor, Bill said, "Just hold her there; it won't take much longer now."

And so as I lay back in Trevor's arms, Bill climbed up onto the settee, lifting one of my legs up over the back of it. And as Trevor cradled my upper body, Bill humped my pussy furiously, to bring his forth fuck to its climax. And he was right, it didn't take him long. But it was long enough to span the few moments of doubt and reality that hit me every time I came down from an orgasm; and set me off once again on the road towards the next.

But thinking about it, it was more like setting off on a toboggan run, than setting me off along a road; on a road you can change your mind and turn back. Whereas once pushed off on a toboggan, no amount of regret could stop the run, or return you back to the start.

The reason I put forward the analogy, is I think this was their strategy. They'd always make sure they were ready for resistance at the moment I came down from an orgasm. But at times like this, as Bill finished his fuck, he leisurely pulled his cock out, and Trevor just casually laid me back along the settee. And even with neither of them holding me, I lay there; one leg sprawled out across the floor and the other stretched out in the opposite direction, hooked up over the back of the settee. And Bill once again began taking pictures.

And once Trevor had taken up his position in between my thighs, Bill took another silent video, documenting my pussy as it pouted, with every touch from Trevor's fat bell-end.

And then as Trevor eased it up, and I arched my back, lifting my pussy onto his cock; Bill said, "Still think I'm a bloody fool?"

"I'll tell you what I think. I think you should go and start on making us all a bite to eat. I'll make this my last fuck for now. And then I'll come and give you a hand. And whilst we're making tea, it'll give her time to get cleaned-up."

"But she's not done fucking yet."

"Never mind that, you get started on the grub. She'll not take much persuading next time."

So with that, Bill disappeared, and Trevor got into his stride. And yes, so did I. And as this was Trevor's second visit to my pussy, right from the off, he was able to just go for it. And that's what he did. So ten to fifteen minutes later, with us both sweating profusely, he started pumping his cum, and off I went into wonderland.

When I came back, I was alone in the room, lying with legs spread wide open. And as I sat myself up, I could not only see the cum slowly dribbling from my pussy. But also telltale sticky pools in various locations, on the settee and floorboards. I got to my feet, and looked for the old work shirt, Trevor had given me earlier. But as it was nowhere to be seen, and I could hear noises coming from the kitchen next door. I slowly waddled my way towards the door.

I guess I had considered making a bolt down their hallway, that was providing Satan wasn't on guard. But as I looked out into the hall, and Satan wasn't in sight, I looked the other way, into the kitchen.

At that point, Trevor saw me, and said, "You look well and truly fucked. I'll bet you could use the bathroom."

I know Trevor's choice of words had shocked me before, and I'd kind of ignored them; thinking it was just his way. And obviously the things they'd just done to me, were far more serious than crude language. But I still found this comment distasteful. And so I didn't answer, but just stood there and scowled.

But after half a minute of my silent scowling, Trevor asked, "What's wrong lass?"

"You. I can't believe your language."

He let out a little chuckle, "You're a rum'n and no mistake. You fuck like a bitch on heat one minute. And then act like you're addressing the class at Sunday-school the next. Still, we can't fault you. You certainly did the business once you got over your shyness. It's been a while since Bill and I have had a lass that takes a full length as eagerly as you did."

"Please Trevor. You've had what you wanted. Surely there's no need to embarrass me further."

"Ok lass. Nuff said. But you do look fucked."

I decided I couldn't change his foul talk, and so I answered him, ignoring the foul words used, "Yes, I do feel shattered. The bathroom, is it at the top of the stairs?"

"Yes. Straight on. First door you come to."

"Where's Satan. Will he let me go near the front door?" I'd asked this, as I'd have to go right to the end of the hall, and pass the front door to get onto the staircase. I as I couldn't see around the bottom boarded-in stair-rail, I didn't know if I'd meet him lying at the stair bottom.

But Trevor replied casually, "Don't worry your pretty little fanny-ann about Satan. He's out in the garden having a shit. You get yourself up stairs, and there's plenty of hot water if you want a shower. Or even a bath, if you'd prefer a soak. And when you come down, we'll have scrambled eggs on toast ready for you. And there's still a bit of that blackberry and apple pie left."

I almost missed everything he said from the point where he said Satan was in the back garden. My head was spinning. Dare I make a break for it? It must only be around four or five in the afternoon, so still broad daylight. And worse, people about. Not many in our little village, but at this time, kids playing, and people coming home from work. But people meant safety, they couldn't chase after me with people around. But then again, I was naked; and it would be a total miracle if I managed to get from their house to my own without someone seeing me. And if seen, everybody would know what had taken place this afternoon. And as they'd taken those pictures (at this point I wasn't aware of the videos), I knew I couldn't claim I'd been raped. Especially remembering something Trevor had said. Why had I gone to their house knowing I hadn't got money to pay my debts? It would obviously fuel talk of no smoke without fire.

And as I stood there contemplating my next move, Trevor said, "If you want to use the bathroom, I'd get your fanny-ann a wiggling. Cos Bill won't be much longer preparing this food. Oh, and don't get any silly ideas in your head about leaving here before it gets dark. Cos sure as eggs is eggs, it'll all go tits-up. You've been a sensible lass up to now, and there's no rush to get back; we'll see you safely home later."

I so wanted to make my escape. But even knowing that staying here would surely mean I'd get fucked again, the thought of my James seeing the photos they'd taken of me was a greater threat. And who is to say it would only be my James, they could show them to anyone; the whole village could know. And before the story had been retold half a dozen times, I'd have been a whore plying my trade to pay for a car repair.

So reluctantly I went up to the bathroom and had a soak in the bath. It was whilst soaking and reflecting upon what had happened, that I attempted to examine my own feelings. In fact, being the only one who was really aware of my own feelings during each of their fucks, even I felt that the interpretation I'd attributed to the village gossips was partially true.

But one thing above all others that I couldn't understand, was how rapidly my moral compass needle could change direction. I could be fighting physically and spitting feathers one minute, in an attempt to thwart Bill. And then within less than a minute of him getting his way, I was to all intents, a whore on steroids. And then once the ecstasy of the fuck ebbed away, the venom and fury would flood back with a vengeance.

But now, lying calmly in this warm water, I'm starting to get horny. Yes, as much as I hate both of them for shredding my marriage vows, my pussy is throbbing in anticipation of what awaits it downstairs. And the thing I hate them most for, is that if I'd never experienced their cock size and their multiple fucking; I'd have been perfectly contented with the modest rations I'd put up with up to now.

But then I hear Trevor, and he's telling me the food is ready and I should come down now. So once dried, I wrapped myself in a towel and joined them at the table downstairs.

The conversation from them was polite, and mainly centred around the food.

And I didn't initially know what my own attitude would be. See, I'd not really resolved my own conscience about the afternoons events and my acceptance or otherwise of them. And if I was stuck here until it got dark, that would mean they'd got me here for another five hours; to do as they wanted with.

But then Trevor asked, "Have you had a rethink yet?"

"About what?"

"Well you didn't run out of the front door screaming rape. So I'm assuming you've calmed down a little. And maybe you've decided that your little fanny-ann is a good way for you to show your gratitude. I mean, when you think about it. We spent two nights working on your car. So if we get you home soon as its dark, you'll only have spent one night repaying us; so you'll be up on the deal."

I was somewhat stunned at his matter of fact approach and simple balancing of the two very different events.

But before I could come up with a response, Bill said, "My cocks starting to throb again just a thinking of that fanny-ann of hers."

Trevor said, "Steady on Bill. Let the lass finish her grub, and then we'll maybe watch a video. Y'know, just to let her food settle. What say you lass? I don't suppose you're champing at the bit, and eager to get another fucking just yet?"

"No. I'm not champing at the bit as you call it. And I never was eager for any of that stuff you did to me. In fact I'm still of half a mind to call the police the minute I get home."

Trevor said, "Really? But I thought."

"Never mind what you thought. Both of you have raped me. Can't you understand that?"

"But you're not hurt."

And Bill added, "And you enjoyed it. You can't deny that."

"Look. What I felt or even what I said when you were, you know, having me. That doesn't mean anything. It's what I said before that counts."

Trevor said, "And after. I mean. Just cos you were unsure before we fucked you, doesn't mean you can't change your mind now, and admit it was good after all."

"I could. And if neither of you put a foot wrong from now on, and I get home tonight without anyone knowing what's happened. Then maybe I will say nothing. But both of you have to promise that you won't breathe a word to anyone."

"We wouldn't. Would we Bill?"

"I'll tell nobody. But she's not leaving until I've had at least one more fuck."

"I told you, no more. And another thing. You took photos. I want to see them deleted before I go."

Trevor said, "Now you're being silly. Why would we delete them?"

"Never mind why you should delete them. What I want to know is, why did you take them. I hope you're not thinking of using them to blackmail me into further depravities?"

"Depravities. What are you talking about?"

"Don't try playing the innocent. That was disgusting what you did to me. You treated me as if I was an animal."

"Oh that. You mean the doggy fuck. But you enjoyed that."

"I've told you. It doesn't matter what I felt or said during the ordeal. The fact is, you forced me into it. It was disgusting."

Trevor said, "Well! I don't know what to say. I'd not have even touched you if you hadn't told me to. And like Bill said, you enjoyed it. I mean the videos we took show you. Well I won't embarrass you by saying it; I know you don't like crude language." He turned and said to Bill, "Go and get your laptop." And as Bill got to his feet, Trevor took my hand, and said, "You're getting this whole thing out of proportion. You're angry with yourself for enjoying the fucking, and so you're looking for someone to blame. And as Bill and me are handy, it's only natural you'd lash out at us. But I'm sure you remember what you asked me to do to you. No, don't look embarrassed. There was nothing wrong with what we just did. It was all harmless fun, and nobody got hurt. And if you really want to blame anyone, I'd be looking nearer to home. Ah, here's Bill."

"You're saying I'm to blame?"

"No lass. If that lad of yours had been at home, and doing his duty, you'd not have given in to Bill so easily. And you'd definitely not have begged me the way you did. There's an old country saying, and it still holds good today. If you want to keep a wife from straying. Keep her well fucked and poorly shod. I'm not thinking the posh shoes you're wearing influenced the outcome. But when a bloke goes off for three weeks, he's a bloody fool if he thinks his wife can go without cock, and not become an easy target."

By now, Bill had got the laptop setup, so we could all see the screen, but as I saw him move the mouse pointer over a file, and about to click, I said, "Please don't. I don't want to see it."

Trevor said, "Hold up Bill." Then looking at me, "There's really no need to be embarrassed by it. You look good from every angle. But all I want to show you, is that you were every bit as keen as we were."

"Please Trevor. I believe you when you say I behaved like a whore."

"Hey lass. Now come on. I never said any such thing. I never would. You're just a young lass with normal urges that a young lass should have. It's only natural that once Bill put a match to your kindling, it'd burst into flames. Now these videos on the laptop, all I wanted to do was, to show you it wasn't me making the first move."

But as I said, "Ok, I believe you." Bill had already clicked and the video came on screen.

It was only a short clip, and not brilliant quality; presumably taken with the same digital camera that they'd used to take the photographs. And straight after the first one finished, the second one started. As I say, they were only seconds long, so it was pointless trying to get Bill to stop them. And although I hadn't wanted them shown, and had no desire to see them, as I watched, I became transfixed.

As they finished, Bill moved to another folder, and the explorer window filled with the icons of all the pictures they'd taken between them. And by the slider bar on the right, it was obvious this screen full, was only a fraction of the ones in the folder.

As Bill clicked on the first one, and a picture of Trevor fucking me came up on the screen, I begged, "Please Trevor. No more. I won't go to the police. And you can have me again. But please, this is so humiliating."

"Ok Bill. Enough. We can look at them later."

"No Trevor please. I'm begging you. Please delete them."

"And if we do, will you promise no more silly talk about police? Nor any telling hubby about the nasty men across the road?"

"I promise."

"And you promise there'll be no more need for us to coax you. We want a willing little Shirley right from the off."

"But just until it gets dark, then you'll let me go home?"

"After we've finished here, I'll nip out to the garage and sort you out some clothes to wear. And then, like you say, when it gets dark, we'll take you home."

I obviously look perplexed as I asked, "Garage?"

"Yes. We get through loads of old rags, y'know, working on filthy old cars. So we always wait around till the end of the church jumble sale. And for a few pence, they'll fill up a dustbin liner with clothes that haven't been sold. We just rip them up for rags, but there's always dresses, blouses and the like in there. I'm bound to find something that'll fit you. Mind, they never put any underwear in there; I guess they'd think that to pervy, us been men. Anyway, once its dark and you've got some clothes on, we'll make sure you get home safe. And nobody will even know you've been here. But you still haven't promised."

"Ok. What is it you want me to do, get back on my hands and knees?"

"No lass. We've done that one. But I still haven't heard you promise that you're gonna put Shirley the Sunday-school teacher away, and bring Shirley the cock sucker out to play?"

"Ok, let me see you delete those pictures and the two videos. And then I'll promise to go along with anything you want. But only tonight until it gets dark enough for me to get back home. And both of you have to promise that you'll never tell a living soul about this. I know what men are like; you're always trying to impress each other by bragging about which women you've had."

"Ok Bill, delete that lot, and make sure she sees it happen. And then promise not to tell anyone about how well she fucked." And then as Bill selected and deleted the files, Trevor added, "Oh, and I give you my word as well, I won't tell a soul. Now you Bill."

"I'll not tell anyone."

I said, "No. You have to promise."

"Ok. I promise I'll not tell anyone."

Then Trevor said, "Ok, that's settled. I'll go and sort some clothes out for you."

"Should I come and help?"

"No lass, it's like a pigsty in there. You'd get shit-up to high heaven. If you want to do something useful, you stop and help Bill with the washing-up.

So then whilst Trevor went to the garage, to find me some clothes. I helped Bill, by doing the drying and putting away, as he washed the crocks. The only thing I had in the way of clothes, was the towel wrapped around and tucked into itself just above bust height. And so inevitably, as I stooped or reached up when putting things away, Bill would get glimpses through the towel opening.

This got worse when Bill had washed the last plate, as from then on, he lent back against the sink, and just scrutinised my every movement. And then, as I was bent over, his arm slipped around me, and his hand slipped inside the towel.

My instinct was to protest and struggle, but I'd made a pact, and so I just relaxed in his arms. He lifted me back up towards himself and as his fingers found my pussy, I let my legs fall open. And I was surprised just how easy it was. From the second his fingers touched, my body just responded and heaved up onto his fingers.

And as Trevor reappeared in the kitchen, he was greeted by the sight of my open legs, as Bill's fingers worked in and out of my pussy.

And whilst I lay back in his left arm like a compliant whore, he said, "She can sort through that lot later, I'm ready to fuck."

"You're always ready to fuck. But I want to see a little fashion show." And as he said that, he held out one garment from the big pile of clothes he'd got bundled in his arms.

And even with it hanging limp from the collar where he was holding it, it was fairly obvious this was a school uniform. Obviously not the whole thing, but the same style of dress as worn by the girls at the local convent school.

Bill immediately began to sit me back upright, and then after removing his fingers from my pussy, he helped me back down to the floor. And then before I realised what was going on, he'd unwrapped the big towel from me, leaving me stood naked.

As Trevor approached, he handed me the dress, saying, "See if it fits."

I felt it was inappropriate to wear something of this sort, especially as I knew both of these men would soon be having sex with me. But I'd agreed to pander to their whims, and any dress had to be better than standing there naked.

So I dropped it over my head, and brushed it out straight with my hands. It was a typical pinafore style dress. With a flared pleated skirt, shoulder straps, and buttoned together up the front of the bodice. And as it had only shoulder straps, which meant I still had naked arms and shoulders, it was obviously designed to be worn with a blouse beneath it. Also, the buttons which should hold the front of the bodice together; were missing. Which meant my breasts were still partially on show.

As Trevor saw me attempting to pull the two sides together and trying to find the buttons, he said, "Sorry about that lass. The women who run the jumble sale always snip off the buttons and cut out any zips that they think will sell separate. And it's better for us that way, if we use a rag to wipe anything down, we wouldn't want a button or a metal zip scratching the paintwork."

"I see. Still it covers me up better than that towel wrapped around me."

"Never mind covering you up, get yourself in the back room, I've brought all this lot. And most of them aren't for you to choose from to go home in; I've brought them so as you can give us a little show."

"Oh, I don't know about that."

"It's up to you. But it'll pass some time away, and I thought you'd prefer it to having our Bill constantly bashing away at your fanny-ann."

It only took a split second to decide that time spent stripping, re-dressing and parading myself about, was a preferable option to being continually fucked by Bill.

And so as I turned and headed towards the back room, I said, "Ok, I'll give you your show."

In the back room, they both sat themselves on the settee, and Trevor said, "Ok lass. First off, let's just see you walking back and forth across the room."

I turned and as I walked away from them, the room whitened to the flash of a camera. I instantly span around, "What are you doing?"

Bill had the camera up to his face, but it was Trevor who replied, "Oh come on now. We can't see your face. So nobody will know who's wearing it."

I still didn't like the idea, but I could see his logic was sound. So reluctantly I said, "Ok. But before I go, I'll want to look at all of the pictures you've taken. And you have to agree now, before I let you take any more, that you'll delete any I don't like?"

"Ok. We agree. So does that mean he can take you from any angle, even facing the camera; providing your face is out of the frame?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure. Why d'you want to take them anyway?"

"That must be obvious. Once you go home, and we're sitting over here at night, watching your bedroom light come on. We'll be thinking of you all alone, and those pictures will help with the wanking."

"Oh my god! Trevor please."

"You asked."

"I know, but do you have to be so crude about it."

"Is there a Sunday-school way of saying we'll be thinking of you and wanking?"

"Ok. Take you're pictures, but if I think I could be recognised from any of them, they get deleted."

"It's a deal. Ok Bill, get snapping."

So I walked about and they had me posing in all kinds of poses; mostly ones where I knew they could either see my breasts, or worst still up under the dress. And then I was passed a skirt and blouse. It was fairly obvious they didn't want me to leave the room to change, as Satan was again lying in the open doorway. And as I hadn't any underwear, at each change, they saw me naked. And right from the first of these changes, Bill was snapping away. In fact before I'd done many of them, I'd become quite oblivious to the flashing camera.

But back to this first change, as I put on the blouse and then pulled up the skirt, I said to Trevor, "Are these really old rags?"

"Well, they're out of our rag-bag. If that's what you mean."

"But if they hadn't cut the buttons off this blouse or the zip out of this skirt, it would have been every bit as wearable as any of the clothes I've got in my wardrobe; and maybe a deal more fashionable."

"I guess that shows you've never been to the local church jumble?"

"No. I'd never thought of it."

"Well maybe if funds are tight, you ought to give it a try. Now what about posing for Bill?"

"I'll have to keep hold of the side of the skirt; otherwise it'll fall to the floor."

Trevor got to his feet, went to the sideboard, picked out a big safety pin from the draw, and passed it to me, "There you are. That should do the trick."

And so I stripped, re-dressed, and posed maybe fifteen times. And during all of this, Bill kept snapping away. I'm guessing, but I wouldn't be surprised if he'd taken as many as twenty or more pictures each time. (This was confirmed when they showed me the folder later in the evening).

Well anyway, I'd got blasé about this whole thing very early on, and now, as I was posing around in what I knew was the last combination of skirt and top, I began to feel a telltale knotting in my tummy. And as soon as I was aware of the knotting, it brought the conscious acknowledgment of an imminent fucking that would follow this little diversion. And the more that thought began to engulf my mind, the greater the throbbing in my pussy got.

And after Bill had taken his pictures of me in this last outfit, he passed the camera to Trevor and said, "Here, you take this, and shoot some video of us fucking. And be sure to get plenty close-up shots of her fanny-ann as I enter her." Then turning to me, "Come on lass, my balls are aching fit to bust."

I removed the top I'd been posing in, and had just started to remove the safety-pin from the waistband of my skirt, when he said, "No lass leave that on, it'll not get in the way. Just come over here, and back your fanny-ann onto this."

The this, he was referring to, was of course, his cock, which he'd removed from his flies, and was stood to attention. I complied without hesitation, as if it was the most natural of requests. I lifted the back of my skirt and backed myself up towards him, whilst Trevor videoed from a position as low down and close to Bill's lap as he could get. And as I came within reach of Bill, he took over holding my skirt clear, saying, "Ok lass, I've got that. You use your hands to ease yourself onto it." Then to Trevor, he asked, "Have you got a good clear shot of it?"

"God, yes. And the way it's pulsating, she's definitely keen for another fucking."

"You reckon she's keen enough to tease?"


Then as Bill's hands took hold of my waist, he said, "Change of plan lass. You hold your own skirt up out of the road, I'll control how much cock you're getting."

And so before I'd lowered myself close enough to even touch his cock, Bill's hands had taken control. And as he lowered me into position, my pouting pussy lips began to kiss his bell-end. And this was the position he held me in, only dipping very slightly every now and again; just enough for my pussy lips to latch-on, only to have him lift me off.

At first, I thought this was just a whimsical game; and maybe to him, it was. But to me, it very rapidly raised my already heightened libido to the point where I couldn't hold back my need.

I started with simple comments like, "Oh come-on Bill. A joke's a joke."

But it wasn't long before I was pleading, "Bill please. For god's sake fuck me."

Then came, "Trevor. Tell him. I can't stand this much more. Make him put it in."

And then it happened, Bill lowered me. Very, very slowly. It had only entered five or six inches, when my pussy clamped, and my body was shaken by a series of violent spasms. As these faded, and my brain resumed its functions, I became aware of Trevor and the video camera directly in my face. And as Trevor said, "Ok, she's back with us."

Bill said, "Tell the camera what you want."

"Please Bill. You know what I want. I want you to fuck me."

He didn't reply immediately, well not with words. But he just continued the lowering that my pussy clamping had interrupted. And I was so wet and juiced up; I slid down until I'd taken his full length. But no matter how much I tried to lift, in an attempt to get his shaft sliding in and out; Bill held me still.

This was almost as infuriating as being held with his bell-end touching my pussy lips. And after what seemed like an age, I pleaded, "Please Bill, fuck me, fuck me hard."

"What d'you think Trevor? Does she deserve it?"

Trevor was still videoing, but from behind the camera, he said, "Well. It's alright fucking her now, when she's got the need. But next week, when we're up in our rooms wanking; will she consider our needs. I'll bet she won't."

As my brain processed the meaning of his words, it split into two halves. It was like I had a righteous inner self, and it was now having an argument with the wicked me that needed Bill's cock. And I say needed deliberately; cos wanted doesn't cut-it with the urges in my body right now.

So as I'm wrestling with my demons, Bill said, "I'm sure she will. You heard her earlier. She really appreciates the work we've done for her, and she's keen as mustard to repay us in any way she can. I'm sure that whenever her husband is away, she'll nip over at least once a week. I mean, it's not only us who needs to empty our balls, you can see by how eager she is, she needs a regular supply of cock."

Then Trevor put his face to the side of the camera and asked, "Is Bill right? Will you come back next week to fuck us?"

What you have to realize is, although I'd been aware of what they'd been saying, well on some arcane level, I was deep into a mind-blowing arousal. And the words spilled over my lips before I'd even realised what I was going to say. "Please, just fuck me. I'll do whatever you want."

Well from that moment until two hours later, when Bill had had three more fucks, and Trevor four; I was fucked, fondled, licked, kissed, and caressed in every conceivable position. And for the most part, as one of them fucked me, the other, either took photos or shot video.

When they did eventually decide they'd had enough, I was again allowed to have a soak in the bath. And like the last time, as I bathed, I wrestled with my conscience. But unlike the last time, when I'd ended up feeling horny. This time, I was haunted by something lurking in the recesses of my mind. Had I really agreed to come back next week to fuck them again?

So once I'd washed the physical remnants of their beastly lust from my body, I dried and then dressed myself in a dress and cardigan that I'd picked from Trevor's rag selection. And minus underwear, I made my way downstairs.

As I walked in, they were busy viewing the numerous videos they'd taken. As Trevor saw me, he turned and said, "Come-on lass. Come and look at these, they're awesome."

"I just want to go home."

"But, I thought you wanted to check what pictures we've taken?"

"I can't; not now. I just want my bed and a pillow to cry into."

"Cry? Why on earth would you want to cry?"

"Just call your dog, I want to go home."

"Bill, call Satan, while I take her home."

"I've got another hard-on. Let's just have one last fuck before she goes."

"Have pity on the lass. Can't you see she's about done in?"

"So was I fifteen minutes ago. But those videos have reawakened my old friend, and once he's raring to go, he'll give me no peace until he gets some fanny wrapped around him."

"Well this time he'll have to make do with the palm of your hand. The lass is in no shape."

Bill wrapped his arm around me, pulled me onto his knee, and as his fingers forced their way in between my thighs and entered my pussy, he said, "Five minutes of this, and she'll be begging to be fucked again."

I attempted pleading to Bill, and at one point I even tried thumping him. But my pleas fell on deaf ears, and my puny blows, on a hard unyielding body.

Even Trevor protests had no effect, and seeing his ineffectuality, he turned and left the room. When I saw that, my heart dropped. I knew that without Trevor I had no hope. And as Bill realised he now had free reign, he rose from the chair, still holding me in his arms, and carried me to the settee. And once he'd got me on my back, his fingers resumed in earnest. And as before, no matter how dead set against any more cooperation I had been seconds previous. Within half a minute of his fingers setting to work, my pussy heaved up, and my legs spread wide.

I'm not sure how long he worked in my pussy with his fingers before he got to his feet. But even as he stood and lowered his zip with one hand, the fingers of his other hand kept me under his spell. But just as he was about to lower himself in between my welcoming thighs, the big long barrel of a twelve-bore shotgun appeared. It came around the door, followed by Trevor who was holding it.

"Ok Bill. This time, I'm calling the shots. And I say the lass has done enough for one night."

"You'll not pull the trigger. We both know that."

"Are you willing to bet your life on it?"

"But you're too late anyway. Look, she's ready. She's a begging for it. Aren't you lass. Tell him. You want some cock, don't you?"

I was heaving, and sighing, but coherent words wouldn't come.

"Put your cock away, before I blow your balls off."

"Trev no. look at her." At this he re-inserted his fingers, and I heaved up hard for him. "She wants it. And you do, I can see your bulge."

"Not this time. This time, I'm going with what she said whilst she was in control. Now take your finger out, and let her come down. If she says she still wants it once she's back, then ok, you can have her. Now stand aside."

Bill got to his feet, and as he sauntered back over to the chair by the laptop, he said, "Stupid bugger."

It was a good five minutes before I came to my senses, and the shame of my pose caused a rapid closing of my legs. And then as I sat up straight, my hands went to my face, and I began to cry. I'd only been sobbing for a few seconds, when Trevor said, "I'm sorry to hurry you lass, but if you want to go home, I'd not take too long. Our Bill is still getting himself worked up watching those videos of you, and I'd rather not have to let one of these cartridges off in the house."

I looked up, "Can I go?"

"Yes. But I'll come with you to see you safely home."

"No need. I'll be alright."

"All the same. I'll come. But before we go, I have to ask you two questions."


"Bill says you want another fuck. Do you?"

"No. Please no."

"There you are Bill. Now the other is, do you remember your promise?"

I did, but I didn't want to admit to it. So I said, "Promise? What promise?"

"Why are you blushing? Maybe you do remember, but don't want to admit it? So from that, can I take it you won't be keeping your word?"

"Please Trevor. I didn't know what I was saying."

"You did, other wise, you wouldn't be so shy about it now. So even after I've put our Bill's life on the line to protect you, you still won't keep your word. Not even to come back one more time?"

"Pleas Trevor. Don't make me promise. I feel sick enough already for going as far as I have."

"Ok, let's get you home."

Bill got to his feet, "If she's not coming back, like she promised. Then I'm having my fuck. Shotgun or no shotgun."

Trevor levelled it at Bill, "Don't be a cunt."

"You won't shoot."

Trevor dropped the aim, and with it pointing at Bills feet, said, "One more step and you'll be on crutches for the rest of your life." Then as Bill stopped dead in his tracks, without turning his head Trevor said, "Get yourself home lass."

As I moved towards the doorway, Satan got to his feet, and started that deep throated growl. This time it was me who froze in my tracks.

Still without turning his head, Trevor said, "Lift your dress, and spread your legs so he can sniff your fanny-ann."

"What? You don't mean it?"

"Do it. And be quick about it. He'll not hurt you if you let him have a good sniff of it. But get your legs good'n wide."

I was reluctant to comply, but I lifted my hem, and opened my legs. To Satan, this was like a starting pistol. He lunged forwards, I thought he'd tear me limb from limb. But as I backed against the door, in went his nose, and his tongue began to lap up the lips of my pussy. Just the bunting of his nose forced my legs open, and within a few seconds, his tongue was in my pussy, and lapping at my juices. And after Bill's fingering, just moments earlier, the effect of his licking held me motionless up against the door. So if it hadn't have been for Trevor's intervention, I'd have probably ended up sinking to the floor, and being brought to my climax by a dog!

But as it was, Trevor barked out, "Don't just stand there lass, he'll not hurt you now. Step over him and make your way to the front door. I'll follow you."

So I plucked up all my courage, and lifted my leg up over the dog. This, of course, spread my legs even wider. A predicament which Satan took full advantage of; and my god had he got a long tongue!

But Trevor had been right; Satan didn't show any signs of aggression. So apart from him trailing me all the way down the hallway, with his nose and tongue still working feverishly from behind me, he didn't impede my retreat. Trevor had done as he'd said, and followed us, walking backwards, still holding that shotgun. But even as I reached the door, there was no sign of Bill, so Trevor put the shotgun down just inside the door, and after pulling Satan from under my dress, ushered me outside.

It was now quite dark, and as usual at this time of night the village was deserted. I repeated my assurance that I didn't require any escort, but Trevor again insisted. So he walked me home, and up to the front door. Whereupon I said, "I'll be ok now."

"So you're not inviting me in?"

"No. I think from now on, maybe it would be better if we keep a distance between us."

"D'you mean we're no longer friends?"

"Please Trevor. What did you expect?"

"Well not the bum's rush; that's for sure. Do you feel hard done by?"

"You and your brother raped me. How on earth do you expect me to feel?"

"Well you're a rum'n and no mistake. If it hadn't been for you asking me, I'd not have even gotten involved. Well I'll say goodnight, mebe after you've had time to think on it you'll see things a bit clearer."

And with that he turned and went.

That night, as whacked out as I was (or as Trevor would have put it. Fucked), I couldn't sleep. I lay there for hours, attempting to apportion blame. And no matter how many times I turned the events over, or which way I looked at them, it always came out the same. Bill took 60%. I apportioned 39% to myself. And I could only level 1% at Trevor. And despite the old country saying and Trevor's reasoning that had gone with it. I could only see my husband as the injured party in this event, and felt he deserved no blame whatsoever.

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