The Erotic Entertainer

by Marduk

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Size, Public Sex, Porn Theatre, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A wife gradually introduced into active sexual adventures, finally enters a 'wet tee-shirt competition' and wins, leading to the title of the story

It really wasn't Warren desire to take his wife to the monthly BBQ he had with old work colleagues; however, of recent times she had complained that she was left out of his activities; so reluctantly he said he would take her. "The wife wants to come along", he told his mate over the phone when he was discussing what to bring. "She doesn't drink so I'll bring along a fruit juice, maybe orange or pineapple; I'll pick up a few beers as well", he concluded. The meats and bread had already been arranged. "Should be there a bit after one", he concluded as he hung up the phone.

They arrived just after one that following Saturday. The one thing he was afraid of was that his mate, Harry plus the other old work mate Greg were very colourful in their language. There wasn't a sentence used that didn't contain either a 'fuck' or a 'cunt', how his wife was going to accommodate that he didn't know, for she was so religious that even 'dam' was consider obscene. 'Well she wanted to come', he muttered to himself. 'Maybe if the blokes did give her a burst of their usual chatter, she wouldn't want to come again'. However, as he carried the car fridge into the back yard another thought began to occupy his mind. Harry was a rough diamond. He hadn't married for he had no need too, he attractive women and although he considered them suitable for one thing and that was sex and was pretty rough with them, they continued to buzz around him, like bees around a honey pot, so maybe he could seduce his wife, give her a length of cock that he was now unable to do, seeing he was impotent and had been for many years.

The biggest surprise was that there was another individual present a man from the Sudan, possibly one of the refugees that were being settled in the town; he was as black as coal. Harry quickly introduced him. "Warren!" he said. "This is Ambo, he is from the Sudan". The man's grip was firm but on taking Greg aside he asked how the black had become part of their little group as Harry wasn't a disciple of multiculturalism. "The black has a sister and Harry is fucking her", Greg replied with a grin. "So naturally the brother is now part of our BBQ's. I haven't been introduced to the sister but Harry tells me she does things to his cock that makes his teeth rattle".

Ambo was the only one that hadn't met the wife and to give her credit she was always well mannered and courteous so he wasn't surprise to find her in eager chatter with the black. He knew from arguments on the home front that she was all for the 'open door' policy for the refugees, something that to him was a 'red rag to a bull'. One thing he didn't know was that Harry had introduced into the orange drink that his wife was consuming with a gluttony appetite a hotch-potch of ingredients that made the drink very pleasant but highly intoxicating. So camouflaged was the gradual proportions of those ingredients into each glass that she drunk she didn't know that she was slowly getting tipsy and that was noted by her fits of giggles. Warren had already noted that Ambo was interested, he had already commented on the size of her tits and when Warren asked him if he wanted to fuck her, the black had grinned. "Go for it", Warren said as he picked up a rissole from the grill.

Whether it was a pre-arranged signal between the two of them or whether it was an opportunity to good to miss, but when the wife staggered into Ambo who immediately had a decent feel of those very noticeable tits and she giggled in reply, Harry grabbed her from behind by her tits, virtually lifting her off the ground. Ambo tore down her slacks and panties and as that large triangle forest of hair appeared he gave a grunt of appreciation. Within almost seconds, her slacks and panties were thrown away, she was pushed onto the table, her legs pulled apart and one of the largest cocks that Warren had ever encountered rammed in three thrusts up that hairy cunt. His wife uttered a loud 'Ohhhhhh!' as that cock invaded. Now anchored her blouse and bra were removed and not with care, both were ripped, now totally naked and with her tits bouncing, the fucking began and boy was she fucked.

In and out that cock went and with every thrust the wife rose up as though hit with a thousands volts of electricity. Her head rolled from left to right, every thrust dragged a cry from every vocal cord that was until Harry stopped that rolling head in mid stream and shoved his cock down her throat and as Ambo rammed away, he pulled her head hard into his groin and with a great smile snapped. "Now suck on that cunt". Warren smiled; a tinge of jealousy invaded his pleasure for he couldn't get a hard on, at least sufficient to ram it up his wife's cunt, but it was at least able to be sucked. For ages he had been visiting a woman who gladly sucked him off so he knew his cock could be held in a woman's mouth, so when Ambo gave the thrust that emptied his balls and his wife erupted and rose like a Harrier Jet, Harry pulled out his saliva covered cock and slid in it a now very lubricated crack; Warren dropped his trousers, grabbed his wife's head and pulled her head into his groin and like his mate muttered. "Suck on that you cunt".

Harry blew and Greg took over and Ambo did his best to have her eat his cock. Warren didn't know who suggested that her bum be serviced. It was greeted with delight. His wife was spun over, her tits banging hard against the wood of the table, but when those cocks were shoved up that lily white bum, his wife now free of a cock in her mouth gave a growl that would rival any beast. Ambo was too big to sample that bum he did manage to get as much down her throat as possible and there they serviced her till all were totally exhausted. Warren was satisfied, she had sucked him off three times and when they managed to bundle her into his car, minus panties and a bra she was out of this world, after all they started fucking just after two and finished near six, for four solid hours, without a break they has serviced her cunt, her bum and her throat.

She was just a rag doll when he half carried and half dragged her from the car. Washing off the accumulation of hours of exploding cock took some time, especially as he had to keep lifting her up, making sure he gave those bruised tits a couple of nice wacks and a couple of rubs up that well lubricated and hairy cunt. Sleeping alone had been his agenda for years, so all he did was push her into bed, nude, covered her up and whisper to her that the fellows said she was a fantastic fuck and then turn the light out and depart.

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