An Odd Couple

by mallory66

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, boy, gi, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Mother, Son, Sister, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, School, .

Desc: True Sex Story: A couple, involving their children, friends and others, indulge in realistic subservient/dominant practices at home and at school.

Chapter 1: Introductions

Jed pressed the doorbell and the quick light steps of Angie clipped down the corridor approaching the main door. She smiled conspirationally when she saw him. "Come in lover boy", she cooed, and he heard the heavy door shut smoothly behind him as he kissed her lightly on both cheeks and entered the spacious flat.

He followed Angie down the hall and into the main room. Rex was sitting at the computer workstation. "Hi mate" was the brief reaction to the footsteps behind him. A porn video was playing full screen and Rex had his hand down his pants as he distractedly stroked himself. "I was looking for something up your street," he explained.

Indeed, the video was just what Jed needed to perk him up. It had been a hard day, with his girlfriend nagging at him over last night, and the rain, and everything. He was glad to escape for a few hours relaxation round at Angie and Rex's. He stared at the screen. A girl was being manhandled in a commuter train. He could never understand how they set up these things. The train looked and sounded entirely realistic; the mini-skirted Japanese girl seemed totally unable to call for help as the boys surrounding her lifted her skirt, explored inside her knickers and eventually upended her and fucked her. People all stood round passively as if it was normal fare for a Monday morning ride into Tokyo.

Jed loosened his belt and pulled down his zip before sitting down beside his friend. It was their usual routine. Rex was pretty much bi. He had a steamy relationship with Angie, but was not averse to pleasuring the boys too. Angie put her arms round the two men's shoulders and brought her face between them so she could see what may be exciting their baser instincts. As the girl on the screen screwed up her pert little face in pain at having her bared tits tweaked, Angie laughed and said "Ouch. How degrading. Beers for you two?"

Jed felt his friend's hand steal behind his pants, and go down and cup his balls. He lifted his arse and slid his jeans and pants down round his ankles in a single swift motion. The leather of the seat felt cool on his buttocks. By the time Angie returned with the beers, Rex was slowly wanking a substantial piece of meat. She put the bottles down on the desk by the screen and went round the other side, dropped to her knees and crawled under the table so as to be able to lend a hand and a mouth as required by all good sexual etiquette.

Within two minutes she had a choice between red Scottish uncut eight inches and 9 inches of smooth brown Ethiopian sausage. She treated them with equal respect.

"What you been doing then" asked Rex as though he was waiting at the barbers for his turn to come up and just making polite conversation.

"The bloody woman's been pissing me off again," replied Jed. He explained how the previous evening his latest girlfriend had come in tipsy from a night out with the girls. More like a few hours being manhandled in the dark recesses of the disco, he thought. He'd punished her with the usual dose of slipper on a bare arse, and she'd cried piteously, just the way he liked it. When he fucked her afterwards he thought the cunt was a bit slippery, and guessed why. But the next morning, after a semi-sleeping fuck with his morning hard-on, she'd started mouthing him off about not standing for the abuse, not letting herself be treated like a slave, being tired of having to hide her red arse cheeks at the swimming pool and so on. He told her she needed to learn to behave, and turned over to go back to sleep.

Angie's tongue was bringing the two cocks to bursting point. Within 30 seconds both men had ejaculated into her mouth. She swallowed and laughed, and extracted herself from under the desk and kissed them both languidly. They could taste their mixed sperm on her lips. "I must go and get some supper ready", she said. "Give you time to recover your energy". And with that she went out of the room, giggling and waggling her bum in exaggeration.

Jed leaned back in his chair and yawned. Spreading his thighs his flaccid cock fell down onto the seat with the noise of a peace of meat on the butcher's slab. Rex stretched over and toyed with it while continuing to manipulate his own.

"Angie's on form" he remarked. "I've not fucked her for three days and I think she's pretty horny. Been looking forward to you coming round. That's why she's wearing a skirt instead of the usual tracksuit bottoms. We'll give her a good going over after dinner.'

"I've found a French film you might like," he continued. And pressing a key the screen changed to show a family during the occupation in which the father thanked two soldiers for a supply of sausages by letting them screw his daughters. Mum and Dad sat at the dining table tucking into sausage and baguette while a soldier shags the younger daughter on the sofa. After a while Dad says that the sight of his daughters getting fucked makes him horny and calls his wife to kneel down and give him a blowjob. When he spots his daughter riding the soldier he dismisses the wife and comes up behind the girl to bugger her. The wife can only look on. All so casual.

We watched for 20 minutes or so, and it had us both hard and ready for Angie's desert.

Chapter 2: The kids

Later that evening we were lounging on the sofa, all three of us, and with our clothes back on, when we heard the front door open and Angie's two kids come in. They had different dads, and looked complete opposites. The boy was about 11 and had curly blond hair round a soft child's face. He was a pretty child. The girl must have been 13, was taller and darker, with black eyes, deep brunette hair and the beginnings of a figure. They came sheepishly into the living room.

"What time do you call this", barked Angie. They hung their heads and the girl stuttered that they'd missed their bus.

"Go to your rooms and get ready for bed. I'll deal with you later."

Angie's father had been a religious fanatic and belonged to a sect that openly encouraged domestic discipline. His practice of chastising his family with the rod (or more often with the belt) was about the only thing Angie had inherited from him. Weekly spankings were just part of her childhood life, and as regular as fish on Fridays. Everyone was called to account for any misdeeds, these being clocked up in a little record book kept in a drawer of the kitchen dresser. This didn't mean there was no other chastisement. If a child, or his wife, displeased him to the point of anger, he would haul them off to their bedroom and turn them over his knee for a good dose with his hands. But the weekly spanking was more measured, collected and vicious. For that he used either a belt or a big ruler, counted up the points in the record, and announced a number of strokes. It was then knickers or trousers down and over his knee. By the tenth stroke he'd have his victim crying and by the end they'd be screaming. His wife was a bit more controlled, but she'd be packed off to bed sobbing just like the rest.

For her own children Angie was more lenient, but one wonders whether she was not more depraved. She'd "deal with them" when they were in their pyjamas. She'd punish both children together, one in front of the other, and sometimes involving them in the procedure. Sitting down on the bedroom chair, she'd pull up her skirt right up. You could see her knickers peeking out between the tops of her thighs. After a brief lecture about their misdoings, she would tell them both to remove their pyjama bottoms and the first to be strapped was made to settle over her bared legs. She loved the feel of their skin on hers, and in the case of the boy she could feel his dick rubbing against her legs. She then took the belt, folded it in two, and began to strap the unprotected buttocks. She did not beat unmercifully, however. For a start it was too tiring, and then also she rather enjoyed it, and didn't want to hurt her kids more than necessary. For really serious offences, of course, the strapping went on longer and harder. Sometimes the victim would begin to wriggle and be hard to control. So Angie would use one leg to trap the child, and both arms to hold it still, and give the strap to the other with orders to "lay it on". She leaned back, holding the victim's body steady, and watched the strap falling on the reddening flesh.

A long session like this never failed to excite her and after packing them off to bed she'd sidle up to Rex and adopt her little girl voice.

"My god, that was a good strapping" she'd comment. "Their little buttocks bounce and move just as if they were having a fuck."

"And that's what you want, I bet."

She'd put her hand down to his crotch and start to caress it through his trousers. What happened next was as predictable as clockwork, and he loved fucking her after one of these sessions as she was slippery and hot and most responsive. The children, being modern children, were no fools either, and, as they snuggled up together, caressing their sore bottoms, they could hear their mother being done in the other bedroom. And before long it put thoughts into their minds that well-brought-up children should not entertain.

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