Medarchy of America

by harry lime

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Desc: Science Fiction Adult Story: The year is 2036. (Medarchy of America) a new nation run by Doctors and healthcare professionals. On the East is the new country of E.C. (East Coast) and on the West is W.C. (West Coast) They are all different but have a lot of the same purpose of existence.

It is strange that it only took a single generation under a new system of healthcare to spawn the new nation of "Medarchy of America" or M.O.A. It lies nestled in the heartland of the original lower 48 like a beacon of reason in a convoluted world.

The East Coast was another story entirely with constant struggles to contain urban unrest and dwindling white populations all heading west to the heartland and M.O.A.

The old U.S.A. structure was still hanging on in Washington D.C. like some zombie entity refusing to die. Representatives and Senators no longer even attempted to go there any longer preferring to stay close to their local bases and take care of their constituencies. It was the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service that put an end to the United States as a single nation of 50 states. The lack of spending power ended the increasingly one-sided political balance of power. At least the United Nations had the grace to relocate to Switzerland. Their new-found reliance on funds from Islamic sources to continue the farce of being a "New World Order" allowed them to continue the charade. With her "broom" of cost-consciousness, the new mayor of New York decided she didn't want to be the host to the free-loaders any longer.

Even with a military establishment split into three distinct sectors, each of the new nations remained secure enough to deter any encroachment. The W.C. Pacific Navy was the strongest fleet on the oceans projecting sea power around the Asian continent and giving the separate territories of Hawaii and Alaska safe harbor. The E.C. Atlantic fleet was smaller but had the advantage of nuclear submarines that still dominated most of the modernized world. The E.C. territory was industrially self-sufficient and with the exception of labor disputes and social unrest in the major urban areas, it was a strong and well-balanced power.

Of course, the West Coast or W.C. had opened its doors to the hordes of new immigrants. In fact, there no longer existed any border to the South since the below the border populace was more interested in commerce and freedom to live as individuals than in criminal pursuits. Non-assimilated Spanish-speaking families fled from the M.O.A in the heartland to the W.C. for a more desirable lifestyle that welcomed them as equal partners. "Outsider" Hispanic elements in the E.C. also made the trek through the heartland to take up residence in the W.C. nation. Despite the heavy influence of Cuban and Puerto Rican communities, the State of Florida joined with the new nation of M.O.A. and became part of the homeland. It was probably due to the demographics of an aging population that relied heavily on medical excellence.

The only area in the M.O.A. that was not considered sovereign territory was the enclave of Chicago and the remainder of Cook County. It tried to break away and join with the neighbors to the north but the political forces north of the border saw it as a serious drain on their economic and medical resources already strained by rising health care costs. The solution there was that the M.O.A. looked the other way when medical cases entered the new nation seeking medical assistance providing the patients made an honest effort to pay their fair share based on income. At last report, droves of Chicago residents had relocated to the M.O.A. to escape the high taxes and the lack of adequate services.

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