The Chronicle of A.H.Rittele

Welcome lucky reader, to the story of my life.

Perhaps I should introduce myself first?

I am Alexander Herb Rittele, but you can just call me Alex, everyone else does.

This Journal with which you have been entrusted, is a chronicle of my life from my discovery of magic right up to now.

And if you aren't one of the few people I personally gave a journal then you can expect the magic in this book to kill you in some unexpected way by the time you finish this line.

Still alive?

I guess you're one of the lucky few I trust with my life story then. And make no mistake this pretty much is my life story! All the important bits anyway.

In this case the important bits of my life are from my fourteenth birthday onwards. Everything before that it just back story and not really interesting.

My story isn't quite the usual fare, I won't spin you a tale of how I was bullied as a child or was some kind of poor orphan. No, my life was fairly typical. I was the middle of three kids in a fairy average family. I wasn't bullied, nor was I any kind of saint who helps old ladies cross the road.

I was just your average kid.

Until one day everything changed.

You see on that day I received...

Wait, why should I spoil the surprise? Read on and find out just how I became one of, if not the most powerful man in the world.

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