The Adventures of Archie
Chapter 1: Archie Graduates With Honors

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Lolita, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Archie Graduates With Honors - This is a series of stories that use a foursome combination to tell a story. The characters are similar to a familiar comic book series but are not intended to bear any connection or resemblance to the fictional characters. There is a lot of erotic action and should only be read by adult readers.

The fabulous foursome of Archie, Bettina, Veronica and Jerry were finally headed down the homestretch of academic excellence at long last.

Poor Archie had a serious case of "blue balls" from the constant teasing and non-delivery of sensual performance from the balky but bouncy Bettina. He was seriously considering trading in her perky boobs for the lush landing strip of Veronica's tempting female slit. After an endless time of boob fondling, pussy stroking, and ass squeezing, Archie was more than ready to dump Bettina's shapely body for the sportier curves of Veronica's cradle of love.

Jerry was more interested in playing his addicting video games than in any interaction with perplexing live females in naked form. He was comfortable around girls until he actually had to talk to them. He would be the first to admit that he did not understand the way they thought or what they really wanted or expected.

Things came to a head when Veronica and Archie had lunch alone right after Christmas. Both Bettina and Jerry were on a delayed field trip to learn the secrets of ancient Egypt at the Museum of History. Archie was a little nervous because Veronica had never made a secret of the fact she wanted to take Archie's cock for a serious test drive without Bettina around to steal his attention.

Veronica brought Archie a second slice of apple pie and started to feed it to him slowly with a spoon since all the forks were in the school dishwasher. Archie was keenly aware of Veronica's knees pressing between his legs under the table and they came closer and closer to his "family's jewels" each time she leaned forward to place another bite of the apple pie on the tip of Archie's tongue. Every now and then she dabbed his lips with her special scented hanky making sure Archie got a deep whiff of her essence.

Archie didn't know why the apple pie was making his big boy hard but the bulge in his jeans was unmistakable.

"Archie, how come you haven't done anything with Bettina yet?

"What do you mean, Veronica?"

"I mean like putting your thing in her girl cave or even in her bouncy bottom."

"Gee whiz, Veronica, I can't talk about stuff like that to a girl!"

"I bet you haven't even fed your cock to her beautiful lips!"

"Holy cow, Veronica, I couldn't do something like that. I have too much respect for girls!"

"Archie, you are so naïve. Why do you think Bettina is a straight A student? You know she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer."

"What are you saying, Veronica? I guess she just studies a lot harder than the rest of us."

"Archie, you are a complete nincompoop, your precious Bettina is giving out blowjobs and taking it up the ass from every male professor in school."

"Veronica, that can't be true. She won't even let me put my cock anywhere near her bottom and she certainly has no idea about opening her mouth for such dirty stuff."

Veronica laughed with a heartfelt sense of pity for the gullible Archie. She had bent over for a few teachers herself and they all told her how juicy Bettina's pretty mouth and ass were when they were giving it to her good behind locked doors.

All the talk about blowjobs and taking it up the ass had Archie's cock busting to get out of his jeans and Veronica eyed it with increasing agitation.

"Just think about your precious spreading her luscious ass cheeks for old Mr. Hathaway. They say old guys like to stick it in young girl's bottoms. I bet she was a real squealer when she got it after school."

"Gee, Veronica, when you say it like that, it makes me pretty mad. If I had Bettina here right now, I would bend her over and shove my cock up deep and make her feel it."

Veronica licked her deep-toned red lips and moved right next to Archie.

"Let's you and me go up to the Science Lab and look at the Biology books. Girl's bottoms are built to take it up deep. Maybe you can show me what Bettina has in store for her. You can even call me Bettina when you are making me take it."

Archie followed the sensuously rotating hips of the dark-haired girl all the way up the stairs to the third floor. When they slipped into the vacant Science Lab, Veronica slipped the lock on the door to keep out unwelcome visitors. They made their way back to the project room and Veronica perched her bottom on the high stool after pulling off her hot short shorts. She was wearing no undies and now her open crack and tight little brown eye were spread wide for an easy entry.

Veronica leaned forward on the desk and looked back at Archie dropping his jeans to his ankles. His inflamed cock was pulsating with passion and he already had pre-cum dripping from his little slit on the tip. She was glad that she had lubricated her anal opening less than an hour ago and felt confident her waiting pucker hole would open wide for Archie's thick cock.

"Oh, Bettina, don't move! I am going to stick it all the way up. Tell me you want it in the ass, Bettina!"

Veronica was happy in her role as the blonde slut Bettina and she repeated the words for Archie with an added sob and tremble in her voice. She did not have to wait long because Archie with a long repressed shout of joy took her ass and plundered her tight channel.

She started to drool on the lab table and made guttural noises that seemed most unladylike to Archie. She sensed his dismay and reassured him that she was only imitating Bettina getting it from one of the aging teachers dipping their wicks in her teenaged ass.

Veronica was hugging the lab table with her juicy ass split wide open by Archie's big cock. She had waited a long time for this moment and she savored every minute of her anal sex session. It was so much better than one of her father's friends looking for young pussy or one of the scatter-brained jocks trying to nail every girl in the senior class. At 18, Veronica was the youngest of the fearless foursome but she had been sexually active with any guy that moved ever since her 18th birthday. One thing she was not into was incest and never let her father or her big brother do anything to her even when there were times when she felt she "just had to have it!"

Her well trained anal channel handled Archie's big cock with ease.

When he started to deliver his load deep inside her, Veronica sobbed and pretended she had done something wrong and that she really was "a good girl". She hoped it made Archie feel he had taken advantage of her and that he would be putty in her hands from today forward.

After Archie pulled out of her pretty ass, Veronica got down on her knees and made a big production of cleaning it off with her lips and tongue telling Archie,

"See! This is how that slut Bettina takes care of all those old men at school. She even told me that she did their brown eyes when they asked her to lick them back there. Do you want me to show you how she used her tongue on them like the dirty little slut she really is?"

Archie looked nervously about but they were alone.

"Not necessary, Veronica, I get the picture and I am going to make Bettina do the same things to me that she does for those old fogies. Just suck my balls a little. Oh, yes, that is the spot."

Veronica watched Archie's cock grow hard as a rock once again. This time she lowered her pussy slit down around his cock and let gravity work its wonders. She bounced like a jumping jack on his stiff cock and told him,

"Bettina likes to bounce just like this. She told me so. It is her favorite way of taking cock in her slutty pussy."

Archie found it difficult to say anything at all. The fantastic slap ... slap ... slap of Veronica's heart-shaped ass cheeks on his groin and legs made him quickly ready to shoot off his second load of creamy cum deep into her vaginal channel. Each spurt of his forceful load made Veronica shout out in sheer delight and then collapse in a heap on the lab floor when he was finished with her.

Meanwhile, at the Museum of History, Bettina and Jerry were deep inside one of the Pyramid exhibits looking at the 4,000 year old mummies with absolutely no interest whatsoever.

"Bettina, we fell behind the others. We have to hurry and catch up to them. You know Mrs. Purvis can be a real bitch at times."

Bettina was twirling her curls with her delicate well-manicured fingers as she bent over and looked inside one of the tombs. She laughed and wiggled her hips like a dancing girl at a salesmen's convention.

"I bet these old mummies used to screw like rabbits!"

Jerry was not amused. He did not want to be placed on Mrs. Purvis's shit list.

"Come on Bettina, grow up. I know you are banging all the male teachers and I bet even Mrs. Purvis is getting some of your pussy too."

Bettina laughed and stuck her tongue out at Jerry. She knew he was never under her "spell" like the naïve Archie but it made her even hornier to make him do something to her. The opportunity came at the next room when they discovered a hidden passageway inside the pyramid wall that supposedly held the remains of slaves interred with their masters against their wills.

Jerry tried to push past her in the narrow opening and suddenly Bettina was hanging right on Jerry's aroused cock and in no hurry to go anywhere.

The speed with which Jerry got her shorts and her panties down was impressive. Bettina opened her knees to give the horny teenager access to her steaming pussy and wrapped her arms around his neck for balance as he lifted her ass up high on the smooth tiled wall.

She cried out in the reconstituted tomb from ancient Egypt and the walls bore witness to her gushing orgasm. Bettina was in familiar territory with a cock buried deep in her pussy. She had never thought the disinterested Jerry would be the first one in her pussy before Archie. She knew that she had been cock-teasing poor Archie mercilessly of late, but it almost seemed like that was what he expected and he was not disheartened by her constant failure to deliver the goods.

It was a real satisfying stand up fuck and she had climaxed long before Jerry started to spray her vaginal walls with his spurting fire-hose of a cock. His creamy cum mixed with her female juices automatically ran back and lubricated her tight little anal opening. She thought that Jerry might be up for a little brown eye action and turned around pulling her cheeks apart with her well-practiced hands. The truth of the matter was she enjoyed it up the ass more than a pussy fuck and now, finally, she was going to discover how talented Jerry was with stretching her tight little pucker hole.

He was slamming into her bottom so hard now that her head was banging hard into the tiled walls. If he didn't get his rocks off soon, she might wind up with a concussion.

They heard the sound a throat clearing right behind them and a quick glance over her shoulder confirmed Mrs. Purvis was watching them with a gleam in her eye.

"Don't stop, Master Jerry, make her take it nice and hard, you delightfully nasty boy.

She is ready to soak up all your creamy cum in that delightful bottom that she likes to wave around for all the teachers."

The teacher came forward and wrapped her fingers around Jerry's plunging cock buried in Bettina's sweet ass and she got her fingers drenched with both of their juices. The perverted teacher brought her palm up to lick the sticky stuff off her hand and inhaled their teenaged scents.

When Jerry pulled out of Bettina's ample ass, Mrs. Purvis immediately fell to her knees and licked his dripping cock clean of Bettina's liquids and even lapped up his creamy cum still seeping out his little pee slit.

Bettina stood leaning against the tiled wall. She was watching them with wide-open eyes, her thumb buried in her pretty mouth and thinking of Jerry's beautiful cock down her throat.

"Ok, now, run and catch up with the others. I will disregard this breaking of the field trip rules but no more second chances. Please stay with the group."

Jerry couldn't help but think how nice Mrs. Purvis's ass looked wrapped up inside the tight skirt and how nice her boobs stuck out in a perky display of mature fullness.

He was going to go on the next field trip no matter where it was going and what they had scheduled.


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