Babysitter Mistress
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Incest, Mother, Son, Sister, Father, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Black Male, Oriental Female, First, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Spitting, Babysitter,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A mother lets her teenage son explore his submissiveness with his cute babysitter with a lot of help from her. He is just like his father was and so she is eager for him to explore. Some Breath Play, and father about to be cuckold.

Lorain sat listening to Tia wishing she wasn't hearing what she was hearing. The teenager was informing her that she was thinking on quitting the babysitter job that she had held with Lorain for over a year. Lorain's job required her to work a couple evenings a week and her son Jason was still too young in her opinion to be left alone for so many hours though he had just turned fourteen. Her employer paid for the day-care, which was nice, and since it now took place entirely in her own home, Lorain had come to think of it as the perfect arrangement.

"I can still work for a while, Mrs. Johnson." Tia said with a guilty look on her face.

"Please, call me Lorain, Tia, you used to do that." Lorain said with a smile as she got up to get herself another cup of tea. She was going to have to leave for work in another half-hour and she had always enjoyed sitting and chatting with Tia before leaving her alone with Jason for the evening but for the last few months she had been too rushed to do so.

"Ok." Tia replied as she made herself at home. "I'm really sorry, but it is starting to become a little bit of hassle." She informed her employer as she carefully looked out into the living-room to see if Jason could overhear them.

"Is he?" Lorain chuckled as she poured the tea. "I've told you how to deal with that, remember?" She knew Tia had likely never followed through with the permission she had been given to physical discipline Jason, so she figured a little reminder might help her keep him in line.

Tia grimaced at the thought of actually paddling Jason, the boy was as nearly as big as she was and unlikely to cooperate. "I can't..."

"Yes you can!" Lorain proclaimed forcefully as she set down her cup and then marched quickly out of the kitchen. "I'll show you how it is done." She called over her shoulder to the girl who was obviously nervous at her sudden action.

Tia did her best to settle herself down as she tried to figure out if Lorain wanted her to follow or not. A minute later she got her answer as Lorain came walking back into the kitchen wielding a long leather bound rod with a flap of stiff leather at the end of it.


Lorain swing the riding-crop around several times then yelled, "Jason ... come here!" Looking at the shocked Tia she smiled and tried to alleviate the girl's concerns. "He knows what this is and when I give it to you you'll find him controllable."

"What?" Tia hissed as she bit her lip.

"He's just like his father!" Lorain announced with a wink at Tia as they heard Jason approaching. "He needs a strong female to correct him ... and he will like it!"

Tia didn't know what to say as Jason walked into the kitchen wearing only his pajama pants. The boy seemed to recognize the crop immediately and soon had a big grin on his face, obviously thinking this was joke.

"Mom, what I do?" Jason asked with a laugh.

"You made Tia think about quitting." Loran replied. This brought a frown to her son's face as he glanced sadly at Tia and then back to his mom. She knew he had quite a crush on Tia and looked forward to the two evenings a week they had together.

"Oh?" Jason said as he forgot about the crop for a moment. "She is not really going to is she?" He whined to his mother.

"Not if you let her do this!" Lorain informed him as she grabbed his upper arm so she could position him up against the kitchen counter. She then tapped his thinly covered ass with the crop. "Bare them!" She commanded sharply. It had been a few months, maybe even a year, since she had laid some strokes on his ass but she figured he would obey. The last couple of times she had done it he had gotten a real boner from it and the very last time she had even playfully tapped his dick with the crop and demanded to know, "what is this?"

"Now?" He asked as he stared down at the counter.

"Yes, now!" She told him as she impatiently tapped his butt with the crop.

Tia smiled nervously at Lorain who gave her another wink and a smile. The whole scene was rather weird but also kind of cool she decided. She had never been allowed to discipline her younger sister, and the fact that it was boy kind of made it even more appealing.


"OK!" The boy whined as his mom laid a couple of sharp strokes on him. He then reluctantly lowered his pajamas just a bit. It took him a moment to realize that he was not hard like he usually was which he was thankful for since Tia likely would have noticed though he wasn't sure if she could see his dick.


"More!" She commanded and then when he finally got his pajamas down nearly to his knees she laid three hard strokes on his bare ass.


"Here!" She said to Tia as she handed the crop to her. "Make him promise to let you do this whenever you want." Tia reluctantly took the crop and then slowly stood up, allowing the boy's mother to maneuver her up close behind the boy.

"Ok..." Tia said playfully, figuring this would maybe be a little fun.


The first stroke she found to be surprising loud even though she didn't think she was hitting his butt that hard. When Lorain nodded her head encouragingly and told her to do it much harder she did.


Jason began to wince and then he moved his hands off the counter to cover his groin as the pretty older teen laid into him just hard enough to get an "ouch" from him. The two females then chuckled a little as his discomfort making him blush.

"Now tell him to promise ... make him be specific." Lorain said to the girl who was obviously enjoying herself now. Tia had the look of a dominate girl, which surprised Lorain not at all as she had concluded the girl was a Top long ago with the way she treated Jason sometimes. Not that she minded of course, as she herself was a Top and so could totally identify with what Tia was feeling now.


"Whenever I want ... you will let me do this!" Tia said forcefully enough to get Jason to look over his shoulder to try and gauge how serious this was. "Say it!"


"Okayyy ... yes!" He barked. "Whenever you want."


"You won't resist?" Tia demanded to know. She and Jason had a very friendly relationship and so she figured she could read him pretty good and would know if he was not serious.


"No!" He promised as he squeezed his cock and balls while hoping neither of them would notice. He was totally hard now and could think of nothing else but running to the bathroom to jack-off.

"It's serious Jason ... she will quite ... even though I'm doubling her salary tonight!" His mother said as she nodded to Tia to lay on another stroke.


"Yes ... It's serious!" Tia said after striking his ass hard and confirming with a look that Lorain was still ok with what they were doing.

"Making him count the next ten!" Lorain said while trying very hard to hide the amount of pleasure she felt. Tia was a cute girl and Jason was going to be a handsome teenager, and together like this they looked hot.

Tia bit her lip again and then smiled at Lorain before preparing to start. "Count!"


"One!" Jason called out after the first stroke.



When the tenth stroke was laid on his reddening ass Lorain calmly relieved Tia of the crop and laid it down on the counter next to Jason which allowed her to get a good look at the erection he was trying so hard to hide. "Let him go into the bathroom now for about ten minutes." She said softly to Tia

Jason reached down and began to pull up his pajamas but then his mother told him to wait for permission, and so he froze with his cock and balls hanging over the front edge of his pajamas while he remained hunched over. He tried to slowly lean into the counter to help him conceal things.

Tia did her best to contain a laugh at Jason's discomfort which she was finding very arousing for some reason, though she had never thought of Jason in that way before. "Go to the bathroom, Jason, and don't come out for ten minutes!" She said as forcefully as she dared.

Jason quickly pulled up his pajamas and then rushed off to the bathroom leaving the two of them to chuckle quietly for a few moments. Tia finally felt compelled to ask why the bathroom though she kind of felt she understood why.

Lorain smiled mischievously at her for a moment before making some jack-off motions with her hand which made Tia step back with a slight look of shock at Lorain's candor concerning her son. Looking off toward the direction of the bathroom she pictured him furiously jerking his dick which kind of thrilled her as she was mostly responsible for it getting hard.

"He'll be ok!" Lorain assured her. "Like I said, he is just like his dad who loved being treated like that."

"Really?" Tia asked with genuine interest. "I've heard some older guys do those kind of things."

"Not just older ones, Tia, the younger ones just hid their interest in it better or don't have a clue about how to get a girl to help them out." Lorain sat back down and got back to sipping her tea. When Tia relaxed enough to join her at the table she added. "That's why I'm getting him started early ... don't want him to have to wait until he is thirty to admit to himself he is a sub."

"Oh." Tia replied while she tried to figure out what the term "sub" meant.

Lorain smiled at the girl who looked now to be deep in thought. "Submissive!" She finally said to the girl who nodded her head in apparent understanding.

It was nearly midnight when Lorain returned home from work and she wasted no time in motioning Tia into the kitchen. She would have to take the girl home now as her family would be expecting her but she figured they had a few minutes before they walked down the block together to Tia's house.

"Did you have to remind him?" Lorain asked in the most serious voice she could muster.

Tia nodded her head. "I finally had to ... he kept taunting me about it! Hope I didn't hit him too hard." She replied as she tried to read Lorain's face.

"Let's see." Lorain replied as she motioned to Jason who she could see was listening from the living-room. "Turn around and let me see your butt." She smiled knowingly at Tia as Jason embarrassingly turned around and allowed his mother to pull his pajama pants down which required some assistance from Jason when the waistband got to his dick.

Lorain walked up and caressed the very feint red welts on his butt. There were about seven or eight of them and one looked to have stung quite a lot she guessed. She then glanced around to see how hard he was and was not at all surprised to see he had a raging boner which he was again trying to hide with his hands. "No ... nothing too harsh to for him I think." She announced as she turned to then mouth silently to Tia that she should again send Jason to the bathroom which Tia quickly acknowledged.

"Jason..." Tia said firmly. " ... go to the bathroom for the next ten minutes." Tia then watched him go as another bout of arousal washed over her. She was definitely going to take a long bath before going to bed tonight she told herself.

After Jason had gone Lorain sat down with Tia and mentioned that she had some other tools for discipline if Tia had a need for them. The girl seemed curious but too inhibited to admit her interest and so Lorain asked if she would still be Jason's babysitter.

"I can for a while I think." Tia said as she stared off into space for a moment with a strange smile on her face.

"You could bring Sumia with you." Lorain offered, knowing that Tia's younger half-sister had shown some interest in Jason and that their mother would love the free time away from the girl.

"Really?" Tia said with a frown. She was not quite sure that was what she wanted. "I don't think my mom would let me." She finally added.

"I know for a fact she would..." Lorain replied quickly. " ... we both know that."

Tia embarrassingly nodded her head in agreement at the fact her half-sister was very hard on her mother. "Yea but then I would have to be in charge of the two of them." Tia said as she deflated a little in her chair.

"No problem, Tia ... I've shown you how to tame one already." Lorain proclaimed as she pointed to the crop on the counter.

Tia smiled wickedly as the thought of being allowed to beat her little brat of a sister. "I would love to do that, but she would scream to mom!"

"Not if she gets her reward!" Lorain said with a wicked smile of her own.

"You going to pay her?" Tia asked with a confused look.

"That too ... but I was thinking she would like a shot at using that crop. Didn't you tell me she likes Jason?" She knew the girl did and the two of them were in the same grade at school.

"She wouldn't know when to stop!" Tia said seriously with a nod as she thought about all the times the little bitch had gotten a death grip on her hair.

"She could be trained!" Lorain assured her as she motioned toward the crop again.

Tia looked into Lorain's eyes for a moment before asking, "Really?"

Lorain just nodded her head slowly and then after a moment announced it was time she walked her home, leaving Tia in an obvious state of deep contemplation on their short walk to her home.

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