Virginia and Her Sisters
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, First, Size, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Virginia was my high school French teacher. She invited me to her place to fix a wardrobe door in her bedroom. I finished up fixing more than her door that day. Her identical twin Valerie got to feel everything that Virginia experienced so she wanted first hand experience too. I learnt later that the twin sisters were actually educating me in preparation for dating and fucking their younger sister Simone.

Virginia Elsworthy was my high school french teacher, and the lady that taught me much about pleasing a lady in bed ... in the kitchen ... in the shower ... on the lounge ... You get the drift don't you?

It all started back in my last year of high school. I was 17 years old and I'd just gotten my licence. I was now driving to school where I normally parked behind Virginia's MG sports car in the school carpark. On this particular Friday afternoon I had my boot open when Virginia walked past. On that day my boot was full of carpentry tools for a job that I'd been doing at my grandparent's place.

"Ooh ... do you do handyman work?" she asked as she stopped and peered into my boot.

I spun around in a little shock as I hadn't been expecting anyone to be so close to me. Especially one as beautiful as Virginia. At the time she was 25 years old. She was about 5ft 6 ins tall with a curvy body (nice ass and a nice set of large breasts). On that day she was wearing a beautiful summer dress that finished mid-thigh ... and her perfume was very engaging.

When my voice finally returned I responded with a "Yes".

"Oh wow ... maybe you could do a job for me. My sliding wardrobe door has fallen off its tracks and I can't get it back on" she explained.

"Oh yes ... that should be quite easy" I commented.

"Could you come by now and fix it for me ... that's if you aren't busy?" she added with a smile.

Virginia had always been my favourite teacher. She always smiled when she spoke to me and treated me more like an equal rather than a student. I had loved perving on her legs especially when she wore a dress rather than a pants suit.

I finished up following her home that afternoon.

When I got there I kicked off my school shoes and socks and put on a pair of thongs before I followed her inside. Once inside her door I kicked off my thongs as I noted a pile of shoes inside her front door. She too dispensed with her heels, with an immediate effect of her shinking in height by a couple of inches.

I was quite tall with the top of her head only coming up to my shoulder.

She showed me into her light and airy bedroom. She left me there as she went back to the kitchen to get us a both a drink.

I immediately noticed that her wardrobe sliding door was hanging askew. It was quite a wide one so I thought it might be a little harder to manoevre around. After a few minutes of unsuccessfully trying to rehang it, and having worked up quite a sweat in my poly-cotton school shirt, I decided to take it off. I continued to work bare-chested, wearing just my school shorts.

I was on the brink of getting it back on its track when I sensed that she had returned. I continued to concentrate on the job at hand and was rewarded with it sliding back onto its track.

I heard a "Yay!!" from behind me as she realised that it was now fixed.

I turned to face her and was stunned to find that she was wearing a very brief red bikini that looked sensational against her creamy white skin. The top was very brief with her ample tits threatening to spill out of it with the slightest of movements. The bottom was very brief too, and I found it hard to believe that she had any pussy hair at all.

I was silent as I took in her sensational body that had to that point of time only been visible in my fantasies.

She smiled ... she knew that she was having an effect on me.

"Oh wow ... you look amazing" she said as she walked closer and touched my chest with her hand. I worked out most days so my physique was in very good shape. Her hand continued to touch my chest, and trailed across my large nipples in a none too subtle caress.

I was speechless as she edged closer and continued to touch me.

"I was going to have a dip in the spa." she explained before adding "Do you want to join me?"

My mind went into over-drive and at a million miles an hour. This sexy young woman ... my teacher was offering to be up close and personal with me in her spa.

"Oh ... oh ... I don't have any swimwear" I explained with some disappointment.

"Oh don't worry ... you can go in your underwear" she suggested.

I stammered out my response "I can't ... I don't have underwear on today ... it's 'Commando' Friday".

She burst out laughing when she heard my response. "Oh my god ... I thought that I had heard that term used at school ... I just never suspected that it was real".

"Yep ... it is ... all the seniors, both boys and girls' practise it on every Friday" I explained.

"Oh my god" she exclaimed as she realised that all of her Friday french class were sitting there 'commando'.

She paused for a few moments before continuing "Well ... I'm still going to have a dip in the spa ... are you going to join me?"

"What?..." I responded as she dropped to her knees in front of me with her hands going immediately to the belt on my shorts. She made quick work of that, and soon the fly was lowered and the button undone. She pushed my shorts down my hips, catching on my very awake cock as the shorts headed southwards.

Finally the shorts cleared my cock with it spring outwards and upwards.

"Oh my fucking god" she whispered as she took in the sight of my very hard cock standing at attention. It was quite large, both in length and fatness. I stood there immobile with my shorts around my ankles as she surveyed my cock. Her hand came up and grasped me by the root.

"Oh so big ... so hard" she commented to herself as she grasped me and stroked me for a few moments before she pulled my cock down a little before sliding her mouth over the end of my cock. Her lips latched onto my shaft as her tongue ran around and around my cockhead.

"Oh shit..." I gasped as her oral skills came to the fore. She worked my cock expertly with her mouth and hand. I could feel my balls boiling and I knew that I would explode way too soon if she kept up her licking and sucking.

"I'm close ... so fucking close" I warned her, and she reacted by sucking me harder and sliding me a little deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhhh ... fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk!!!!" I shouted as my cock exploded, pumping strong and long ropes of cum into her wonderful mouth. She continued to suck and swallow my cum until I finally stopped shooting. Then she licked up any cum that had escaped before standing back up in front of me.

Her hand still remained on my cock as she pulled my lips to hers as we engaged in a passionate tongue-filled kiss. I could taste myself on her tongue as we kissed - that was a first and it didn't cause me any concerns.

Finally she broke off the kiss and said "Now we can go have that dip in the spa". Holding me by the cock she led me through the house to the back patio where the spa sat waiting or us. With a couple of delft moves she dispensed with her bikini by the spa's edge.

"Oh my god ... you are so beautiful" I exclaimed as I took in her full rack of tits with their hard red nipples. Trailing my eyes downwards I was right - her pussy was completely devoid of hair but was dominated by a large set of very fleshy pussy lips.

She led me over to the ladder where she went first, climbing the ladder in front of me and giving me an excellent view of her very beautiful and glistening pussy. She paused for a moment to let me have a good look.

"Please give it a quick lick" she asked as she paused there. I didn't hesitate, with my tongue and lips making immediate contact with her fleshy pussy lips. I pushed my tongue between her wet lips, finding an abundance of her tangy juices and a set of inner lips that were guarding the entrance to her pussy canal.

I licked and thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy for a few seconds before she moved and continued to step into the spa.

"Hmmmm ... that was good..." she commented as she drew me into the spa. We sat side by side, with her hand continung to hold my cock as I slid my arm around her shoulders to draw her close.

We sat there kissing and caressing each other for about 15 minutes before Virginia spoke.

"Grant ... please don't think bad of me ... but seeing you without your shirt in my bedroom just had this instant effect on me. I wanted to touch you." she explained and I listened, not interrupting because I expected that she had more to say.

"Sucking you was a spur of the moment decision tho ... and I loved it. I loved being licked by you too."

She paused for a moment as we kissed again before she continued "But my decision to take you back into my bed and fuck you ... that is a decision that has consumed my thoughts for the last 15 minutes. If I don't do it, I will be left wondering ... would you like to join me in bed and fuck me with your magnificent cock?".

"You are truly a wet dream come true" was my response to which she chuckled.

Ten minutes later we were back in her bedroom. I was laying on my back and she was in the process of feeding my long fat cock into her super wet, hot and tight pussy. I was half way into her, and she had already had a big cum that streamed more of her hot juices down my shaft.

My hands were on her tits playing with their size and softness, and tweaking her nipples as she plunged up and down on my shaft, driving me deeper and deeper into her hot inner cauldron.

"Oh god ... oh god ... so fucking good" she moaned as another cum rocked her body just as I achieved full penetration of her beautiful pussy. I held her hips as her cum rolled on and on, holding her fully on my hot cock.

As her aftershocks waned, her mobile phone started buzzing on her bedside table. Initially she ignored it, but then she leant over and picked it up.

"What do you want? ... I'm busy at the moment" she told her caller.

Her caller said something which I couldn't hear. It was Virginia's response that amazed me. "If you must know ... I have this beautiful long and fat cock fully inside of me at the moment, and we are about to start round 2. Does that answer your question my dear sister?"

Then Virginia said "Talk to you later ... much later". She ended the call and turned off the phone.

"Now ... where were we up to?" she asked as she rolled her hips back and forth on my cock.

Over the course of the next couple of hours, we fucked in a number of different positions and I came inside of her three times. She groaned after an hour that she was amazed at my stamina and my ability to keep an erection even after cumming inside of her.

Virginia was impaled on my cock, riding me when I caught a glimpse of another person standing in the shadows of the doorway. It was a woman and she looked to be the twin of the naked lady currently impaled on my cock ... and she had her hand inside her own panties as she watched us.

I picked up the pace of my short hard thrusts upwards into her clasping pussy.

"Oh my god ... oh my god ... fuck me ... fuck me..." Virginia chanted as I looked past her again to the doorway which was now empty. I was too far gone into this fuck session to worry about a minor issue like being sprung fucking my babe of a teacher.

I could feel my balls coming to a boil again - soon I would be unloading another load into this beautiful lady's pussy. She was hitting the heights again, with another cum imminent.

"Ahhhhh ... fuuuuucccccckkkk!!!" I shouted as I exploded just as she screamed "Cummmmiiinnnggg!!!". We shared a massive cum together again as she writhed about impaled on my cock as her pussy unloaded another gush of her tangy hot juices all over my cockshaft.

When she finally stopped cumming and having aftershocks, Virginia flopped forward to lay on my chest with her tits pressing into my chest and my now half-hard cock starting to slip from her flooded pussy.

"Oh wow..." she moaned "I have never experienced anything like that before".

"Oh god" she exclaimed. "You had better be going ... my husband will be home in about 30 minutes ... and I need to clean up the evidence of our sensational fucking".

She pulled on a light dressing gown as I dressed. She walked me to the door, putting her arms around my neck and drawing me into a very passionate kiss.

"Can you come by at 10 AM tomorrow morning ... my husband will be at golf for the day. I want to teach you how to lick my pussy just right ... amongst other things" Virginia asked.

I answered her with another passionate kiss before she let me out.

"Hmmmm ... tomorrow..." I mused as I made my way back to my car.

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