On the Job
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Cream Pie, Size, Hairy, Public Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was employed as a driver for the boss that was until he got arrested in Bali for carrying drugs. I then got to help the female members of his family through some tough times - his mother-in-law, his wife and his two step daughters all got to appreciate my virtues and my physical attributes.

The silky smooth ass in front of me was a beauty to behold. It looked even better with my long fat cock plunging in and out between her ass cheeks and into her wonderful tight pussy. Rina was the lady attached to those ass cheeks. She was 25 years old and a stunning blonde beauty with a great rack of tits that were wobbling everywhere at the moment - a lady that I'd given no thought to fucking. She was after all my bosses personal assistant.

We were in the parking garage and she was bent over the bootlid of the bosses limo. I had been helping take her luggage and briefcase down to the car. We had brushed up against each other when negotiating the lift and she had felt my erection when we made contact.

It had been "Oh my Grant ... what are you hiding in those trousers?" as she palmed my crotch to gauge the size of my cock and balls.

"Oh I need to see it" she exclaimed as we moved out of sight behind the car. She crouched down and opened my trousers, sliding her hand inside to pull my cock free.

"Oh my fucking god ... this is huge" she gasped as she milked my cock for a few seconds before sliding her ruby red lips over its head to suck me. It felt pretty good for me too. What 18 year old young man wouldn't enjoy an older sexy beautiful lady sucking his cock and palming his large balls. My cock grew harder, longer and fatter with her oral attentions.

"Oh wow ... I felt you growing more in my mouth" Rina gasped as she stood up still holding my cock.

"Quick ... I want you to fuck me before the Julian (the boss) comes down here ... we have about 5 minutes" she informed me as she turned to place her hands on the bootlid, and poke her ass out at me.

I stepped up behind her with cock in hand, flipping up her short skirt to reveal her sexy ass. She was wearing a g-string so I slipped a finger under it to pull it to the side, revealing her moist pouting pussy. With cock in hand, I aimed it at her slightly parted pussy lips and then steadily fed it to her. Her pussy was wet, hot and tight which made progress difficult.

"Oh god ... you're stretching me ... filling me so much" she moaned. Just over half my cock was inside her when she had her first cum. I felt her pussy grab my cock and hold it tight as she tried her hardest to be quiet in the echoing garage.

When she finally relaxed her grip on my cock, I grabbed her hips and plunged my cock all the way inside of her.

"Oh fuck ... that's enormous ... way bigger than Julian's (the boss)" she groaned as her hips churned against mine. Having fully penetrated her, I withdrew a little and plunged back in, fucking her with short but firm strokes.

"Oh yes ... ohhhhhhh yessssssss!!!" she groaned again as another massive cum racked her body with such force that it set me off too. I plunged into her depths and unloaded a torrent of my cum.

It was then that we heard the "ping" of the lift announcing the arrival of someone, probably our boss, into the garage. I quickly withdrew my dripping cock from her swampy pussy and stuffed it back into my trousers. Rina quickly flipped her panties back into place and went to meet the boss as I waited at the limo door.

The trip to the airport was uneventful. I got an occasional wink from Rina as she sent a couple of text messages from her mobile phone. When we arrived at the airport the boss told me to hang around there for about 30 minutes to collect his wife and step-daughter and take them home. They had been away at a health resort for a while.

I had seen them both previously. Jill, his wife, was mid forties. She had mousy blonde hair and was carrying a little extra weight on her hips. She was a lovely lady to talk to, and was always friendly to me. Her daughter was Cindy, a younger version of her mother at 23 years of age. She too had a little extra weight. Both of them had small busts.

I waited at the arrival gate for them. Most of the passengers had disembarked before I realised that the two ladies heading in my direction were my intended passengers. They both looked amazing having lost lots of weight, and each were wearing beautiful halter neck sun dresses. The thing that attracted my immediate attention was their amazing bust lines accentuated by their dresses which had plunging neck lines, and which showed that no bra was holding their now very large tits.

"Hey Grant" Cindy yelled as they walked arm in arm towards me. My cock lurched in my pants as I took in their amazing forms. Jill (her mum) was a little quieter, and when she was close enough I could smell some alcohol on her breath.

"Yep ... mum had a few drinks on the plane" Cindy observed as I helped steer her mother towards the baggage collection and then to the car. Both the ladies sat on the back seat as I drove them home. By the time we got there Jill was asleep on the back seat, being propped up by Cindy who chatted to me all the way home.

With Jill being asleep I suggested to Cindy that I carry her inside. She was quite light and I was glad of my daily workouts as I found carrying her not a problem at all. Cindy directed me inside and up the stairs to the master bedroom.

The bedroom was strange in my opinion. It had twin queen-size beds, suggesting that my boss and his wife didn't sleep together. I gently placed her on the bed and laid her back.

"Here ... help me please" Cindy asked indicating for me to slip her mother's high heels off her slender feet. As I did that Cindy untied the neck factening of her mother's dress and then pulled the front down to her waist.

"Oh my god" I gasped as I feasted my eyes on Jill's naked tits which sat proudly on her chest with little sag to the sides. Cindy continued to pull the dress down until her mother was only dressed in skimpy pink panties.

"She looks great huh?" Cindy asked me.

I pulled my eyes away from Jill to find that Cindy was pulling her dress down off her tits too. Soon it fell to the floor to reveal that she was naked - no panties.

"How do I compare?" Cindy asked me as she walked closer until her tits where in my chest and she was able to draw me into a lip smashing kiss.

After a couple of minutes of kissing, she stepped back and put her hands under her ample tits to lift them a little and focus my gaze on them. They were amazing, with her nipples pierced by small gold rings.

"I had them pierced ... mum chickened out at the last moment" Cindy explained as she palmed her tits and tweaked her own nipples.

"They look sensational ... can I touch them?" I asked.

Her hands came out and grabbed mine, replacing hers with mine, allowing me to fondle her tits and tweak her nipples. She let me do that for a couple of minutes as she closed her eyes and moaned softly.

"Right now ... I want you naked. I want to see the cock that Rina raved about in her messages" Cindy told me with a impish cheeky smile.

"Oh god" I thought as I put two and two together. They were nearly the same age and were obviously friends, and Rina was texting from the car after we'd fucked in the garage.

I shed my clothes quickly and was standing naked in front of her 30 seconds later. Her hand came out to touch my cock. She commented "Ahhh ... you are still sticky from being in Rina's pussy". Cindy then crouched down and took my cock into her mouth, licking it initially to clean off the remnants of Rina, and then sucking me.

After a few minutes she sat back on her haunches and said "Oh wow ... this cock is going to feel amazing as it slides into my tiny pussy. I'm tighter than Rina you know."

Cindy eased back onto the bed, laying on her back and spreading her thighs to reveal a hairless pussy with two sets of gold rings in each of her outer pussy lips. I followed her down and slid my tongue between her pouting pussy lips, tasting her juices and teasing her inner lips with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh fuck ... you're good" she moaned as I worked her pussy with my lips and tongue. I wanted to taste her first cum before I slid my cock inside her. She was getting very aggitated as I teased her more and more ... soaring closer and closer to a cum. She tasted divine and I wondered if her taste changed when she cums.

With a couple of flicks of the tongue across her engorged clit, she exploded on my tongue with a torrent of her juices splattering my tongue and dripping off my face. I licked ravenously at her tangy juices wanting to consume them all before I slid inside her.

Having licked up the majority of them I moved to crouch between her thighs. Taking my cock in hand I slid it up and down between her engorged outer lips before engaging its head with her pussy canal entrance.

I pushed slowly into her pussy encountering amazing tightness as I struggled to penetrate her.

"Oh fuck you're huge ... stretching me so much" she groaned as my cockhead finally popped through her entrance. I paused for a moment to let her adjust to my size.

"Oh fuck me ... fuck me..." she groaned as she pushed back at my cock, signaling that she was ready for more of me. Lifting her legs a little and spreading them a little more, I pushed and slid more cock into her. She was so hot inside and so tight, and I could feel the beginnings of spasms announcing the arrival of her first cock-induced cum.

"Ahhh ... ahhhhhh ... fuuuuuuuccccckkkkk ... i'm cummmiiinnnggg" she yelled as her pussy grabbed me tight preventing any further penetration for a while as I rode out her huge cum. Extra juices streamed down my cock during the peak of her cum, wetting my balls and the bedding under us.

"Fuck my baby good" I heard come from the other bed. Glancing over there I saw that Jill was awake and watching us with her hand in her panties playing with her pussy.

"Oh fuck..." I muttered under my breath as I realised that Jill had been play-acting the extent of her drunkeness and that I had been setup by these two beautiful ladies.

I leant over from between Cindy's thighs so I could kiss her, and with that movement I plunged my cock fully inside of her.

"Oh fuck ... so fucking full" she gasped before I silenced her with a kiss. As I kissed her, I felt a hand palming my balls as they slapped against Cindy's ass. Jill had joined us on the bed, and things became much more intense very quickly.

I was now plunging firmly in and out of Cindy's pussy. With the extra stimulation from Jill on my balls, I knew that I wasn't going to last much longer before I erupted inside of her. The tipping point came quickly when Jill slid her finger into my ass.

"Ahhhhh ... oh fuck ... fuuuuuuuccccckkkkk ... I'm cummmmmmmiiiinnnngggg ... oh god" I shouted as my cock exploded deep inside of Cindy, pumping huge squirts of cum into her depths. One ... two ... three ... four ... massive squirts followed by a number of smaller ones until I emptied (albeit temporarily) my reservoir of my cum inside this beautiful young lady.

My cum set hers off too, with her pussy going into overdrive squeezing and milking my cock.

I finally collapsed onto her with Cindy winding her legs around my hips to keep me there. Jill laid beside her daughter as we had some quiet time.

After a few minutes of resting, I flexed my still hard cock inside of her flooded pussy.

"Oh god mum ... he's cum inside of me ... and he's still rock hard!!" she gasped in amazement.

After a couple of short thrusts into her depths, I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy. A trickle of our combined juices followed me out of her pussy. Not wanting to waste any, I crouched between her thighs and plastered my lips over her leaking pussy, and sent my tongue foraging inside.

"Oh my my ... oh fuck..." was all the Cindy could say as I proceded to devour her creampie for the next 5 minutes. Then I sat back on my haunches to admire the results of my efforts - her pussy was still splayed open and the pink of her pussy teased my sight.

It was then that Cindy rolled to the side and off the bed, leaving me there with Jill.

"Hey mum ... it's your turn ... don't waste this opportunity. He's much better than Julian." Cindy said as she headed towards the bedroom door. There she turned to add "I'm going to call my sister Rina to compare notes." With that comment she left the room, closing the door after her.

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