Before Need - Dark Temptations - Revised
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Revenge, BDSM, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, Size, Public Sex, Violent, Workplace,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is part of a rewrite that is in progress for "Before Need - Dark Temptations" I would like to know which you prefer. Original Description: Back a few years something happened to change lives. Rick might not be Need, but he does end up needing BBC. Be careful who you give power to in your life or it could change in ways you never thought possible.

Before Need there was ... dark temptations...

"Nice Rick, see I told you your mouth was perfect for sucking Big Black Cock!"

I was at Kitty's Adult Theater on Broadway. Just stopped for a peek.

So how did a 40 yo normal heterosexual caucasian male get in a video booth sucking an eight inch big fat black cock? Was it a midlife crisis? Finally coming out? Failure to commit? (Both mine and most of my ex girlfriends) Or just progress in my life?

Who knows? The bottom line is that I was there! And this is the story of how I got there and even more where I ended up later.

That night began...

It wasn't a typical Monday except that like every other day I was bored. I happened to pass Kitty's Adult Theater as I was wandering home. Something sparked an interest and I decided to just look. The girl at the counter said "Hi" and then picked up the phone. She looked a bit familiar but I couldn't place her. I hadn't been here in a month and it was a guy manning the place last time. The place was nearly empty since it was fall and Monday Night Football was still on ABC. I went searching for something ... new ... different ... I looked at all the dildo's and even thought of getting another. Looked thru all the books, but as usual I was drawn to those magazines depicting big black cocks and blondes sucking on those aforementioned BBC. Like most white males seeing a hot girl sucking on cocks makes you think it is YOUR cock she is sucking. And I suppose somewhere I began to hope mine was big ... Really big ... However lately I have been considering my fixation on watching a hot blonde suck on a BBC might have a different bent. Maybe, just maybe, I am envisioning those are MY lips wrapped around that cock. Why do I think that? Just because it seems I do it alot! Surfing news groups on the net and DVD's of late. A little of that comes from a girl, a friend but one I wish was a girlfriend! I am over the wall crazy about this girl, but, she is in the middle of a divorce. Her sister is a lesbian so she is deep into LGBT dealings like the Pridefest here in Denver. Ali, Lindsay's sister, is fun to talk with and seems to understand me pretty well. One night I mentioned looking at girls sucking cock ... big cock ... I was a bit drunk at the time. It is kinda what we do, drink in a bar with her friends, she flits around and bums drinks from everyone. Usually I just listen but that time I got talking ... come to think of it just a few nights later she came by the house to play pool. She ended up finding my DVD's and asking to see the pics I had downloaded. Since most of the big cocks on the net are black and have blondes all over them, that was what she saw. This was a several months ago - I have known Lindsay about a year and work with her. She began telling me intimate details of what she liked ... in males physically, the kind you don't see unless intimate. For example, she said she likes huge hanging scrotums - she said one guy she knew had a scrotum that hung down a foot and it was fun to play with. Why digress? I started stretching it in hopes she would be pleased. So I am susceptible to her wants. Other things she has said has lead me to believe she would like me to investigate my gay tendencies ... which I didn't think I had until we started talking about big cocks and those blondes ... she thinks it is the big cock and not the blonde I am viewing. She suggested I look for pictures of guys sucking those Big Black Cocks. Haven't done that ... well, much! Sooo, here I am at Kitty's looking at Big Black Cocks being sucked but NOT in the gay section.

And I am delaying the dark temptations that are just beginning.

I must have been abnormally engrossed in the content of this particular magazine because I was startled by a voice very close "Those are stellar lips she has ... I know..."

He didn't finish as I jumped a bit or maybe that was his plan, make me ask...

"They do look fine..." and I really had no idea what to say after that.

"No, they felt wonderful ... that is MY cock she is sucking! She is really divine at the art of cocksucking - especially a Big Black Cock like that!"

Fault me all you want for my next action - but I still think it was normal! I am also positive that it confirmed something in his eyes. Because I checked out his package ... and was startled once again ... not because it was large (it was) but because it was visible ... not thru any clothes ... it was hanging down a substantial distance and was about a quarter erect ... I was spellbound and just a bit needy for a bit. Drooling type of needy. I assume he was smiling but I never looked up. I did hear him say "Lisa? Setup that video into a booth, please!"

"Sure Jax, it's in 6!"

"Let us partake of that fine lady in full motion, sir!" and he kinda put his hand on my lower back and guided me into a booth. The booth's weren't too exciting, nor clean, there were two benches like in a sauna, one higher than the other. He situated himself on the higher one after guiding me to the lower. His cock was right there in front of my face. I expected him to say something about my staring - thinking I should really stop. I didn't ... but I thought I should. In hindsight I think this was exactly what he expected.

"Aah, there is that mouth! It is so fine ... I can tell just by looking how good a mouth will feel wrapped around a BBC, being that I have one myself!" the humor came through even though I didn't look at his face. I did glance for just a second at the girls mouth - it did look luscious! It was fall here in Colorado and I had a jacket that I almost dumped on the floor but Jax intercepted it and placed it on the bench next to him. My iPhone clunked a bit as he set it down.

"Oops, I hope it didn't break anything!" and he rooted through the pockets until he got it out. "Nope - looks good as new!" then he turned on the camera and took my picture. The flash startled a bit and he said "See, you have those same lips ... lips that are destined to be wrapped around BBC, lots and lots of BBC. Trust me, I know from past experience. Just watch Lisa work her lips, she was divine by the time this was shot. She wasn't real good at the beginning but she was a quick learner - and with a mouth like that she had everything she needed to excel."

I was listening but didn't care - sure my lips were 'made' for sucking cock. They never had unless you counted the assortment of dildo's that I had collected. They were all a bit similar ... they were ALL black! Not brown black but black black. They got bigger with each purchase, the last being a stylized 10" one. My lips fit around that one...

"See how she uses her tongue? Amazing how that feels - she told me that sucking on my BBC was better than any other sex she ever had. It had something to do with her mouth, doing wonderful things with those lips and tongue made her quite hot! Oh, she was a great fuck, but Man! That mouth was what made her special. A mouth like that, like yours, (he was waving the iPhone around) is truly a gift to be treasured. Used often, soon..."

Yeah! I get it! He wanted to coax me into sucking his cock! I still wonder why he chose me! But in the end the inevitable occurred as I leaned in to lick that cock! As big black cocks go it wasn't all that big - although it was at least nine inches and about six centimeters in diameter. I still don't know why length gets measured in inches and girth is metric - but I suppose a foot long cock is more impressive than 30 centimeters. I had been preparing for this moment forever ... well ever since we started talking. I was getting a lot of saliva built up to lube the way for that monster to enter my mouth. I hadn't noticed but I was ready. It took some effort to get the head in my mouth. I tucked my teeth behind my lips and pushed. I had trained a bit with the dildo's I bought ... the dildo's were actually to see what it felt like to have a cock in my ass. But, it could serve double duty! Right? And one, the one in my dresser drawer at home was just about the size of this one. Thick and black! One thing to note - it is easier to swallow a real live cock than a dildo because the real one is flexible and gives a bit. The dildo was hard and...

Well, you get the idea. My own cock was straining at my fly. I guess that meant I might be gay, well maybe I should drop the might ... not that it was bad. I knew I was into chicks - however I now KNEW really KNEW that I had lots of desire for black cocks ... and I am pretty sure they had to be black. I can say time seemed to halt as I familiarized myself with this BBC. I did my best to give pleasure. I know I enjoyed it a lot. He pushed my head away from his cock

"You need to give some attention to my balls! Then lick that shaft from top to bottom, then and only then do you get to reap the benefits of a Big Black Cock in your lips!"

I licked the balls..."Take them one at a time into your mouth, suckle them!"

And I did - they were BIG! They vibrated as I stroked my tongue around one and then switched to the other and did the same. I started to lick the shaft

"Lick, lube, lots of spit ... use your hands on the balls ... they are everything and will dispense the fluid to give you life once you get around to sucking that Big Black Cock! Cum will make your life cum around!"

I heard him and heard him! I licked that slick cock and pressed my lips to it as I slid them up and down the bottom of that shaft. Then I licked the head and glans and finally worked my lips around the head and pushed.

"Nice lips, no teeth ... yeah that is good!"

I hadn't even gotten the head inside yet, definitely a YET! Now, work on that and cover the teeth. I pushed and pushed and licked and lubed and then suddenly it slipped inside! Stretching my lips wide then they collapsed around the shaft! I had the head of a Big Black Cock in my mouth!

"Look at me!" he bumped my forehead "LOOK AT ME!" and I did. And got a flash. I kept looking and licking and pushing to get it farther in. More flashes but now I could see he had two cameras, mine and his I suppose, going but only one was flashing, the other was probably on video.

I massaged his balls and pushed a bit more. More saliva because now I WAS salivating! My god, no fantasy, no dreaming, I HAD a Big Black Cock in my mouth! A BBC! Wow, now to see how much I could swallow!

"Always look your master in the face while you suck! Always! That COCK, that BIG BLACK COCK is the ONLY important thing in your life! Not just now but for all the rest! It is the one thing that will make you happy!"

I sucked and licked and pushed my lips up and down that BBC. It was big, never say too big, but it took effort to hold it and slide it into my mouth.

"Yeah! I knew YOUR lips were special. Such a waste that you missed years of Big Black Cock sucking! You need practice, Rick! Lots of practice!"

I still heard him and I still worked it in and out. I finally got it to my throat - I know its just a few inches but it was hard! I had to get up on my knees to get it right. Then I gagged quite a bit - I thought I had worked that out with the dildo, but real Big Black Cock is different, much better but different. The third time I didn't gag, and it stretched my throat a little and a little of the head started in. In my head I hear Lindsay saying "Look at how she is smiling with that cock in her throat - you can see it in her eyes! Imagine if that was YOUR lips on that COCK, Rick! You know it is your destiny! I could never do one that large, but, you know you can! You know you want! Yeah, baby! Big Black Cock is your dream come true!" At the time I just liked hearing her talk to me, she was rubbing against me. Tonight I just heard her and thought "yeah, honey I do like that feeling! A Big Black Cock in my throat!" but the reality is that less than half of that BBC was in my mouth and just a bit of the head was in my throat. I pushed harder down and slipped up a bit to get a better angle, tipping my head backwards for a straighter shot at my throat.

"Nice Rick! Loosen those throat muscles, relax a bit, a little higher, tip your head back farther..." and then I got help! His hand grabbed my hair and pulled and pulled and pulled. It went in farther and then I was needing something else ... AIR! He let me slip back and when I caught a breath I went back for more! And I got more, it went in farther, a couple inches maybe but I could feel my throat expand to let it inside! It was awesome, one of the most exciting feelings of accomplishment ever! I continue to progress and would look up often. He was still taking pictures and still giving words of encouragement.

"Yeah Rick! You are going to make it - full deep throat your first time with a real Big Black Cock - I told you you were a natural! Great fucking COCKSUCKER!"

And I kept going and going ... When it finally slid in all the way I was ecstatic and then I just slid all the way back to the head and plunged back down. Fucking my throat around that awesome cock! Over and over and over. I could feel something going on, his balls were starting to tighten and the shaft was sort of vibrating and I knew he was going to cum.

"Swallow every drop Rick! The gift of gods from my Black Balls to your lips to your stomach! It is part of life, a great life! Nigger dick cumming inside little white fuckers! Be they male or female! That is what God intended - pure pleasure for me and you!"

"Yeah, you gettin this bitch?" I looked up because that was weird - he had the phone to his ear. "Yeah, I'm about to blow - best fucking lips I ever felt for a first time! And he has a long tongue ... Yeah, you got it! Sure I'll call some friends, I like to share!" there was pause as he listened. "You think? Tyree that soon? OK, four five guys ought to be good. Yeah! F u c k ... aaahh!"

And his cum spewed into my throat and then my mouth as he pulled out a little, then all over my lips, face, shirt, as he came out of my mouth and facialed me!

Over and over it spewed and I tried to catch it in my mouth and then I inhaled his cock until it was clean and then licked his shaft and balls dry. Then I wiped my face with my fingers and licked them clean. I had a seen a few porn actresses clean up, I knew what to do.

What to do after its all done ... or is it?

"What's your iTunes password? I want to get you a little app to show off your talents!"

I was really not happy with that! What the hell? Anything could happen ... but the worst thing was I had to quit licking that wonderful Big Black Cock to tell him my password. It took just a second and then I was back making myself very happy. Jax logged into a website with his phone and setup an account for me while the App was downloading. It was just about hooking up with BBC owners - I found that out later. A little later I would find out that he had texted a couple of his friends to share. What do you think he was sharing? Pictures of me sucking his cock! And offering to share my mouth with those friends. A couple came by later, after I had finished with Jax. I had cum on my face and was pretty fucking happy. Looking back I should have been scared to death. But regardless of that I had thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with BBC.

Jax was doing something with my iPhone and asking me a few questions. Turned out he was filling out my Profile. My phone signalled a text message. Jax looked and said "You up for a another BBC Rick? A buddy of mine says he is coming down and I always like to share. Especially a cocksucker with such impressive natural talent. With practice you'll be able to find BBC everywhere to suck." he paused "Of course, it is up to you if you want to keep all that god given talent hidden away like you have in the past."

The way he said it made me think it would be tragic if I did any such thing!

Even with that I didn't think real long.

"C'mon Rick, you got anything better to do than swallow a Big Black Cock? Drain the cum, elixir of life, down your throat? Big Black Cock, the cock you worship and desire more than anything on Earth! Your 'idea' of perfection? Big ... Black ... Cock ... it is what your have been waiting for your ENTIRE life! And another one is coming right now..."

I told him "I would love to suck your friends cock - And I WILL suck a LOT of Big Black Cocks in the future." I wish I could say I was drunk, but I was only on adrenaline, and Jax caught it all on video which he then posted at for all to see. The door opened almost immediately and two black males entered. Jesus - TWO more? I don't like surprises ... but I had said I wanted LOTS more! Stupid fuck that I am. Of course, the next thought was "TWO MORE, goody!"

One said to Jax "This the cocksucker?" Jax nodded and he said to me "You need a written fuckin invitation? On your knees and in your mouth - or - there is always some little white cunts around here ... and I like to FUCK cunts better than getting head."

I didn't even hesitate to kneel before him and extract his BBC - a BBC that was longer than Jax's but a bit thinner. And it got hard really fast ... harder than Jax ever managed.

Thinner was better and I love this one! This time I didn't need someone to tell me to work on his balls, lick and lube that shaft. It was fun to lick it and it tasted a bit bitter but not foul. Kinda like Budweiser ... I like a bit smoother beer, but this Big Black Cock was much better tasting.

"Nice, lick that fucker clean white boy! ... He learn that from you?" Jax must have responded "Just fucking natural cock sucker huh? You like that taste - bitch! Lots of cunt juice on that shaft, two three days of White sluts sliding around my Big Black Cock! Nice that we got a White boy to clean it up. Clean it good and then swallow that fucker!"

I liked the thinner part because it was easier on my throat to swallow it. He got into fucking it in and out. Not really a throat fuck, just stroking in and out. Like he was fucking some chicks cunt. I was in heaven at this point. Especially as the other guy pulled out his own Big Black Cock and started stroking it. Todd, the guy in my mouth said "God, if he's this fucking good on just his second cock, he gonna be amazing later. We gonna do his Ass too?"

"Not tonight ... soon probably cuz he got needs!" said Jax

"What 'needs'?"

"Heh, he needs to impress people ... one is this stupid cunt I know! She wants him all special!"


"Yeah, special, big time plans and she's doing a few things she has always refused to get 'us' to cooperate."

"Well, long as he sucks and fucks I don't care about some cunt. Less of course I get to pound that too!" he was laughing

I took a long time, or he took a long time. Well, he was in and out of my throat for a long time. I really liked licking his shaft as it went in and out. That little bit thinner gave me more room. But I could feel when he was ready - just like Jax, and he came as he slipped the head out of my throat and into my mouth. The first few spurts I swallowed and then he pulled out and soaked my face and chest and hair. I longingly licked that cock clean and then started to clean my face when that other guy grabbed my hair and pulled me to his cock.

This one wasn't thinner, about the same as Jax in diameter but longer. Maybe 10 or 11 inches. And he was already hard and didn't really want me to play - just open and push it in. I still had cum from Todd (the last guy) in my mouth and that lubed the way for entry. My lips were spread around the head as it seemed the biggest of the night! When it slipped past my jaw still felt spread to breaking. Something else to work on since I KNEW others were bigger. I had heard of a 13inch cock around in rumors. Come to think of it Lindsay was the one that mentioned it. 13 inches and 8cm, that is over THREE inches! That is a BIG BLACK COCK! I was drooling again just thinking of it. Thinking that on the way out I should get that HUGE Black Dildo, or maybe that one that inflates! Oops ... that Big Black Cock reminded me I was supposed to suck on it and lick it and enjoy it sliding into my throat. Filling my throat, stretching my throat - and right now taking my breath away. No really! He left it in too long - not all the buried - it hadn't gotten that far yet. I looked up to see him watching me. He paused a bit then nodded and pulled it out. Just enough for me to suck in a breath and then it went back in. Watching me watch him.

"No fucking daydreaming while you got my COCK! That is ALL that is important when its there! MY COCK or ANY BLACK COCK is YOUR ENTIRE UNIVERSE! You NEVER turn one down, you never ask for privacy you JUST kneel or bend over or whatever and DO that Big Black Cock! It is YOUR life, it GIVES you LIFE! It is and will always be the ONLY thing in YOUR LIFE!"

All this while our eyes were locked on each other and he slid that Big Black Cock in and out of my throat. Leaving it in until I was starved for air, then letting me get enough to stay conscious but not enough to catch my breath. Over and over and over ... it was hypnotic too feel that Big Black Cock sliding in and out. He repeated that mantra about it being my universe over and over. I know because it was on video. And I watched it for hours that night. I was truly enamored of this Big Black Cock sucking and wanted it to never end.

All things end though and this was ending as he embedded his Big Black Cock in my throat with his pubic hair tickling my nose (not for the first time) and came! Really fucking came - pushing that sperm into my throat and direct injection in my stomach. It seem like quarts and went on forever, I was disappointed to not get a taste. It was such an event that I hardly noticed I had no oxygen until he finished and pulled out for me to breath. Not out of my mouth just enough to breath. And I could taste it again which just made me miss it more. We were again looking at each other.

"You like to swallow? Cock sucker? You like to feel all that fluid flowing down your throat? Lots of fluid? Any fucking fluid from a Big Black Cock is YOUR elixir of LIFE! Any thing from a Black Master is like the finest wine, the best steak, it came from that which you worship. You kneel before your Black Master because he has a Big Black Cock with which to dominate you!"

I nodded ... not having a clue what the fuck he was talking about, his voice was monotone and like a preacher giving a sermon. Mesmerizing a bit.

"You want to swallow the elixir of life?" he paused "Well, bitch? You want to SWALLOW the ELIXIR of LIFE? I got some right here - just say YES!"

And I nodded having no idea what he was talking about but wanting to please him. That was foreign to me, the thought of pleasing him, but I WAS pleased to have that Big Black Cock in my mouth AND they I knew that pleasing anyone with a Big Black Cock was going to lead to me having more and more of those Big Black Cocks in my mouth. So, pleasing them WAS pleasing me ... when he starting pissing the 'elixir of life' in my mouth I wasn't quite as pleased but after some time it felt like he was cumming and that was good! Although what else could it be with my mouth wrapped around his Big Black Cock.

NOTE: I realize I don't have to spell out Big Black Cock, but I like to hear and read it and write it all out.

I had no choice but to swallow and taste it since he wasn't in my throat but just my mouth. He had amazing control ... I guess he has had lots of practice ... it didn't taste as bad as you might think. It was disgusting to think of it and I just put it out of my mind and swallowed. Swallowed a lot. It flowed and 'felt' like he was cumming and cumming a lot. I was a real rush and was extremely arousing ... I know nobody will believe me but if you EVER get the chance to have a Big Black Cock piss in your mouth! Just fucking DO IT! This took time and I enjoyed each and every second. My eyes were locked on his as he controlled the stream. We had a connection I didn't understand AND was like NONE I had ever experienced before. I was just doing and enjoying and then ... I actually CAME! Right there in that video booth, with a Big Black Cock pissing in my mouth. I had one of the finest, if not THE finest orgasm of my life. Forty odd years and I finally had a life experience that exceeded all those before.

Todd said "Fucker just CAME man! Swallowing fucking Cleve's piss and he fucking CAME! I gotta get me some of that! What about you Jax? You up to let him SWALLOW for you!" humor in his voice and bit of a chuckle.

"Not tonight - later for sure - but I promised Lisa a 'special' tonight!"

I still didn't know the guy's name so I'll call him Giver for grins. Giver finished and let me clean his Big Black Cock. I had stains on my crotch from my own cum. It wasn't all that noticeable but was a bit embarrassing.

Todd slipped in and I looked at his cock then at him and took him into my mouth. He was flaccid but hardened a bit as I engulfed his cock. It felt good and he coaxed me to get it down my throat. He was long and my throat had been opened by the Giver so it slipped in easily and as soon as it went in there he turned loose. No seeming control but with it down my throat it could just go whoosh. The feelings were all different but my cock got hard again. I didn't get to breath for too long and my stomach was starting to grumble about abnormal shit being forced into it. Not too mention the quantity. I imagine cum and piss are different than normal foods and your stomach needs to get used to it. Didn't matter right now as Todd really must have had to piss because it was a huge quantity. It reminded me of Austin Powers when they thawed him out except Todd never paused. I was disappointed as they zipped up to leave. At least after I caught my breath. Never had I enjoyed ANYTHING this much. Only Jax said anything upon leaving. Giver and Todd just split after saying bye to Jax.

"Well, Rick! I think you now understand how much YOU need BBC! And how much BBC appreciate your mouth. Soon they will get to appreciate your ASS, but for now that mouth needs to work out. Just like going to the gym, which isn't a bad place to find Big Black Cock, you need to practice SUCKING BBC, Deep Throating BBC, and you didn't do it tonight but your THROAT needs FUCKED! And I mean just wham bam pound it in throat fucking." he started to open the door and saw the video was still playing. "You hang out here and watch the bitch! Do what she does, she is a pro! I taught her! FYI - on that Throat Fucking - there is a guy in the Aurora Mall Men's Shop that likes it. You should stop in and step up. He'll do you good." and he was gone.

I did stay to watch, looked thru my phone to see what Apps he loaded. Then opened them one at a time. I put my coat on before stepping out and was almost to the door when I remembered the dildo. I returned to the displays and was surprised the girl I now knew was Lisa came over to help. I glanced at the door and noticed someone else was working, which is weird with no customers.

"Can I help you out? Jax said you might want to reload to upgrade..."

I looked at her and she was looking down at her phone - I couldn't see what she was doing.

She took a black one off the wall - "This one is pretty popular and about Jax's size. But the preacher's is bigger ... like this one!" She pointed the dildo at a ten inch one without any balls. Those scare me because you might push them all the way in...

"I was thinking a bit larger, length and width! Maybe that one! Although even it seems a bit small. How do those inflatable one work?"

She just looked at me and smiled a little. I've used that one" pointing at one that was ten inches long but 5cm wide, she picked it up and started pumping the bulb "It expands pretty good, and you don't have the issue of getting it thru your sphincter!"

It was growing to about 8cm as she spoke. "I don't let anything that big in my pussy! But my ass is open for that much. Jax is nice to me."

I didn't say anything. Just kept looking at that dildo and then at the bigger ones. Some were quite large, too big for actually using or so I thought.

"You guys! We get those HUGE fucking cocks, err dildos, for show and then some guy buys it. No girl would except as a gag. Maybe that is what guys with them..."

"Really? Girls don't use big dildo's?"

"Nope, except those on video! I like a nice cock like Jax since he knows how to use it."


"Aww c'mon Rick, you know you're getting one of those " pointing at one that was twelve maybe thirteen inches, 8cm in diameter "or maybe just get ALL the big ones! But the live ones are best."

"Do I know you? How do you know my name?"

I hadn't given her time to respond to the first.

"Don't know you, Jax told me ... you want one or not? I'm just trying to be nice and Jax said you would be 'expanding' your interests. That usually means you're going from BJ's to Anal when he says that! He said you were exceptional! He doesn't compliment often."

"Ok, load me up and I'll get out of here!" and she took down that big one and then got a bigger inflatable that started out 14 inches and 7cm and would expand to 10cm. Not very fucking likely but she was cute.

All in all it turned out to be a great Monday night!

It wasn't until I was almost home that I realized what might be the consequences of my night of pleasure. I worked for a contractor to the government, in their infinite wisdom they had granted me a security clearance. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I did know that soon, probably very soon, I would need to inform the security office of my new found talents. Keeping them secret would guarantee losing my clearance. I got a few texts on the way home but didn't look at them until I was safe and off the roads. They were in response to Jax's request to invite friends to my introduction to cocksucking ecstasy - I really thought that then. I just returned the texts and said maybe tomorrow evening - before I was in bed I had four BBC that I was going to suck tomorrow night. All of them were over in Aurora, all at a place called Colton's, I worked in Aurora so I wouldn't have to drive through traffic to meet them. It all seemed pretty unreal but any issues could be worked out in the daylight.

A lunch to remember

I was at work at my normal 6am, traffic is a disaster from my home to Aurora so I went in early. Supposedly I would leave about 2:30 for an eight hour day, this happened about twice in the last year. Usually I would hang around until 6pm and head out. Sometimes I would meet a lady that I was enamored of and drink a bit. Flirt a bit, and burn a bunch of money on her drinks. Sometimes with a few of her friends. I really was nuts about the girl but if I had really looked I would have known she wasn't interested in anything but the free drinks. But, I digress, things were going pretty well. Tuesday was rather innocuous since the big meeting was Wednesdays.

That girl showed up about 9:30 all abuzz about my night. She talked and talked and said she knew about the theater.

"Linz? Theater?"

"Sure, Kitty's! Lisa works there! You know her - she's one of my best friends!" she paused for unknown reason and I had to fill the silence (we were in the snack room)

"Oh sure, now I remember her - I wondered why she was so friendly!" Linz has lots of 'best' friends, usually drinking buddies that won't talk with her if she doesn't have money.

"Yeah, she told me about... " she whispered "the guys! Jax, Todd, the Preacher! Jax I think I know, he is pretty cool! Goes both ways! The other two I have never met but Lisa says they are serious " she looked around and nobody was there " fuckers! And BIG, Lisa would know she loves BIG ANAL! The little SLUT! Me I tried that once, not a fan. Don't like big either, I'm too little!" she smiled demurely like she just claimed she was virgin. Drama Queen city! I was trying to figure out what to say when she finished.

"Lisa said Tyree was going to text you about lunch so I guess OUR date will have to wait until after work..."

"I haven't gotten a text, but I have been in here since 6. We could still do lunch! I don't need to meet Tyree. I'd rather be with you then..." then I thought about what I said and looked at Lindsay - she looked like the Cat that just ate the Canary!

"C'mon Rick, I cannot deprive you of an opportunity to suck on a Big Black Cock! I am so proud you are getting real!"

"Umm, I guess I will check on a text then..." forgetting that I just CONFIRMED I sucked on Big Black Cock ... SHIT!

"Ali will be soooo soooo Happy when I tell her! She was always hoping you would figure it out." then she was rushing out "Don't forget that text! You'll like Tyree - he's cool!"

After that conversation with Lindsay I had to do some thinking. I wasn't in that deep ... which just made me think of how deep those Big Black Cocks were in my throat last night. Chill! I could stop, I think I can anyway. Is that the right thing to do? Lindsay was being so up beat - of course it is hard to fault her being that way. She always is positive and happy! Most people think it is because of the booze, but she drinks WAY more than I can and stays more sober than I. I think anyway! It bothered me when she mentioned Ali, she always seemed a bit more 'real' than Lindsay. Maybe I should call her ... I never have because Lindsay likes to tell me all about her and what she thinks. But, last time she was here she put her number in MY cellphone and I assumed that meant I was welcome to call. That was almost eight months back, just after I had Lindsay looking thru my house looking for my porn collection.

I had just gone over everything twice trying to figure the pro's and con's and had really determined that I had really liked sucking on those guys cocks last night and even had to admit to myself that 'swallowing' their Elixir of Life (Piss if you have forgotten) was in the Pro column.

"Rick ... ummm ... RICK!" and I started "Sorry Rick, I wanted to talk with you a minute! Do you have a few minutes?" I probably looked dazed because I was! Kelli? What on earth? We had talked a few times because we had a project together but it was just work.

"Sure, Kelli! What do you need?"

"Umm, can we go somewhere a little more private? It isn't about work!"

"Sure, but it needs to be in public. I don't want anyone to find out about us!" and I said the last a little louder and winked at her.

"No, NO, we don't want ANYONE to think I might be CRAZY for you!"

And we both laughed a little and wandered down to the snack bar. I took my coat.

"I'm gonna get lunch after so see y'all later!" they pretty much ignored me.

We were walking side by side down the hallway and she just leaned into me and took my hand, then laid her head against me.

"Umm, Kelli ... what's up?"

"Oh, sorry I didn't think you would mind!" and she started to pull away.

"Whoa there little lady ... I never mind when a beautiful woman gets in close to me!"

and smiled at her. She just leaned back in ... and I figured I better just go with the flow until she felt like talking. We went down to the lobby and found a couple of chairs. Nobody was around except the people at the security desk.

She was still holding my hand but the chairs were apart a bit.

"Rick, you like me! ... Right?" looking a bit worried.

"Yes, Kelli, I like you! I don't know you very well, but everything I know about you is good!"

"I just thought you might ... you know ... have changed your mind with the latest rumors!"

She was getting a little emotional so I stood and pulled her to me. Holding her while she settled down a little.

"No, at least I doubt it would matter. Rumors are usually lies. And the only thing I have heard lately is that you are getting divorced again. And I cannot see how your poor choice in men might upset me!" I tried to make it a joke but she didn't catch the drift.

"Oh, that is so horrible ... I cannot believe I married that asshole!"

Knowing I made a mistake, I said "OK, sorry didn't mean to upset you even more. What do you want to talk about?"

"Well, you know why I am asking you? I know we don't talk much but I respect you. I wish you had asked me out instead of Hunt..."

"Don't worry too much about the past but you ARE solving that - the big D?"

"Yeah, but there are issues and he's a liar to boot. My life is messed up and I messed it up even worse. You know Colton's? Yeah, you do! I've been there a few times ... not too proud of that now. But, when your husband tells you he married you because KHunt spells CUNT! You kinda act out!"

"Oh Kelli - that's nasty - don't say that! You'll be OK, chill out a little..." yeah I can say that but she has problems if she went to Colton's solo - Not to mention I was meeting someone there tonight.

"Todd told me what you said ... that any guy would be willing to marry me because i'm beautiful! That isn't a reason to get married. I'm not just into sex you know..."

"Well, that's out of context..." I paused and she got a little smile "Todd thought anyone that was married twice was proven unmarriable - I was pointing out the obvious - lots of guys would be willing to try that just for the opportunity to spend six months in bed with you. My real thinking - well other than that - was that your marriages devolved because while dating you were wined and dined and afterward they took you for granted. It will work out, you will find the right guy!"

"How about you..." she said very quietly with her head on my shoulder crying. I didn't say anything because she was making me think about too much. I had decided to attend my lunch 'date' and now here was one of the prettiest women I had ever met asking me silly questions. I did however open my mouth because I didn't want her to think I was refusing "Kelli, honey, you do what you think will work best for you. If that might include me then just let me know! Just don't tell me I'm comfortable!' It's a line from an old John Wayne movie, not sure which one, but all the ladies kept telling him he was comfortable. Not sexy!

Kelli laughed, a sad short laugh, but a laugh none the less. Then said "No Rick, I won't tell you that. But you are..." and she hugged a little tighter and then walked back into the building. I should have gone and got her. Never let her go! But I just went out to my car for a short drive.

Before I went to meet Tyree and his buddies I used that phone number. You know, the one Lindsay's sister gave me. She answered immediately

"Bought fuckin time Rick! What the hell EIGHT MONTHS!" but she was laughing.

"Finally found the number, you had mine to call too!"

"Sooo, LinZ is telling me you FINALLY did it! Although it didn't sound like love, just a dry run on a bit of sex."

"Yeah, she is all happy and ecstatic that I quit hiding and put myself out there. I really don't know if that is what I have done. Of if I just let my inner slut out!" I said it joking but wasn't sure if I was kidding.

"Oh Rick, nothing wrong with acting on your inner slut! I've done that many times. Sometimes no strings is the best, although there are always strings."

"Yep, strings ... I gotta ask ... do you really think Linz thinks what I am doing is a good thing? I mean she acts happy lots and it is usually not true."

"Are you asking if she is lying to you? Or are you asking if she is happy with what you are doing?"

Boy, I did not need psychoanalysis! However, that separated things in a manner I didn't think about before. "Hmmm, you think she might be happy I am being a slut for Big Black Cock! Because she is more impressed than I am? Or she is happy because I am finally doing something that SHE thinks is making me happy?"

"Well, that is something. The only real question is are YOU happy with what you did last night? The unreal question is does doing something that makes Lindsay happy makes you happier that you are doing it?"

I thought a little "Well, Ali, I am happy enough with what I did last night to be heading for lunch encounter of a similar kind! I don't know what that means exactly, what do you think?"

"Rick, did Linz have anything to do with this date? Because you need to be doing it because of you - not because YOU think she wants you to do it!"

"Yeah, I liked it enough to do it again. And this isn't much about 'love' so much as excitement and I have been pretty bored. Besides, that first step was huge. Now I can settle in and see how much I like this."

"Not love Rick? So it is just sex. It must be pretty good..."

I didn't know how to answer that ... all the 'sex' was just physical! That was part of my thinking this morning. This wasn't to find a guy - this was to overpower my senses and just do something! "Yeah, Ali, I guess this is just my inner slut. Might work into something else " I paused as my mind went back to Kelli and I thought of turning around "But right now this is about doing something that 'feels' good!"

"Sounds good Rick! Just a warning - don't do this if you think it will help you with Linz! I love my sister dearly, but, I don't trust her! She has some weird tendencies and I never know why she does some things! AND, don't hesitate to call - I enjoy talking with you! Lots! Bye!" and she was gone as fast as she got there!

I didn't bother to think I was almost there...

By the time I got close I was thinking I was crazy - not for wanting to suck those cocks, but for not realizing where I ended up. This was serious bad territory - there are these little pockets of abandoned houses that end up being used or abused by anybody that wished to be anonymous. The house I pulled up to was about to fall down, they must have heard me drive up because my phone pinged and it said to drive back by the garage. I was truly glad I had brought my Blazer to work (it was old and the weather had looked a bit dicey) The garage door went up and I could see several people. More than three - five of six - as I got out I noticed two were girls - white girls - so on final count it was four BBC owners. By way of greeting one of them pulled his cock out and asked "You up to be topped Bitch? I like to pound some ass once in awhile!" he had a huge ... smile ... his cock was bigger than that! I would guess easily 10 inches - fat fucker too!

"I really can't do that at lunch! Maybe after work sometime..." wondering why I said that and then figuring with four guys - twentyish - and pretty muscular - I was probably delaying an argument. I was also on video since one of the girls had her iPhone out. And I was wrong about four guys because two more were in the back of the garage.

He started to say something as I slipped down to engulf his BBC - then "Guess you knows what you wants" my coat and iPhone disappeared into the other girls hands and the door dropped down while I got down and dirty. Really clean nice cock, like last night I started with the balls and worked them into my mouth used my tongue until that shaft got harder and harder. Then I started licking that fucker from base to head using lips and tongue in excess. Pretty soon he said "Quit fuckin around get that Big Cock in your mouth. I want to feel your lips expand!"

I didn't need any more encouragement to take it inside and suck hard as it slid to the back of my throat. I was looking up at him when it bottomed that first time. "I know I said three but you got any reason NOT to do all six?" I wobbled my head sideways and he said "Good! The little bitches got little fuckin mouths and we ain't quite ready to stretch them. Cunts and ass are a different story! We gonna let you harden us up and then we fuck the bitches! But don't worry you gonna get lots of fluids today! Tyree don't fuckin lie!"

So I now knew Tyree, its hard to kneel and deep throat. Too difficult to get the angles but we worked it pretty hard and he slipped in and deep. Then it was in and he stopped. "Just a second man, I need to get it soft for a bit." I was wondering when I would get to breath when he started pissing! "See, told ya lots of fluids! I don't like to cum with a full bladder!" then he laughed and so did everyone. What a joy! Well, it wasn't that bad and it set the tone for the rest of lunch! The girls gave hints and the guys told the girls they was full of shit! Let the man that knew how to suck a Big Black Cock, show THEM how to suck!

Tyree went for a bit and then pulled out to fuck the chick holding my phone. She gave it up to one of the guys and another one stepped up and dropped his pants so I could start sucking on his BBC. I was upset in the beginning because of how many and then Tyree pissing down my throat. But, when you crave Big Black Cock and there are SIX here to suck on. Then having them fuck those two girls was OK by me. That next guy couldn't control his urges long enough to fuck one of the girls. After my getting him aroused and licking that cock and balls all over he managed to get his smaller (8 inches) cock down my throat just before he came. I cleaned him up and moved on the the next. The next one was a lot like that Giver the night before. And postulated (nice big word) with a deep voice about sucking Black Cock was the one thing a white boy could do to elevate their position in the world. And to please Black Cock was a perfect use of my God given talents. The girl that had her own phone taking pictures actually said "Amen" and a few minutes later that BBC left me high and dry for Amen...

The next one looked at me until I undid his fly and belt and took a handle on his balls and cock! "Take out your cock fucker! I want to see it! Does it make you hard to suck my Big Black Cock?" and so with my lips working on his balls and trying to open them to suck them into my mouth I puttered around opening my own pants. I was hard as a rock and they were impressed with my size. Expecting a miniature dick on any white boy that sucked cock. That first girl was interested in sucking my cock and pretty soon we were both doing what we wanted. She was very very good! But, she couldn't get her lips around a Big Black Cock just my little 7 inch white cock. But having her suck me off taught me a lot about sucking Big Black Cock in a short time. Since I had a BBC in my mouth my stamina while she gave an awesome blowjob was short. My cumming didn't stop her and she kept at it until I got hard again. By then I had worked this BBC into a frenzy with my lips and tongue. When I started to take it all the way in he stepped away. "That's OK but I prefer fucking cunts or ass to a mouth! They ain't got no teeth to scratch my cock!" and without missing a beat he penetrated the little cunt sucking my cock. That was the third one and when the fourth came forward it was hanging down and soft but that won't last. Before I did anything the man said "Swallow, just swallow!" and I knew what that meant so I took the head into my mouth and sealed it tight. I didn't have to wait long and it flowed out and out. I don't know how much it totalled but I swallowed and swallowed for eternity rewarding CuntOne (I didn't know her name and she was first, so sue me!) with my second load of the lunchtime. "Lookee there Ty! White boy came from drinking my piss! Thought those fuckers were liars!" then to me "Yeah Rick, you one fucked up white boy! Sucking Big Black Cock, swallowing that piss, and cumming because of it. That is fucked up! Glad you're our fucked up white boy!" all the time he was still pissing in my mouth. He finally started getting hard and ran out of piss. Then I got down to finishing his hardening. I didn't take him out of my mouth and deep throated him in full. Staying down until I thought I might be killing brain cells (assuming they weren't all dead already) then he pulled out to go fuck Amen! CuntOne was still sucking my cock, I guess she wasn't ever going to let go.

At least two to go ... well maybe not because Amen now had two cocks inside her, one in her cunt and they other in her ass. They were really fucking her and she kept said "God, God, two fucking BBC in me! Thank you thank you Lord!" I think she was dead serious about that Thank You! Just a bit weird to me. The last one came forward and I worked him free. This one was the biggest so far. Still just 10 inches, but really BIG! The head was really fat and the shaft wouldn't allow my hands around it. It HAD to be 3 inches in diameter! His balls were huge! I could barely get one in my mouth but it was fun to work them in and suck on them for a bit. Then I used my lips to work that shaft hard. This was going to be a challenge and I hoped I was up for it. I was up (literally) for getting that thing in my mouth. I worked it a bit too long "C'mon fuckhead, get your lips around that BBC!" and I tried and tried and tried and just when I was sure it would never happen it popped into my mouth. My tongue went wild and my lips were very happy to not be stretched so much. I didn't wait to ram it into my throat, it didn't go but I kept trying. With a bit of perserverence and pressure we got it part way in but that head was way too big. The owner didn't seem to mind much. I could feel his balls getting ready to explode "I'm going to pull out and coat your fucking face boy! It will be messy but that is the whole fucking point." He yanked back just as Tyree grabbed the back of my collar. His cock popped free just as he started cumming and cumming ... the quantity matched his balls, those HUGE fucking balls. Amen was all done praising the Lord and had her phone back to get my biggest facial ever on video. Cum every fucking place. Hair, eyes, nose, lips, chin, shirt and to top it off I came one more time for CuntOne. I was happy and pleased. What an awesome fucking lunch. And nobody fucked me! Somehow that seemed wrong and took me down a little. I was mostly out and CuntOne licked most of the cum off of my face and even my hair. I must have called her CuntOne because when I got back in the car I noticed I had a text from ... CuntOne on my phone! She wanted to be friends!

Tyree said "We done Rick! I wouldn't suggest hanging out here much, you might get more BBC if you stay, but you might get dead!" I got my coat and headed out when they opened the door. As I was leaving I thought I heard Ty say "Yeah, Linz he's on his way. If he is as smart as you say he'll hit the Men's Shop at the mall so have Mike watch for him. Throat Fuck tonite for him!" there was a pause "Yeah, I'll give Thrash the info - that is serious Linz, you sure!" pause "OK, you da boss!" and that was it. It was so hard to hear I couldn't be sure and Linz didn't seem to plan much. So I ignored a few bells going off.

I stunk something terrible and was glad I had my workout bag in the Blazer. I went to the club and took a shower, getting weird looks from everyone. Then put on my T-shirt to head into work. I really hate wearing anything but dress shirts to work and was trying to figure out if I could live with it when I remembered about the Men's Shop and Mike. I headed to the mall.

The girl was nice and helpful. Had a silly smile and flirted a lot - then a manager came along and asked how my purchases were going. We talked a little and when he asked for my number I was amazed. He was six feet or so - black and fit.

I must have looked confused. "Jax says you want your throat fucked! I ain't done that in a long time because like Lara over there " he pointed to the salesgirl " most these little white cunts cannot handle BBC that way. You didn't think I was looking for a date did you?" he was really amused.

"I was a bit shocked it sounded like that ... I just like BBC - no dates at the moment!"

He looked at me a long time - kinda like you scope out a body but all his interest was on my face and neck. It was disconcerting to say the least. "You on your way to work" I nodded "I get off at 5, maybe you could bring me off after that?"

"No plans until later" I paused and he was silent "Going to Colton's for a few ... cocks"

"Colton's? Really? How about Old C's you can swallow it all on patio!" it didn't seem a question but I nodded agreement and I went back to work.

Before I went back to my office I checked my profile and was not pleased to discover my agreeing to get fucked in the ass was part of the video they uploaded. What a fuckin idiot!

There was another text from CuntOne "Amen wants a little too Ricky!"

Back at work things were a bit nuts! While I was gone some stuff and gotten hinkey and a 'fire drill' was in progress with everyone pointing fingers. I got it solved and all was back to normal.

A little after 5 Linz dropped in my office, I was late and everyone else was gone "Your lunch go well? I really wanted to be there for you but the bitch wouldn't let me. Ty said you were awesome. Six Rick? Wow, you do it right!"

"It was OK but I think the club was nice after ... Gonna meet someone in a few at Old C's..." I guess I paused to long.

"Really? Do I know them? Someone Ty knows?"

"Don't think so, and it will just be short. I got another appointment later."

"Where Rick?"

"Oh, just around!"

She leaned in and gave me a big hug and a kiss - on the mouth - at work! "Ummm, babe, you taste like cum ... I love you for finally being you!" and she was gone.

Fuck - better hit it or I will be late for Mike and later for Colton's, Colton's is a bit like that town in Star Wars - Mos Eisley - "wretched hive of scum and villainy." but is really just a hookup place for white folks to cater to any of the whims of Black Males.

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