Our History
Chapter 1: The Beginning

My wife and I have lived in an assisted-living center for a while now. Family visits us from time to time. Even the littlest of the Sladek Clan comes to visit. 'Little Hal' as he is called, comes over and sits on my lap. He doesn't ask much of great-great grandpa Hal. Nobody does. They all assume that simply because I am over 100 years old, I need to be treated ... carefully. Like, an old sugar bowl or something.

Terrance, my oldest at 82, is still stern with his children and grandchildren. He gets respect from them the same way I raised him and his to respect my wife and me.

'Little Hal's father, my great-great grandson Harold, wasn't there the day his son visited. Something about working ... on a Sunday—what has this world come to?

A reporter for the local newspaper had come to ask if anybody wanted his or her story told.

After she went to some other couples sitting around in our covered resting area that must have said no, she came over to us.

She sat down and introduced herself as Shelly Blumenthal.

We introduced ourselves, my wife Beth (Elizabeth) is 102 and I am Hal (Harold) and I'm 105.

"Oh goody," Shelly said. "Would it be okay if I recorded this?"

"Certainly," my wife of almost 83 years said. I agreed.

She started by asking a lot of the usual family questions, Finding out we have seven children, 15 grandchildren, 39 great-grandchildren and 99 great-great grandchildren and five great-great-great grandchildren, including 'Little Hal.'

"How did your relationship begin?" asked Shelly.

"Should we tell her everything?" Beth said to me.

"Why not!" I said, "We lived long enough."

"Ms. Blumenthal. We are not only married with all those descendants ... we're also brother and sister!"

"OH MY GOD!" she said covering her mouth and hoping nobody near us heard what we just admitted.

We all chuckled at her reaction.

Beth quickly added, "Our parents Phillip and Winnifred were born in Kansas, him in 1888 and her in 1883. They had us, plus Josephine and Marie both younger than myself and they have since passed away."

"I'm so very sorry," Shelly expressed.

"It all happened a very long time ago," I said. "One of my granddaughters married a Phillip Blumenthal, any relation?"

"Well," she blushed, "I'd have to check on that. The name does sound familiar. Please, tell me all the juicy details!"

"This could be a very long story," my wife said.

"That's all right," Shelly said, "I could come back every day for as long as it takes."

"That's wonderful," I said, "It's getting late in the day for us, so why not tomorrow morning about 10AM?"

"Sure thing," Shelly said shaking our hands as she practically skipped her way back to wherever her car was parked.

"Are you sure that we can tell the story the way it should be told without affecting so many people?" my wife asked.

"We are getting awfully old," I told my wife.

"I certainly never kept a diary or anything," my wife of 83 years said to me. "You think we can remember everything?"

"My darling Elizabeth, it's all very clear to me. That's why I wanted to tell the story. Everyone who knows about us died a long time ago," I added.

"Despite that, you want to tell this Shelly, a newspaper reporter, just because she made your dick move," my astute and still provocative wife observed.

"You're the only one that is ever made my dick move, Elizabeth." Shelly's tits did get my attention. Nice and pointy.

Thinking about that for a minute I got up took my wife and we walked back to our room. I'm quite certain she saw the lust in my eyes!

The next morning, we got up and took a shower together. It had been a while since we had done that.

I never needed viagra to get it up for her. I just have to look in her eyes.

She's not especially wrinkled or sagging or anything like that. Her large C-cup breasts have always ... tantalized me. That and the fact that she is my sister!

She loves to lie over me, so I can suck on them. I have a little hitch in my back so, it takes me a few extra seconds to get down to munch on her fine tasting pussy, when I get the inclination!

She can still suck all the cum out of me by giving me a superb blowjob.

Whoever thinks that people as old as we have gotten, can't have sex are dead wrong. Last night proved that, even if I am ... shooting blanks. I wasn't always. Beth was pregnant nine times!

We got out of the shower, changed and went out to the same table as before to wait for Ms. Blumenthal.

My mind is still as sharp as it was when I first noticed how pretty my sister was in 1914. I was nine and she was just turning five years old.

"Hello," Shelly said as she approached us... "Have you been thinking about all the things you want to tell me?"

"Shelly," I said, "How much detail do you want from us?"

"All you can remember!" she said excitedly. "When I write this up, after we're all done, you will get a chance to look at the complete article, is that okay? By the way, Phillip Blumenthal was my great grandfather his wife was Suzanne Haden. Does that match up with anything?"

Thinking just a moment, "That makes you my great-great granddaughter, isn't that remarkable!"

"Wow! This has just become a look back at some fabulous people. I never knew I had a great-great grandfather still living," she said.

Beth asked, "Do you want us to use the medical terms or the street terms?"

"Give me an example of what you're talking about?" Shelly said still obviously thinking of me as her living great-great grandfather.

"Well," Elizabeth said, "penis versus cock or dick? Vagina versus pussy or snatch?"

"I think you embarrassed her dear," I said noticing how much Shelly was blushing.

"I'm ... I'm terribly sorry, hearing that from someone so ... elderly kind of surprised me. Use whatever words tell the story," she said adding a nervous chuckle.

She put a tape recorder in front of us.

"Well, it all started on a fishing boat in the North Sea..." Sorry, that's a different story altogether," I said with Beth punching me in the shoulder as we all laughed together.

I leaned back and started with some people who came before us.

I began, "My grandparents were Horace Sladek and Mabel Hrdek. They came on a boat with many other Czechs who were leaving due to religious persecution. He was born in 1866 and her in 1869. I remember very clearly that the Revolutions of 1848 caused many to flee in terror for their lives. Something called the Dual Monarchy was involved and many not only fled from where they were living, but had heard of the freedoms here in the United States of America. Horace and Mabel left during the second wave of emigration in the late 1880s. She was pregnant with my father Phillip. "Take over for a moment, Beth?"

"Certainly dear," she said placing her hand gently on mine.

"They ended up in what was Brule County, South Dakota. Many Czechs did. It was all very rural then. Brule city, Chamberlain and Mitchell were already townships. Brule County went from 238 people in 1880 to 6,737 in 1890. From that point on growth was as flat as the Great Plains. Hal's sister was born in 1892. She died in her teens from a cut she got from working to plough a field. Finding a doctor in time back then was very difficult. You had to send someone into town, by running or on a horse ... find the doctor and get him back in time. Eventually, if you paid close enough attention to what he was doing, you became your own medic, provided you kept a few key things around."

"Beth, you have gone astray a bit, but I hope whoever hears this can understand that life was very hard back then."

"Palatiah, Phillip's sister, was one of nine children that Horace had with Mabel. The older children would help raise the littler ones. That was common in those days. Shelly, there is a story I need to tell. Back in those days, when a child was due or born, you paid a small fee to give the little one a name. It never happened in our family, but some friends of ours, paid this fee when they picked the name Peter for their first-born. He died a month later. That didn't stop those pioneers ... they counted on having children to help with the acreage they were given by the state. Less than a year later, they had another boy. Now, they didn't have the money available, so he became Peter. The name was paid for—so why not use it."

"Our father saw all but two of his siblings die before they reached 25. They did their very best to maintain what they had. Phillip went on to marry Winnifred Castle, the widow of his best friend. It was surprising to hear about that growing up."

"He and his new wife left the farm. There is a story about the argument between Phillip and Horace, but it is a little too vague to remember. The result was that Phillip was told never to come back. He took that literally and I have no data to tell me otherwise. The other brothers and sisters and Phillip wrote each other, but never saw one another again."

"Rest yourself Hal, let me talk ... you never let me talk. Shelly wants to hear from both of us, don't you dear?"

"Please don't quibble over who says something," the lovely young lady said. "While I'm interrupting, do you want my notes and the transcription from each day? That might prompt some additional memories!"

I said, "No!" while Elizabeth contradicted me by saying, "That would be nice Shelly!" We looked at each other and just chuckled for a moment.

Shelly saw something and said, "That sounds like a brother and sister arguing. I still do with my older brother and it sounds just like that. Can we go on, or are we done for the day?"

"When one hundred and five years you reach, look as good, you will not!" I said starting a laugh that my wife joined. Shelly's big smile broke into an accompanying laugh. That was fun.

"So," Shelly said, "The Force is calling you to end this for today. When might I come back?"

"How about tomorrow?" Elizabeth offered.

Shelly stood to leave and asked, "Beth, could I give Hal a hug? He is my great-great grandfather!"

"Go ahead, but be careful of his hands, for 105, they move too fast for me," Beth said with a giggle.

I stood up quickly as she came around to my open arms. We hugged for a very long time. I said, "You know since I married my sister, I have no morals not to make a move on my own great-great granddaughter!"

"You are a true Casanova," she said to me. She did let me give her a kiss on the cheek.

She picked up her things and waved good-bye.

"Harold Sladek, you are one libertine, aren't you?"

"Elizabeth, I'm horny right now—how about, we make love a few times?"

"That does sound like a good idea. Should we call 911 first, or after?"

I grabbed her ass as we walked back to our place.

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