For Lacey

by MatthewVett

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: What starts as an innocent backrub soon transforms into much more.

"Mmmm ... my back is just killing me," Lacey said, her eyes locked on mine.

My heart started to race as I realized I might be able to take advantage of this. "Well, if you want, I could give you a nice massage..."

We were sitting in her hot tub. She had invited me over that night to study for our history class together, but after a few hours of going over terms and pouring over our notes, both of us were mentally exhausted. When she had suggested we relax in the Jacuzzi for a bit, I quickly agreed. Anything that got clothes off of Lacey had my full support.

I had had a crush on her from the first day of class, when she had sat near me in section. We had gotten to talking, and we were now close friends, which didn't stop me from ogling her chest every chance I got. Her breasts weren't huge, but my god were they perky. Their petite size let her go braless sometimes, and when she did, I was worried my eyes would fall out from bouncing up and down in time to her chest. Every step she took produced another glorious jiggle. I would inevitably end up rock hard by the time she got to her seat near me. So when she suggested an activity that would get her into a swimsuit, I could feel my cock stiffening in my boxers before she finished the sentence.

I had finished changing more quickly, and so I waited for her outside her room. It took her so long to finish, and my imagination was so active, I was worried I would finish in my swimsuit before she finished putting hers on. The sound of her clothes being taken off was followed by several minutes of her soft footsteps. I could only imagine what a beautiful sight would await me if I were to open the door at that moment: Lacey, completely naked, her platinum blonde hair gently resting on her chest, not quite long enough to hide her pink, erect nipples from my sight, or my lips. Lacey, her curvaceous hips inviting me to her womanhood. I had noticed her blonde eyebrows early on in our relationship, and knew that that meant her little forest of Venus would be blonde, too. How often I had wished to see her blonde pussy, how often I had dreamt of plunging my thick, throbbing cock into her, how often I had woken up with wet skin and wet boxers from dreaming of her and her body.

I wondered how she would react if I were to walk in on her right now. Would she try to cover herself, her small, dainty hands barely concealing her pert breasts and golden pussy? Would she be too shocked to try, her mouth and eyes wide open in surprise as she revealed her whole body to me? Would she even mind? I fantasized briefly that she would be glad. Would welcome me to join her, would hold me close against her bare flesh, would invite me to taste her, would get down on her knees and taste me, would push me onto her bed and mount me ... I began rubbing the rod growing down the length of my trunks. The pleasure distracted me until I finally heard the sounds of clothing again coming from within Lacey's room, and I tried to look as aloof as I could while holding my hands in front of my crotch, trying to hide the growing tent that my daydreaming had produced. When she opened the door, I was speechless. My jaw hung down and my cock popped up at the sight of her.

She was wearing a white one-piece that stuck to her like body paint. I had to glance down at her pussy to make sure it was truly fabric. It clung against her soft, supple flesh everywhere. It would have left more to the imagination had she been entirely naked, because the suit highlighted the slightest feature of her body, including her nipples, which were painfully obvious. I could feel my cheeks burn with blood as I blushed furiously. I silently thanked god that my tan was deep enough to hide my blush from her eyes. After a second of silence, she smiled and spoke to me. "Well, are you coming?" as she walked past me.

"Almost," I thought. "Sure," I said aloud. The view was just as nice behind her, as I followed her outside. Her firm ass swayed from side to side like a metronome as she walked. I had to fight the urge to spank her bottom hard.

And now we were together in the hot tub. Every time her eyes had left mine, I had immediately gone back to staring at her breasts. I wondered if she knew just how revealing her suit was. The water just made things worse. I could make out the subtle difference between her firm, round breasts and her cute little pebble-hard nipples if I concentrated, which I most certainly was. At my suggestion of a massage, she perked up, making her tits bounce deliciously.

"Oh! I would just love that!" she exclaimed, holding her hands together in front of her chest. She looked thoughtful for a moment and held one hand to her stomach. "But I'm a bit hungry. Do you mind waiting for me while I grab myself something to eat?" she asked me with a slight pout.

"Not at all," I replied. "I'll be waiting for you."

She smiled, making my heart miss a beat, and got out of the water. As soon as her back was to me, I reached beneath the water and started to stroke my throbbing cock, trying to ease the building pressure. I let a moan flee my clenched teeth. I was sorely tempted to bring myself to orgasm before she returned, but I was worried I'd be interrupted, and left worse off than I began. I settled for rubbing myself through my trunks' thin fabric. I could feel my swollen head beneath my fingers, just yearning for release. My cock seemed to be begging me to let it cum; I had never felt it so thick and hard before. I was briefly thankful that I hadn't had to leave the water, certain that I would never be able to hide my hard-on from Lacey, when the lights went out in the kitchen and Lacey stepped back outside onto the lit wooden deck, holding a banana. I silently cursed, wondering what terrible thing I had done to be made to suffer watching this blonde goddess eat something so phallic. I had often imagined her plump, pink lips wrapped around my cock whenever I needed to masturbate. They looked just perfect for fellatio. And now she was going to wrap her lips around this banana. I desperately wished that she would suddenly become temporarily blind, and mistake me for the banana before putting it into her mouth.

"All set!" she said cheerfully, proudly holding the banana erect in her hand, causing yet more naughty ideas to pass through my mind. I pictured her hand tightly grasping my own shaft, stroking it, rubbing it, pumping me to orgasm. I pictured my cock exploding over her hand, spurts of sticky semen flying onto her face and breasts as I moaned her name.

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