Mother in Law Helps Out
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, InLaws, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My recently divorced mother-in-law Lea came to visit. My wife decided it was time to dump me for her female boss. So Lea helped fill the void as I filled her with myself.

I am Grant, 30 years old and married to Susan who is 22 years old, or should I say I was married to Susan. The events that I will describe here happened over the last week. In that week I lost a wife of 2 years duration to the bed of her boss - her boss being a 35 year old woman; and I gained a lover who is 10 years older than me. Sound confusing?

Lea, 40 years old, was Susan's mother and a recent divorcee. Her husband had played around one time too many and she had booted his ass out of the family home. She had divorced him and went off overseas to have an extended holiday to "find herself" again.

Susan, my wife of 2 years, had started a new job six months ago. Right from the word go, I had heard "Merrill this" and "Merrill that" almost every night (Merrill being her boss). Susan and I had an active sex life in the first six months of marriage but that dwindled away rapidly from there until now. I hadn't had sex with Susan for the last 4 months. She initially complained that I was too big for her and that she felt stretched and sore for days afterwards, then lately it's just been "I'm so tired".

Lea called last week to tell us that she was returning from overseas and that she would love to spend some time with us. I was due for some holidays and I was happy to take some time off work. Begrudgingly Susan also agreed to have time off too. With the weather being beautiful and hot, I organised a beach house for just over a week.

I went ahead to open up the house on Monday morning whilst Susan met her mum at the airport. and then drove her down to the beach house.

The thing that struck me when they arrived was that Lea looked amazing. She used to be a little overweight and had long dark hair that looked unkempt. Now she was trimmed right down - an amazing figure - and it looked like she had had a boob job. Her hair was cut short and styled beautifully. She had a huge smile, in huge contrast to her daughter's often sour look.

Lea greeted me with a huge hug and I got to feel her now very ample bosom pressed hard against my bare chest. It was obvious that no bra was under her beautiful dress. I got a kiss on the cheek before she broke off the hug. Not a moment too soon because my mother-in-law had roused my cock from its extended slumber.

Lea settled in and unpacked. I headed down to the beach to have a swim and to catch some of the sun's rays. I was soon joined by both Lea and Susan. Susan was wearing a black one-piece suit that covered her still quite nice figure. Lea on the other hand was wearing a wrap-around light cover that tied in a knot above her tits.

Susan laid down and started to read a book whilst Lea went for a short walk on the beach before returning to her towel. She untied her cover and let it drop to the sand.

"Oh my fucking god" I swore under my breath as my eyes took in the sight of my mother-in-law wearing the skimpiest of white bikinis that I had ever seen. I barely covered her tits and pussy and I expected it to cover even less of her ass.

That fact was confirmed when she laid down on her front. Her ass was almost totally exposed. My cock was again waking and rising within my swim shorts.

I then heard a mobile phone ringing and turned to see my wife reaching for her phone. She answered it and started walking off in the direction of the house as she talked to the caller. I think I heard Merrill's name mentioned before she disappeared back into the house.

Lea had been laying on her front for a while before she popped up her head and asked me if I would rub some tanning oil onto her back.

"Oh god" I thought as I contemplated touching her sensational body.

"C'mon I'll start burning if you don't hurry up" Lea added with a laugh.

I moved over and crouched down beside her. As I picked up the bottle she released the tie on her bikini top so that I had unhindered access to her smooth back. She laid back down as I plastered her back with the tanning oil right down to her waist.

"You're not stopping there are you? ... My ass and my legs will get burnt too" she added with a huge smile as she propped herself up on her elbows for a moment. That action gave me a brief glimpse at her enhanced tits hanging down from her chest.

I stammered "Uhhh ... OK" as I moved so I could better reach her ass and legs. I now had a clear view of the thin bikini string that passed between her ass cheeks and across her puckered asshole. The bikini bottom only just covered her pussy lips.

With great care and attention I applied the tanning oil to her ass cheeks and to her legs. My cock became so hard in my shorts that when I was done I had to run off into the surf to hide my erection from Lea.

After I returned from my swim I noticed that Susan had not returned from the house after her phone call. With it getting later in the afternoon, Lea put her wrap back on and we packed up our stuff and headed back to the house.

I noticed that Susan's car was missing as we went inside. Walking into the kitchen I noticed a message on the bench. I picked it up and scowled as I read it "Sorry ... work called. An emergency. Have to go back to work. Call you later. Susan".

I was just so pissed off then. Lea noted my anger and gave me space for the rest of the afternoon.

Around 6 PM Lea suggested that we get dressed and walk to the local pizza restaurant to have a quick meal before heading back to have an early night. She was persistent and would not take my "No" for an answer. So at about 6:30 we walked down the road and had a very nice simple meal.

We talked as we ate and she learnt of the marriage problems that I had been having with her daughter. I told her of my suspicions that something more than work was happening between Susan and Merrill. She was shocked and didn't think that Susan was that way inclined.

I told her of our almost extinct sex-life. I suppose the few drinks that I had during dinner helped me have the courage to share that information. I also learnt of her issues with her ex-husband (Susan's father) and her motivations for her bodily transformations. She had had a very sheltered sexual life having only had 3 sexual partners in her life so far.

It was soon 8:30 PM and we decided to walk back to the house. I hadn't received a call from Susan yet to explain her continued absence, and her phone was off at the moment.

We headed to bed about 9 PM and I tossed and turned until about midnight when I finally fell asleep.

I woke up about 10 AM the next morning and laid there for a while and tried to call Susan again without any success. I decided to take a shower before deciding what to do with Lea for the day. I did enjoy her company last night.

I was standing in the shower with the water streaming down over my head when I felt a set of very ample tits pushing into my back and a hand come around to my front to grasp my cock. I knew that it wasn't Susan so the most logical answer was Lea.

I just stood there and enjoyed the sensations of being held and fondled, a feeling that had been missing for quite some time. I felt lips on my upper back as the hand played with my rapidly hardening cock, grabbing it and milking it in an up and down motion.

I heard a muffled comment "Oh god ... you are so big." Obviously Lea was referring to the cock that she was holding in her petite hand.

Finally I moved to turn around to face Lea. She is quite petite (5ft 3ins) compared to my 6ft 4ins so her face was level with my chest. She continued to hold my cock as she latched her lips to one of my big hard nipples. She licked, sucked and bit it gently as the water streamed down over us. The nipple stimulation had an immediate effect on my cock with the two seemingly connected.

With the water starting to turn cold, I turned off the water.

Lea continued her nipple attentions for a few minutes before she released them. Placing her hands on my shoulders she said "Pick me up". I slipped my hands down to grasp her ass cheeks, and once I was happy with my grip I lifted her. She slipped her arms around my neck to hold me closer and to press her ample tits into my chest. She wrapped her legs around my waist to steady herself.

My very long and fat cock was trapped between us for the moment as our lips came together into a passionate lip smashing kiss. Her tongue came out to play with mine as our bodies slipped and slid together.

When we broke off the kiss, she boosted herself up a little more, putting her tits into my face and releasing my cock from being trapped between us. My cock stood hard and erect and nudged her pussy as she settled back down a little. She wiggled around a little for a moment until my cock slid between her pussy lips and found the entrance to her very wet pussy.

With her tits in my face I had noted that both her nipples were pierced with a small bar-bell type gold piercing. However my attention to her nipples was distracted when her pussy made contact with my pussy, and she started pushing down to impale herself on my cock.

"Oh fuck me..." she groaned "Your cock is so fucking big ... but it feels so good".

I silenced any more of her comments when I resumed kissing her as she slid further and further onto my cock. All I could hear then were grunts as her pussy stretched to accommodate my length and fatness.

With me standing still with my feet apart and braced, Lea pistoned up and down on my cock as she fucked herself closer and close to a massive cum.

She broke off the kiss to scream "Ahhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhhh ... fuck me ... I'm cummmminnnnggg!!!" as a massive cum racked her petite body as she held onto me with her arms and legs. Her cum seemed to go on and on but in reality it wasn't more than a few seconds of sheer delight coursing through her body.

She finally came to a stop, still impaled on my cock. I carefully stepped out of the shower with her attached and slowly carried her to my bedroom. With care I laid her back on the bed following her down with her legs still around me. I was now crouching over her in the missionary position as I restarted fucking my big cock into her very hot, wet and surprisingly tight pussy.

"Oh fuck me Grant ... fuck me ... fuck me ... I love your wonderful cock in me" Lea moaned as I slid my cock in ever lengthening strokes in and out of her clenching pussy. I shifted position a little so that I could kneel between her thighs and watch my cock sliding in and out.

I was amazed by the sight - she had a pierced clit which was sticking out proudly covered in her creamy white juices. Her whole pussy was covered in her juices with my cock shaft was covered as well.

The sight was too tempting. I quickly withdrew my cock and applied my lips and tongue to her creamy pussy. I licked with much gusto trying to devour as much of her possible.

"Ohhhh ... ahhhh fuck ... I love your lips Grant ... but I love your cock much better" Lea groaned. "Lay on your back please" she added. Reluctantly I slid from between her legs and laid on my back. My cock stood at attention, beconning her to take a seat.

Lea straddled my hips and ran her pussy lips up and down the length of my shaft, painting her juices from its root to its tip. Then she grasped my cock by the shaft and lined up the head with her pussy canal entrance. Once engaged, she pushed down, feeding my cock back into her hot, wet and tight pussy.

"Ahhh ... that is so good ... I want you to fill me and stretch me" Lea added obviously in reference to the complaints of Susan (her daughter).

Lea rocked back and forward once my cock was fully inside of her. The movements snagged her pierced clit against my cockshaft with a resultant increase in her arousal levels. My hands went to her ample tits and nipples as she worked her pussy on my cock. Back and forth, up and down - all her movements transported her closer and closer to a huge cum.

She was now bouncing quite vigourously on my cock, and I was fast approaching my peak.

"I'm nearly there ... can I cum inside of you?" I asked her just in case she wasn't protected.

"Cum in me ... I'm safe ... I want to feel your cock spewing inside me" she groaned.

"Ohhhh ... oh fuck ... cummmmmmiiinnngggg!!!" she shouted as I too reached my zenith with my cock exploding inside of her tight spasming pussy. "I can feel you cumming..." she groaned as she pushed down hard to totally embed my cock into her pussy.

Lea rode out that cum for the next minute or so before she flopped forward and laid her ample tits onto my chest. Our lips came together in a series of tender kisses before we dozed off in that position.

I woke up in about an hour to find her still laying on top of me. My cock had finally gone soft and it had slipped from her pussy which had continued to leak our combined juices over both of us. When I moved a little she woke up. Our lips came together for a few moments.

Lea then spoke "No regrets?" was her question.

I replied immediately "Absolutely none".

"Good ... cos I want more of that" Lea added as she slipped off me to lay beside me. I cuddled her to me as we made small talk for the next hour or so.

I reached across to pick up my phone to check for any messages from Susan. I was surprised to see that there was a message. Lea watched as I read the message. It read "Our marriage is over. I have moved out to be with Merrill". That was it, no apology ... just that matter of fact message.

I should have felt gutted ... but I actually felt relieved.

Lea had read the message with me. She made a move to get out of bed but I held onto her.

"Don't go anywhere ... I need you here" I explained to her. She relaxed and stayed cuddled up to me. It was a very strange sight - my naked mother-in-law in my arms just after reading that my marriage to her daughter was over.

We stayed there and chatted for hours about the future and the past ... and the present.

At a lull point in the conversation, I pulled her over on top of me and kissed her passionately for a few minutes. Then I asked her "Did I hear you say earlier that you wanted more?"

"Ummmm ... yes" she stammered as I pulled her closer as my cock re-awoke between us.

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