Dory Drake: HILF Professor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Lesbian, BiSexual, Hermaphrodite, Mystery, Cheating, InLaws, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Black Female, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, Violent,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hermaphrodite college professor Dory Drake has problems. She wants a baby but her spouse is reluctant. To make matters worse, she must rescue a missing student from the clutches of a powerful corporation, an act that could bring Dory and her family to a fatal conclusion. -A sequel to Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective.

"Is that a wrinkle?" Dory Drake whispered to herself as she sat curled on the sofa in her London flat. The 34 year old woman had just tucked her bare feet underneath her long pink nightgown to read one of her favorite (trashy) erotic stories when she noticed the blemish on the back of her right hand-- it was something the former detective thought she would pick up on. After all, she used the hand enough. Tonight would be no exception.

She shrugged off the indicator of aging and slipped the hand into her gown. Stroking herself gently, she reached for the empty glass on the table next to her. It wasn't until she placed the vessel next to her folded knee that she heard a tiny shuffle in the dark hallway leading away from the room. Her erection wilted instantly. She was still not used to such interruptions.

"I hear you, Catherine Drake." she called out. "What are you still doing up?"

A tiny figure emerged from the shadows, a small child of four years. Her powder blue pajama set rested mutely on her light caramel complexion. Her cherub face carried a stoic expression, but still gleamed with youthful energy at this late hour. Her dark hair was frizzy, unkempt, and wild looking. This was not by design-- her parent tried to manage the girl's hair as best as possible.

"I needed to ask you a question..." the little girl announced with earnest.

Dory rubbed her brow, still perturbed at the interruption. "Come on over here. What's wrong?"

"What's a basket case?" The girl's question jumped out of her mouth before she had even leapt onto her mother's lap.

"A basket case is something you'd call a crazy person-- wait. Why are you asking me this?" Dory wanted to kick herself. She knew she had now been setup for an awkward conversation. She would have never guessed how awkward.

"Aunt Anna said you were a basket case before I was born. Why were you so crazy, mommy?" Catherine often left her mother speechless, but this was different. Moreover, she hated discussing, with children or adults, events Dory considered to have happened a lifetime ago. She took a deep breath and continued.

"I wasn't really crazy, honey. Aunt Anna just meant that before you were born and before I met your other mommy, I was often very lonely and sad. Sometimes I did things I guess she would call crazy. But then you girls came along and I stopped doing crazy things." she leaned over to kiss her daughter's smooth forehead, pleased with her answer.

"What things?"


"What kind of things did you do, mommy?"

Dory cut her eyes at Catherine, who was already too much of a detective for her own good. "Go to bed." she replied.

"The girl mimicked her mother's glare before scampering back toward the darkness and up the stairs.

"Hey Catherine..." Dory called out, the girl's bushy head peaked back into the room. "I love you." she concluded.

"I love you too, mommy." she never grew tired of hearing her flesh and blood string those words together.

Dory waited until she was satisfied that the girl had returned to her room. Hastily, she bundled her book and glass in her arms and turned off the light. Up the stairs and down the hall she briskly walked, Persian carpeted floors absorbing the noise. She slowly opened the door at the end of the hallway.

Mari Drake, who's back had been facing the door, didn't readily detect that she was no longer alone, and kept writing at her desk at the side of a queen-sized four-post bed. With short hair pulled back in a ponytail and reading glasses focused on her papers, she only turned around once Dory audibly closed the door. Without a verbal exchange, Mari returned to her position and resumed writing. Her partner however, quietly slid the latch on the door, locking out any further intruders.

Dory now calmly slunk across the room, eyes fixed on the writer, tender brown shoulders exposed by the loose fitting tee draped across her torso. The sight made Dory salivate as she sank her teeth into the side of Mari's neck. Startled, the gasp that escaped her lips quickly transitioned into a warm sigh. Spicy sparks of delight darted the length of her body as Dory switched between kissing and gnawing on her flesh.

With lustful urgency, Mari took her glasses off and reached behind her to make contact with Dory's gown. Tracing the outside lining, she found the opening and slipped her hand inside. Her rigid shaft was easy to find as she continued to be vigorously nibbled upon. She gently stroked the veiny uncut member until the swollen head became visible.

"mmm ... Mari..." Dory mouthed as her partner massaged her engorged cap with her thumb. "Suck my dick." she commanded.

She opened her dark eyes wide in response to Dory's crass, before slipping half the shaft in her mouth, submitting to the 'father' of her child. Dory arched her head and shoulders, disrobing herself and allowing the garment to fall to the ground. She closed her eyes to focus on Mari's tongue swirling around each fold of skin in her mouth. As her breathing became labored, she let her thin fingers play along the coarse ends of Mari's thick black hair. She squeezed and pulled at her own small breasts with her free hand intermittently as she began to shutter.

"Oh baby, I'm so close..." Dory whispered. Mari encouraged the issue, roughly kneading Dory's pale thighs and buttocks. The hermaphrodite let out of slight sigh when she came. It was Mari's only warning before she felt the hot rush of cream against her tonsils. Dory's cock spasmed thrice over before the dizziness of her climax subsided, leaving only a slight clear trail of liquid on the side of Mari's dark lips. Flattered that her partner had managed to swallow most of her generous deposit, Dory recoiled, staggered, and sat on the bed to catch her breath.

"I thought you said you were going to leave me alone tonight?" Mari reminded Dory, wiping her mouth as if to retort the felatio she had just performed. "I have work to do, ya know."

"I know, but your daughter kept me from taking care of it myself." she defended, smiling still naked.

"Oh, she's MY daughter only, is she?" Mari squeaked in mock outrage and crossed her arms. "And who the fuck cares if she did? And why is it MY problem?" her arm motions became erratic. "So am I just your cum dumpster, then?" she concluded with more a statement than question, then returned the chair to its original direction toward the desk.

Dory sat in silence. She felt guilty over disturbing Mari's work just to fuck her mouth. The songwriter had picked up her pencil, tapped it against the paper with non-rhythmic thumps, then placed the instrument back down.

"I need a break now, anyway. Is that still hard?"

Dory sheepishly smiled. "For you, it's always hard."

"Cheesy wanker..." the British girl, now almost 27, unbuttoned her short. The Drakes kept a strict 'no undies' policy at night, and now the ebony pixie stood in front of Dory wearing nothing but the long flimsy shirt, with traces of her pubic bush visible through the thin cotton. "Fetch the oil, sweetie."

Surprised, Dory motioned toward a small bottle by the nightstand. When she retrieved it, Mari was already bent over her desk, shirt hiked up well over her ribs.

"You're in a certain mood tonight..." Dory observed, running her hand across Mari's soft, dusky ass.

"You're going to look a gift horse in the mouth and ask questions?" she glanced over her shoulder at her lover. "Get it together dear. My ass isn't going to fuck itself."

Flipping up the cap on the bottle, Dory quickly complied, pouring the clear, slippery liquid directly on the woman's perfectly puckered anus. She carefully massaged the oil into Mari's asshole with one hand, and readied her own throbbing missile with the other.

"You're full of surprises." whispered as she gently feed her organ into the generously lubed opening. Mari stifled a cry as her body stretched to receive Dory's cock.

"No, actually I think I'm full of YOU at the moment." she was able to retort whilst trying to keep her composure, still desperately wanting to scream.

"Now who's being cheesy?" the empowered Dory began to rock her hips, gently fucking her spouse's tightness with increasing force and speed. Mari gripped the end of her desk harder, crumpling the loose sheets of paper as she bit down on her lip. Between Dory's rhythmic poundings, Mari could feel the moisture on her neglected pussy accumulate. Heat pulsing from her moist sex, she tried to attend to herself. But before she could reach her dripping clit, Dory wretched her head back by a handful of her hair and speared her ass harder.

"Ow! You sadistic bitch" Mari snarled at Dory and placed her hand back on the desk. After another minute of abrasive pumping, Dory finally felt merciful enough to reach to right hand around Mari's hip and into the girl's empty sex. Now, Dory had total control of her lover's orgasm. She couldn't help but smile as she pistoned both holes. "Oh God, YES! Fuck me, Dory!" she screamed, knees buckling as a wave of heat flashed over her. As her body jetted a small amount of fluid rushed over Dory's prying fingers, it was soon overshadowed by the sensation of hot cream being injected into her anal cavity. Her spent body collapsed on her desk. Dory carefully removed her deflating dick from Mari's ass-- fucked red and raw. She carried Mari over to their bed and lovingly tucked her in.

"Tomorrow, you're going to leave me alone. I mean it." Mari mumbled; her eyes still closed.

"Of course. Good night, my love."

"Don't stay up too late."

Dory quietly made her way form the bedroom. Peaking into Catherine's room, she wanted to make sure her mother's scream didn't wake the girl. Dory was NOT ready for that 'talk'. The girl had not been disturbed. She was loosely tucked in her bed, sleeping sideways, wild hair partially lying off the side. Dory smiled at the sleeping angel and exited.

Now in the kitchen downstairs, Dory prepared a large glass of ice water, and she started to reflect on how wonderful her life had become in the last few years. She had a beautiful spouse, child, and a second career as an Investigative Journalism professor at a local technical university. Things were stable and happy ... though she just discovered an immediate problem that required solving. Returning to the second floor with her water, she entered the door closest to the stairs. Walking over to the small bed in the room, she calmly pulled the covers back and poured the icy liquid over the mass lying underneath the blankets. The figure belted out a high shrill and rolled onto the floor, tangled in the damp covers.

"Get out, Anna." Dory snapped.

"Are you fucking crazy, Dory? It's midnight!"

"What the fuck did you tell my daughter?" she interrogated her sister, threatening with the glass. It was still half full. Just how Dory liked it.

"Wh—what?' Anna stammered. She was still only half-awake.

"Basket case?!? Don't you ever talk to her like that again, Anna. I want you out of here."

Anna, still groggy, defiantly sat on the floor surrounded by soaked sheets. "Shit, Dory. You act like I told her she was conceived in a nightclub bathroom. You're overreacting."

"See, I knew it was a mistake bringing you to London." Dory waved her finger, not breaking her diamond glare. "Seriously, you're leaving in the morning."

"Fine!" Anna pouted. "You know, I guess it wasn't enough that I had to dump Martin after three years of engagement bliss because HE was being such a jerk. I guess it's only fitting that my own sister-- my ONLY family in the world is casting me aside! And in a strange city ... and strange country ... and strange people..." she sighed dramatically. "Homeless! My life is over! I might as well just kill myself!"

Vexed, Dory rubbed her temples in exasperation. This was not how she saw this talk going. "Just watch your sailor mouth around her. Okay, Anna?"

"Dory..." Anna batted her long, teased eyelids innocently. "When have I ever?" The elder sister shook her head slightly, and then took a sip of water. Feeling the situation had been disarmed; Anna changed the subject matter slightly. "Dory, she's beautiful."

"I know, isn't she?" the parent replied with an excited grin as if she had a secret to tell. Then she frowned slightly, and held her midsection, slowly motioning toward the room's lone window. The foggy night sky reminded her of the years in Seattle, dreary and drab, yet laden with achromatic beauty. As Dory turned her back, Anna used the opportunity to remove her soaked nightshirt to change. Dory caught the outlines of Anna naked body from the corner of her eye. Formerly skinny and lanky, Dory's 'little' sister had developed quite well in the last four years. Now a full two cup-sizes larger, she had gained almost 10 pounds on her stomach and legs. 'She's filled out nicely.' Dory thought to herself and she stole a full glance. "Martin was stupid for letting her go.'

"Stop looking at my tits, Dory." Anna warned as she rifled for a dry shirt from one of her bags on the floor. "Have you not been getting any lately?"

"I'll have you know I just fucked Mari's ass a few minutes ago." she announced proudly, then scrunching her face she inquired "Too much info?"

"The fact that you still have to ask after all these years proves there is something wrong with you." The feisty blond flipped the new t-shirt down, stuffing her large breast within the confines the fabric. Now 'decent', Anna joined her sister in front of the window. "I've missed you, Dory."

Her sibling's sudden tenderness caught Dory off balance. It took several seconds for her to respond, though it seemed like longer. "I miss you too. And I know I've said it a million times but I'm so sorry about Martin. We'll fix you up."

"So you're not kicking me out?"

She hugged Anna gently. "Please watch what you say around Catherine. That girl already has an imagination and I don't want her growing up too fast."

"Please place your exams in my drop box tonight, by midnight." Professor Drake reminded the ensemble of students as they were leaving the medium sized lecture hall. "Hannah, may I speak with you quickly?" The young strawberry blonde girl had almost reached the door before being redirected to her instructor's desk some 20 feet away. The timid student tightly gripped her bookbag, high English cheekbones, and air of classic beauty, flushed with nervousness as she stood over the sitting teacher.

"Finals are only a week away. Your friend Alexi needs to officially drop this class if she doesn't want to come anymore." Dory stated, glasses and nose pinned in a textbook, not bothering to look up at Hannah. "I trust you'll let her know?" The girl shifted her eyes from side to side, seeming confused. Her overall appearance started to concern Dory. She finally looked up. "Is there something wrong, Hannah?"

"No, Professor Drake. I'm fine. I'll let Alexi know." the girl played nervously with the trendy, paisley scarf that draped across her neck as she quickly backed towards the exit. In fact, she tried to bolt for the door even before she was finished talking.

"HANNAH!" Dory snapped at her student as she would her daughter. The girl turned back to Dory, face mixed with desperation and panic. She could burst into tears as she returned to the professor's desk. "Alexi isn't purposefully missing my class, is she?" Visibly frightened, she forced an uncomfortable headshake. Dory had wanted to be wrong about her intuition, and her correctness did that alleviate the concern for her missing student. "Where is she?" The two were all alone in the classroom by now, but that didn't ease the girl's blatant paranoia. "Do you want to go to my office?" she offered, trying not to lose patience. She managed another involuntary nod.

It was a short walk to Dory's office, just two or three doors. The school was smallish, and Dory was lucky to be named to their adjunct faculty. They entered her cramped office space with flimsy wooden panels for walls. Her heavy desk was of the same neutral coloring. 'My office is basically from the first season of Doctor Who.' she had once explained to Mari. Her tight work area was void of clutter, save a small steel picture frame with insert-- she, Mari and Catherine on vacation in a French hamlet last year. Dory glanced at her happy family and smirked a bit before getting serious.

"Okay, Hannah." she started with a grave tone. "Where's Alexi?"

"I'm not quite sure..." the 20 year old girl was almost in tears, the bangs of her bright hair stuck to her nervously sweaty brow.

"This isn't an interrogation, Hannah." Dory cooed, trying to calm the girl down. Taking pity on her student, Dory compared her behavior to that of Catherine's reluctance to tell the truth for fear of self-incrimination. "So just calm down and tell me how long she's been missing. Certainly not the entire two weeks she's been out of class? What did the police say? Hannah-- you called the police, right?"

There was the secret she so badly wanted to retain. Her blatant negligence to her best friend and flat mate's well being. She finally crumbled under her burden of guilt and broke into sobs. "I'm so sorry Professor Drake, she told me not to say anything, and that she'd be back in a few days!" Dory wanted to scream at her. Two weeks? Really? But it wouldn't help. She just needed more information. "It's okay, Hannah. But I do need to know where she went."

She took a couple of deep gasps for air, and tried to calm herself. "She took an overnight job as a factory worker, trying to expose corruption at the Consair Corporation."

"Consair Foods?" Dory sounded alarmed. "She didn't get that idea from my lecture on abuse in big business did she? Because sneaking around and antagonizing a dragon like the Consair group was definitely not that point I was making."

"When she first started, she either checked in with me or I saw her in the morning." Hannah still sobbed. "Then she told me about infiltrating deeper and that she may lose contact for awhile, but Professor, that was a week ago! I'm so scared!"

Dory's parental instincts kicked in, and she held the quivering girl, who was barely out of her teenage years. "It's going to be okay, dear." she whispered in her ear. "You get yourself ready for your next class and I'll take care of this."

Composed, but still morose, Hannah left Dory alone in her office. The woman was pensive and rightfully so. Consair was a multi-billion dollar corporation, often regarded as being above the law. "I thought I left all this shit in Seattle." she grumbled and sighing heavily. She would have loved to look the other way, call the police, and then let them deal with it. Unfortunately for Dory, she felt more responsible than she ought. To Professor Drake, a student of hers, inspired by her, disappeared because of her. The guilt had already begun to nibble at her heart painfully. As Anna so greatly articulated years ago, this was a job for Dory Drake, Dickgirl Detective.

"Sorry girls..." she said aloud, palming her family picture. "Looks like mommy can't stay out of trouble."

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