The Invisible Man at Midnight
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Harry was pleased with the experiment because of the perks of stealing favors from unsuspecting females in all types of situations. He meets a pretty policewoman who finds his naked appearance much to her liking. Harry likes everything about her except her handcuffs which she wields with plenty of skill.

Of course, the women all blamed it on some sort of ghost or paranormal event. Betty knew it wasn't a ghost who had shoved his cock so deep inside her vagina that he touched her seldom reached "G" spot. She was trying her best to keep from screaming, not from fear, but from the passion the friction of the deeply buried cock had aroused in her breast.

Her husband Sydney was in a deep sleep in the other bed totally unaware of how she had been spread wide open and stretched beyond her imagination by a thick demanding tool that knew right where she liked it best of all.

The apparition, if that is what it was, was stroking fast now. Betty was bouncing on the mattress like some sort of circus performer practicing for a routine. She was right on the edge of a fantastic orgasm when her husband woke up and said,

"What the fuck are you doing, Betty?"

She turned to his voice and tried to explain she was "getting it" from some unexplained entity when the orgasm shook her body in convulsive shaking. Her husband Herman knew right away his wife was having a lot of fun and he didn't think that was right since he wasn't involved at all. He put on the lights and even looked under the bed while his wife lay dazed in a pool of juices.

Harry was standing by the window laughing like a fool. Of course they couldn't hear him. Nobody could hear him or see him when he was in his "stealth" mode unless somehow he got covered with some sort of opaque layer like paint or mud. This female was a solid 10 in the fucking department and he envied her husband the luck of having her available every night for a good poke.

The experiment that had given him the ability to switch into a form of invisibility was still not completely understood by either him or his mentor Doctor Heyward despite their many test runs together. They had been working on the project for almost two years now and it was only recently that Harry had decided to take advantage of the invisibility factor to get sneaky advantage with nubile females that caught his eye. He had seen Betty bending over in the swimming pool area of the apartment complex and her heart-shaped bottom made him determined to plumb its depths. She had proven to be a superior piece of twist that made him drain his weasel with more force than he had managed in recent months.

Even now, he considered a trip up her rear portal to taste the tightness of her tiny opening. But the fact that her husband was awake and that she seemed still dazed from her orgasm made him prone to call this a night and he slipped unnoticed out onto the patio and down to the ground. A neighbor's dog yelped nearby but went silent when it was unable to see anything moving in the shadows.

Harry was about halfway home when he switched back early into visible mode. It would not have been a problem except for the fact he was stark naked and walking on a crowded street. The shrieks of the females were almost drowned out by the angry shouts from the angry males shielding wives and daughters from this naked apparition. He ran as fast as he could to the park and hid in the bushes until the din died down.

There was what appeared to be a young girl with long blonde hair sitting on a bench all alone. He was a bit desperate and approached her but cried out a warning first to warn her of his nude state.

"Oh Miss, I lost all my clothes and I am not some pervert trying to expose his thingamajig to you like a common deviant."

The girl looked up and saw him standing with his hand over his goodies ready to take off like a gazelle if she screamed in shock. Instead, she surprised him by laughing so hard she almost fell off of the park bench onto the peanut shell covered cobblestones. Harry figured she was not a threat and sat down gingerly at the other end of the bench being careful to keep his Willy covered discreetly.

"I was going for a quick swim in the lake and someone stole all of my clothes including my wallet and watch."

The girl looked at him with an amused look on her pretty face. Now that he was up close, he could see she was a lot older than he originally thought and it was obvious she was wearing an ill-fitting wig. He figured it all out immediately when she flashed her badge at him.

"It's OK fella. I am here to catch a couple of rapists who have been giving the joggers and the nannies a hard time in the park. You don't look like a rapist to me. You are far too polite."

Harry wasn't sure if he was in trouble or not but at least she didn't slap a pair of handcuffs on him. Maybe she was saving that for later. The girl looked at her watch and told him,

"I'm off-duty now. If you don't mind riding in a squad car I can give you a ride to your place so you don't get arrested by a less understanding member of the force."

Harry shook his head in quick agreement. It would be tedious to explain to his mentor Doctor Heyward how he came to be arrested in the middle of the night. He wasn't supposed to be using the formula for personal business like screwing a female who couldn't even see him. He didn't think the female cop would be all that understanding if she discovered the real circumstances of his public nudity.

In the squad car, Harry sat in the front next to Sue, his new police escort. He was afraid to sit in the back because it had bars and no inside handles on the doors. He saw Sue glancing now and then into his lap at the huge erection that had developed when her short skirt rode up her thighs revealing her shapely legs and a peek at her panties. He gave her directions to his house but about two blocks before his street she turned into a parking garage and told him she wanted to take care of his "problem".

The next fifteen minutes were sheer bliss as her professional tongue and dedicated lips delivered a memorable suck that made him blast off with a prostate tingling "all systems go".

Harry wasn't particularly fond of second hand smoke but he relaxed when Sue lit up a menthol cigarette and puffed away with a far-away smile on her pretty face.

"You got some prime dick, Mister."

Harry looked down at his shrinking member and reserved opinion on that statement.

"I really have to get home, officer, my boss is waiting for a report."

She laughed out loud at that.

"You mean your bitch of a wife is waiting to ream your ass."

Harry was shocked at the inference.

"No, Sue, I mean my boss Doctor Heyward from NASA is expecting a report on our latest project. I don't have a wife; in fact, I don't even have a girlfriend."

The plainclothes officer applied some lipstick to her cherry red lips and checked in the mirror to make sure none had gotten on her teeth. She pursed her lips together like she was practicing her kissing technique and gave him a sideways look before saying,

"That's real interesting since I kind of was in the market for some steady cock to give it to me when I get off duty on these hot summer nights."

Harry looked at her perky breasts and pretty face with new interest. This shot of pussy was "falling in his lap" in no uncertain terms. It was so easy that he became instantly suspicious. Then, he rationalized that it was he who approached her with his lack of clothes problem so it was unlikely he had fallen into some sort of devious plot to expose his ability to become invisible.

His cock was starting to come to life again which was unusual so quickly after a satisfactory oral copulation. In fact, his prostate was still tingling and he knew his pulse had not yet come down into a normal range as yet. Still, when the attractive policewoman slid down on the bench seat and lifted her hips to remove her black silk panties, he didn't hesitate to push between her knees to get inside her pussy without delay.

The radio was spewing out some details on a 10-14 or a 10-something and he was concentrating on sticking his 10 inch cock in Sue's soaking wet policewoman pussy.

He could hear her groaning out her pleasure with each deep stroke.

He reached down to grab hold of her ass cheeks and she looked him straight in the eye and shouted out with some degree of irritation.

"Get your fucking hands off my ass. Nobody touches my ass unless I tell them to. You got that, Mister?"

He was a bit startled but continued to pound her pussy with measured strokes causing her to gush out a stream of liquid right onto the black leather seat. Her ass cheeks were splashing in her own sticky juice like a little girl playing in a rain puddle in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Each time he bottomed out now, the pretty woman grunted her appreciation of his efforts. She was having a series of little mini-orgasms but not a major one as yet. He felt strangely disconcerted that she was not able to let it all go and scream like most of his other previous conquests. It was as if she wanted to stay in control even if it was at the expense of her own satisfaction.

Sue reached behind him and shoved her finger into his quivering brown eye like he was the girl and she was a macho guy proving how much she was in control. He hated to admit it but it really turned him on and he slammed into her pussy harder than ever before. Harry had reached the point of no return and knew that his creamy cum would be shooting out into Sue's pretty pussy before very long.

When he flooded her hidden treasure cave, she sighed like it was finally time to surrender and locked her ankles around him and kept him inside her until all of his juice was drained completely.

They pulled up outside his apartment building and he told her that the doorman would help him to the elevator and use the house key to let him into his apartment. She laughed and told him that it was lucky to have a "doorman" for such occasions like being naked in public. Harry didn't see anything funny in it but he had to concede that the situation was humorous and not normal for the average city worker.

The office was crowded with new job applicants and he was able to get two female interns for his department. Of course, they would never truly understand exactly what it was that they were experimenting on but they helped reduce the administrative workload and it fun to watch them in their skinny high heels and their tight little skirts. Since that would be thought very sexist, he was certain to keep his thoughts to himself.

Just as a lark, Harry administered a short dose of the formula and stripped off all of his clothing before leaving his office and heading to the women's lounge at the end of the hallway. Most of the new girls were in there just chatting and putting on make-up and adjusting their clothing. In such situations, he tended to stay away from the facilities as he had no interest in watching the pretty pussies peeing and such. He did make mischief by pulling some skimpy thong cords from deep cracks and by running the tips of his fingers over the panty-covered camel-toes staring him in his face. He was careful to stay out of the way and flitted from girl to girl touching them so lightly that they thought it was just a breeze or their own clothing being shifted.

He quickly ran back to his office before the formula wore off and started to revert to normal before he even finished dressing.

Harry was looking forward to Friday night when his new policewoman friend Sue was coming over to show him how important handcuffs were in certain situations.

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