Small Wonder
Chapter 1

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Sister, Group Sex,

Desc: Pedo Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When 14 year old walks into the gents toilet a whole new life starts for her. She finds she needs to be used, but cant control who takes charge. her mother her sister and their boyfriends oblige

I suppose it all started a few weeks on my fourteenth birthday, but in all honesty, the groundwork had been laid some time before. Let me explain, my mum, Jane, is a single parent, and had fallen pregnant with my sister, Beth when still at school. When she told her boyfriend what had happened, he broke down, terrified, he blamed her for it (it takes two right? Yeah right!).

After a lot of recrimination, both he and his family decided to help with child support. Looking back, mum thinks his family didn't want him tied down at such a young age, so with their encouragement, he joined the army. After a few years travelling around the world, he moved to Germany and met someone else. He finally grew up and settled down. He was good, in that he always supported Beth financially, but, to be honest, that was it. The lady he finally married was very jealous and cards and child support was all she would allow, visits were definitely a no-no. My name is Vicki (short for Victoria) I was different; mum got drunk one night and ended up in bed with two guys, so it could have been either of them.

Her parents, my grandparents, again were still supportive in every way both financially and looking after us, which is how mum managed to train as a nurse. She still dated, but became very careful, she confessed to us that she really likes sex and has a number of guys she sees regularly. The ones she trusts the most, she brings home, and most Saturday nights we got to hear her having sex.

Beth started dating when she was thirteen and by fourteen she had started getting heavy with her dates. Mum cautioned her about being careful and not going to far with boys. They talked and mum became shocked when Beth told her she was being good, she only gave hand jobs and head. Mum thought naively that all she was doing was kissing and fumbling. A few weeks later, she went crying to mum confessing that it had happened, a session with her boyfriend had ended up with unprotected sex. Mum realised they were too much alike and she finally put her on the pill. Now she is sixteen and has a regular eighteen year old boyfriend called Dave who stays over most weekends. Mum says she would rather they had sex in the house then in the park or somewhere and take risks with different partners. She has realised that Beth has inherited her 'love of sex' gene. Unfortunately, so have I.

So I have grown up around sex, both listening to my mum and sister (and on occasion sneakily watching them) at it. The sight and sound would get me all hot and bothered and I would end up fingering myself to orgasm. One night I used a hairbrush and tore my hymen. The blood and pain scared me and I thought I had damaged myself. I ran into mums bedroom crying. She had just finished with Phil, one of her regulars and she took me downstairs and sat me on the sofa. Hiccupping with fear, I was worried what she might think, I explained how I had urges and feelings that the only way I could relieve them was by playing with myself. She asked where I had learned to masturbate from, I hesitated, and she guessed Beth.

Despite the two year age gap, Beth and I are pretty close. I always asked her about her dates and she told me, giggling what she got up to, I was spellbound and envious. When I told her about listening to her with her guys and how 'tingly' it all made me feel, she told me how to release it all, I owe it all to her.

While mum and I were talking, Phil had come downstairs in his dressing gown and heard most of what we discussed. He saw the blooded hairbrush I still held in my hand and took it off me. Mum and Phil went out into the kitchen and talked quietly for a while before mum came back. She told me everything was ok and I had just lost my virginity but cautioned me not to use the hairbrush anymore, she said it wasn't hygienic and might hurt me. Tearfully I nodded and asked her what I should use instead. This flummoxed her and she hesitated for a second. She went upstairs and came back down with a small vibrator.

So Saturday nights became orgasmic for all three of us, mum and Beth getting it in their bedrooms and me listening while using my vibrator, ramming it in and out of myself as I listened to my mum and sister's groans and their partners cries as they slowly built to their orgasms. Sometimes I managed to time it right so I could cum with one or both of them, it was fantastic, but it still wasn't enough.

Anyway, my sexual tension was getting high and I knew I wanted more, but wasn't sure how to get it. I didn't date, I had friends who were boys, but they were friends my own age and just weren't mature, they were people to play football with.

One Saturday afternoon we went to the beach, after playing in the sea for a while I sprawled out on the beach, catching some sun. I was wearing my one piece swimming costume I lay back on my towel trying to pretend I was naked and everyone walking past could see me. I started to get wet down below and I wanted to finger myself. I looked around, mum Phil and Beth were dozing nearby on their towels. I must have fallen asleep; when I woke up I was desperate for the toilet, so I got up and headed off. I walked off to find the ladies toilet closed, for cleaning. I stood outside hopping from one foot to the other, and I saw the gents as a guy came out. I hopped for a moment longer and then thought, why not?

Looking both ways I hesitated outside the door, then stepped inside I walked through the entrance to the left I saw the urinals, and an old guy standing there with his cock in his hand. I walked past him to the stalls and stepped inside. I shut the door and pulled down my costume. Peeing, I imagined the door being open and men standing around watching me. When I stopped I was so aroused I had to finger myself to orgasm. I groaned as I came, not caring that people inside could hear me.

As I came out, I saw a couple of men; they must have been in their thirties standing by the urinals. Neither of them was peeing, but they both had hard-ons. Of course, now I know, they must have been jerking each other, but then I had no idea. All I knew was that I was standing next to two hard dicks and I wanted them.

They both looked at each other and then at me smiling, the first one kept glancing at the entrance with a worried look on his face, but as nobody came in his smile got bigger. They both started stroking their dicks and I watched as they grew bigger and bigger. The closest guy turned slightly towards me and moved his hand so I could see it better. He nodded his head at me, inviting me to touch. My hand went to my mouth and I looked over my shoulder at the entrance. As I looked at the doorway, he moved closer to the urinal, but when he realised I was just looking out, not waiting for someone, he moved back into the same position. With one hand in front of my mouth, I tentatively reached across and touched it. My heart raced, I was actually doing it, I had touched a man's dick!

I grasped my hand around it and started to masturbate it. He must have been really turned on by the feel of my young hand, because his gasps turned into groans and suddenly he came, all over my hand and into the porcelain. He staggered back and leant against the side wall, still gasping. I held my hand up and looked at the cum slowly running down it. I stuck my tongue out and gently tasted it, yum! To tell the truth, it didn't really taste of anything to me, but the thought of it was amazing. The other guy now turned towards me and I reached for his dick. Now I pulled his, just like the last guy, but this time using both hands. Just like the other guy, he only lasted a few seconds, but only this time, he was facing me, not the porcelain.

The cum shot out from his dick and hit me in the chest, I could feel the sticky warmth soaking through. My swimming costume was covered and it ran down my front, soaking the material. "Thank you," he croaked. I nodded, turned and walked out of the toilet, my head swimming, barging into another man who was just walking in. I think he looked at me and said something, but I'm not sure. I walked down the steps to the beach and my family, when, suddenly my sanity returned and my brain started working. I walked right past them, into the sea. As soon as it reached my knees I sat down and washed the cum from my body. Once my hand and chest was clean, I returned to my family and sat down. Mum looked at me quizzically, "are you ok?"

I nodded, "I'm fine, just needed to cool off." With that, I sat down on my blanket and laid back, my heart pounding thinking of what I had just done. It was just as well I had wet my costume, because I would have had a wet spot on my pussy. I lay there, constantly going over and over what I had just done, the urge to finger myself was almost unbearable and I clenched my fists in the towel, my head swimming.

God, it was so exciting, I had actually wanked two cocks! It was wonderful, I had seen, felt and tasted cum. My imagination started to run wild, in my mind they had cum again and again and again, over every part of my body. I had opened my mouth and they had shot over my tongue and over my face. The itching down below was unbearable. As calmly as I could fake it, I stood, shakily and walked down into the sea and continued out until it was up to my chin. Once I was that deep, I pulled my costume down to my knees and pushed my fingers into myself. All around me, people were swimming, two teenage boys waded past me talking and I was standing practically next to them naked. Trying to keep my shoulder still I fingered myself to orgasm. Just as my orgasm started, a middle aged couple walked past me into deeper water. They both smiled at me as they passed, which triggered me to another orgasm.

I pulled my costume all the way off and held it in my hand. I desperately wanted to stash it somewhere, but it was impossible. I held it scrunched up in my hand, and walked around in the water naked. A family were in the water at just the right depth for me, if I bent my knees a little. I walked up to them desperately trying to think of something to say. "Hi," I said lamely. The parents looked at me, waiting for me to continue; I thought quickly, "is there a firework display tonight?"

They both frowned in thought, "no," said the mother, there was one earlier in the week, wasn't there?"

"I think so," said her husband. I nodded, "thanks," I croaked and walked off. I suddenly realised I was walking the wrong way, into shallower water and turned back into deeper. Sighing, I put my costume on and waded back to shore and rejoined my unsuspecting family on the towels.

It was about three or four days later that I finally confessed to mum what I had done. To say she was worried was an understatement. "Oh my god, those two men, you could have been abducted or even killed, didn't you think?"

I hung my head in shame, "I'm sorry mum, I didn't think, I mean I couldn't. Once I saw them I had to touch them, you can understand mum can; you?" she looked up at the ceiling and I shook my head. "Mum I'm really sorry, but I can't stop myself. I can't stop dreaming about it." That was true, only in my last dream there was a lot more cum and more cocks, and I was covered in it.

"Mum if you want me to stop I will try, but I can't promise, I'm sorry but I can't. I want it so bad I am scared I might do something stupid."

"What if they had taken you into the toilet and raped you?" God, I thought excitedly, to be actually taken by them, to be fucked (I thought the dirty words even if I didn't say them), those two cocks going up me, maybe one of them would be sitting on the toilet holding on to me, bent over, while the other one would rip straight into me. Maybe they one sitting would make me suck him; maybe both would do me together, with the door open so anyone could see ... I looked up into her eyes, and she saw the lust and excitement in them. She knew I wanted to go back there now.

"I'm sorry mum but I can't help it." I fell into her arms sobbing and we hugged each other.

Mum was crying, "so am I dear, so am I, and I don't know what to do." We fell silent for a minute or two, both sobbing quietly. Then she said hesitantly in a small voice, "suppose if we can find someone safe ... maybe you can continue, but only with that." She now looked stern, "do I make myself clear?"

"Yes mum," I replied, my face splitting ear to ear. "I promise to try to be good."

Later that day, we had a family discussion, mum Beth and I. Beth sat with her mouth open when I told her what had happened on the beach and how it triggered my yearnings.

"You little slut," she giggled.

"Beth, you're not helping," said mum.

"Sorry mum," she said, "but this is your fault, we both get it from you, although," she giggled, "I think Vicki has got it worse."

"That's not helpful," she snapped.

"Sorry," she repeated looking at the floor.

"I'm sorry honey, but we need to figure out what to do for Vicki, I don't want to see her hurt."

"Mum, don't worry," I said.

She sniffed, "that's easy for you to say, "what if someone tried to force you?"

I stared out of the window, dreamily, wondering what to say, then decided on the truth. I looked her in the eye, "it wouldn't be force, I would let him." They both gasped at that. I continued, "but I would like to pretend it was."

They both sat in silence for a few seconds, trying to digest what I had just said. Beth spoke first, looking at us both, "look mum, the way I see this, is you want to keep Vicki safe, and protect her from the nasty side, but you," she said looking at me, "you actually want the nasty side." I nodded desperately at that, turning to mum. "I'm sorry mum, but I really do, everything I have seen and heard I want to try."

"What do you mean seen?"

I grinned at that, "mum, you don't always close the bedroom door properly, and you Beth." She looked surprised, I continued, "if you and Dave want to do it on the sofa, don't be surprised if you have an audience." Beth looked away embarrassed, but hot as well. "Mum I want to try everything I have seen and heard. You too together in the shower..."

Mum interrupted red faced, "making love?"

I went for broke, I knew she was embarrassed but I had to go for it, "no not just that," I licked my lips hesitantly looking back and forth between them both, I wasn't sure how secret this part was, I decided to go for it, in my naivety, I didn't understand any sexual taboos, I thought everything was normal, "you and Dave, peeing on each other."

"Wow mum," said Beth, her eyes wide. I looked at her, "and when you and Dave play games, role play, you know." Mum looked quizzically, and I turned to her, "they talk dirty and he play rapes her. I want that too." They looked at each other in amazement.

I thought for a second, and decided this was my time, I could have clammed up, but I wanted so much and the only way forward I decided was complete honesty.

"Mum, can I watch some porn please, just to see what I want; I won't try anything without asking you mum, please?"

"Darling, if I could believe you wouldn't try anything, we wouldn't be having this conversation at all." I conceded that point, as she was right, that was the whole purpose of this conversation, my incessant need to experiment with sex.

"Ok, mum, how about I promise to tell you what I want to do ... and what I have done?

Mum sighed, "that's slightly better."

Beth spoke, "mum, as we are being honest here, Dave and I pretended I was Vicki and he seduced me, he might be willing to ... play, and mum, you could ask Phil."

Mum nodded, "I will," she said slowly, "I think he might, but it's up to him, I really can't force him darling."

I nodded and smiled my thanks to both of them, "this is brilliant, thanks, mum." It wasn't actually, but it was a start to me getting what I wanted, but I was genuinely excited. I wanted things to move quickly, I was owed a birthday present, and I had plans for when I was asked what I wanted.

Later, that evening, mum had a long conversation on the phone with Phil. I was sitting curled up in an armchair, supposedly reading, but in reality, hanging onto every word. By what mum said, I could tell he was a little reluctant at first, and wanted to speak to me directly. I couldn't blame him, he was a doctor at mum's hospital, and he could get struck off if it ever came out. Mum knew I was listening and called me over quietly. As I stood up, she beckoned me over to the sofa and sat me down next to her. She handed me the phone and I spoke, "Hi Phil."

"Hi, Vicki," he said, his voice seemed a little strained. "Your mum has told me a little about what you want." He broke off unsure what to say. I spoke quickly; scared he would take fright and hang up. "Yes, mum says I can play with you and make you cum, please say I can, please."

"Oh, honey, are you sure that's what you want?"
"Yes it is, please, mum says I can, but she doesn't want me to do it with strangers, and I think I would if you don't let me, please Phil. Nobody will ever know, I swear it"

"Look, honey, are you sure you want this and your mum is ok?"

I was getting anxious, I didn't want to lose him or cause problems for mum, but I had no choice, "you know what happened with me in the toilets, if you don't let me, I will go back there, I know I will, please Phil," my voice broke and I was practically in tears. Mum hugged me and took the phone from me. Her voice was hoarse as she spoke to him, "Phil sweetheart, it's ok, please I don't think we have a choice, come round tomorrow and we can start."

I dried my eyes as they finished their conversation, and I went up to bed, smiling about the following day.

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