Hindsight 20/20 Book 3
Chapter 1

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The third installment: Britt has finished school, built a business and now is ready to settle down and figure out what is in store for the country's newest billionaire?

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   BiSexual   Humor   Rags To Riches   Time Travel  

February 1986

"Yes, yes, yes," was Darcy's reply to my marriage proposal. She knocked me on my ass as she jumped into my arms and smothered my face with kisses.

I pulled her to me for a real kiss as we sat on the path in Central Park. As we broke our kiss I said, "Darcy, you've answered one question, but it just created so many more. When will we get married, and where will we get married? How long after we marry do you want to move? When and how will we tell everyone? Should we call each person or fly to them to see their responses? Any answer to any of those questions is fine with me. I'm simply tired of being alone. I just want to become a 'we', and not just a 'me'."

"We can be together, and to prove it, I'll kick Karen out of my bed for you. It's weird that I love to dominate women, but feel so much better being submissive to you. I love to have young pretty girls to boss around, but with you, the only thing I want is to continue being your little fuck toy. Since neither of us wants other men, I think that this will work out well. Just imagine. We can travel the world sharing the women we find."

"So you want an open relationship? What if Marshal and Peggy want to swap?"

"Marshal and Peggy might be an exception, but I don't want to go to parties and hook up with strangers. If you wanted me to do that, then we could talk about it, but since I'm not a slave but a wife, I'd hope that we could talk about it first."

"Of course we can. I want you to feel happy, more than anything else."

"We'll be happy. I feel like I won the lottery in both men and money. Just to place your mind at ease, I'll be happy to sign a pre-nup. I know how hard you worked for what you have."

"I don't have anything. It's all owned by trusts that I'm a beneficiary in. If anyone ever sues me, we have designed the trust so that it will stop making payments to me. You're marrying me, not the trust. In any case, I'll give you more money than you can spend anyways. Is there something you want? I'll probably have made more in interest while talking about it than it will cost. My plan is to give a lot of it away, but right now I make around $1,500 a second twenty-four hours a day."

Darcy looked like she was thinking about something hard and finally spoke. "That was twenty seconds or thirty thousand dollars. Can, I ask you to please make a very large donation to the New York Symphony?"

"I don't have time for that. I can't write checks fast enough. It would take me more time to write the checks than spend the money. I'll set up a foundation so that I can donate to it. I have charities that I'll want to support and so will you and your girls. What we'll do, is set it up so the foundation makes the contributions for us. If you want to create a new symphony in Las Vegas, with the money that you'll have, you can do that. If you want to buy new uniforms for the Pride of the Sunshine Marching Gator Band, you can do that too."

"Wow that will be fun for a couple of minutes."

"It can be mind-boggling. That's why we hire people like Karen to take care of it. If you really want to, you could buy a new house and car, every day of the year. The worst part is that sometimes the money gives you a false sense that you don't need anyone or anything else. I could hire as many hookers that I wanted, but what I need now is love. I could buy my way into or out of most situations, but I need some morality and guidance to tell me when I've gone too far. I believe in God, but I don't need to pray for enough money to pay my bills at the end of the month. In many ways, having more money than you can spend does change your perspective."

"How do you plan on keeping yourself from falling into the traps you just talked about?"

"My plan is to set up trusts that will limit how and what, I can spend money on. I'll set up guidelines that will remind me of why I worked so hard to earn the money. It will also remind the people who do benefit from my charity that they have responsibilities as well. If I give a billion dollars to the Shiner's Children's Hospital and too much of that goes to the management and not to the kids, then the next year, the guidelines will state that the foundation can't make that same gift again. It all boils down to accountability."

"So, it will be very important on the front end to set up rules for spending based on principles."

"Yes. In addition, I've set up a revocable trust for friends and family although I'll probably expand it or redo portions of it now that we've become engaged, because you're part of that trust. The way I've structured the trust is that if my sister decides to sit on her ass and do nothing, she can get $12,000 a year in income from the trust. If she gets a DUI or another legal issue comes up because of drugs or alcohol, she'll get nothing without her passing a clean drug test. If she's working and making fifty grand a year then she'll get a check for fifty from the trust. I could afford to give everyone a million dollars a year, but it would just ruin their lives. After a certain age, the rules will change. Mom and Dad can retire at fifty-five without worrying along with everyone else in the trust. The trust will take care of college, room and board but not in an apartment like mine."

"I think the way you've set up the trust will be a good thing. Look how you turned out you big jackass."

"Darcy, just remember that I can spank my wife too. She doesn't have to have slave status for me to do that."

"Yes, Dear."

"We should go back and tell Karen and Lilly about our plans and see if they want to come with us and be a part of our lives."

Darcy said, "I hope they do, I love them both very much."

"I hope they want to come with us as well. I know you care for them both."

We walked the few blocks to Darcy's place. We found Lilly at home, but Karen was still at work. Lilly couldn't miss the big diamond on Darcy's finger and was hugging her before she could say anything. She knew that this event would change things for her, but she'd been around long enough to know that Darcy wanted to live with me. When the questions started from Lilly, Darcy told her to wait for Karen, and that at the moment, she didn't have all the answers yet. She said, "The first thing that came up was that we need to move out of the state, since New York will take almost nine percent of his income if he lives here. That would be billions of dollars that he couldn't use for charity because the government had a better way to spend his money."

Lilly said, "I know that Karen loves her job here, but she loves you too. I'm not sure what she'll do if you move."

I said. "I know that Darcy loves Karen and she wants you both to come with us. If Karen decides to stay, she can keep the car and the condominium. Darcy will pay it off for her."

Lilly started to ask questions and got mostly "I don't know yet," as an answer.

Karen came home and noticed the ring as well. I don't know how they do it. You could see the joy and confusion on her face. Darcy sat her down and hugged her. Karen was already crying. Darcy told her that everything would be all right.

Karen said, "I know that this is what you wanted and hoped for even if you never said anything."

"Karen, I love Britt and I love you and Lilly. I'll be marrying Britt, but I want you and your mom to come with us, to live with us. I know you love your job and the responsibilities you've but we think that we can find something for you wherever we end up?"

"Can't we stay in New York?"

"No, New York is a high tax state and Britt pays more than enough taxes already."

"Can we go back to San Francisco?"

"California is just as bad if not worse. There are several states that don't have an income tax and those are the places we'll be looking at to live."

"What'll I do, work in a branch office after working my way up in the company?"

I said, "Karen, when I was talking to Darcy about marriage, you were one of her main concerns. She wants you to feel happy. I told her that you'd be a good person to oversee an investment company that's being set up. You'll oversee trading, research, taxes, charitable foundations, trusts and maybe even a mutual fund if it's the right choice of investment."

"What's it called?"

"You haven't named it yet. I have over five hundred billion in assets and over fifty billion in income annually. I also have trusts that are set up for friends and family. I want to set up a charitable foundation and a think tank for entrepreneurs. We need to set up all these functions. Some of the things that we need to address are the need to hire people, and establish trading relationships. We need to do all of this from scratch with the best people you can find. You may have an office in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco or other places if they make sense for the business but that will be up to you and your management staff."

"I'll have a staff?"

"Karen, this isn't a play company to give you something to do. This is a real company. You'll hire CPA's, attorneys, financial analysts, economists, technology people, human resources, and all the support staff. You can also make solicitations to other investors to manage their money for them."

"I'm not sure that I can handle all that."

"You can decide how much or how little you feel comfortable with. I'll be pointing you in the directions, that I want you to focus my investments and I'll listen to your advice. When I started my companies I found and brought in the smartest people to help me."

"Wow that's a big promotion. Will I get paid?"

"More than you make now. We can start at ten times your current pay and then adjust it as we go."

"Holy shit. I don't know what to say. I don't know where to start."

"I'll need a few weeks to get the ball rolling. You should put in your notice and let Chuck know that we'll use them for some of our trading."

Karen gave me a hug and a kiss before saying, "I love Darcy with all of my heart. Please make her happy."

"That's my plan."

Karen started to ask Darcy the same questions that Lilly did, but it didn't go very far. She didn't have the answers. Darcy told Karen that she'd know more in a week as she and I discussed our future.

Darcy and I decided to fly to Orlando instead of calling everyone. I called Art the head of the travel agency and he said that he'd have a jet waiting for us in an hour. We took a cab over to the heliport and then from the executive airfield we took a charter flight direct to Orlando Executive Airport. I was going to call a cab but instead just had Darcy sit in the lounge while I jogged over to the warehouse and stole one of Doug's cars. She liked the old Camaro when I pulled up. I drove over to Park Avenue and checked into the Park Plaza. We dropped off our bags and then had dinner in the restaurant below before heading over to her parents around 8:30.

Her mom opened the door and looked surprised to see her daughter and then me, but when she inadvertently looked at her finger, she started to scream. This sound immediately brought her dad into the entryway, where Darcy gave him a hug then told him that we were getting married.

Her dad said, "I'm glad you're finally going to get together."

I don't think he really liked me, but he worked for Marshal, and I'm sure he knew about what we'd done. We still didn't know when or where we'd be married, but as of the moment, there was no question in anyone's mind, about our engagement. We stopped by my Dad's first to let him know, and then moved on to my Mom's place. They were both happy and said that they'd be there. It was almost ten when we knocked on John and Beth's door.

John came to the door and opened it cautiously. When he saw who it was, he looked concerned, but when he saw Darcy, he smiled. He invited us in, and when he said that he'd go get Beth out of the bedroom, I told him that I'd get her. Initially he looked skeptical, but then smiled and said, "Sure."

I walked down the hall and heard Beth ask, "Who was it?"

I said, "Some sexy guy, and his almost new bride."

She jumped out of bed and dropped her book on the floor. She had on a nice see-through nightie, and she looked good. I took her in my arms and gave her a hug, kiss, and a squeeze on her ass. She grabbed her robe as she trotted away from me down the hall.

When I made it to the living room, she had Darcy in a bear hug and John was sitting in a wing back chair, smiling at them.

Beth asked, "When did this happen, and why did it take you so long to let me know?"

"Beth I asked her today, and we had to fly here before we could tell you. We told our parents first, but you're the first non-blood relative we visited."

"Congratulations. When is the wedding and where?"

I looked at Darcy, and she looked at me. I said, "I'll have to ask my personal assistant. It seems that since she came into some money that she's been dropping her duties and hasn't planned it for me yet."

"Fuck you Britt. I just found out about this. I'll plan the best wedding this side of my daughters."

"She can be in the wedding," I said.

"I'm sure she'll want to take part in it."

"Should we get married here so we can have half of the world in attendance, or maybe we should pick someplace private and invite our closest friends? We could keep it to a couple of hundred people. We can rent out a hotel and a couple of jets to take everyone to Hawaii."

Darcy said, "That sounds like fun."

"Maybe we can straddle the international date line, so we can have different anniversaries."

Beth said, "That would be novel, but a pain in the ass for celebrating. Not to mention the marriage license."

"Britt, let's try to keep it simple, but a private beach in Hawaii sounds so romantic."

"Figure it out with Beth and your mom. Let me know what you decide. Make sure that your dad knows that I'll be paying for everything so he doesn't have a heart attack. I'll have veto powers but as long as I don't have to wear a pink tux with ruffles, I won't fuss too much. I'll ask Doug to act as my best man, and when you figure out the number of bridesmaids, I'll pick the rest of my groomsmen. We can stop by and see him in the morning, but I should give him a call and let him know that we're in town and I borrowed a car."

I went into the kitchen, called Doug, told him about the car, and asked him to meet us for breakfast in the morning at Brandywines. He said that he and Jill would be by around nine after they got everything up and running downtown.

Beth told Darcy that she'd see her after breakfast and Darcy and I went back to the hotel and made love. It just seemed different. It may have just been that we were both smiling so much. Eventually we both fell asleep. In the morning I found her cuddled into my shoulder, and we continued to talk about our lives in the future some more. She asked about the wedding.

"Do you think that a hundred people will be too many?"

"For my side of the family, I think that I can maybe get by with that many. However, I'll first need to think of friends, family and business people. I'm sure I'll have to invite some people I don't know or care too much about just to keep relations with people. When I think about it, I barely know any of the kids in my dad's new family except for some holiday meals where we sat at the same table. I absolutely want to invite Cindy and Cathy, so I will probably need to invite the kids on Dad's side as well."

"How many from business will you invite?"

"At least thirty but Beth will have a better idea. We both have friends from college and our lives after college. Just make a list of everyone and if it's too many we'll see how many we need to cut. If we don't want someone there that we feel we need to invite, we don't have to pay for the flight or hotel. If we need a lot of rooms, we'll need to push back the wedding until we can get the rooms and so people can plan around us."

"Let's shoot for around your birthday at the end of August."

"I imagine that six months will be enough time to let everyone know, so that's fine with me. Pick a place and a date then check with the hotel. I'm certain that we can make everything else happen. Do you know any musicians that may want to play at a wedding in Hawaii at the end of August?"

"How many do you want? I could get a double orchestra if you're paying the tab."

"I'm stepping back and letting you figure it out. Now let me up so I can shower before we meet Doug and Jill."

Doug and Jill were waiting for us when we arrived. After saying hello to all, Jill said, "Nice ring."

Doug followed up quickly with, "Congratulations, I knew that you couldn't remain single your whole life."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, or failure depending on how you meant it."

"What I meant, is that I'm happy for you."

"Darcy and I thank you."

Jill asked, "When's the wedding?"

"We don't have a date yet, but we're looking toward the end of August in Hawaii. We'll let you know the date as soon as it's final," Darcy said.

I saw Jill's look at Doug. It was a little sad.

When I saw Jill's face, I said, "We're going to rent out a hotel if we can find one and then charter a Jet for everyone. I hope you don't have other plans. If so let us know and we can always change the date."

Jill's frown turned into a bright smile and said that anytime in August would be fine. We had a nice breakfast and the girls walked out talking while I settled the bill. I looked at Doug and asked, "Are you still having trouble with your bills?"

"We'll be fine. There's a bright light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as we finish the last apartment complex and sell off the commercial property in front, we'll be completely out of debt. We just keep running into things that hold up payments and then we have to use our own saving to cover it. We keep paying off houses but it takes our free cash."

"Doug, it pains me to see you guys living like this. When are you closing on the complex?"

"It's scheduled for September but I told Jill that we weren't paying off any more houses until after then so we'll be fine."

"Why don't you hold off on making any house payments on the mortgage I hold, until then as well? You have a great house, but it owns you."

"I'll be happy when this is all behind us. You set us up for success, but we started living the life before we paid the dues."

"I'll be happy for you when we complete this. If you need anything, let me know. We can structure it however you want."

"We should be fine but I'll let you know before we miss a payment on anything."

"Good." We then found the girls across the street in the park sitting on a bench. We crossed over to meet them. After a few more hugs, Doug and Jill left to get back to work, and I dropped Darcy at Beth's office. I drove downtown and went in to see if John was free. He was reading a file but stopped to make time for me.

John said, "Britt is this personal or business?"

"Personal business. I can't seem to separate them. I'm glad you're still working after the money that you and Beth have now."

"Britt, you've more money and are younger but we're just in our thirties. I can't sit on a beach for that long. I do work fewer hours and I can now be more selective in choosing what projects I take on."

"I may have something for you but you'll need to talk to Beth."

"What is it? I'm not sure that I want to know."

"I'm setting up a new company to manage money. I'll need a good corporate attorney that knows his way around all the stuff that you do so well."

"Is there a catch?"

"The only catch is that I'm really thinking of setting up shop in Nevada for tax and liability reasons. When that takes place, I would like for you and my assistant to live closer to me than Orlando is right now. You can have a nice vacation home or homes wherever you want, but I'd like for you to become hands on for a while, until everything is up and running. What do you say?"

"What part of Nevada? Vegas, Reno, or Tahoe?"

"I think the main office will be in Vegas, but I'll have a place in Tahoe as well. I'll have to check to see where I already own homes. I think that I'll be renting more places or setting up a separate trust to own homes around the world. You could buy in with some others and me, and if you go to Cabo, Paris, Hawaii, Aspen, London or Zurich you'd have a house where you can stay. I can even throw in the condo down in Longboat Key."

"That sounds like a cool idea whether we move or not. I'll talk to Beth and see what she thinks."

"Las Vegas isn't just the strip with hotels and casinos. There are plenty of other things."

"I'll talk to Beth and see what she wants to do. We feel like we owe you and if you need help, we want to help."

"I can get along if you decide against it. I just trust you, and that's big in my book."

"I'll talk to Beth. Maybe we should go out there for a week and check it out."

"If you do maybe Darcy and I will plan to come along."

"That sounds like a good time."

"It would be. On a serious note, we'll need the best people that you can hire for taxes and financial planning. If you know of someone, put him or her on a list. You know that I love to have the best people on the team. It makes my life easier."

"I'll ask around."

"Check with Fred White over at the bank. He may have someone who needs more money than he's willing to pay."

"I'll give him a call and some of the other investors as well."

"I also want to put together a technology think tank and venture capital firm. I'll need some people there as well, but I'd like to become a member of the board and review proposals. I think that if we hear a lot of ideas that we can invest in the good ones and play match makers where companies can work together."

"I think that's a good idea as well."

"Darcy's girl, Karen is a trading desk manager at Charles Schwab and I think that she'll be coming over. I'd like her to have a position as high on the ladder as she's qualified for, and trained to go higher. She's special to Darcy, and I want her to succeed. This means putting people around her that we trust to help her succeed."

"I'll make it happen."

"Thanks, John. Is there anything you need?"

"A Vegas vacation."

"Have Beth set it up. Charter a jet and make it first class. I want to invest in the city so let's meet the right people."

"I'll let her know."

I drove back to pick up Darcy. Beth was on the phone with John when I walked in. She hung up a short time later. They informed me that we'd be married in Bermuda in August with three hundred of our closest friends.

"What happened to Hawaii?"

"We couldn't find a place we liked, and the plane flight was longer so we picked the Elbow Beach Resort in Bermuda. Art said that it's fantastic." Darcy said.

Beth added, "Britt, the only place that had enough rooms was the Hyatt on Waikiki beach. It's such a tourist trap that you wouldn't be able to have the privacy you'd want."

"A beautiful island is a beautiful island. As long as Darcy is happy then I'm happy."

"Alright August 16, 1986 is the date we'll be married. That was easy," Darcy said.

"Just tell the resort what you want and let them do the work. Reserve enough rooms and then we can give them a final number later."

Beth said, "We reserved all the remaining rooms. There were seventy rooms and a couple of cottages still available. Just in case we have more people than the hotel can accommodate, I've reserved rooms and transportation at another resort close by. I think we should work hard on the guest list to figure out the rooms."

"I know about my family and the board of directors from the business. I'll put together a list of friends like the Petersons, Reggie and Dani, Doug and Jill of course, I thought about making Beth my best man, but she and her family will be there or I'm not going."

Beth replied, "You're so sweet but I'd crash the wedding if we weren't invited."

"You don't have to worry about that. You're family. I should invite Karen, Michelle, and Dottie since they have children by me."

Next, the phone rang, it was Doug looking for me. He wanted to see if I was up for a game of basketball over at the park. Given that I was not dressed for a game, I told him that I'd first need to run back to the hotel to change, but instead he told me to check out and stay at his house. When I asked Darcy, she said she was fine with it. I had Beth call over and see if Reggie wanted to play, and he did. Next, I asked Beth if Johnny (now twelve) played b-ball. She said that he was actually good and that she'd walk over to the park with him around five.

We stopped by Doug and Jill's, to drop off our clothes, and we all rode over together. Darcy and Jill came along to hang out and watch us. We met Beth, Johnny, and Mary. Reggie showed up ten minutes later. Mary felt so excited for me, but was sorry that she wouldn't be my wife. She liked Darcy and all the women sat at a picnic table and started talking about getting married while the guys played some hoops. There were four high school kids playing, and we played four on four.

Although my shot was a little off, I was still working out regularly and was in good shape. Doug was still keeping up with his workouts, and Reggie was still in good shape. Johnny was a little intimidated when we took our shirts off so we could play as 'skins'. The high school boys weren't bad. I think they played on the high school team. We worked harder on defense, and the game was close. Johnny was pulling his weight with a few twelve-foot jumpers to keep us in the game.

Their big guy and I were underneath the basket, and for no apparent reason he started to play dirty. A little push here and a little jab there. His elbow caught me in the shoulder and the ribs a couple of times. He had the ball, and he was dribbling and trying to back me under the basket.

I said in a voice loud enough for him to hear, "I've had girls rub on me like that, hoping for me to take out my big cock and fuck them. You aren't trying to get me to fuck you, are you? I'm not gay."

He went up, took an off-balance shot, and missed. I grabbed the rebound and passed it out to Reggie. The big guy told me to fuck off as Reggie passed it right back to me. I pretended to back into him and then spun under the backboard for a reverse lay-up. That upset the big guy. The score was now 18-16. We were up by two and playing to twenty by ones. We kept the possession, and they passed the ball out to Reggie to put it in play.

I was in the corner, and the ball eventually came around to me. I moved like I was going up for the shot and when the defender came out to block the shot, I stepped around him and drove to the basket for a lay-up. As I was in the air, I could hear him and then feel him trying to take my legs out. In Nashville, I grabbed on the rim, but I wasn't in the right position to do that this time, so I flipped upside down and came down on my hands. I rolled out of the fall and found that I wasn't hurt. Before I could do anything, I could hear both Darcy and Mary going after the guy, so I jumped in between them as fast as I could. My first act was to grab Darcy, but before Johnny could grab Mary and Beth could get over to her to keep her from trying anything else, Mary kicked him in the leg.

I told everyone I was all right and got Darcy and Mary calmed down enough to finish the game. Before we started back with one point left to win, I said, "Big guy, the last person that did that to me had to have his mouth wired shut after I broke his jaw. This is just a game. I win some and lose some. If this is life and death to you then you shouldn't be out here. Do you want to finish and maybe play another or should we quit now before you get hurt?"

He looked at me and then one of his buddies said, "Josh, it's just a fuckin' game. He took you to school so just learn your lesson and let it go before his girlfriend kicks your ass."

Johnny had to add, "Girlfriends."

Everyone laughed, and Josh said he was sorry. Reggie in-bounded to Doug, and he passed it to Johnny who knocked down an outside shot to win the game. We played another game, and they beat us 20-17 due to poor shooting by Doug and me. We all shook hands, and when we came off the court, two other girls there, and both said, "Hi Johnny," at the same time, and I think they batted their eyes at him.

Darcy went over, gave him a hug and a kiss on the mouth, and said, "Hey stud, you won the game with that awesome shot. Thanks for helping the old guys."

Johnny was a little embarrassed, but the girls were right behind Darcy giving him praise. Beth wasn't pleased but shrugged it off and we stood around and talked for a bit while Johnny spoke to the girls. He eventually came over, and we got in our cars after I got some hugs and kisses from Mary even though I was sweaty.

Back at Doug's we had a shower and the delivery of the Chinese food came just before I came down stairs. Darcy said, "Every girl that walked by stopped to look at the old guys with the hot bods. I think you should eat my egg roll I don't want to get fat."

"You're still in good shape. I barely stopped you in time from kicking that high school kid's butt."

"If he hurt you, he'd be in the hospital right now."

Doug and Jill laughed at her, but I just told her that I could handle myself. So that they could better understand my statement, I said, "I've been taking Tae kwon do for about three years now. I've tested up to a brown belt, but I keep that fact to myself. Because of Tae Kwon Do, I know how to fall and not get hurt."

"It was a cool fall," Jill added.

"Thanks," I said.

We talked about other stuff and then it came back to the wedding. I added, "We need to get out the invitations or at least the announcements soon since people will have to plan their schedules to attend. Some may want to come in early or later. Some may have to leave early or want to stay later. I think that we can just give them Art's number and one of his people can plan everything for them. They'll fly in and can stay up to a week as long as part of the stay is for the wedding. They can stay longer but pay for the additional days. How does that sound?"

Darcy asked, "What about chartering a plane?"

"We can charter a plane for us and some others but it's only a few hours. They can fly first class cheaper than the charter route. I'm not sure that first class is even needed."

"Doug, you and Jill will be flying with us on the jet if you can get away then." Darcy said.

Jill said, "I like to travel when Britt plans things. I never worry that it won't be memorable."

The next morning, Doug knocked and then came in to see if I wanted to go surfing. We went over and rode waves for a few hours. Being retired had a nice feeling to it. We stopped by the apartment complex he was building on the way back from the beach, and he showed me around. It all looked great. We talked about finances and he said they were fine, and he was just being too aggressive in paying off debt, but they were fine with the cash flow they had.

When we went by the house to change, Jill had left a note that she was at the office and Darcy had driven over to see Beth. Doug dropped me off over at Beth's office, and she was upstairs with Darcy talking. After hugs and kisses all around, they told me about the list of guests, and it was smaller than I thought. I had a hundred on my side, and Darcy had around sixty. Beth said, "With an out of the country wedding this is more than would be expected on a guest list."

I read over the list and thought of others I'd have invited, but decided that Beth made the right call on almost all of them. It reminded me of how I used to clean my garage. If I hadn't touched it for a year, I'd throw it out. If I hadn't spoken to them in a year, they probably didn't need an invitation. We had six months and Beth was going to send out announcements to save the date.

She and Darcy were going over to the paper shop on Park Avenue to look at invitations and such, but I couldn't care less about color, style, and paper thickness. Before they left, I asked Beth, "Did John mention moving last night?"

"He did, and I've already spoke to Darcy about it this morning. I guess now that we have money too, we need to look at these things."

"You can always structure trusts and other things to get around the taxes. That's what the Kennedy's and Rockefeller's have done for years. Patrick Henry set up the first one at the start of the country. The Florida Intangible Tax will cost me two hundred and fifty million a year to live here. The current laws in Nevada avoid that. I'll just call it home but can travel as much as I want. The five hundred thousand that you save can pay for your house and most other expenses for the year."

Beth said, "I like Florida but like you said, we're still working and an office is an office. I'll need more vacation time boss."

"I don't think that will be a problem. We'll all have a lot of flexibility in our business requirements. I'm excited about getting my new business up and running."

"What new business. I thought you were going to sit on a couple of board of directors and play the rest of the time."

"I have a few ideas and can afford to pay others to do the work so in essence you're right."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Beth, I could use a blow job but Darcy is here so you can stay where you are and watch."

Darcy said, "Do I look like your slave or something?" After a pause she said, "I'd love to suck that big cock of yours. I feel so free since we announced our engagement a few days ago. I have to stop myself sometimes with the things that go through my brain. Beth, I hope you don't mind, but my man has gone over twelve hours without relief." She sank to her knees in front of me and Beth sat back in her office chair and watched as Darcy undid my shorts and grabbed me with both hands and proceeded to use that perfectly trained mouth of hers to get me off.

I looked over at Beth, and she wasn't shy about rubbing herself as she watched. When Darcy finished, she looked over at Beth and asked if she needed any help. Beth shook her head and pulled the crotch of her panties back into place. She walked over to the bathroom and washed her hands.

She didn't sit back down but grabbed her purse and called for Darcy to come with her to go look at invitations. Darcy tossed me the keys to Doug's car as they headed out. I walked over and spent a couple hours with my grandparents and was happy to see that they were both still in good health. I told them about the date for the wedding and the location. Grandma was happy for me.

I knew that I'd have to deal with Peter my broker sometime so I drove over to see him. I didn't have an appointment, but the CEO of Merrill Lynch would have flown down if I had asked. Getting in to see Peter was no problem.

He was nervous and had a lot of small talk before he finally asked the big question, "What can I do for you today, Britt?"

"Peter, I wanted to let you know that I'm creating a new Money management firm. I'll be replacing you as the broker of record on my account."

You could see the blood drain from his face. He was top dog with the top account. I'm sure that he'd won awards and trips for all that he did. He finally asked, "What can I do to keep your business?"

"Nothing really. It's just that I've too much money, and I plan to give a lot of it away and set up research companies to work on some problems that I see in our society. I'll invest in companies, but will be an insider because of the size of investments I'll make in them. I hope you've done well and made some good money on my account, but I always used you as an order taker. I'm sure you've gotten many pats on the back for landing my account, and I'm sure you patted yourself on the back a few times as well. If you think back on this, the only reason I came to you was your daughter Marion. In reality, the reason I stayed with you is your wife Helene. I may keep my accounts here or some of my accounts here because of the great stability of Merrill Lynch, but I don't need your help anymore. My plan is to have a team of people take over managing the assets."

"Do you need help at your new company?"

"Peter, haven't you saved up enough to retire yet? If you need a job, I can probably find a spot so you can have a paycheck but you won't be near the top of the organizational tree. I'll also be setting up shop in Nevada. I didn't say anything but if you'd moved my cash from money markets to cash on December 30 and back on January 2, you'd have saved me a bunch in intangible taxes. Those things are the ones that I expected you to point out for me. I was busy doing my job, making money and you were spending your time investing your money in some girls G-string."

He looked down at his desk. He finally asked, "When will the change take place?"

"In the next month or so. It will take some time to set up things at the new location. Talk to Helene and see if she wants to live in Las Vegas. Tell her that I'll be taking all the accounts that I manage, and I'll be managing them from there. If you want a job, I'll find a place for you in the research area. I'll start you out on the high side of fair, but your boss will determine if you're worth it, and based on your future performance, will have the defined ability to adjust it up or down. They can also fire you if you don't measure up. I try to hire the best, and if you can't keep up, you'll be let go."

"I'll talk to Helene and see what she wants to do."

With that done, I left the office and drove over to Doug's house. I was the only one there, so I did a hard work out, and as I swam out in the lake, I had to keep an eye out for the Rollin's crew team.

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