Road Trip!


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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Everybody has a story to tell about a horribly mis-timed Road Trip that goes from coast to coast! This one was remarkable for different reason.


Those two words rank right up there as the two scariest word's kids under 17 can hear.

Our mother Mary won a two-week vacation for the family to the mountains of Colorado, due to her last six months of sales with Amway.

She's actually doing quite well right now. Dad's trying to support her by showing he loves her, and it's actually working out pretty well.

Dad talked mom into driving and using the extra money as 'fun' money!

That turned an airplane trip into a road trip!

They were both adamant about this, so my sister and I didn't even try to talk them out of it. Twenty-seven hours in a car ... Raleigh North Carolina to Fort Collins Colorado!

Dad is Richard Rogers; mom is Mary Rogers, my sister is Jessica Rogers and I'm Richard Rogers the Third.

Dad figured it would take four days. Mom thought it would be five. Richard always deferred to Mary.

My sister is 17 and I am 15. However, I'm two inches taller than her.

We started the trip the first week of June, after both of us kids were out of school.

Dad and I each had two suitcases, while the ladies brought more than enough for this trip.

Dad and I packed our stuff ... putting a wall of leather between them in the front seat and us in the very back.

We had a new Odyssey, so we wouldn't be uncomfortable. The cool thing was that the backseat could be turned around, to see where you've been ... instead of where you're going.

Physical descriptions are in order.

First, was Richard Rogers, the father of our clan, hair of red-kept short, 6ft6 and rather strong.

Next, at 6ft exactly, barefoot, is MaryAnne Rogers ... natural redhead, still has freckles, and very voluptuous. I see why dad and her got together!

At 17 years old is the oldest, Jessica Rogers. Guess what? She has red hair and blue eyes. She could end up as buxom as her mother. She's 5ft9.

Last, and least, is myself Richard Rogers the Third, or R3, as my sister has nicknamed me. I'm 15 and 5ft11.

Day One

Instead of carrying cold drinks and food in the car, dad figured we would eat before we left and always eat together as a family while we're all on this trip.

"Burger King, Carl's or Mickey D's?" dad yelled to us.

"You pick. I don't care," I said.

"You're just the best brother on earth—Carl's!" she yelled.

The car stopped; dad pulled up and placed an order. We'll eat anything, but he knows what we like, depending on where we go.

We drove and parked. Mom brought us our food and said, "Don't make a mess!"

Together we said, "We won't mom!"

She closed us back in and blew us kisses.

Burger, fries and soda, at 8am, seems wrong.

We ate and put all of our trash together. We knew we had six hours of driving today, so I put my pillow down and lay across the back. Jess lay in front of me snuggling up against me and we fell asleep!

"Hey, what's that?"

"What's what?"

"Up against my butt, what's that?"

"Oh gosh sis, sorry!"

"Is that your ... pecker?"

"Sorry he doesn't know it's you."

"Who does he think I am?"

"Stefani, my girlfriend."

"I didn't know you had a girlfriend?"

"We actually haven't gone out yet."

"Oh, you want her to be your girlfriend?"


"So your pecker gets hard when you think of her?"

"Sis. My pecker gets hard for any reasonably pretty girl my eyes see in front of me."

"And I'm a girl, so your pecker got hard because of me?"

"I guess so ... go back to sleep."

"Alright. How big is it?"

"How big is what?"

"Your pecker."

"Would you stop using that word?"

"Pecker, pecker, pecker, pecker..."

"Stop it!"

"Would you rather I call it something else?"

"Yeah, that sounds all right."

"Is it long and skinny or short and fat?"

"Why does that matter?"

"So I can name him," my sister remarked.

"Of course!" I said sarcastically.

I thought about it for a while before I said, "Long and fat"


"Yes really. How would you describe your boyfriend's pecker?"

"I'm waiting."

"I'm still waiting sis."

"I can't think of an interesting nickname. It's about four inches soft and six inches hard."

"I got that beat."

"Yeah right! Let me see it?"

"Why would I do that?"

"To prove your statement, of course."

"This is getting weird ... let's go back to sleep," I said. "All right, you know something sis?"


"You are the prettiest girl I know."

"Ha ha, yes that's so sweet of you."

"Would it be all right with you if I cuddled up behind you again?"

"You mean dry fuck me in the ass?"

"Not exactly, but you are awfully soft. Could I hold you close and pretend that you're my girlfriend while we're driving at least?"

"Go ahead R3," she said.

I wrapped my arms around her, put my head on my pillow and fell asleep.

"WE'RE AT OUR FIRST STOP," mom said.

I woke up and I had my right hand on my sister's breast, and a really bad hard on.

Her eyes opened up, surveyed the situation, and said, "You might not be so bad as a boyfriend."

I took my hand off her breast, and we got straightened out as dad went into the hotel office.

We were standing outside with the Odyssey between our parents and us. My sister kissed me.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because I wanted to."

Dad came out and said, "Everybody gather 'round."

"We're in Lexington Kentucky until tomorrow at 8am. I got us two rooms, each with a single queen bed."

"You kids wouldn't mind sharing a bed with each other?"

I was too embarrassed and turned around on my sister and said, "Sure thing dad."

We followed behind the car as it pulled into a parking space.

Getting out of the car, dad said, "Just get out the minimum you need to exist please!"

Jessica and I opened the middle door. She pointed at the three suitcases she wanted me to get for her, and I got a single suitcase for myself.

Dad came over and said, "Here's your key—we're on the same floor." Since I was carrying my sister's bag as well, I told my dad to put the key in my mouth.

"It's Room 304," dad said anticipating the question.

I let my sister walk ahead of me. She does have a nice butt.

She took the keys from my mouth using hers, and put it in her hand and opened the door.

She's openly flirting with me. This could change these next four days considerably.

"Raymond, is it all right if I take a shower?"

"No problem sis ... I'll be unpacking a little."

"You could join me if you'd like?"

Not sure if she's joking or not, I said, "Maybe later on the trip."

"You don't know what you're missing?"

"Oh yes, I do believe I know what I'm missing."

This was a Days Inn so it wasn't the cheapest. and it wasn't the nicest.

I think we're rich, but I've never actually asked that question.

I guess it is that if rich people want to stay rich, they go to places like Days Inn.

Jessica came out in two towels, one for her hair, and another for her body.

She smiled at me and said, "Thank you for bringing in my suitcase. Why don't you choose which bra and panties I wear?"

"You've got to be kidding me," I said.

"No go ahead."

I got up, and went to her suitcase. She must've brought a dozen each, but they were all matching.

I saw a very light yellow pair, and so I pointed them out.

"Go ahead take them and hand them to me please?"

I did, giving them to her.

She had finished drying her hair pulled out a comb and combed it.

"You are sure a cute brother," she said.

"I didn't know you were paying such close attention," I said.

"Please turn around?"

"What if I don't?"

She dropped her towel, exposing her body to me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, but didn't look away.

"Changing my clothes, hand me my panties please?"

I did, but stayed watching her every move. She bent over and put on the panties. I hadn't noticed if she shaved or not. I was staring at her pleasing and plump breasts the whole time.

"Can you hand me my bra? You can help me put it on, if you'd like."

I handed her the matching bra to her panties. I never saw exactly how a girl puts on a bra. She put in on with the hooks below her breasts. She then turns the bra 180 degrees and encased her breasts with the cups. Lastly, she put the straps on her shoulders ... securing everything.

"If you don't mind, what size are they?"

"You did better during all of that, then I had expected. I'm a 35C," she said. "Mom helped me make my own, so they fit perfectly, don't' you think?

"Was that some sort of test?" I asked.

"Take a shower, you will feel better," she said.

"I had better take a cold shower, after all that."

"I'll stay and help you get dressed, if you'd like Ray?"

"Oh yeah."

After the shower, I had a towel around my waist, and I was drying my hair.

"You're better looking than I remember," Jess said.

"Thanks! Why don't you pick out the boxers I should wear?"

I jostled the towel around my waist and let it fall to the ground.

"Impressive pecker," Jess said. "How big does he get anyway?"

"Six soft ... nine hard! I told you that mine was bigger!"

There was a knock at the door, "Dinnertime!"

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