My Masked Masseuse

by MatthewVett

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: We receives a happy ending massage from a beautiful masked woman.

I walked into an almost entirely empty room. The lights shone dimly. On the walls hung a variety of masks, the sort of thing one might wear for Mardi Gras or a masquerade party: colorful, decorative concealments that hid one's upper face while leaving the lips and chin exposed. I selected one off the wall, a black and green mask, studded with iridescent stones. I put it on and waited.

I was alone in the room, but I knew I wouldn't be for long. My teeth tingled in anticipation. What would it be like? What would happen? I had never done this before...

"Are you ready?" a soft voice asked from behind the door.

"Yes," I replied.

The door swung open. From the shadows emerged a beautiful woman, wearing a similar mask to mine. I gasped involuntarily at the sight of her. Her eyes glittered brilliantly beneath her fiery scarlet and golden mask. Her full, red lips smiled seductively beneath the mask. The mask hid her identity, but not her obvious excitement or her beautiful body.

She wore only a simple, translucent robe, made of a fine, thin material. Two hard peaks poked through her chest, drawing the eye inexorably towards them. In the dim light, I could just barely see her skin through the fabric. Her full breasts, her dark nipples, her triangular tuft of black hair, they all beckoned to me, teased me, compelling me to follow this temptress.

"Follow me," she instructed, turning around and leading me out of the room. I followed eagerly, animated by my lust, barely aware of my own legs moving as I focused on her lithe body in front of me, her firm bottom swinging before me like a pendulum. She sauntered up to a door and opened it, inviting me inside.

I stepped into the room. A shower stood against one wall, its walls glass, its door invitingly open. She followed me in and softly closed the door, before resting her arms on my shoulders. She brought her lips against my ear and huskily whispered, "I need to undress you. Is that alright?"

An electric shock thundered down my spine. I nodded nervously, keeping my eyes straight ahead. She grinned and moved behind me, removing my arms from the sleeves of my jacket, before folding it neatly and placing it to the side. With meticulous care, she took off the rest of my clothes, piece by piece, except for my mask. Her tender ministrations made me feel like a sultan returning home to his harem. Her lavender perfume was pure intoxication. I stepped out of my shoes as she slowly undid each button on my jacket, pressing her ample breasts against my chest as she worked. She got down onto her knees before me and deftly undid the button on my pants. I gazed down at her cleavage as she pulled down my khakis, goose bumps erupting along my arms, fantasies tempestuously running through my mind.

Her face sat just inches from my cock, now eagerly straining against my boxers. She looked into my eyes and delicately ran her fingertip up and down its length, licking her lips. She grabbed my underwear on either side and tugged it down, a fraction of an inch at a time, oh so slowly, until I stood completely naked before her. A tinge of embarrassment spread across my cheeks as I struggled to resist the inner compulsion to cover myself. It was only her complete and utter disregard for modesty that kept me at ease.

She stood up, keeping her body against mine as she did so, her hard nipples grazing against me. Keeping her eyes locked onto mine, she wordlessly undid her robe and let it drop to the floor. My eyes widened and my heart quickened at the sight before me. I breathed deeply, almost reverently. For the first time, her body lay before me, completely exposed. Her pert, round breasts pointed out proudly towards me. Her nipples, two small, dark peaks, jutted out from her chest. I reached out to touch her, but she grasped my wrist, shook her head, and with a wry smile, led me into the shower. "I need to bathe you first," she explained.

She turned the faucet, and soon steaming hot water rained down upon the both of us. Her wet hair fell onto her shoulders. She pressed her moist body against me and rested her head on my collarbone, nuzzling her face against my chest, her hands resting on me. I took her into my arms and pulled her against me, my stiff cock nestled between her warm, firm thighs, so close to my paradise, so close to ecstasy. Our lips met. She returned my affections passionately, wrapping her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply. I grabbed her firm behind and was rewarded with a coquettish giggle.

We broke apart. I felt as though heaven itself had been stolen away from me. She glanced down briefly towards my crotch, her eyes wide with amazed excitement. She smiled and squirted a large dollop of soap into her hands and began lathering my body, caressing my chest and arms. Her nimble hands rubbed my sore muscles, massaging my stress away while she personally cleaned me, covering my body with the most delectably aromatic fragrance.

She turned me around so I could no longer see her. Water poured onto my chest. My heart thundered in my chest as I waited for the next sensation. Suddenly, I felt the firm pressure of her breasts against my back, her soft skin slick and soapy. "Relax, and let me take care of you, darling," she cooed. She rubbed her breasts against me, using herself as a washcloth, pampering me with her breasts. I could feel her pebble-hard peaks rubbing in slow, steady circles against my skin. Her crotch pressed against my behind. I closed my eyes and let my worries drain out of me, allowing her to partially support my weight as I handed myself over to her entirely.

Her hands reached further down, exploring my body, down from my chest, past my abdomen. I began to pant, my heart pounding as her fingertips came closer and closer. I squirmed helplessly, mentally begging her to grab me.

Finally, her hands found their prize. Both of her hands wrapped around my thick, hard shaft. A moan escaped from between my gritted teeth. My knees felt weak. The glorious feeling of her small yet strong hands gripping my manhood sent waves of pleasure through my body, as though she had plugged me into an electrical socket. New sensations flowed into me as she slid her hands along my cock, going up and down, oh so slowly, her grip firm and tight, making sure that every last inch of my cock was sufficiently clean. Continuing to stroke with one hand, her other hand reached down below and gently fondled my balls, palming them, caressing them tenderly. I groaned. The twin pleasures of one hand pumping my dick while the other kneading my balls brought me to the brink of orgasm, nearly overwhelming me.

She released her grip. My cock throbbed desperately, begging her for release. She smirked inscrutably behind her mask and turned off the water. I stood there: naked, wet, panting. She took a towel and began drying me off delicately, as though she were afraid I might break. Every inch of my body was explored as she made sure she got every last drop of water off of my flesh, patting me down softly until I was completely dried. "Now," she whispered, "we can begin your massage."

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