Amazing Story
Chapter 1

When I turned 15, my mother sat me down and told me something that shocked me, "Your father did not die in an accident—he was murdered!"

I asked, "Who did it mom?"

"The police were unable to find a suspect, so it's what's called a cold case now, Ray, she said, "It's not likely to be solved unless someone already imprisoned tells a cellmate."

I practically screamed, "Why have you waited to tell me this?"

"I wanted you old enough to understand," was her ... explanation.

"Well I DON'T," I yelled, going to my room and slamming the door.

There was a knock and I said, "Go Away!"

"It's Susan, your sister," she said.

I wasn't mad at her ... yet, so I said, "Come in."

She did, and closed the door. I said, "I suppose you know already."

"Yes I do. But, I don't know anymore than you do. Mom set me down two years ago ... I was your age ... and told me probably the same thing she just told you."

"I'm mad at mom," I blurted.

"Ray, it's not her fault that he's dead!" Susan said.

"Yeah, but I knew what murder meant when I was eight! She could have told me then," I said more sharply than my sister deserved.

"What good would that have done?" she said back to me.

Knowing she had me there, I answered, "I don't know."

"Since the police give up why don't we try to solve it?" my sister said.

"We're just kids, what can we do?" I questioned throwing myself forward on the bed next to where she was sitting.

She put her hand on my back and remarked, "I don't know—want to watch a movie downstairs?"

That piqued my interest. "Sure, maybe a murder mystery and get some ideas from watching it!"

"That's pretty smart of you little brother," she said pulling me up by my shirt and turning me around.

Okay let's stop right there for a minute, My sister is older, 17 to my 15, but I'm taller than her. Despite that, she still called me 'Her little brother'.

She has brown hair, brown eyes and is kind of cute, if she were a girl and not my sister. That didn't come out right, but I don't care.

I've got brown hair, blue eyes and kind of scrawny. I got a burst of height and I'm 5ft10 to her 5ft6.

The first movie we watched was called 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' from 2005, strange and possibly helpful! I've never like Robert Downey much and Val Kilmer always looks like he just woke up from being asleep.

We next watched the movie Clue, having a blast with all the shenanigans going on. Probably not much help, but it got our minds off darker things. Any chance to see Madeline Khan is great. Lesley Anne Warren has always been kind of hot to me.

The last movie we watched was one neither of us had seen before, it was called Soylent Green. It was a fabulous bit of storytelling, keeping us wondering the whole time what was really going on?

It was so mysterious that a few times I found Susan snuggling in my arms. She was soft and felt nice.

The scene when Edward G Robinson was dying, and Charlton Heston broke in see it with him made us both cry was unbelievable. I would wager that anybody who watches this without watching the last five minutes will walk away with a totally different idea what the movie was all about.

Soylent Green is people! Fucking brilliant!

We found ourselves in each other's arms, so I gave her a kiss.

"What was that for?" she looked up from my lap at me.

"You were there ... I was there. I saw your pretty face so I just kissed you. Don't make a big fuss okay?"

"Can I tell you that it was a nice kiss?"

"Gee whiz Susan, don't go making this all romantic, Can't a brother give his sister a kiss without it being the start of an incestuous storyline?"

"What?" her eyes glared at me.

Never mind," I said. "What do we do first ... About dad?"

"Raymond, can I tell you something?"

"No, unless it's about Dad's murder."

"OK!" she said getting up off my lap. Geez, I have an erection. No wonder she was getting all gushy.

"More movies?" she asked me.

"Nah, maybe we could hire a private detective?" I wondered aloud.

"Aren't they expensive?" Susan asked leaning against me again.

"We can call and find out," I suggested.

"Let me do that, please? My older sister asked.

"Sure thing. I need to go to the bathroom, back in a few."

I didn't need only to pee, my sister got me hard. She was looking at me like she was going to kiss me ... or something. I don't have a clue what to do with a girl, and I'm certainly not going to start with my own sister.

I had to get my erection to soften to pee. Ugh, finally ... much better.

I came back out to a non-smiling Susan. I sat down ... she crawled on my lap, and started to explain.

"I called three different places, they all want at least $250 a day plus expenses. I told them it was about a man who everyone though the official means of death was an accident, we have it on good authority that he was really murdered."

"Nobody even had a clue," I said realizing the unintentional play on words I had made.

"Nope!" she said. "Why is it so important that we find out who did it and why?"

"You don't want to find out who killed our father?" I asked her looking again in her eyes.

"Mom seems pretty accepting of it all, why drudge it all up again?" she asked me.

"Susan, do you know anything that I don't?"

Her face moved to mine ... and our lips made contact. This kiss was longer than the first one.

"What was that for?" I looked in her eyes.

"You were there ... I was there. I saw your rugged face so I just kissed you. Gee whiz Ray, don't go making this all romantic, Can't a sister give her brother a kiss without it being the start of an incestuous storyline?"

She got me there!

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