Stepfather's Discipline
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cindy's new stepfather was used to being in charge. He believed that discipline for a young girl should include spankings. AND whatever else he chose to do. Codes will be added as they ocurr. ** I left out a code so the ending will be a surprise (I think).

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

Cindy stood poised with an upheld hand ready to knock on the door to her step father's study door. She was very nervous. This was the very first time she had been ordered to report to him for discipline.

She didn't know what to expect but she was aware that it would be a unique experience because of the way she had been told to dress by her mother. She wore nothing but a brand new short pale blue nightgown. It was shear so that her young firm breasts could be seen through the gossamer like top. The matching blue panties were cut so brief that most of her round fourteen year old bottom was exposed and tufts of her sparse pubic hairs escaped the front surrounding her prominent pubic mound.

She had rebelled earlier in her bedroom when her mother had informed her that her step father Jack had bought this outfit specifically for her to wear for her discipline session. It was all she would be allowed to wear. No bra, no socks and no shoes.

When she asked her mother what was happening Jill had answered her. "Jack is experienced in meting out discipline. He grew up as the only male in his household and under his mother's watchful eye he had to administer spankings and such to his two younger sisters. So he knows how to punish disrespectful teenage girls. And you have been very disrespectful to Jack as of late. Cindy had smart mouthed her step father several times that week. Apparently he didn't think it was as funny as she thought it was.

"This is what he expects you to wear for your punishment. If you don't follow his directions to the letter your punishment will be much harsher than it needs to be."

With those words Jill left her daughter's bedroom to wait in her own bedroom for her husband of six months to find her when he was done with Cindy and her chastisement. Jack had warned her that punishing a half naked teenage girl would arouse him greatly and that she would have to be prepared to satisfy him when he returned to the master bedroom.

Jill could not help but wonder how he found relief when he had had to punish his sisters. Did they have to take care of their brother's erect cock or maybe, and she blushed at this thought, his own mother satisfied him when he was done correcting his sisters for their misdeeds.

Jill stripped naked and put on a pair of black thong panties and a shear white blouse to wait for her soon to be very horny husband. She knew he wouldn't sexually assault Cindy, knowing that his wife was waiting to satisfy his needs in any way he wished. At least that is what he had told her. In the six months of their marriage he had already demanded sexual acts that she had never experienced with her first husband.

Jack liked have his large thick cock sucked every morning before leaving for work. She accepted it and didn't mind getting on her knees and suck him while he drank his morning coffee at the kitchen table. She had learned to swallow her first husband's semen and thought nothing of Jack's demands that she "Swallow my cum!" each and every time he spurted his juice into her mouth.

She enjoyed most of what Jack ordered her to do except when he greased up his fat cock and pushed it into her tight ass hole. That had hurt the first time and still hurt when he was in the mood and told her "Face down. Ass up. I'm gonna fuck your back door good and hard."

Jill felt a little guilty at agreeing to let Jack discipline Cindy in his own way and although Jill hadn't witnessed how he was going to punish her daughter she suspected that it would be somewhat perverse and sure to embarrass Cindy to the extreme.

Cindy finally rapped on the door with her closed fist and opened the door as soon as she heard Jack's voice. "Come in."

"Close the door behind you." He said from behind his large wood desk. "Come closer." He told the trembling teen.

Jack was already enjoying himself. This was the best part of the punishment. Watching as a young and scared teen girl stood in front of him only half dressed and unsure what was going to happen next. He was already hard before he had even started.

Jack looked his step daughter up and down, not missing a thing. Her pert orange sized breasts were clearly visible through the thin material of the baby doll night gown. He could see her nipples were erect. Probably from fear. He thought as he took his time staring at the young girls firm tits for the first time. He looked down to see how long and slim, her legs were. She was barefoot as directed. He used to make his two sisters report to him barefoot also. Seeing an unadorned foot with those long girly toes made his arousal even more pronounced.

He forced him self not to touch his hard organ. He needed to prolong the session in order to reach a satisfying orgasm. Jack stood and came around the side of his desk. He was wearing a white polo shirt and a pair of gray sweatpants which had an obscene bulge in the front which in no way did he try to hide.

Cindy blushed as she saw that Jack had a large erection poking out from his groin stretching the material of his sweatpants to their limit. She looked down not wanting Jack to know that she had seen his big bulge.

Jack smiled. He had seen the look on the girl's surprised face as she realized that her stepfather's cock was big and hard. That turned him on also. He knew that Cindy was already embarrassed and he would enjoy himself immensely as he found ways to increase her discomfort.

He stood directly in front of her, close enough so that with her eyes downcast as they were his bulge was in her viewing space. Cindy looked up quickly not want to stare at her step father's erection only to look him in the eyes. His eyes were filled with amusement and something else that she interpreted as lust. Pure and simple. Jack's eyes were filled with unadulterated LUST..

He laughed as he pulled an armless chair to the middle of the room. "Let's get started, shall we?" He sat down in the chair staring directly at her barely covered breasts. "You have a lovely pair of tits Cindy." He said enjoying how her cheeks turned red from embarrassment.

Cindy had never been so embarrassed in her life but she was also mortified. Somehow standing before her step father's leering eyes and cold and calculating demeanor her young pussy had become damp. What is happening? She thought to herself. Why is submitting to this man turning me on?

She didn't move an inch as Jack reached out with both hands to roll her blue panties down to her knees, exposing her young slit with it's surrounding soft tufts of hair to his thoughtful gaze.

He touched the inside of the crotch of Cindy's blue panties and smiled once more as he felt the dampness. Ahhh! Just like my sisters. This one likes the submissiveness of doing as she is told by an strong powerful man.

Jack pulled his step daughter down onto his lap, taking his time positioning her just right allowing his cock to rub against her as he moved her this way and that until her bare bottom was positioned just so for stage one of her punishment.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Cindy had never been spanked before. The repetitious spanks that Jack reigned down on her rump stung like the devil and although she couldn't see it, it turned her bottom a delicious shade of pink.

With every spank on the girl's teenage ass a wonderful pressure from her flat belly caressed Jack's horny firm pecker. He was sure that if her spanked Cindy long enough he would ejaculate in his pants. He didn't want that. Her mother was waiting in the master bedroom and he knew as soon as he entered the room that his first cum was going to be in his wife's mouth. Then perhaps a nice long ass fuck while he replayed Cindy's punishment in his mind.

But he wasn't done with Cindy just yet. He allowed her to get off of his lap almost spurting as she innocently used his upper thigh to balance herself while she got off of his lap.

"Get over my desk! Face down, ass up." He demanded of the young girl. She waddled to the desk trying to keep her panties from dropping any further down her legs but by the time she fell across the desk they were at her ankles.

He pulled the pretty pink underwear completely off of the girl and threw them across the room. "You are now going to get ten with my leather belt across that pretty little tush of yours." He told the frightened girl.

Belt? The hand spanking had stung but a belt would surely hurt like hell. "Thwack! Jack stood behind his young step daughter as he swung his belt with a medium hard effort enjoying the way she rose to her tip toes each time the belt connected with the flesh of her firm bottom. After ten strokes which Cindy took without yelling or crying too loudly her smooth bottom was red and was striped with welts from the belt.

Man, is my cock HARD! Jack mused as he stared at Cindy's bruised bottom cheeks. "Get on your knees Cindy."

Not wanting any more punishment Cindy quickly obeyed Jacks directions. She knelt and he stood from the chair lowering his sweatpants to his ankles allowing his seven and a half inches of rampant cock to bob before her face.

Oh God! Mother said he wasn't going to have sex with me. She was scared. She had never seen a cock before, now here she was on her knees with her step father's immense drooling cock only inches from her mouth.

Jack looked amused as he asked her. "If I told you to open your mouth and let me stick my hard fucking cock into your mouth what would you do?"

She wasn't surprised at what he was asking. She had never seen a cock never mind allowed one to enter her mouth but she was aroused enough by his masterly actions that she whispered. "I would do whatever you asked of me."

"Call me Daddy!" He demanded.

She whispered a little louder this time. "I would do whatever you asked of me ... Daddy."

He smiled down at her. "Soon Cindy. I will use all three of your holes to satisfy myself but for right now I am going to go and fuck your mother's mouth and any other hole I want. The next time I spank you I will also use you in anyway I want. I am going to tell your mother to get you on the pill so I can fill your young cunt with my seed whenever I want to."

Jack kicked off his sweatpants and removed his shirt and he laughed loudly as he went to find his satisfaction, leaving a very confused and horny teenager, naked from the waist down, on her knees in the middle of his study.

He walked into his own bedroom to find his wife sitting on the edge of the bed. She was dressed sexy but it didn't matter to Jack. Nothing mattered except getting his cock to cum right that minute.

Jill was surprised when Jack entered the room completely naked. Just what had he done to her daughter that ne needed to be naked for? He had heard the slaps when Jack spanked Cindy, then the harsher sound as she assumed he was using a belt on her daughter's poor teen ass.

She was brought out of her revelry when she realized that Jack and his large erection were directly in front of her. "Open your mouth!" He demanded of her.

She knew better than to hesitate. Although he had never struck her before she realized that if she disobeyed her husband it would be her ass getting beat with his belt. She was afraid of the belt. Her father had used a belt on her just one time when she was about Cindy's age. She had missed her curfew by over two hours. She had been having so good of a time necking in the back seat of her date's car that she had lost track of time. Her father had made her lean against the back of a chair while he raised her skirt and pulled down her panties. That was the only time her father had seen her bare bottom and she still blushed when she thought of it. That horrid belt had hurt like nothing she had experienced previously as it lashed her bare bottom over and over again. She never missed curfew again.

Jill opened her mouth wide to accept Jack's turgid member. She could feel how hot the flesh of his cock was. She could feel the generous amount of precum coating her tongue as he pushed his prick deep into her mouth stopping only when his cock's bulbous head touched her entrance to her throat causing her to gag just a bit.

"Take a deep breath." Jack suggested and as soon as she filled her lungs with air he pushed his cock into her throat and began thrusting hard and fast.

He had never fucked Jill's throat before but Jill accepted his cock even though it hurt her throat. He grunted as he punished his wife's throat with his massive prick. His balls hit her lips on each and every stab of his hard member. Finally with a loud grunt Jack spewed his sperm directly into his wife's belly. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT!

Jill felt relief as Jack pulled his cock from her throat but left it in her mouth. She pulled in air with three successive gasps before realizing that Jack wasn't done. He began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. He was still mostly hard and Jill's talented mouth brought him to a full erection quickly.

"Get on the bed on all fours Jill." She grimaced as she obeyed her husband's command knowing full well that he intended to stick his monster in her tight back door.

She would have liked to plead with him not to do her anally but she knew he would only laugh at her. He used her anyway he wanted and she allowed it. She loved him and would do as he asked at all times.

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