Goon and Ragdoll


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two unpopular girls paired together by circumstance meet up with me and together, we all share a unique experience.

In my high school years, there were two girls who hung together like they were joined at the hip. You remember a pair of them from your own youth, no doubt.

Goon, who's name was actually Mary was tall for her age, likely 5'-6" or so and just kind of rounded. Not fat, nor plump, she just appeared to carry a lot of baby fat. She had dishwater blond hair, never seemed to get a tan and dressed like her 80 year old grandmother had made her dress in all the clothes she'd saved through her own youth. Goon, unfortunately had a rather bad over bite, which just added to her look of a cipher.

Dolly, aptly named Ragdoll, was nearly a complete opposite. Short, maybe 5', skinny, long mousy brown hair which never looked like she'd ever run a comb or brush through it. However, her grandmother must have been great friends with Goon's as she always dressed in crap the Salvation Army threw out. Both girls wandered through the halls on their way to classes, never speaking, not even to each other, and somehow, managed to have nearly the all the same classes together. Both were the subject of a lot of speculation – Goon was supposedly the center of attraction at a gang bang once, although no one would name anyone there. Ragdoll was reportedly a lesbian, although the town had no women of that bent. Why else would she cling to Goon?

At night, the kids in my school were divided into two distinct species – the 'Socials' which included all the rich and the jocks, and the 'Low Lifes', which unfortunately included me and my crowd of friends. The Socials had their own fast food drive-in – Tasty Freeze, and we had A&W, which was by far the larger and more heavily populated of the two. My crowd included the guys in my band which was popular enough to tour the Midwest courtesy of the largest AM radio station in the state. I could tolerate my 'Low Life' caste because the band and I could care less what other people thought. We were well thought of by our peers and amazingly enough, the Socials would stoop to the point of begging our band to play at one of their parties or dances if we happened to be in town. Goon and Ragdoll didn't even fall into our lowly niche. They cruised the main drag in an old beater, never stopping, never listening in to the latest gossip. Sadly, Goon and Ragdoll were usually the subject of at least our crowd's derisive comments every time we saw them drive by. At least I often wondered what they did with themselves, other than burn a tank of gas, running up and down the street alone. We never saw them at school functions, never at the huge dances where our crowd hooked up with someone to take to the city limits and expand their knowledge of male-female anatomy along with installing a hangover for the next day. Then one night, it all changed for me.

I had already put away a six pack of Coors and had a slight buzz going and just felt, hell, mellow with the whole world. Sometimes I'd park at A&W by myself just to watch the people who circled the drive-in. This was one such night and I saw Goon & company driving by and decided, what the hell. No one, myself included, knew anything about these two and I decided I'd put on my big boy pants and find out for myself. At the time, I had a Dodge Super Bee, a muscle car I'd ordered factory direct from the proceeds of a summer on the rock & roll bandstand. I thundered out of the drive-in after them and caught them at a light. Rolling down my window, I motioned Mary to do the same. After a short conference between the two girls, she finally did, giving me a look of 'I wonder what this asshole wants'.

I said "Hey, what are you two up to tonight, I've seen you cruising for the last hour?"

Mary just stared at me and mumbled "What do you want? Go back to A&W with the rest of them."

"No, I want to talk to you two. You never talk to anyone, never go anyplace but school and out here on the street for a couple of hours every night. What's up with that?"

"Yeah, like you care. What'r ya gonna do, run back and tell them you tagged us, make you a big man cause you had the nerve to talk to us? Just leave us alone."

Ragdoll or Dolly just stared straight ahead, like maybe I'd disappear if she stared hard enough.

"Look, what's it hurt to talk. Run over to that vacant gas station and let's ride around for a little while or do you have a more pressing engagement?"

Shaking her head, she leaned over and whispered to Dolly who just shrugged. Mary pulled away from the light and into the deserted station. I pulled along side and reached over and unlocked the passenger door. Again another conference between the two girls and both got out and slid into my car. After looking over the dashboard, my tach, the Hurst shifter on the floor and my trusty 8-tack tape deck. Dolly, who was sitting closest to me asked if she could put in a tape. I motioned over the seat to a rack of about 60 tapes, all the hard rock of the time. She pulled a Cream tape and popped it in.

"So what exactly did you want to talk about" whispered Dolly. It was hard to hear her over the music, so I leaned in closer to her and she bent into my ear and repeated herself.

"Is there anything wrong with just talking, I mean, hell – I don't know anything about you girls and I've seen you in school everyday for the last three years?" On one hand, I was getting exasperated over the reluctance of these two to even talk. On the other, I did get kind of perverse thrill out of doing something that my crowd might have looked down on.

"No one talks to us, why should you be any different? Why would you even care?" Wow. I'd never heard Dolly string this many words together at one time.

"Let's just cruise and get to know each other ... deal?"

I didn't wait for an answer, just goosed the gas pedal and laid a track of rubber out of the drive way. We hit the main drag and made one complete round when Mary asked if I had any beer.

"Nope, downed the last of it about half an hour ago. You wanna get some?" I should explain here that Kansas had very weird drinking laws. Girls could purchase at 18 but guys had to wait til they were 21 to buy legally. Girls were supposed to be more responsible ... go figure.

"Pull into Jiffy Mart and hand over some cash."

Hey, no problem – if she'd fly, I'd buy.

Toting back a case of Coors, she slid it over the seat into the back. Down the road we went, but to do any serious drinking we had to leave the city limits or chance the local fuzz hauling us off to jail. You remember how the cops used to sit around and dream up stuff to make our high school years miserable and complicated, so off to the boonies we went.

About twenty short miles away lay the river, not a long trip at 80 miles per hour. Once parked by the river bridge, we got out and I opened the truck to pull out a tarp I kept there. Hell, I also carried a couple of sleeping bags, but that though hadn't entered my head at that point. The girls hoisted the case between them and I handled the tarp. There was a beaten path alongside the highway that led down to the river bottom and the moon was full, so we didn't even bother with a flashlight. We spread out the tarp and everyone grabbed a fresh, cold beer from the box. I had a church key on my key ring. Both ladies knocked back three beers apiece, one right after the other. Me being the suave rock & roll star, leisurely nursed on one, since I'd already had a six-pack shortly before.

The girls stared off across the river for a while, whispering to each other now and then.

"What's so private you guys need to whisper? Not planning to jack my car are you?"

"No, we both still would like to know exactly why we are out here, drinking beer with you."

"I told you in town, no one knows squat about either of you. You don't talk to anyone and you're never separated. Hell, if you're queer for each other, that's fine by me. Just talk to me, that's all."

"Well, what is it you want to know? You asked if we were queer for each other. Maybe sometimes. A couple of years ago we both figured out we weren't wining any beauty contests and just got tired of handling the put downs by ourselves, so we decided to cruise together. At least then, we have someone to talk to. Why shouldn't we get as horny as anyone else and who else do we have to play with? Both of us want boyfriends like everyone else, but who wants a couple of losers like us?"

"Ok, I understand the reasoning, but what exactly are you wanting? A boyfriend or just a dude to get you off? Mary, I'd heard a rumor that you been the 'guest of honor' of a gangbang once, is that true?"

Goon's Story

"My dad got my cherry when I was twelve. I wasn't big like this then. It hurt the first time, but after several nights, I got to where I liked it ... a lot. I told some of my girlfriends at school about it and they told someone else and after that, high school boys started asking me to go out and party. Dad took off and it left me with no one. I had an itch I couldn't scratch and after a while, I gave in and went with a couple of guys. They took me to someone's house and there were a dozen or so guys there. Four beers later, I was bent over the back of a couch while they all took turns. I felt really used when they dropped me off at my house later. Two days later, the whole bottom fell out when the kids at school all knew about it. I never went out again and soon went through a growth spurt. I just got bigger, all over. A couple years later, I met Dolly."

Dolly kinda looked around, like what the hell were we expecting her to do.

"Well?" said Goon.

"Do I havta" pleaded Ragdoll?

"I hung out MY dirty laundry!"

Ragdoll's Story

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