Son Still Able, Mother Willing
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Mother, Son, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The following story is a continuation of "Disabled, but Still Able" series previously published here. A mother and her paralyzed son reunite several years after their first torrid love affair. Only this time his young friend is with them.

Brian broke his neck and became paralyzed in 1986. After his rehab and a brief stay back at home, he quickly grew accustomed to life in a wheelchair. He was introduced to his new sex life by his personal care attendant. Strangely enough, he was further educated around the same time by his mother. In fact, the three of them together explored new sexual possibilities his last few days at home before returning back to college.

During that time, the three of them experienced many new sexual encounters. However, Brian returned back to school late the following summer. For that reason, it was definitely a torrid love affair; but brief. Brian spent the next three years completing his degree. He graduated and started to work back in his hometown. After two years, he realized he wanted to return back to campus and get his MBA. So, in 1992 he did just that. It was at that time that his very special relationship with his mother would resume. It had been six years since the two of them last were together. Now they would go further than ever before.

When Brian got back to campus, he found a very small one bedroom wheelchair accessible apartment. It was in a quiet part of town where he could still easily roll his electric wheelchair to class, but in most cases he drove his van.

It was great to be back on campus. Granted, it still was stressful. He was now full time student in a full time masters degree program. Nevertheless, it still seemed to him that the stress level was much less than it was when he was working.

The apartment building he lived in was simply four units. There were two one bedroom apartments downstairs, and two more directly above them. Brian had become best friends with the student directly next door. Although Mike was an undergraduate, he was the same age as Brian. After high school, Mike ended up in the Marines. He also served in the first Desert Storm. Now, he was out of the service and wanted to get his degree.

Mike was a sharp, well rounded individual. He was also very sarcastic and he and Brian got along almost immediately. When the two of them were not studying, one of them was at the other's house having a beer. Many of the weekend nights they were at the bars trying to pick up women. Many times, they were lucky enough to bring them home.

Brian's mom had a very different five years since their "encounters" in 1987. About two years after Brian went back to school, Pam ended up separating from her husband. Brian did not officially take sides, however he did support his mother and understood exactly why she was doing so. Frankly, even his father understood why. Brian's parents did not get along very well for many years and it was about time that they ended up separating.

Brian's mother was with his brother and sister most of the time. She raised them almost as a single mom throughout high school. After his little brother finished high school, Pam was able to breathe a little sigh of relief. Her daughter, Brian's sister, was at a school out of state. Her youngest son was at a junior college. He was still living at home, but he was very independent and was gone most of the time between work and school.

It was early fall of 1992 and Brian recommended that his mother get away and come visit him down on campus. At first, he suggested she come down for a football weekend and go to the game. She had done that in the past with his father but not really interested. The campus would be crowded, and she thought it would be better if she came down when there were not so many people there. She suggested that by doing so, it would be easier for her and Brian to get reacquainted. Little did either of them know how re acquainted they would get.

"So, is she still coming this weekend?" Mike asked Brian.

"Yes," Brian replied after sipping his beer. "She'll get here about five tomorrow."

"I'm anxious to meet her." He told Brian.

Mike truly was. He had heard a lot about her through his conversations with his new friend Brian. Of course, he did not hear the whole story. Brian did not want to tell his buddy that he and his mother had sex numerous times during a wild two-week period several years ago.

Since their wild weekend six years ago, Brian only saw his mother occasional holiday weekends and for about a week or so over Christmas. Even during that time he usually did not last all week. He had grown up, and had a life of his own. Even through his parents divorced, he talked to his mother on the phone quite a bit but the long distance between them did not allow them to see each other very often.

So the relationship with his mother that he characterized for Mike was typical of any other twenty-five-year-old man. Mike did not need to know that after Brian broke his neck, he was reintroduced to sex by his pregnant personal care attendant as well as his mother. The three of them experimented as much as they possibly could sexually. It had been a wild time.

Now, nothing like that has occurred in the last five years. Nevertheless, Brian did spend many times fantasizing about it once again. On numerous occasions, it was the image of his mother in his head as he masturbated his seven inch cock to orgasm.

Even over the last five years, his mother continued to look great. Pam was now forty-seven years old; but she seriously looked like she was about thirty-five. She was not very tall, nor was her chest very big. That attribute many times in the past seemed to be a detriment in her mind. Now however, she was reaping the rewards because the extra pounds that plagued many other women did not seem to find their way to the rest of Pam's body. She still had her, slender figure from her younger years. Brian thought overall her face had also maintained a very youthful look. And she still colored her hair to avoid the miscellaneous gray hairs that obviously had become present.

He knew that his mother had dated a few men since the divorce. Through the conversations he had had, it seemed she never really was interested in any of them. She did enjoy going out and doing different things that she never was able to do with his father. But in terms of being with a man simply because she was attracted to him, he did not think that had yet been the case.

Overall, he was excited for this weekend because it was going to be the first time that the two of them could actually spend some time alone. He could find out how she really is doing. He promised her that she could get away from all her troubles and stress and simply come down and party on campus with him and his friend. In all actuality, that was why he had returned to school during this time.

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