Day 15 - After the Cruise With Maddie

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After the cruise,he was travelling on a private jet escorted by the beautiful Maddie. He joined the mile-high club with her and discovered just who she is related to.

Day 15 morning. The ship had docked early in the morning, meaning that we would soon be disembarking. I was then traveling to the airport to catch a private flight to meet a client.

I had slowly extracted myself from the bed that I had shared with Pippa and Laura for all of the previous evening. We had fucked on and off for most of the night, and when we weren't fucking we were either snoozing or talking. The ladies had just left the room to head back to their cabin, but not before Laura had given me an outstanding blowjob.

We had agreed to meet at my home in a couple of days time. Yes ... I had agreed to them living with me. I had just clicked with these ladies - more so than any of the others that I had fucked on this cruise.

After a lengthy shower, I headed to the buffet to have breakfast before making my way off the ship to my waiting limo.

Within half an hour the limo delivered me to the VIP entrance to the airport terminal, and was being ushered through security and checkin by a petite beautiful young lady from the airline.

I noted her badge said 'Madeline" but she asked that I call her Maddie. I noted her badge mainly because it sat abreast of a delightful petite set of apple sized tits. Her uniform hugged her slim figure, and drew my attention firstly to her tits, and then to her shapely ass.

Her face was pixie-ish and was framed by silky blonde hair that fell to her shoulders. She had a delightful smile and a lovely set of red lips - lips that I was imagining wrapped around my thick hard cock, and leaving lip-stick marks on the shaft. As we made out way through the terminal I deliberately fell behind her so that I could admire her lovely ass.

She slowed at times to let me catch up, and when I did, I noted that she had a huge smile on her face. I suspected that she knew what I was doing, and she wasn't offended at all. Finally we reached my departure lounge where she asked me to wait a few minutes whilst she checked on the availability of the aircraft.

The client had arranged the travel so I had no idea what sort of plane that I would be flying on. I just knew that I was to be the only passenger beside the flight crew.

Maddie returned in a few minutes to say that the plane was ready for boarding. She walked me down the aerobridge and into the front entrance to what appeared to be quite a large plane.

She led me into the cabin before turning to me to explain. "This is the sitting cabin". I observed a few very large and sumptious chairs in this part of the plane. I also noted a wall with a door separating the front section from the rear section.

"Through that door is the sleeping cabin with its private facilities including a shower" she continued to explain. We didn't go into that part of the cabin at this time. I just nodded my head taking it all in.

Maddie continued "Your bags have been loaded. Have a seat whilst I inform the pilots that we are ready to go".

That piqued my attention and I repeated "We??" to her.

"Yes. Your client has organised for me to escort you on the plane and to your destination and back." Maddie explained. "Now take a seat and I will be with you in a moment".

I sat in one of the large double chairs as I waited for Maddie to close the aircraft door and tell the pilots that we can depart. She was back in a few minutes with a drink for me. Handing me the drink, she said that we have a 10 minute wait for our take-off slot.

"Wait here ... I'll be back in a few minutes" she explained as she headed through the door into the rear of the plane. I sat there and sipped on my drink as I waited for her, whilst taking in all the details of the cabin.

I heard a chime. Then I heard the door open and close with Maddie returning.

"Oh fuck" I muttered under my breath as I observed that she had changed from her uniform into a slinky hip-hugging red dress that really accentuated her figure, and put her little set of tits on fine display. She had removed her conservative shoes and stockings and replaced them with a strappy pair of high heels. I noted her perfectly formed and painted toes as she walked up to me.

"Can I sit with you?" she asked, indicating the other part of the double seat that I was occupying.

"Yes ... yes ... please do" I stammered as I became engrosed in her beauty.

I heard a double chime as she sat down.

"Time for takeoff" she said as she grabbed my seatbelt and brought the ends together just over my rapidly tenting trousers. Clicking my belt into place, she then proceeded to engage her seatbelt too. Her shoulder touched mine as we sat together.

As the plane started its takeoff run, she grabbed my hand and held it, as we raced down the runway for those few moments before we lifted off. She continued to hold my hand as we climbed. I glanced sideways to her and was pleased to find that I could see almost all of her beautiful tits due to the cut of her dress. Only her nipples were hidden at the moment, but I suspected that a slight change in her position would soon reveal them also.

We sat silently for a few minutes before she spoke.

"I love the takeoff ... but its always better when I'm in the company of a handsome man" she whispered.

We heard another double chime, indicating that seatbelts were no longer required. She released her seatbelt before reaching for mine. She took her time to undo the clasp with her hands roaming across my bulging trousers for a few moments before undoing my seatbelt.

As she turned to me, I turned to her with the result that our lips collided into a passion-filled kiss. Her lips and tongue attacked mine as she climbed up onto my lap, pushing her sensational tits into my chest. Her hand went to the back of my neck, pulling me closer as we kissed. My hand went to her ass and pulled her closer, pulling up on her dress until I could feel her bare ass.

"Oh god..." I thought as I discovered that she was pantyless under her dress. I was holding her silky smooth ass, pulling her closer as I adjusted my grip until my finger tips were running between her ass cheeks and across her tight asshole. With a slight adjustment my fingers were soon running between her engorged pussy lips. It was then that I felt something ... something that felt like little rings in her pussy lips.

I broke off the kiss gasping for breath. "Is your pussy pierced?" I asked her as I looked at her smiling face.

"Yes ... lips and clit" was her response.

"Oh fuck me ... this I have to see" I groaned as I shimmed to the floor and pushed her thighs apart until I had a clear view of her pussy. Oh my god ... what a site it was. Engorged pussy lips with 3 small gold rings in each lip ... and another gold ring through a quite sizeable clit. I was drooling at the thought of licking her very wet looking pussy and pulling on her rings with my lips and teeth.

I knelt between her spread thighs and put my tongue straight between her pussy lips, pushing them apart and delving my tongue into her already very wet pussy. Licking up and down her pussy furrow and picking up her juices with the blade of my tongue. She tasted amazing - a taste that I hadn't encountered before.

After a few minutes of tongue licking, I used my lips to grab one of her gold rings to pull her pussy lips apart. First one on the left then one on the right, switching back and forth between them, and changing from one to the other on the same side. I sat back for a moment to admire my efforts - her pussy lips were splayed apart and I could see her inner lips begging for my attention.

"Oh fuck ... your pussy is so beautiful ... and tasty too" I exclaimed just before I buried my tongue deeper this time and between her inner pussy lips. Her sexual aroma and her heat hit me then. She smelt divine - like a woman on heat, and anxious for a thorough fucking. Her hands went to the back of my head as she held my lips against her pussy with my tongue delving deep.

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck..." she chanted "so fucking close ... lick me ... lick me". With a couple of well placed licks to her pierced clit and a tug on its ring, she exploded into a huge orgasm, holding me against her spasming pussy as it unloaded a stready stream of tangy juices right into my mouth.

"Oh god ... you are a fucking amazing pussy licker" she groaned as she settled back into the seat.

I eased back and sat on my haunches and gazed at the pouting opening to her engorged pussy. I then stood up and held out my hand to guide her up from the seat.

"Shall we check out the sleeping cabin?" I asked

"Yes ... let's do that." Maddie responded with a smile.

Once inside the sleeping cabin, I stood looking in amazement at the setup. The cabin was dominated by a huge bed - it looked bigger than kingsize - with lots of pillows and a dark burgundy set of silky sheets. Looking up I noted that the ceiling above the bed was mirrored.

"Oh god ... this is amazing" I muttered.

"Come here" Maddie said as she directed me to a chair at the side of the bed. The chair faced a large tv screen that was blank at the moment.

"Sit here please for a few minutes" she asked me. I followed her request but looked puzzled at her. She replied "Oh don't worry ... we are definitely going to finish what we started outside. Your client wants to have a word with you".

Maddie turned on the screen and in a few moments a familiar face was on the screen. It was Carla, the older lady that I had fucked just recently on the cruise ship. I looked at her with a puzzled look.

"Oh hi Grant ... you look a little puzzled. I'm sorry but I haven't been entirely honest with you to date." she explained. "I am Carla ... but I'm not a widow. My husband is alive and well and the president of the corporation that you are about to meet with."

"Oh fuck..." I muttered as I thought " ... had I screwed up this deal by fucking the wife of the president?"

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