Day 14 - Cruising With Pippa and Laura

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He got to entertain a mother and daughter together after having previously fucked them separately.

Day 14 afternoon. I was sitting in the bar sipping on a drink and feeling sorry that I had l lost a really great personal assistant and a sensational fuck buddy. Felice was a rare lady - she loved cock - the more the better she once told me. Unfortunately her boyfriend had noticed that her pussy wasn't as loose in the last couple of weeks, and he had jumped to conclusions. Ones that might be bad for my health if I was back at the office at the moment.

"Hey Grant ... why are you looking all so sad?" came from behind me. I turned to see that it was Pippa talking to me, and she was with her daughter Laura. I had fucked both of them within the last week, and they both knew about the other's fuck session.

Pippa and Laura could have been mistaken for sisters. Pippa had a youthful presence which matched that of her daughter. The main difference between the ladies was that Pippa had a larger set of tits.

"Come sit with me" I asked them, noticing that neither was wearing their uniform.

"Are you off duty?" I enquired.

Laura replied this time "No. We have finished our contract so we are enjoying the last afternoon and night before we dock tomorrow morning."

"Well. In that case let me get you ladies a drink to celebrate your freedom". The ladies joined me and we chatted and laughed for the rest of the afternoon, consuming a few drinks each. Not enough to get drunk but enough to let our inhibitions down.

About 6 PM we made our way back to my suite to carry on our conversations in private as our risque comments were attracting some frowns from the wowsers in the bar. We decided to order room service and within 30 minutes we were sitting down enjoying a very tasty meal.

"What have you planned for this evening?" I asked them after we had finished our meal.

Pippa replied "We had nothing planned. We are all packed and ready to disembark in the morning."

Laura then continued "But when we saw you in the bar we had some thoughts on how to spend the evening..."

"Oh ... and what were they?" I asked.

Pippa grinned and replied "We want you to fuck us both ... we want to watch as you fuck the other."

"Oh wow ... you certainly have a great idea. Do I get to choose who goes first?" I asked cheekily.

"No. we hadn't discussed that" was Pippa's response.

"How about we start with both of you beautiful ladies getting naked" I suggested as I cupped the crotch of my trousers to emphasize my attraction to them both. "You do get naked together don't you?" I continued.

"Hmmm ... not often but we did the other night..." Pippa explained as she kicked off her sandals and lifted her dress over her head. She stood there naked except for a skimpy pair of panties which did little to hid a very bald pussy. Turning to Laura I noted she was a little slower with her dress just rising above her smaller tits and then over her head. She too stood there in skimpy panties that did little to hide her bald pussy also.

"Oh wow ... both of you have shaved your pussies since I saw them last" I observed with a mile-wide grin.

Pippa spoke saying "Yes ... we got naked as we talked about how you had fucked us ... and then over a couple of wines we decided to shave each other".

"Is that all you did?" I asked with a wry smile.

Both of them looked down to the floor, breaking eye contact with me and not answering me.

"Oh ... there is nothing wrong if something did happen ... especially between consenting adults" I explained as I suspected that something had happened between them.

When neither of them spoke, I added "We can talk about that later ... I feel distinctly over-dressed at the moment. Can I have some help here?".

Both of them reacted with their eyes coming up to meet mine and smiles coming across their faces.

They both advanced on me, with Laura dropping to her knees as she reached for the belt on my trousers with Pippa reaching to lift my shirt over my head. With the shirt removed, Pippa pushed her ample tits into my bare chest as she moved her lips to mine to engage in a passionate tongue-filled kiss.

Laura had successfully pushed my trousers down to the floor leaving just my boxer shorts in place, which were struggling to contain my very erect 10 inch cock. Next she peeled down the shorts, with my cock popping free and standing fully erect, bending down a little she removed both my trousers and shorts from around my ankles and threw them over into the corner of the room.

Her hand came out and grabbed my cock by the base as she led it to her mouth, running its tip across her lips before parting her lips and swallowing a couple of inches of my hard cock.

Her mouth felt so hot on my cock as her tongue swirled around my cockhead before sucking firmly. Pippa was still engaged in tongue play with me as I experienced the combined wanton needs of this mother and daughter. Laura palmed my balls as she sucked my cock, trying to bury more of my cock into her mouth and throat whilst her mother's tongue tried to explore the recesses of my mouth.

Finally Pippa broke off kissing me and also dropped to her knees beside her daughter.

"Suck him good baby ... oh god, he's huge" she commented as she watched. After a few more moments, Laura stopped sucking me and offered my cock to her mum. "Here, it's your turn to have a suck and a lick". The two sexy ladies passed me back and forth between themselves for a couple of minutes whilst keeping up an increasingly lewd commentary about their sucking prowess.

Finally I had to pull back from them otherwise I would have filled one or both mouths with a torrent of my hot cream.

"Let's get more comfortable on the bed ladies" I suggested as I held out my hands to lead them to the bedroom.

On the king size bed I laid in the middle with Pippa and Laura on each side of me. I had put my arms around them and pulled them to me whilst switching my kisses back and forth between them. My cock was standing relatively upright at the moment however it was soon supported when Laura grasped my cock by the root and gently stroked it.

Pippa spoke to Laura "Why don't you climb on board his cock whilst I watch? I would love to watch it slowly sliding into your beautiful pussy". I readily agreed with the suggestion, with Laura quickly moving into position over my cock.

This time Pippa grasped my cock to hold it steady as Laura adjusted her position until my cockhead was nudging between her very wet pussy lips to find the entrance to her pussy canal. The entrance was found with Laura pausing for a moment, steeling herself for the act of penetration.

Laura pushed down slightly and I could feel initial resistance as her tight pussy hesitated to admit my big fat cock. That only lasted a few moments before my cockhead breeched her entrance and slid partially inside of her. Pippa moved her hand from my cock but left it in the vicinity as Laura rocked up and down on my cock.

"Oh fuck that's big..." Laura moaned as she struggled to take more and more of my cock inside her. By this time I was about half buried in her, and for a normal cocked male that would be close to fully embedded, but for me with a super-sized cock that was only half inserted.

Pippa recognised that the next half might be a challenge for Laura so she moved her hand so it was now touching her daughter's pussy and in particular her clit. She stroked her fingers back and forth across the clitoral hood until Laura's excited clit could be seen peeking out from its hood.

"Oh fuck mum ... that feels so fucking great ... almost as good as this fucking huge cock" Laura moaned before she screamed "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... cummmmmmmiiinnnnggg!!!" as a massive orgasm sneaked up on her and exploded upon her.

Her pussy clenched me hard as she peaked before relaxing for a moment. As it relaxed I chose that moment to plunge the rest of my cock upwards into her pussy. Her ass slapping down against my thigh with my cock fully embedded inside her.

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck..." she chanted as her massive cum rolled on and on with her tangy juices streaming down my cockshaft and drenching my balls.

"Oh wow baby ... you've taken all of him ... fuck that looks so good" Pippa exclaimed as she slowly stroked her daughter's clit as Laura's pussy held me tight and deep within her. I held her by the hips to keep her in place as I savored the feeling of being once again buried in her tight young pussy.

"Oh fuck ... you're huge ... I didn't remember you being so fucking big last time" Laura told me as she grimmaced and then smiled as she sat there. I could feel her pussy clenching and unclenching me as Laura settled from her previous massive cum.

With my hands on my hips I started to work her hips above mine until she was again writhing on top of me. The movement changed from a round and round movement to a series of short up and down ones until we were again steadily fucking - this time with my cock fully embedded in her.

"Come sit on my tongue" I directed to Pippa who was watching admiringly at her daughter being thoroughly fucked. Pippa moved to sit on my tongue.

"No ... face your beautiful daughter" I suggested to Pippa when she went to sit in the other direction. She quickly changed her position and placed her drooling pussy right onto my tongue. I moved one hand from Laura's hip to her mother's hip so I could slightly control the movements of both of them.

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