Working on Saturday
Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Grant has to work on Saturday to complete a presentation. Its very hot outside and he is using the boss's air-conditioned office. The heat inside is stoked by visits by three smouldering hot young women - Cate, Becky and Felicity. The boss's desk, couch, and floor are well used during the day.

It was a stinking hot Saturday morning. I was lucky to be in an air-conditioned office, but unlucky in that it was at work. I was using my bosses office (with his permission) to prepare a presentation to be made to all staff on the following Monday. His office was quite spacious with a big couch being the main feature of his sitting area. I was sitting at his desk working away on the Powerpoint presentation - it was effectively complete with just some tidyups having to be done.

I had come to work dressed for the outside weather. I'd gone with sandals (which I'd already kicked off), a polo shirt and a pair of baggy shorts. I'd gone "commando" to give my balls some breathing space in this stifling weather.

I was concentrating on the computer screen and didn't realise that I wasn't alone anymore. I looked up to see the boss's daughter Cate standing in front of the desk. She worked in the building too, and I'd talked to her on a regular basis. Just some very mild flirting was how I would describe our interactions. I was 54 years old and she was only 19 years old.

Cate was of medium height with shoulder length dark hair. She had a slender figure with a small set of tits. She had always been dressed in business-like attire, but today that was all different. She stood in front of me wearing a sheer white blouse tied in a knot under her tits. She had a bikini top that was visible under that blouse. As I cast my eyes downwards I noted that she was wearing a very small pair of tight shorts that hugged her hips ... and which gave me just the hint of a cameltoe. Her feet were bare except for the white thongs that she wore.

"Oh my god" I thought as I took in the sight in front of me. "She is one serious wet dream - I was going to have some serious wanking memories to call upon tonight" was my next thought.

"Hey Grant ... I heard you were working today." Cate explained as she walked around to my side of the desk to see what I was doing.

"Oh shit" I muttered as I tried to hide the Wordpad window on the screen. I'd been making additions to the erotic story that I'd been writing. I fumbled my attempt at hiding it and Cate spotted the title of the story which not so coincidentally was "Seducing Kate - the next day".

"Oh wow..." Cate gasped. "Are you THAT author?" she asked.

I looked forlornly at the screen and thought "Oh shit ... I'm a gonner. She will tell her dad, and that will be the end of me here". I looked down, not wanting to make eye contact with her.

Cate continued with an excited voice (which puzzled me) "Is ... is that story based on me and you?"

My head was spinning - "How was I going to get myself out of this one?" I asked myself. I couldn't look at her, and I couldn't speak.

She paused when she sensed my discomfort.

"Grant, look at me!" she said. I eventually looked up to see her smiling, and not at all mad-looking as I expected. I was puzzled.

Cate continued "I loved the first story ... It gave me great pleasure to read it. Now I'm really excited to know that it was based on me ... It is, isn't it?"

I still couldn't speak, but I was able to nod.

She clapped her hands excitedly and laughed. Her reaction helped me recover slightly and I was able to manage a smile.

Tentatively I spoke "I can't believe that you have read the first part"

Cate replied "I just love that story site. I often read at least a couple of stories before I go to sleep at night ... a nice orgasm helps me sleep".

We locked eyes with neither of us speaking for a minute or so, then Cate asked with a smirk on her face "Are you as well hung as the story suggests?"

"Holy hell, I didn't see that question coming" was my immediate thought. I didn't know how to answer, or should I even try to answer.

"Well..." she prompted me again. I could only answer with a nod to confirm that the guy in the story shared the same size manhood as me. It was described in the story as being a fraction over 8 inches long when fully erect and quite thick.

"Oh wow..." she said in a hushed tone.

I was starting to get my wits back about me and without really thinking of the consequences I blurted out "Did I describe you properly?"

"Oh shit ... I'm sorry" I added very quickly.

Cate could see my discomfort. She looked at me with an expressionless look for a moment before she burst out laughing, which set me off too and broke the tension between us.

Then she stunned me when she said "I think you can judge for yourself". Her fingers went to the knot in her blouse to undo it and open the few buttons holding it together. It dropped to the floor behind her. Next she undid the neck tie on her bikini and within seconds she was standing topless in front of me.

She cupped her hands under her small set of tits to caress and lift them for my viewing pleasure. With a minor adjustment of her hands she was tweaking her hard red nipples.

"You said in the story that I had rosy red nipples" Cate commented before continuing "I think that you got that right."

"Oh god ... they are sensational ... even better in the flesh" I added as my eyes drank in her very beautiful bustline.

"Come on ... off with your shirt too ... I want to see if your nipples are as big as the story describes them as" Cate added. I followed her instructions and pulled my shirt off and dropped it to the floor. I was now sitting bare chested in her dad's office chair with my eyes at the same level as her tits.

She stepped forward and pushed her right nipple at my mouth which opened automatically to accept the gift of her tit and its hard red nipple. I took it between my lips and gently pulled on it, flicking the tip with my tongue as I teased her.

"Oh ... oh..." she groaned as I licked, sucked and gently bit her nipple before switching to the other breast to repeat the same tease. Her hand came to the back of my head to pull me tight against her tit and to feed more of her small tit further into my mouth.

She was getting very aroused. I didn't want her to cum just yet - I wanted her naked when that happened, either from nipple stimulation or pussy licking or fingering.

I eased back from her beautiful tits to catch her eye. "I want to see if I described your pussy correctly" I added.

She laughed. I looked at her puzzled.

"No ... you were wrong" she replied " ... but now it does match your description.". I had described her pussy as being hairless around her pussy lips and with a thin closely cropped landing strip of pubic hair.

She pushed down on her shorts to soon reveal that she was "commando" under her shorts also. They fell to around her ankles. She stepped out of them, kicking them away before standing in front of me with her hands on her hips.

"I used to have a much fuller bush ... but after reading that story, and the fun that you had licking my pussy, I decided to trim my bush and shave around my pussy lips" Cate explained.

She stepped back and held out to hand to draw me up from my seating position. "Now I want to see your cock ... to see if it matches the story". My cock was rock hard in my shorts and had been since she revealed her tits to me. I pushed down on the shorts. They caught for a moment on my erect cock before my cock popped free from the waistband and stood proudly tall against my tummy.

"Oh wow ... its ... its so big ... and beautiful" she said as her hand was drawn to it, grasping it by the root and holding it firmly. "Oh so soft ... yet so hard" she added as she slowly wanked my cock.

She was much smaller than me so it was easy for me to pick her up and seat her on the edge of the desk. I sat back down in her dad's chair and eased it forward so that my face was in proximity to her naked pussy.

"Oh my god ... are you going to follow the story?" she asked as my face got closer and closer to her pussy. In the story I placed Kate on the edge of a desk and then proceeded to give her pussy a very thorough tongue licking and fucking.

I didn't answer her in words, rather in deeds by flicking my tongue across her outer pussy lips. They had a slight sheen to them from her arousal. Having harvested those juices I slipped my tongue between her pussy lips to find an even more plentiful supply of her tangy and hot juices. I loved her taste. My tongue was able to reach and also penetrate her inner lips, revealing the entrance to her pussy canal.

My tongue breached her canal entrance more and more often as she churned her hips against my tongue. I looked up to see her grabbing at her nipples and tits with her eyes closed as her arousal levels soared heading towards a huge cum.

To change it up, I flicked my tongue up and across her clit that was peeking out from under its hood.

"Oh fuck" was her immediate reaction as she became more vocal with my attention switching to her clit, flicking my tongue across it before taking it between my lips to gently pull on it.

"Oh ... ohhhhhh ... ahhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed as a massive cum exploded from her pussy. Her juices streamed from her super-heated pussy core, and splattered all over my face. My tongue went into overdrive as I attempted to devour her juices. I had some success but I did miss a lot, with most of it trickling down my neck.

I pushed the chair back, giving me the opportunity to study her post-orgasmic pussy. It's engorged outer lips were still open from my oral assault, showing me her very wet inner lips with just a hint of her canal entrance to be seen. I looked up to see her staring at me.

I stood up, taking my cock in hand by the root of the shaft. I nudged the cockhead between her splayed lips, sliding the cockhead up and down to lather her juices on it before pausing at the entrance to her pussy canal. After just a moment's pause, I pushed forward slowly yet firmly.

"Oh wow ... you look so big..." she moaned as she watched my cock struggling to enter her very wet but very tight canal entrance. "And feel so fucking big too ... take it slow please".

There was lots of resistance from her pussy as it struggled to re-adjust to my size. I put my hands on her hips to better control her as I made short and firm thrusts at her canal entrance. I could sense her tensing up on me so with a firmer push I eventually breeched the entrance with my cockhead.

"Ohhh godddddd!!!" she groaned as my cock made headway into her very very tight and hot pussy. I slid in about 2 inches before I stopped.

"Relax babe ... the worst is over ... you are much tighter that I ever imagined" I told her as I rested inside of her. I knew from the feel of her that I would not be getting much more into her on this occasion. After a couple of minutes rest, I eased back and forth, establishing a fucking motion in and out of her vice-like pussy.

I watched her face as I fucked her, watching for her reactions to my penetrations. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter, and that was helping me slide a little deeper inside. Looking down I noted that I was about half embedded in her pussy. That felt like it was going to be the extent of my penetration today.

With a depth established, I used my hold on her hips to control her thrusts and mine as I slid carefully in and out of her clenching canal.

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... so good ... you are fucking me" she groaned. Within seconds she was screaming " Ahhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhh ... cummmmmmmiiiinnnnngggg!!!" as another massive cum exploded from her pussy, drenching my cock and balls in her hot juices.

The extra juices and hotness set me off. I could hold on no longer with my balls coming to a boil with my cock exploding inside of her. I shot rope after rope of my hot cum into her tightly packed pussy.

"Oh god ... I can feel you cumming inside of me..." she moaned as her own cum rolled on and on until both of came to a standstill. The actions of her pussy had pushed me clear of her pussy with globs of our mixed juices dribbling out of her pussy onto the edge of the desk, and dropping to the carpet below.

Cate whispered "That was everything that the story promised it would be ... except I wanted you deeper ... Maybe next time, huh?"

"Yes ... next time" was my response as I staggered over to the couch to lay back exhausted.

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