Sharecropper's Daughter
Chapter 1

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Historical Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A white farm boy learns about sex, and love from one of the black sharecropper's daughter's.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Historical   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie  

Henry Childs watched an old rusty pickup drive down the dirt road that led to his house. The dust it kicked up blocked out everything behind it, as it came toward him. Henry knew who it was the minute he saw the old beater turn off the road heading to his house. It was March 1930 and it was planting season. Now that Henry was sixteen he was given more responsibility on the family farm. Keeping track of the supplies was now his responsibility. With lower cotton prices, Henry's father was forced to fire some field hands. Henry was forced to drop out of school to work fulltime on the farm.

Henry knew that this time of year, the colored sharecroppers came to his father to borrow money, buy tools, and seed for this year's cotton harvest. This year was no different than last year, as he stared at Willie Anderson getting out of his pickup. His daughter Rose stayed in the truck. He knew exactly what supplies he was getting and how much the cost was.

Mr. Anderson was a fairly small framed man only a few inches above five feet with a farm hand's strength in his large arms. His pleasant and positive attitude always got Henry's father to smile.

Although Mr. Anderson borrowed more money each year, his father continued to loan him more without question. This year was going to be no different since Henry heard that the weevil attacked his crop again. Henry saw Mr. Anderson a few times during the year. Mostly it was business that brought Mr. Anderson to Henry's father's farm. Although each time he came by, his daughter Rose came with him to help carry the supplies.

Mr. Anderson gave a big smile as he spoke. "Is your Pa, here?"

Henry smiled back and pointed to the stables. When Mr. Anderson saw his father moving around in the stables, he motioned over to his daughter Rose to get out of the truck. Rose slowly opened the door and walked over to her father. "Stay here, until I am done."

Rose and Henry watched together as her father walked to the barn to talk with Henry's father. They both knew they were going to talk money, and it was not going to be an upbeat conversation.

Rose was three years older than Henry, and known her since they were both very little. Wearing a head scarf her black hair was pushed back and covered, but her face clearly showed a healthy vibrant look. Henry always remembered her as an early developer in the chest department, even with her small five foot four frame. Henry noticed time has only added to his assessment of her bust size. Rose wore a used patchwork grey dress that was pushed out in the chest area due to her ample size. Her hips seemed to make a perfect shape.

Even though Henry saw Rose everyday cut through the back field to walk her little brother to school, he never struck up any real conversation with her. It was always very short, but polite questions and answers. Henry did always manage to stop whatever he was doing to get a glance at her. He always thought she was a doll even though she was colored. It was when her father came to pickup supplies and drop off his share of the cotton that he got to see her close up.

Henry motioned with his arm for Rose to follow him. "I can help you get your supplies ready."

Rose nonchalantly nodded her head in compliance, and followed Henry to the supply barn where Henry worked. Henry opened the lock and pulled the double doors open. Once they were open he walked in, he grabbed a clip board that hung on the side.

Henry read off the supplies that were being taken to the Anderson farm. When the list was finished he walked over to grab a wheel barrel. When he came back with the supplies, Rose looked quite upset. Henry wondered what upset her. He had to ask. "What's wrong?"

Holding back tears as she spoke. "This is a quarters of what we normally get. I don'ts blame you for holding back, seeing in how much we owes you. I just am scares about next season."

Since being put in charge of the supplies, Henry got accustomed to the power of holding someone else's debt. The sharecroppers had to borrow from him to get their supplies for the year. Henry also collected half of their crops just for using the land that belonged to his father. All of this gave him a little cocky attitude.

With Rose almost in tears, the arrogant attitude became even stronger. Henry thought his father was wrong in lending such a large amount of supplies to a family that will not be able to pay it back. In his mind, he was doing a good job by giving the Anderson's less.

With a slight grin on his face, Henry decided to get something he always wanted. "I can load some extra bags of seed and fertilizer without my Pa knowing."

Rose's frown became a big smile, and she replied back with joy. "You'd do that just for me?"

Henry knew he had power over her, and could get something from her. "I just want something from you is all."

With a puzzled look Rose shot back. "What you want from me?"

Henry fought back the evil grin, and to stayed composed. "I want you to see your tits."

Rose looked ready to slap him. "You be a little pervert. I won't do dat."

Feeling she would say no, Henry knew exactly what to respond with. "We both know that your fields won't make money this year. This is your only hope your family has to eat, and next year you will be off the field."

Rose did not say a word as she undid the top straps of her dress. She reached back, and slipped the top part of her dress down to her stomach to reveal her brown skinned chest to Henry. He watched in utter disbelief as the first pair of breasts he'd ever seen popped out in front of him. Her chocolate breasts were large and hung just perfectly on her chest. Her breasts had small dark colored areolas with pointy nipples in the center of them.

Henry's jaw dropped as Rose stood before him with her chest fully exposed to him. He had never seen a naked woman before, and did not care if it was a colored girl. Her soft brown skin only made her breasts seem that much bigger to him. Henry's eyes could not be torn away as he stared at the first girl to be naked in front of him. He forgot about demanding to see all of her, and made no comment to Rose as she stopped her dress from falling down even further.

Henry's excitement was short lived as he heard his father calling out. His daze was broken, and he called back. "Getting the supplies now!"

Henry quickly loaded up Mr. Anderson's pickup, with the extra supplies. The whole time he was loading up the supplies he could see Rose watching him. Her expression of disgust never changed. The image of her topless made him smile in front of her, and only infuriated her more.

It was five months later in October when Henry saw Rose again. She was walking her little brother through his back field. The colored school stared later than white schools and, he was happy to see her again. Every time he saw her, it brought back memories of her large boobs. The memory of her topless body helped him play with himself every night. When he tried to wave hello, she looked at him and kept walking. In the past she would at least wave back, now he just planned for next planting season.

Henry enjoyed the farm life and the privacy it came with. One of the most enjoyable past times he did was race tractors. Henry knew that his friend William could never win, and bet his months' pay to prove it. Henry was allowed to use the old tractor whenever he wanted, just as long as he did not get it stuck anywhere. Since it was the old tractor breaking it was not the end of the world.

Since Henry had so much money riding on this race, he was going to use his father's new tractor. Both him and William lined up on a make shift line in the field. A few friends were watching, as Henry and William argued about Henry using the newer tractor. As one of their friends moved his arms down to start the race, Henry shifted hard, and quickly took the lead. Henry was now clearly winning. Henry was so happy that he stood up, and turned around to gloat. The tractor hit something in the field, and threw Henry from the seat to the ground hard.

Henry got up from his embarrassing fall to see Rose staring at him. She was by herself carrying some produce in a bag. She was only a few yards off, and he was certain she saw everything. Henry watched his friends run off, as they did not want to be around when his father came back.

Henry walked around the front of the tractor to see the front wheel was flat, and bent inward. The fear of getting caught brought his whole world crashing down. If Rose squeals the beating he would take would be severe, not to mention the loss of job status. Knowing her anger at him for making her expose herself ruined any chance of her silence.

As he walked to the barn to get the old tractor, he thought of the best lie his brain could think of. Saying that he was breaking up some hard clay and he hit something was his best option. Henry knew it was a terrible lie, but telling his father he was racing was out of the question. When he got back with the old tractor, he quickly set up a tow rope. Right before getting on the tractor his father pulled into the field with the pickup.

With a feeling of hopelessness and fright Henry waited in fear. When his father got out of the pickup, his face showed no emotion of anger. "I told you to be careful of old stumps. I broke my first tractor on a stump in this same field when I was young."

After pulling the tractor back to the barn, and getting everything put away, Henry sat down for supper. When his mother was putting the food on the plate he heard his father's account of what happened. "Sorry, we're late for supper. Willie's daughter Rose told me that Henry hit a stump. He needed help getting the tractor back in the barn."

The rest of the supper, and the night was a blur. He could not figure out why Rose would lie for him. He thought she hated him. He remembered the look on her face when he asked her to reveal her tits. The anger she showed when he told her that she needed to do it to save her family's farm. The once proud ego he had of running the supply barn was taken down a notch by a colored girl who saved his skin from a sure lashing at his father's hands.

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