Hard Work

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, White Couple, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I ran into the mother of my best friend that I had growing up. We talked about old times then I took my clothes off.

Chapter 1

I still live in the small city that I grew up in and once in a while run into people I knew when I was younger. That happened not long ago when I was at one of the malls looking for a new pair of shoes when I heard from behind me, "Glen? Glen Harris?"

I turned and recognized her instantly, it was the mother of my closest friend who had been the best man at my wedding. The wedding had since been dissolved and I had gotten older, now forty-two.

"Yes, Georgia? You haven't changed at all," I told the petite woman standing there. She still looked as good as ever, small, even dainty but I was sure she was still attracting men's looks.

"Well, thank you, that's nice, I do try to keep fit."

Georgia West was absolutely right on that score. She was five-two, blond with hazel eyes and a nice, curvy figure. She'd been divorced for many years now and I asked her if she'd remarried.

"Oh, no, there aren't many men around like you, Glen, that I'd ever be interested in," she replied with a smile. "It's just after noon, I'm finished here and was going home to make some lunch, would you like to follow me there and we can catch up on things? I live close by and it's been so long."

I really didn't have anything in particular I had to do so I accepted her kind invitation and we left the building and I followed her about eight blocks to a small ranch-type home and we went inside to the kitchen where she began making us sandwiches while we talked about the intervening years.

I went through the first few years after the wedding then briefly through its dissolution and up to the present day.

"What about you, Georgia, are you still doing your art, the drawings and paintings you were doing back then?"

"Oh, yes, I like to think that those years have seen me get better. Mostly still lifes, I haven't had anyone model for me in quite a long time. I would like to do some again, I think."

"Don't tell me you're thinking of doing figure studies? I might be tempted to pose for you," I joked.

She laughed and said, "Now that might be fun. It's something I haven't done since college art classes but, you know, I think it would be a kick. I'll never forget one young guy who posed for our class. He never got invited again because he couldn't seem to control himself. But that might be fun today."

"See, I'm glad we ran into each other, I've already given you a new idea for your artistic talents."

"Well, I think it's a great idea. Now all I need is a model. It's your idea, Glen, I think you should help me by being the model."

"Geez, I would have been better when I was half my age at twenty-one. I fit the bill a little better back then."

"Let the artist be the judge of that. Well, the idea was yours, I'm certainly for doing it, I think it would be fun. It's all for art, after all."

I wasn't exactly sure what I might be getting myself into but I also knew that I didn't have any pressing engagements for the rest of the day so I told her I would submit myself for the approval of the artist.

She laughed and said, "Well, I think, then, we should go back and make a few sketches." She got up and I followed her back to her bedroom wondering just how this was going to go when she asked me to strip down to my boxers.

Fair enough, I thought, as I started taking my outer clothes off while she got a pad and pencils. I was quickly down to my boxers, trying mentally to will my cock into a deflated state with mixed success.

"Um, just stretch out on the bed, I think. We'll start there," she told me and began drawing.

She went on for a few minutes making sweeping pencil lines over the paper finally turning it and showing me the results.

"Well, Georgia, you certainly haven't lost any of your artistic talent, not at all."

I did see that she'd captured some of the bulge my cock was making and this brought out a smile on my face.

"What's funny?" she asked and I figured I'd go ahead and tell her.

"It's that you caught my boxers in a state of unrest."

"I just draw what I see, Glen. That's what I see. You can let me see some more if you want to take them off."

She said it just like that. I lifted my hips up and pulled them off dropping them to the floor. There I was naked.

And, there she was standing there sketching me just like we did this every day. She went at it a few minutes, then held the sketch so I could see.

"I'm hardly great modeling material but you've done a superb job of it. You want any other poses? Is it erotic enough?"

"How might it be more erotic?"

"Well, I could get it fully erect?"

She smiled and said she'd wait. So I gripped my cock and began stroking it slowly. She stepped to the bedside table, pulled the drawer open, reached in and brought out a bottle of lube, handing it to me.

"We don't want to chafe that now, do we?" she said with a smile as I dripped some on my cock and went back to jacking.

In a minute, I took my hand away asking, "Is that better?"

"Oh, yes, stand over there by the window, maybe sideways," she asked as I got up and stood by the window into her backyard.

"My, that's certainly erotic. When I was an art major they never let the model be aroused, especially after that one time. This is much nicer," she said as her pencil flew across the pad. "This is more how a man should be depicted."

Another minute or two went by and she showed me the latest sketch. I don't think I ever looked better but that's more a measure of Georgia's artistic skill than anything else.

"How long can you stay like that?"

"Erect, like this? Oh, without doing anything, without stroking it, a minute or two."

"Well, maybe I should do one with you keeping it erect?"

"With me doing this?" I asked as I took a few strokes.

"Yes, can you keep doing that while I get it down?"

"Me getting it up while you're getting it down?" I said laughing and I told her I could and she started on a fresh piece of paper while I slowly masturbated standing in the light-filled window, my skin warmed by the sun. She went on for almost five minutes then asked me if I wanted to see.

"Sure, I better stop anyway or I'm liable to get your carpet wet," I chuckled. She stepped to me and turned the pad for me to see.

"Wow, you really are good, Georgia. Even got the veins right, it's real lifelike."

The sketch was the most complete one she'd done, one that was a close-up of my hand and cock. It was actually quite beautiful and I told her so.

"Well, I draw what I see, Glen, and when you're doing that it's quite beautiful."

I'm not sure I'd ever been complemented on my cock and, especially, how it looks when I'm masturbating but I did thank her telling her that, maybe, she should take a photo of it like this in case I ejaculate and begin to go soft.

"Yes, that's a good idea," she agreed and she went out of the room and was quickly back with a nice SLR camera to begin taking some shots moving around me including some from underneath.

"There, that was a good idea, Glen, and I might just get some personal use from them as well," she chuckled.

"Anything I can do to help," I laughed.

"Oh, these will help all right. Now, how can I pay you for being such a good sport about all this?"

After all, I was naked in her bedroom, standing there slowly jacking my dick so I said, "Well, you could finish this for me?"

She smiled up at me and said, "I think I remember how to do it, it's been a long, long time and I can't believe how excited I am about it. Come, come get comfortable," she said as she pulled the covers back on her bed.

I stretched out and she sat down next to me, took my cock lifting it and dribbled a little more lube and began moving her hand up and down.

"Am I doing it all right?"

"Oh, yes, that feels quite wonderful."

"I haven't made a man cum in a long, long time. I am so happy we ran into each other this morning. Now look at us, here I am masturbating you. And loving every second of it. You feel so hard and virile in my hand. I love the hard feel of a man."

"Your hand feels quite lovely to me, Georgia. You're getting me closer and closer."

"Oh, good, I haven't watched a man cum in so long, I just can't wait. I hope it's really a good one for you. You've been such a peach about this."

"I think it's you that are being the peach, Georgia," I laughed now feeling so good in her hands.

"I'll even forgive you the pun, Glen, just make a good cum for me," she urged and right about then the feelings swept across me as I jerked up my hips and cum went spurting up out the tip of my cock as Georgia began to laugh.

"Oh, I'd forgotten how dramatic it is when a man cums. This is just the best. Was it good?" she asked as her hand kept moving up and down.

"The best, really good," I groaned as she bent over and began licking off the tip of my cock and then up and down the shaft and on to the cum puddled at the base, then coming back up to take a few sucks in the tip.

"There I think I got it all," she said, "Can't leave you all wet and sticky, now, can I?"

"No, I guess not, that was lovely; I was well-paid, indeed, Georgia, much better than I'd ever hoped."

"In case I'd like to do some further figure studies, I want you to be willing to come back."

"You certainly have given me a wonderful enticement to do just that."

"Well then, perhaps again next week if you might have an afternoon open?"

Now just how could I turn down such a nice offer, I thought.

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