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Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Uncle, Niece, Aunt, Nephew,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They came home earlier than expected from a night out on the town.

It had been a wonderful and romantic evening. Gary and his wife Shelly had gone to a show, complete with dinner, and had even done a little dancing. They were starting to get worked up, what with the close slow dances, and a few drinks to help things along. They decided that they should take things home, rather than get caught fondling each other on the dance floor, so they headed back home a few hours earlier than they had planned. All the way home, they were playing with each other, her blouse unbuttoned, bra removed so he had access to her tits, her skirt pulled up and panties pulled off so he could get to her dripping wet pussy. Her hands were equally busy, his slacks opened, belt unbuckled, zipper down, hard cock sticking out through the opening in his boxers, her hand slowly and lovingly stroking his shaft, caressing the head that was wet with his drooling pre-cum.

They had left their three children home, alone. They figured that with Freddie being fourteen, and Susie being twelve, they could take care of themselves and eleven year old Eric, too. They had left the trio home alone without a sitter a few times, and had never had a problem, at least not so far.

When they came into the house, it was strangely silent, and Gary was just about to call out to the kids that they were home, when they heard a little noise coming from the rec room in the back of the house. Shelly held a finger to her lips, and stuck her hand through his still open fly and grabbed her husband's hard cock out of his pants, pulling him along quietly. They made their way through the darkened kitchen, and looking over the bar type counter that separated the two rooms, looked at what was going on in the rec room.

To say they were surprised would be an understatement! There, laying out on the couch, naked, was their twelve year old daughter, with her fingers twisting the surprisingly large nipples on her little barely A-cup titties. She wasn't alone, either! Kneeling between her thighs, was her little eleven year old brother, also naked as the day that he was born, and he was fucking Susie like there was no tomorrow! All of a sudden there was a bright flash, and then another, as it became apparent that someone was taking pictures!

"That's it, Bro," Freddie said as he strode into view, holding the camera to his eye, his rock hard teen cock leading the way. "Fuck the little slut! Fuck her hard! When you cum, fill her little cunt with your fertile sperm! If you're lucky, maybe you'll knock her up!" He climbed up on the couch, and directed his cock towards his sister's eager mouth, and she started kissing and licking it, and that quickly turned into a full fledged blow job. "Oh yeah, Sis, suck my cock! Take it all! Suck my cock down your throat!" All the while, Freddie was still taking pictures. He took pictures of his sister sucking his cock, he took pictures of his brother fucking his sister, and when his little brother leaned forward to share his big brother's cock with his sister, he took pictures of that, too. "Oh Yeah! Oh fuck! You suck cock better than our sister, Eric! You can suck me off any time you want!"

When Gary first saw what they were doing, he was ready to burst in on them, and make them stop what they were doing. It was incest, after all! And then there was the bisexuality of his sons, too! How did they learn to do these things! Shelly had stopped him, and together they watched the three of them getting closer and closer to their climax. He was standing behind his wife, and she took his hands and put one them on her chest, inside her still open blouse to rest on her firm b-cup titties and the other under her skirt, and into her bare, hairless, dripping pussy. She reached behind herself to continue to jerk his cock, but taking it slowly, not wanting him to cum too fast.

He was too worked up for that, and before too long, he bent his wife over the kitchen counter, and slid into her soaking wet twat from behind, filling her with one hard thrust. It was all Shelly could do to not yell out when she felt him bottom out against her cervix. As worked up as they were, it didn't take long, and first Shelly, and then Gary, were cumming like crazy! The plopping sound of Gary's splooge as it dripped out of Shelly's overfilled cunt was audible to the two parents, but not to the sex crazed kids in the next room.

Gary moved back, pulling his now drooping, spent cock out of her pussy, and Shelly quickly spun around and dropped to her knees, and cleaned their combined juices from his slimy cock. She then took a towel from the counter and wiped up the cream running down her thighs before straightening her clothes, and those of her husband. They had just finished what they were doing when things in the other room came to a "head."

Freddie was moaning louder and louder, and told his siblings, "That's it, suck my cock! Take my load, you sluts!" And with that, he started to shoot his stuff, first into Eric's sucking mouth, and then in that of his sister. When he was done unloading his balls, they pair of cocksuckers swapped his load between themselves. "Hey!" Freddie exclaimed, "Save some of that for me!" He quickly met the other two in a three way kiss, getting some of his cum back, before laying back on the couch, exhausted from his climax.

Eric started to step up his thrusts into his sister now that the distraction of Freddie's prick was out of the way. His eleven year old cock wasn't as big as his fourteen year old brother's but Susie's twelve year old pussy wasn't all that big either, so they fit well together.

"Oh yeah, Eric, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God! I love your brotherly cock fucking my little cunt! Fuck me harder! I'm gonna cum soon, Eric, fuck me! Cum with me! Fill me with your hot baby making sperm! Fuck me, Brother! Fuck a baby into my little pussy! Oh yeah!"

She was reduced to grunting, and so was Eric as he fucked her harder and harder until they both came together. "Oh Fuck! That's it! Fuck your baby into me!" Susie screamed in passion before almost passing out on the couch as her little brother spurted his seed deep into her pussy.

That was what Shelly was waiting for, and she took Gary's hand, and dragged him into the rec room with her.

"Wow, kids, that was some hot show you put on for us!" she said, startling the trio on the couch. The kids started to scramble for their clothes, or for something to cover their bodies with.

"Don't bother trying to hide yourselves," their father told them. "We've seen everything you've got for most of your lives anyway, although never before in such a fantastic display!"

"I ... I ... we were ... I..." Freddie was starting to say before his mother stopped him.

"It was pretty obvious what you three were doing," she said. "So just how long has this been going on?"

"Where did you learn to do all that?" Gary chimed in.

"It started about six months ago," Susie said. "It was when we were over at Mandy and Sandy's house, watching movies, while you guys were over here with Uncle Terry and Aunt Melissa."

"We had gotten bored with the movies," Freddie explained, "so I came over here to get some CDs. That's when I saw you."

"Freddie came back and got the rest of us," Eric told them, "and we watched the four of you having sex together."

"But it wasn't you and Mom, and our Aunt and Uncle," Freddie said. "No, it was you, Dad, fu ... having sex with Aunt Mel, your own sister, and Mom was with Uncle Terry."

"Considering the subject here, and what we just saw, I think you can use the words you want," Shelly said.

"We know that it's unusual that a brother and sister married a sister and brother," Freddie said, "we always thought that it was cool that your sister and Mom's brother got married, and they all lived next door to us."

"But when Aunt Mel was yelling for you to fuck another baby into her," Susie said, "wanting for you to knock her up, we kept quiet about that, and didn't talk with Mandy and Sandy about it."

"Are Mandy and Sandy our sisters?" Eric asked.

Gary blushed a little at the question, and sighed. "Well, technically, they are your half-sisters, but they are still your cousins, too."

"When your Uncle Terry was in high school," their mother explained, "he was very sick. We all thought he would die. He eventually got better, but the one lasting symptom was that he was sterile. That meant that he couldn't get anyone pregnant. After much discussion, it was decided between the four of us, that your father would get his sister pregnant, and that they would raise the child, or children, since Mel had twins, as if they were Terry's children."

The kids, still naked, were starting to recover from getting caught, most notably the boys both had hard cocks again. "Did you guys have sex with your brother and sister before that?" Susie asked, her nipples spiking out.

This time both parents blushed a little before Shelly answered the question. "Well, I guess ... yes, we did, and that's where things get a little complicated. You see, your father and I grew up next door to each other, sort of like you kids and Mandy and Sandy. Terry and your father were best friends, and Melissa and I were best friends. We were also cousins like you, too. Well, not like you, exactly, it was just that my father, and your Dad's father were brothers. Our moms weren't sisters, though."

Shelly asked if anyone else besides her was thirsty, and everyone agreed that they needed a drink, so she had Gary go get something for everyone. When he stood up, the bulge in his pants was plainly obvious. When Shelly looked at him after seeing his cock-tent, he just shrugged and gestured to the kids. "What?" he said, "seeing these hot kids in the nude doesn't do anything to you too?"

He went into the kitchen, he was followed by his naked twelve year old daughter. "Need a hand, Daddy?" she asked with a smile.

"Sure thing, Sweetheart, why don't you get the ice out of the freezer while I get the glasses down."

She turned to go to the freezer while he stretched high to get the glasses, but he didn't see her turn back around towards him until he felt her small hand rubbing his hard length through his pants.

"Susie!" he hissed, "what are you doing?"

"Just feeling how big you really are, Daddy," she grinned. "It's hard to tell through your pants. Why don't you just take them off? Hmm?"

"Shelly," he called to his wife through the same opening that had given them the view of the action before. He waited for her to look up before continuing. "Our daughter thinks that I should take off my pants so she can see exactly how big my cock is! What do you think?"

"That's a great idea!" she replied as she stood up and started to remove her own clothes.

When Gary and Susie returned to the rec room with refreshments, Gary was naked, and Susie was leading him into the room by his fully engorged cock.

"Mommy! Look what followed me home! Can we keep him?"

"Hey! I'm not a stray puppy!" Gary exclaimed.

"I think that we shall, Daughter Dear!" she laughed as she took the tray of drinks from Gary.

"Now where were we?" Shelly asked as she sat down on the couch between her two sons, and her daughter sat down on her husband's lap, her legs spread with his stiff prong standing proudly from her crotch.

"I think you were going to tell us when you started fucking Daddy and your brother," Eric said with a big smile.

"OK, I guess it's time for the secrets to come out," Gary said. "But first, have you done anything with your cousins yet? Or was it just between the three of you?"

"It started out as just us, but they caught us going at it one time," Susie explained, "and we brought them into the group. We were going to ask them soon anyway, because I wanted to know what it was like to eat a juicy pussy!"

"They caught us, kind of like you did," Freddie said, "about three months ago. It's harder than you would think to get together with your next door neighbors for sex when you live out here in the middle of nowhere."

"Something tells me that things will be changing a lot in that regard," Shelly said, taking one of her son's cocks in each hand, and starts to slowly stroke them both.

"Well, back to the subject at hand, so to speak," Susie says, gripping her own father's cock.

"I was ten or eleven when I walked in on my brother Terry jacking off," Shelly said. "He talked me into staying and playing instead of telling our parents. I ended up jacking him off the rest of the way, and he diddled me, and he even went down on me that day. I talked to my best friend Melissa about it a couple of days later, and she seduced your father. By the time our parents left us alone for the weekend a couple of weeks later, we were all fucking and sucking like there was no tomorrow."

The whole time she was talking, she was stroking her sons pricks while Susie was doing the same to her father. Both females had nipples hard enough to scratch glass, and were leaking copiously from their twats.

"So how did you learn all of the stuff we saw you kids doing tonight?" Gary asked.

"That was all you guys, Daddy," Susie said. "We watched you for a long time that night. We saw you both fucking and sucking everyone, guys with girls, girls with girls, guys with guys, but the one thing we saw that we haven't tried yet is butt fucking. We saw you and Uncle Terry fucking both Mom and Aunt Melissa in the butts, and even saw you fucking Uncle Terry in the butt too. I really want to try it some day, though, because I want to take one in the pussy and one up the butt at the same time."

"That's a lot of fun, Sweetie," her mother tells her, "but only if you have partners that are considerate and will take their time."

"The real story behind the story, was that I was in love with my sister, and your mother was in love with her brother," Gary told them. "After we got out of high school, Terry and I went to the same college, the one here in town, and our sisters joined us a year later. We all still lived at home, but when we decided it was time to move out, we got married. Oh we knew we couldn't marry our brother and sister, so we married each other's brother and sister. We all moved into the same house, all four of us, and spent most of our nights in only one bed. We knew that Terry was never going to be a father, so after I proved myself fertile by getting your mother pregnant, we talked it over, and I knocked up my sister, your aunt. Obviously, Mandy and Sandy are the result."

The whole time they were talking, Shelly continued to stroke the hard cocks of both of her sons, while Susie was working on her own father's staff.

"Not long after the twins were born," Shelly continued, "both sets of your grandparents were all killed in a really bad car wreck, which is why you never knew them. The important result to you, was that we inherited these two houses from them, plus all the land that they sit on, and we moved back here. We continued to love each other, and still do, to this day. I guess the only thing that has really changed was you kids."

"We had intended to talk to you about all of this eventually," Gary said, "but I guess you have brought things together without our help."

"Can we stop talking about this stuff for a while," Susie suggested, "and do something about all these hard cocks?" Without waiting for an answer, she lifted her hips off of her father's lap, and dropped her twelve year old pussy onto the pole underneath her. "OH YEAH!" she moaned as his rod filled her slot. "That's it, Daddy! FUCK ME!!!"

"Oh God! Baby!" Gary yelled as his daughter's pussy clamped down on his fatherly prick. "You're so fucking tight! Oh Fuck!" He held her around her waist, and stood up with her still riding his prong, facing away from him. He walked her over to the couch and set her down on the floor in front of her mother, and began stroking into her cunt doggy style as the little girl dove face first into her mother's cunt.

"That's it, Baby, suck your Mommy's pussy," she told the girl, thrusting her crotch up into her daughter's face. She hadn't let go of her son's cocks that she had been stroking, one in each hand, but now pulled them up to get the boys to kneel on each side her head so she could suck their boy-cocks, alternating between them.

Susie's hot mouth and tongue were doing a number on her mother's pussy, and it didn't take long before the preteen girl brought her mother off, nearly drowning the girl in cunt sauce. As soon as she recovered from her girl-girl cum, Shelly slid up on the couch so she could kneel sideways between her sons. "OK, boys, take care of your Mommy! Freddie, stick your cock back in my mouth while Eric fucks me, and in a little bit we can switch so you can fuck me while I suck your brother off!"

That was all the talking for a while as fucking and sucking took over. Before they were done, they moved the party to the master bedroom, and the big king size bed there.

Gary got to suck both of his son's cocks, and they both worked on his, Shelly and Susie got a chance to 69 together, both loving the touch that only another woman can give to another.

Shelly also got to experience anal sex for the first time. Gary worked with his sons to get her used to the feeling, stating with Eric's little four inch boy-cock, then Freddie's six inch teen member, and finally his own eight incher filled her bowels. Over the next few days (and nights) they combined in just about every way possible, including both girls getting it in all three holes at the same time, and even all three boys getting a cock in both ends at the same time.

Clothing became extremely rare around the house, and it wasn't uncommon to walk into a room to see some sort of sex going on between any combination of family members. By the time the weekend came around, Gary and Shelly decided it was time to talk to their brother and sister.

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