My Former Succubus 2: A Holiday to Remember
Chapter 1: Mile High and Loving It

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: Mile High and Loving It - Josh brings his Sex Genie girlfriend, Beth, home for the holidays, but finds that some things at home are not what they seem.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Magic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Extra Sensory Perception   Paranormal   Genie   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Lactation   Pregnancy   Body Modification   Teacher/Student   Big Breasts   School   Transformation   mc sex story,mc story

"I'm all packed, Master," came the voice of my beautiful girlfriend, Beth.

I know what you're thinking: Why is my obscenely beautiful girlfriend, who is light years out of my league, calling me "Master"?

Well, the somewhat long explanation is that only weeks ago, Beth was not a girl. She was a succubus. I guess I'm not even sure she's a girl at this point. She refers to herself as a "sex genie". She's currently coming up with some complicated rules and descriptions that explain what a sex genie is, but I guess you could say that she was just a non-evil succubus. Where it truly mattered, she was all woman in my book and luckily for me: My woman.

How did she get this way, you may ask (if you did not hear the story)? I walked into my dorm room and found her lying in a pentagram. She was quite literally screwing the life out of my stupid roommate, Martin, who had summoned her. After some cute bantering with the demon, I managed to distract her with my sterling wit and personality and tricked her into using the experimental VR Hypnosis equipment I invented. I then reprogrammed her hypnotized brain to destroy her evil persona (AKA her "demon soul"). What was left was the sexy creature that was playing havoc with my life for the last few weeks. To make things more complicated, we had fallen in love (as it turned out, love at first sight while we were bantering).

OK, that was the long answer. The short answer as to why this beautiful, sexy woman was calling me "Master"? Because she liked to piss me off. OK ... maybe not piss me off, just tease me (not sexually, but I guess she does that too). I've told her hundreds of times to call me "Josh" (which is my name, by the way. Otherwise, it would be a strange thing to ask her to call me). She does call me Josh or Joshua a lot, but every once in a while, when she's in a teasing mood, out came "Master".

Anyhow, I figured she was a bit nervous. To be honest, I was too. You see, I was bringing Beth home to meet my family and friends. This was the first time that I've ever had a real girlfriend and I was sure we would face the scrutiny that only your family, friends and ex-classmates could provide. To make things more complicated, we were heading home for Christmas. The holiday is always full of expectations. While I was looking forward to spending time with my girlfriend at a special time of year, I was a bit worried that things would not go smoothly. Still, we were both packed and we were waiting for the cab that was going to take us to the airport.

As we waited outside the dorm, we exchanged hugs with Martin and his girlfriend Mara (who happened to be another "sex genie" but that's another story) and then exchanged kisses with Kelly and Nora (who were my other girlfriends and yes; other sex genies too ... again, another story). When the taxi arrived, we put our bags in the trunk and soon we were off to the airport.

The flight home was relatively uneventful ... compared to what it could have been, I guess (I'm sure Beth could have provoked a massive orgy if she had wanted to). Due to Beth's uncanny ability to get money (I later learned that she had Swiss Bank accounts for more than a hundred years. She kept transferring funds to new identities every twenty years or so. Recently she had just switched names to "Beth Andros", her current name), she bought us first class tickets, so the flight itself was comfortable. What made things uncomfortable was that Beth kept teasing me about seducing a particular flight attendant. She was a gorgeous, busty, black woman who appeared to be in her late twenties.

"Come on, Josh. You know you want her. I'm sure we could convince her to help you join the 'Mile High Club'."

I knew I could not lie to her. "Deirdre" was gorgeous. "She is beautiful, but you could just take her form."

"I could. If I did though, you would have to do one thing."

"What?" I asked warily.

"You'd have to confess that you want her."

"OK, I may want her, but Beth you have to promise me..."

"I know ... I know ... I won't turn her into a sex genie against her will."

I groaned. "OK, I really do want her," I admitted.

"I knew it," she gloated. "Just let me know when and I'll take her form."

"Well, maybe later. I'm too tired now."

I was not lying. I was exhausted. I had spent most of the day yesterday, getting our stuff into storage, as Beth, Kelly, Nora and I were moving into nearby off-campus housing. It was part of a two bedroom duplex across the street from campus. Martin and Mara would be moving into the other unit. As much as I wanted to join the famed 'Mile High Club', I figured I could just wait to join on the return trip.

Of course Beth knew what I was thinking (as she always seems to know what I am thinking). "Well if you want to join the 'Mile High Club' our flight lands in three hours, so don't sleep too long," she grinned, as she unfastened her seatbelt and stood up.

That made me nervous. "Where are you going?"

"Just using the little girl's room. Wanna cum?" she smirked.

"Cute," I grinned, before yawning.

As she started to move, I put my hand on Beth's arm before she walked off, "Remember, don't change her into a sex genie."

"Of course, Honey. You know I would not change her into one without your permission."

I gave a sigh of relief, leaned back in my comfy first class seat and was asleep before I knew it.

"Are you comfortable, Sir?" came a female voice above me that awoken me from my slumber.

I looked up to see the lovely Deirdre standing in front of me, but I did not see Beth. "Yes, I am, thanks," I smiled and then she giggled.

"Don't recognize me, huh?" she winked.

"Beth?" I whispered and she nodded. "Where did you get the uniform?"

"In back. I wanted to complete the illusion. You like?"

"Yeah!" I grinned.

"Let's see if we can get your membership punched in the 'Mile High Club'," she husked.

All of a sudden, I was not so tired anymore. We practically sprinted to the bathroom.

Me and my stupid possessiveness during sex.

"You're mine!" I growled, as I thrust up into the lovely dark chocolate form that was writhing up and down on top of my sitting form.

"Oh yeah! Josh, baby! Fuck me yours!" moaned "Deirdre's" mouth!"

"Oh, shit! Baby, this form feels so good on my cock!"

"It's yours, just like the rest of me," she exclaimed, as I felt her pussy muscles clench violently around my embedded member.

"You're going to make me cum." I groaned.

"Oh yeah! Cum in my pussy, baby! I want it! Fill me up!" she started before moaning "Cumming!"

She used her mouth to silence our mutual orgasms, as I fired a number of powerful spurts into her clenching channel.

We continued to ride out our climaxes, as we deeply frenched, with an enthusiasm that was usually reserved for our most intense lovemaking sessions (though to be fair, these kinds of sessions were quite frequent for us).

"Oh, that was the best, Beth!"

"For me too, lover, but I'm not Beth. I'm Deirdre, but you can call me 'Dee', Josh.

"Very funny, Beth," I laughed, but noticed that while my partner was grinning ear-to-ear, she was not laughing.

"No, really," her smile was brighter than the noonday sun.

"But you said you were Beth," I murmured, hoping that my girlfriend would grin and tell me she was fooling. That did not happen.

"She suggested that we handle you like this. Otherwise, you might not have gone along with taking me."

"Crap!" I muttered under my breath, realizing that my cock was still fairly hard and deeply embedded in the incredibly hot woman. "Where's Beth?"

"I gave her one of my spare uniforms. She's out there working as me."

"Why would you do this?" I asked.

"Because Beth asked me to," she smiled.

"Don't you find it strange that you just did as she asked?"

'Well, yes and no?"

"Yes and no?"

"Yeah. I find it strange because after my bastard of an ex-husband, I consider myself a lesbian."

"I see you're still wearing a wedding band," I observed.

"It's probably the only thing he gave me that's worth a damn. The ring tends to keep jerks away, or at least helps."

"You said in a way that agreeing to have sex with me was not strange in some way."

'Well, when your girlfriend fucked the shit out of me and made me cum harder than ever before in my entire life, I figured it was the least I could do. When she told me that I would cum even harder with you, I couldn't wait."

'And you believed her?"

"I love her. Of course I'd believe her. I also really wanted to make her happy. By the way, she was right about you."


"As good as it was with her, the sex I had with you was even better! I love you both so much! I'm so glad that I live only about ten miles away from where you two go to school."

"You really love me?" I asked in my daze.

"Uh, huh," she moaned as she rolled her hips a bit and began to fuck me again.

"How can you love me? We only just met," I moaned back, as I felt myself humping back into my new, lovely flight attendant.

"Because you took me. You told me that I was yours. Then you rocked my world better than anyone ever before. Of course I love you and I'm all yours. Yours forever!" she grunted.


"Yes. Beth told me she was a sex genie and what her powers were. She told me that you would claim me and when I did, I would be bonded to both you and her forever. With how you're making me feel, I'm so glad that it happened!" she moaned before picking up her pace.

I tried to respond, but Dee blocked my response with a deep kiss that told me that resistance was futile. God help me, I began to fantasize her with Borg implants. Shit, I am such a geek!

After injecting another load into the beautiful Dee, I walked back to my seat in a haze. I saw "another Dee" scurrying around getting pillows, blankets and drinks for other first class passengers. When she saw me return, she walked over to me. "So, did you enjoy your entry into the "Mile High Club, Sir'?"

"Beth, not now," I complained.

"Hold that thought," she grinned, as she disappeared behind the curtain. A couple minutes later, she returned."


"Nope, Dee," she grinned and whispered in my ear. "Thank you, stud! That was the most amazing experience of my life. Please tell me this was not just some onetime thing."

"Beth is my girlfriend," I whispered back.

"She's also your sex genie and I know that you have other girlfriends who are your sex genies too."

Beth really had told her everything. "I'm sure that I can get Beth to undo how you feel and make you forget that this ever happened."

"No! Please don't do that. I'd rather not have sex again for the rest of my life than to forget how wonderful it felt having you knock me up."

"Knock you up?!" I cried.

"Shhhh..." came Beth's voice, as she appeared in her normal human form and sat down next to me completely naked, causing Dee to laugh. I nearly had a stroke, until I realized what was going on.

"She's using her power of illusion. We're the only ones who can see her like this, silly," laughed Dee.

"So did you enjoy planting your seed in the pretty flight attendant, Darling," smirked Beth.

"Beth, can't you fix it?"

"I don't want to. More importantly Dee doesn't want to."

Dee nodded. "I have to get back to work! Thank you for making my world perfect!"

"I'm glad you feel that way. I already love you and hope that you'll be a regular part of our lives."

"Please work on him. I can't imagine not being with you two again ... especially him," whispered Dee.

While I was still dazed, drained and exhausted, I had to say something. "Ladies, I'm right here," I whispered back.

"I know, Josh," smiled Beth. As I was seeing her naked body, while knowing that only Dee could see her this way was so surreal. I was awoken from my thoughts by my darling girlfriend's voice. "I'll talk to him, Honey. Don't worry, I can tell he's already in love with you. I know I am."

"Really? Oh, I love you both so much!" exclaimed Dee. "Do you really love me, Josh?"

What do you say to a woman that you just impregnated? I hate your guts and I never want to see you again? "I do," I admitted, realizing at that moment, I really did. I could feel her love for me just pour out of her.

It was overwhelming, but beautiful. It was kind of the way I had come to feel for Kelly and Nora. I had to chuckle that a few weeks ago, I was just a lonely geek. Now I had a harem of three amazingly hot girls and it looks like I just had gotten my fourth wife. While I knew this to be true, I also knew that Beth was the epicenter of the love I had for the others. My love for her and hers for me allowed us to love the others. It was weird, but there it was.

While my new feelings for Dee were undeniable, I was worried about the fact that we were ruining her life and told my very naked (yet appearing to be clothed to the other passengers) girlfriend.

"What life?" asked Beth. "Poor Dee has nobody serious in her life and she's really lonely. She had occasionally hooked up with her bisexual roommate, who's also a flight attendant, but the roommate's stopped putting out because she recently got into a relationship with a guy. Lately, they've been pressuring Dee for a three-way."

"But isn't that what you've done to her?" I asked.

"No! We really care about her ... at least, I do," pouted Beth.

"You know I do too, but it's your power that has created this bond between us."

"So? It doesn't make these feelings any less real, does it?"

"I suppose not, but you broke your promise to me."

"I did not!" glared Beth. "I told you that I would not turn her into sex genie against her will. Not only did I not do that, she's not even a sex genie."

"But she wants to be one, right?" I asked.

"Of course she wants to be one. To be able to hold on to her looks for the rest of her life and to please the people she loves most in the world. She also knows that by becoming a sex genie, you'll have to keep her."

Well, my amazing Beth had found another way to trick me into adding to my harem. I had managed to block any recent efforts, but I sensed that the more she got to know me, the easier it would be to manipulate me. Still, I had just discovered another of her little tricks. So, at least she won't be able to use that one on me again. "God, you can be such a frustrating bitch," I laughed, my words really containing no malice.

"And you love me for it," she smirked.

"You mean in spite of it."

"Whatever," she smiled as she leaned in and gave me an "X Rated" kiss that looked like "PG-13" to everybody else. Well, except, for Dee, if she were looking. I was still tired, but my wonderful girlfriend took me back to the bathroom so I could initiate her into "The Mile High Club". She was kind enough to let me suck on her restorative breast milk (one of many of holdovers from her succubus body). Soon I was driving us to heaven in the sky.

When we landed (well the plane, at least, I was still flying), we met up with Dee in the terminal and exchanged cell numbers.

"I'm flying back here early next week. Just say the word and I'll quit," she smiled at us.

"Do you have Christmas plans?"

Her face took on a sad expression. "No. My family disowned me for dumping Michael. Then they discovered that I liked girls and now there is absolutely no going back."

I was shocked. "So they rather you stay in an abusive marriage than find love with someone of the same sex?"

Dee nodded. Beth smiled sadly at her and then gave me a purposeful look. It was as if that look said "See why I did it?"

I did see. Beth had managed to circumvent my instructions, but not out of some need to be mischievous, to get me laid or to recruit more sex genies against my wishes. She did this because it was the only way that Dee would have a chance at happiness. My heart was overwhelmed with emotion. I grabbed Dee and gave her a passionate kiss. She kissed back with a hunger that could only be reserved for a loving sex genie. While she technically was not a sex genie yet, I knew it was inevitable: It was just a matter of time before she was like Kelly and Nora.

After breaking the kiss, I looked into her teary, yet smiling eyes. "Think about it over the next week. If you still want to quit, go for it. Whatever you decided, I'm going to tell my Mom that she'll have another mouth to feed for Christmas dinner.

"I don't want to put her out..." started Dee.

"My mom is really good about these things. She loves cooking for lots of people, so one more will make her even happier."

We left Dee grinning like a crazy person. According to Beth, I had a similar look. I took great relish in letting her know that she wore the same look too.

"I do not!" she mocked complained and gave me a playful shove.

"Help! I'm being repressed!" I laughed, falling into Python mode.

"Bloody peasant!" giggled Beth in response, as she gave me another shove.

"Now you see the violence inherent in the system!" I cracked up.

Beth smiled at me, pulled me into her arms and gave me a passionate kiss. When we broke the kiss, she smiled at me. "How'd I ever get so lucky to have met you?"

"I ask myself that same question every day," I beamed back into her lovely, dark eyes.

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