My Wicked Ways
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Ma/Ma, Ma/mt, mt/mt, Mult, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Fiction, Incest, BDSM, Interracial, Anal Sex, Analingus, Oral Sex, Sci-fi sex story BDSM

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The title is somewhat sarcastic, but this story continues the tale of Mark, the man who lives with his pregnant supervisor, an equally pregnant pharmacist, and a sexually frustrated Mormon girl with a fetish for boots. Read as their family mushrooms from that small household to become necessary to the survival of the human race.

The knock at the door came rather suddenly for us, forcing us to awaken from our useful slumber, despite our need to sleep off the long day of packing and moving. I kissed both of my princesses and rose to answer the door, not quite sure who would want to disturb us at six on an early April, still somewhat chilly Sunday morning.

It was Nydia, my Mormon, boot-fetish slut, standing in front of the door, after three months of keeping me at arm's length. She looked shockingly different, sadder really, since her surrender to her parent's demands of her. They had threatened to cut her off financially unless she married Daryl Little, one of the missionary sons of their country club friends. They were evidently in a hurry to marry her off in the interests of getting rid of me. She yielded to them and now she seemed very desperate, very sad indeed. Marriage to Daryl had not been kind to her at all, though she was still a drop-dead gorgeous woman by any standard, her Hispanic heritage unmistakable despite her parents' attempt to seem very Anglo at times.

"What can I do for you, Nydia?" I called her by her name, as she had forfeited the right to be called one of my sluts or whatever pet names I chose.

"Take me in, please. Take me back. I want to be yours again. If this is marriage, they can keep it. I had no idea how much I would miss being your little tart, but I loved it all. I enjoyed wearing these boots, especially while you fucked me from behind. Daryl doesn't love me. He loves his family, the church, God, yes, all that jazz. He loves the trust fund that I would have inherited, had I not dumped his ass this morning. Well, screw him!" Nydia spat and cursed rather suddenly as she stood shivering on my doorstep in spite of her trenchcoat.

"I'd rather not," I laughed, making her giggle as she shook with the cold.

"Why are you shivering so much, Nydia? Isn't the coat warming you up?" I puzzled, at which point Nydia smiled in spite of her tears and chills.

"Here's why," Nydia declared as she opened the trenchcoat and revealed that she wore only lingerie beneath, including a slip and red silk panties.

"Is that all you were able to take with you, or is it just your way to entice me to let you stay with us? It's an excellent start, to say the least. I see that you might have lost your inheritance, but you haven't lost your kinky style," I noted her leather boots that went with the trenchcoat.

"I told you, I missed what we had. Now, can I come in, please? I'll do whatever you want, just take me back," Nydia pleaded.

"The correct grammar for that is 'may I come in, please, ' but as it happens, I have a soft spot for spoiled, country-club, boot-fetish, Mormon Latinas with dyed hair and trenchcoats. Especially ones who like it up the ass. You still like it in the ass, don't you? I only regret that I was somewhat wrong in my prediction that you would never quit on me. Then again, you've come back, so by all means, get out of the cold, before you catch your death. Are those your only possessions?" I asked Nydia as I led her inside.

"Afraid so, Mark. Daryl kicked me out of the house after I told him that I wanted a divorce and wouldn't let me retrieve anything. So, can I be your little boot-fetish, anal slut again? Pretty please?" Nydia actually groveled, leaving me stunned. She was in earnest.

"I think that he broke the law, but that's something for the lawyers. Not sure if we can afford one yet. However, not to fear, you'll soon have a job, assuming that you have skills, and if not, you can go to college. Not that I mind the idea of a kept woman, but even with three incomes, this house costs a bit. Too bad your folks cut you off. I can only afford this place because of my new job. Anyway, as you can tell, you're mine again. I reclaim you from that jackass you left me to marry at your parents' behest. As for sleeping arrangements, it will be a little awkward, but we'll figure something out. Girls, come in here! Nydia's back with us!" I announced, sticking my head into the master bedroom.

My two Assyrian princesses, Ninve and Sandra, wobbled as quickly as their pregnant bodies could take them into the living room. I had left the company for a more lucrative position with a new firm, one that seemed eager to give me the supervisory post that I deserved all along. Anton, my old boss, was not too thrilled to see me leave, but I could tell that few others resented my departure, even if they missed me. It also eliminated the worries over possible HR headaches over me sleeping with Ninve. I had knocked up my supervisor and gotten away with it, a thought that satisfied me very much.

Both women hugged Nydia, and then kissed her on the mouth, since they had been intimate with her as well before she left us for Daryl. They had tears of happiness in their eyes, and you could tell that we were all pleased to have her back. While I used to find Nydia rather annoying at times, we had apparently bonded in some strange way through the kinky sex, no less from her end than from mine.

Speaking of which, Nydia didn't waste time slipping off her panties and bending over in her thigh-thigh boots to offer me what she knew I wanted from her: her ass. My princesses saw the look on my face and hurried to get the lube, which I eagerly applied to my Mormon slut's backdoor before I slid my cock into it. From the unexpected tightness of it and her gasp at first, it was apparent that Daryl had neglected to pleasure Nydia's favorite hole. That wasn't surprising, given how prudish the man appeared to be. Anal sex was apparently out of the question, since it was sodomy, an "abomination in the sight of God."

Understandably, Nydia took a moment to adjust to the reunion between my cock and her bottom, but she soon caught her breath and moved her hips in obvious delight. In spite of her past protests, it was clear that she enjoyed taking it up the ass. For one thing, she kept coming back for more. She was now definitely hungry for it, to the point that she left her new husband to become my butt-slut once more (though I had nothing against fucking her pussy or mouth, either). Evidently, Nydia had finally decided for herself what she wanted, and that was to service me sexually for the foreseeable future. I certainly wasn't going to object to that, nor were the other women of my growing harem.

As I continued to sodomize Nydia, my princesses started fingering my own asshole, enjoying the effect that it had on me and the increased vigor with which I pounded my kinky Latina's tush. Nydia apparently had no complaints, either, as I gave it to her even harder and deeper than before. Once again, her hips pushed back hard at me, meeting me stroke for stroke. Another thrust or two finished the job, making Nydia cuss as she came, her juices flowing down her thighs toward her boots. She also tightened up and milked my cock to make me spurt out the thick, heavy load of cum that followed.

As I softened a bit and withdrew from Nydia's bunghole, she whimpered as if she had just lost the use of her favorite toy. In a way, I suppose that she had. She seemed to ache from the absence of my dick in her backside. It was clear that at some point, all past protests to the contrary notwithstanding, Nydia became hooked on taking my cock up her ass.

Then again, that was somewhat apparent even in the past for a while, since her objections became ever feebler and she continued to return for more buggery and other kinky sex acts. No one had ever put a gun to her head, after all. Every time Nydia showed up for a booty call, it was of her own free will. To do so as an unhappily married woman, with the declared intention of leaving her husband, was the ultimate statement of unconditional surrender to my desires and my dominance.

"I need a shower. Anyone care to join me?" I announced then, sure that one of my ladies were eager to follow me.

"We all do, of course, but it's only fair that Nydia get a chance to clean up from taking it in the ass. The two of you have some more talking to do, I think, among other things, I imagine," Ninve winked at us.

"Our turn will follow, of course. I still need to get your ass off my fingers, not that I mind it in principle, but it makes cooking breakfast a little unsanitary," Sandra giggled in accord with her girlfriend.

The shower was nice and hot, too, which further enabled Nydia to warm up a bit, along with myself. We cleaned up pretty damned fast, wanting to use the rest of the time for other things. We didn't say much, if anything, as I washed and caressed her slick body and she returned the favor for my rather hairy flesh. Her sweet, clean, wet skin smelled better than it ever had to me, a true pleasure for the senses.

When we were both clean, however, Nydia told me, "Mark, I want to pull my weight around here. I appreciate you taking me back and I don't want to be a charity case or a spoiled brat. After all, I lost that privilege when I walked out on the husband that my folks handpicked for me. I'll get a job, whatever it is. I'll have your baby, too, if you wish, just Ninve and Sandra are doing. I'd be honored to bear you children, in fact.

"If my parents can't handle that, it's their loss. They shouldn't have tried to control my life by constantly threatening to cut me off. They did it once too many and it has lost its power over me. Money is not worth being that miserable, and I was very lonely and sad, being with Daryl. I found myself drinking more than usual, which since I'm not supposed to drink at all as a Mormon girl, was hard to explain to him. We had more than a couple of fights over that, as you might guess. I knew that I had to get out of there or I would end up slicing my own wrists. I couldn't live that way another second longer. A life of quiet desperation just isn't for me."

"Well, Nydia, my dear, I'm very pleased to hear that. I'm sure that we can find work for you to do, and the idea of filling your womb with my seed does wonders for my little friend here. Also, know that I am proud of you for growing a backbone and refusing to live by their terms anymore. Trust me, you made the right decision. You broke my heart when you left me, believe it or not, but this more than makes up for it," I assured her, unable to resist the urge to kiss her neck, shoulders, and breasts as I did so.

"Actually, your friend here isn't as 'little' as the one who bears that name. My husband earned his surname for sure. Four inches hard, one or two inches soft, and he's fucking limp anyway. He can't get it up at all. I swear that between that fact and the shockingly hairless, girlish body, I think that he has to be gay. I really think that I'm his beard, to be honest, I am sure of it. Not that my folks will believe me. I wonder if I was supposed to 'cure' someone's gay son, I really do. I don't mind someone being that way, but he shouldn't use me to stay in the closet.

"Also, thank you. I'm sorry that I left, believe me, I am, but I agree that I have made the right choice now. Thank you for being proud of me, for taking me back, for fucking my ass again, and for wanting to put a bun in my oven. Put as many buns as you like in it, in fact. My oven can hold a few, if you will," Nydia began French-kissing me and fondling my cock for effect.

"Well, then, it's simpler than you think, babe. You have grounds for annulment, as this is a 'fraudulent marriage' and hasn't been consummated. That in itself should embarrass your parents for their blatant attempt to control, and thus ruin, your life. No wonder Daryl was furious. He knew that you could expose him as a fraud. Closet gays don't care for that, which is why they're still in the closet in this day and age. Get some paperwork together, maybe a lawyer who doesn't mind only getting a small fee, and file to annul the marriage as a sham," I suggested.

Nydia's response to that was to kiss my face repeatedly, and then slip more tongue inside my mouth. Her face beamed with joy and she nearly raped me as she dragged me out of the shower to the sink.

"Damn it, you're amazing, Mark! Thank you! Now, let me thank you! I want you to fuck me and knock me up like you did with your two Assyrian babes," Nydia urged me, not that I needed much prodding to prong her sweet pussy.

While I began ramming Nydia's still wet body (we hadn't dried off just yet) with my revived cock, the door opened and my two princesses got under the hot water to clean up. The fact that two women already carried my spawn inside them and a third was eager to join them in that role was especially exciting to me, so much that I feared cumming too quickly. Even so, my Mormon slut didn't seem to mind having me take her so hard and fast. In fact, she seemed to go out of her way to get me off in a hurry. Perhaps it was the simple desire to get my seed safely inside her body, so as to fill her belly with my issue, that made Nydia so determined to make me spill inside her sooner rather than later.

In any case, hearing the water run while I shoved my cock furiously in and out of Nydia was a real turn-on as well, especially knowing that two pregnant Assyrian princesses showered while I screwed my newest companion and knew what was I doing to her. Nydia's moans didn't hurt, either, as it became evident that she relished having me take her so roughly over the sink. This honestly seemed to be a pattern for me. Both Sandra and Ninve had conceived while getting fucked over a bathroom sink as well. That fact only reinforced the idea that I would indeed knock Nydia up that way, too.

At last, I couldn't hold back and shot my second load of the morning into my boot-loving slut, even though she was barefoot this time. Barefoot and soon to be pregnant, just like the other two, I smiled to myself as I emptied my balls and cock into Nydia's cunt. No sooner than I did so, but I saw the shower curtain open and realized that the girls had finished. Now they watched as my Mormon slut and I dried each other off, after which we did the same for my princesses. None of us wanted to catch a cold, after all.

When we were all dry enough, Sandra announced, "I wasn't kidding about the breakfast, you know. It's time to get some more fuel to burn later. You need to eat up, stud. Nydia's had her fun with you, but Ninve and I still want our fair share."

"Damn straight, sister!" Ninve grinned at her girlfriend before French-kissing her to punctuate her agreement.

I replied only by kissing both of my lovely Assyrian babes on the mouth and slipping them each plenty of tongue to indicate my view of the idea. I really loved all three of these women, to be perfectly frank. There was still talk of some others joining us, in which case we'd need a much larger house than this eventually, but for now, we were quite the cozy foursome. Nydia might be the newest member of the household, but she fit right in handily with the others. I naturally gave her another kiss to make it plain to her that she was now very much part of our tribe.

With that, the four of us went over to the kitchen, where Sandra began cracking some eggs and Ninve got busy making some pancakes. They were still very much au naturel, much to my visual gratification. There was never anything that quite summed up true domestic bliss as having two or more naked, pregnant ladies happily cooking breakfast for their man. Then again, this far along, they had appetites of their own, both culinary and sexual, and both had only grown, not lessened as the pregnancies progressed. This pleased me, of course. I've never wished to see women, especially those who belonged to me, starve themselves or eat like birds just to trade their feminine curves for boyish figures. I leave that to the closet cases in the fashion industry, if you ask me.

It wasn't long, of course, before Nydia got involved in the cooking operation, which my other two women welcomed as further help to speed things along. She got the coffee percolating, being a very bad Mormon in that respect as well, fried some bacon, and even spread some shredded cheese on the eggs as they were plated for all of us. For my part, I took out the plates, rinsed them, dried them, and then collected the trash to take to the large can in front of the house. This last part I did while wearing my Santa pants, a sweatshirt, and some house slippers that I put on rather quickly.

That was when I saw her: Nydia's mother, Cherry. Her name fit her this time, as she was absolutely furious. I assumed, of course, that she was pissed at me, and I hurried back toward the house, ready to call the Sheriff's Department if she got out of hand. A couple of nights in county lockup might do the woman some favors, I thought right then. Nor would Nydia have likely minded. There was no love lost between mother and daughter, to be sure.

"Mr. Schaefer, I need to speak to my daughter. Is she here?" she insisted.

"The name is Schumacher, but I'll ask her if she wants to speak to you. Since this is my house, however, you'll follow my rules and be civil. Is that clear, Mrs. Contreras?" I insisted, correctly stating her married name to make it clear that I paid better attention to detail than she ever did.

"That's Ms. Sanchez to you, sir. My husband and hers are what I wish to talk to her about, in fact, believe it or not. What I've just learned about her father is something that has dramatically changed my point of view, but I need to talk to her. Relax, I'm not angry at you, nor at her. It's my disgusting husband and hers who have pissed me off," Cherry urged me with surprising credibility.

I found myself letting Nydia's mother into the house, much to everyone's shock. Nydia turned as pale as her Mexican blood would permit. Here she was, naked in plain view of her own mom. Still, she didn't stop her breakfast duties, nor did the others.

"Relax, Nydia, as much as you can. Your mother has something to tell you. Go ahead, Ms. Sanchez. You can say whatever it is in front of Ninve and Sandra. Like it or not, we're all part of your daughter's life now," I encouraged her, catching the drift that Nydia's parents were on a one-way trip to divorce court.

"Nydia, I owe you an apology. I pushed you into that God-forsaken marriage at the urging of your father, but now I know better. It was a sham, wasn't it? Did he even sleep with you? Be honest with your mother," Cherry demanded to know.

"Technically, yes, but we didn't fuck, if that's what you mean. Sorry to cuss, but I don't feel like mincing words right now. Daryl and I have never known each other in the biblical sense. We never consummated the marriage, which is why Mark is now pushing me to annul it, in fact," Nydia referred to my earlier counsel.

"Good thinking, as a matter of fact. Nydia, I can't believe what I'm about to tell you, but I caught your father and your husband in bed together this morning. In your marriage bed, incidentally. They weren't just huddled together for warmth, either. They were naked and your father was very much on top of Daryl, in fact. When they realized that I saw them, they didn't even stop, either. They just kept doing their vile, disgusting activity until my husband got his rocks off and pulled out of yours.

"I watched it all and I'm ashamed to say that as wicked and sickening as it was, I got excited by it. I didn't interfere. I need to get help and divorce your father, Nydia. I shouldn't be aroused by watching my husband have gay sex with my son-in-law. I should have known and I should have stopped it, but I didn't heed the warnings or signals and I did nothing to interrupt their little tryst.

"When they were done, however, I confronted both of them. They both confessed to being completely gay. Your father told me that he only screwed me to get a child and once he had done that, he felt entitled to do what he pleased. He figured that by marrying you off to his lover, he could pass his estate on to Daryl. The only issue between them is that your father wanted your husband to try harder to knock you up, so there could be another generation. Other than that, they were quite happy to keep both of us in the dark. You're a beard for a gay man, honey, just like me. I want out of my marriage, too, in case you missed that," Cherry announced.

"So, we both need good lawyers. Me for the annulment, you for the divorce. Maybe we can get the same lawyer, if that's okay. Thank you for telling me this. It explains a lot. Sorry for what I'm about to confess to you, but before I got with Mark, I tried to seduce Dad. It failed, of course, but now I know it wasn't for love of you. It was because he is gay. Damn! Well, that confirms what I suspected before. Just try not to be too angry with me," Nydia pleaded with her mother.

"Well, I can't say that I'm thrilled about it, but I admit that you always were a wild card. I think that you get it from both of us, just in different ways. Before I was with your father, I was a bit of a hussy, I must confess. I even slipped a time or two and had a couple of trysts while married to him, but I felt extremely guilty about it. I was just lonely and horny, for obvious reasons. I certainly won't judge you for trying to do what I also tried to do: win his love. Nor will I judge you for turning to another man, as I did. I just wish that I had a man half as virile as this stud of yours seems to be here," Cherry admitted, her eyes not hiding her lust for me.

"So, do what I did. Take Mark as a lover. I'll share him with you. I doubt that he would object, and I very much doubt that Sandra or Ninve will mind. Will you, girls?" Nydia proposed, and then kissed Cherry on the lips, though I couldn't tell yet if that was an incestuous kiss or not.

"Not a problem for me. You'd do well here, I think. Besides, I'm not selfish enough to deny a lonely divorcee what her husband won't give her anymore. You need a place to stay? You need a man? Mi casa es su casa y mi eposo es su esposo. My house is your house and my husband is your husband. Well, not technically my husband, but we would all marry him if plural marriage was legal. Wouldn't we? None of us feel it right to have what the State won't let all of us have, that's all. He can be ours. Now, care to join us for breakfast?" Ninve hugged Nydia's mother.

"My sentiments exactly," Sandra concurred, adding her own embrace to what turned into a group hug among the women.

Then they huddled a bit, all four of them for a second, and turned toward me, Nydia informing me, "We're all agreed. You should keep Mom here, permanently, along with the rest of us. Even if the sexual part doesn't last, she'd make a wonderful grandmother to our kids, wouldn't she? What do you think? We'll only do this with your blessing, of course. Frankly, we hope that you don't lose interest, since Mom has her needs, too. However, whatever happens, we want her to stay around and not have to go anywhere. Mom has something to say to you, too, Mark."

"That's right. My daughter and your two princesses are firmly in favor of this proposition. To make it easier on your finances, however, I will naturally contribute greatly to the household expenses and even improve your standard of living. Times will no longer be tight around here, I promise you.

"I have just the lawyer in mind, too. Her name is Shelby Swenson and she is quite good for an associate. She's an up and comer. She's also drop-dead gorgeous and has hit on me more than once. I don't know if she is gay, but she certainly would make a welcome addition to our inner circle, at least for her legal prowess, if nothing else. I can sound her out about joining our little harem, assuming that I am added myself now.

"In any case, she can get the divorce and annulment for us, and then anything else that we need, legally speaking. We might want to sell this house, however, soon, since it won't be large enough for our growing family and I will have the money for more, at least after the divorce," Cherry enticed me further.

"Very well, then, but understand this. This is my household. I am the patriarch. Is that clear?" I wanted to make it evident that she wouldn't be taking over my family.

"I don't have a problem with that. Why would I? Ray was a dictator, too, and I loved that about him. Your style of dominance is a lot more fun, anyway. Nor do you seem to mind listening to your ladies and hearing out their views, so you're not a true pig or anything like that," Nydia's mother reassured me.

"I would hope not, since that would make eating pork cannibalism, and I love pork," I teased her, making everyone break out into laughter and dissolving the tension.

"Believe me, honey, one look at you and Mom knows exactly who is in charge here. Right, Mama?" Nydia nailed the lid on that coffin.

"Damn straight. Though I wouldn't mind being called Mama by everyone here, as it happens. Including Mark, if he is okay with that. He's a virtual son-in-law, after all. Besides, I think that it would be a turn-on in bed. By the way, I'm done with the Church, though I want to force them to expel me. I thought of showing up a while longer after getting fucked often and eventually appearing with Nydia at my side and both of us pregnant to the same man. Imagine what a scandal that would be! I want to see the look on Ray's face when he realizes that he's lost both of us to you. I hope that he is humiliated, since I doubt that he would care about losing us for any reason but his own ego," Cherry showed a wicked imagination quite fitting for one of my lovers.

Yes, I realized, now that Cherry had shrugged off her silly moral code and worldview, she apparently was every bit as capable of delightful carnality as her daughter. She was even, probably, the main source of that side of Nydia's personality. She seemed to be quite kinky, in fact, judging from the pleasure that she took from the idea of scandalizing others. I decided to test this notion still further.

"What would you both wear to Church, exactly?" I inquired.

"Maternity clothes, naturally, once we have nice baby bumps. If you wanted to show up as visitors, that might be good, too. Four women, at least, all pregnant or with babies in their arms, and all surrounding one man. They haven't seen that much since they ended polygamy. If you ask me, it's a pity that they did. There's something quite natural and right about a man with his own harem in my book. Such a man is both manly and still committed to his family, both wild and domestic at once," Cherry suggested.

"It would be even better if we're freshly fucked by him and at least one of us has his seed leaking down our thighs while we sit in the service. Can you imagine how sexy that would be, especially if they could smell his cum on us? How would they react to that?" Nydia reinforced her mother's thinking.

"There speaks a girl after my own heart," Ninve snickered.

"Mine, too, but this food is ready now. Wash up, please, and let's eat," Sandra reminded us with a wink and a smile.

Cherry and I both gladly washed up, and she made a point of leaning over in just the right way to display her cleavage to me through her blouse. I grinned at the sight, not being blind to her obvious charms and intentions. Something had been liberated in her, something buried and restrained by years of Mormon doctrine and sexual ethics. She was free to be her true self again, the wild, animal nature that she had passed down to her daughter as well, no longer repressed by cold orthodoxy and sexual frigidity. It was a marvel and a wonder to behold, a mature, voluptuous woman in her early forties, embracing her sexual freedom at last.

As we all sat down to eat, I prayed my own form of blessing, one that many churches would find blasphemous, but none batted an eye at the breakfast table.

"God above, look down on us below and bless us as well as this food, whatever our creeds or churches, knowing that all of us are Your children here on Earth. We pray that You will bless this growing family and that You will show me my own true destiny, which I know in my bones comes from You. We call You by the only name of which we are sure, as we cannot be sure if anyone down here really speaks on Your behalf, as they claim to do, and we would never presume to do so ourselves. We know that You will understand us for what and who we are, one Jew, two Assyrians, and two Mormons, plus the children in two wombs. Thank you in the name of You and Your mysterious nature. Amen," I said my own unorthodox kind of grace, which would no doubt have my old rabbis ready to lecture me at the very least.

"Amen," the women agreed, all grinning at this rather extraordinary prayer, which was admittedly the first prayer that I had done at meals since we had gotten together.

The breakfast, despite the presence of a healthy man with a hearty appetite and four women, two of them pregnant, managed to fill all of us up, though with none to spare. Through the whole time, of course, the ladies took every opportunity to tease and tantalize me, flirting through such measures as playing footsie and bending over whenever possible.

Ninve used her gray-green eyes to bewitching effect, while Sandra tossed her hair in a very seductive manner. Nydia dipped her fingers in her own pussy and then ate with her hands, getting her natural juices onto the food and into her mouth as she did so. Not to be outdone, Cherry then dumped her own meal on top of her daughter's, mixed the food together, and added her own fluids to the equation. She even fed Nydia by hand. Then Sandra grabbed all of the plates, emptied all of their stuff back onto the main platter, and actually put some of the strips of bacon inside her cunt before remixing them with the rest. Ninve did her own bit by pouring some real butter down her bosom and letting it drip down to the pancakes, smelling of her own sweet, freshly washed skin.

Before long, we were all eating this sexually charged breakfast, which added much to the enjoyment of the meal. The piece de resistance came when we were almost entirely full. Ninve bent over the table, while Sandra spread her cheeks and Nydia poured syrup down the crack of her ass. Unable to resist, Cherry then dashed over to lick clean every last drop of the sticky fluid from Ninve's bottom. My cock had definitely stirred by now, so much that it took no trouble for Nydia to get it working well and ready for her mother's sweet pussy.

Eager to pump some of my cum into Cherry and hopefully knock her up as well as the others, I went behind and let Nydia guide my dick into her own mother's slit. Before we knew it, I was happily engaged in the act of fucking my latest concubine. To say that the apple didn't fall far from the tree was a considerable understatement. Cherry was very much like her daughter, down to the sounds that she made when truly excited and the apparent anal fixation, which took the form of Ms. Sanchez fingering her own ass while I fucked her.

Thankfully, I was able to hold off for a good while, screwing Nydia's mother with a fervor that she matched in every way conceivable. Her hips worked remarkably well at the job of enabling my strokes, no doubt in part due to the delightful curves of her body. It was really a pity that she had only been given the chance to breed once, but I counted there being at least a chance that she could conceive a second time in her life before her body shut down her ability to make another child. With any luck, I would knock her up and give Nydia either a brother or a sister, something that she indicated was desired by the way that she egged us on.

"Yes, fuck Mama! Give Mama a new baby! Knock her up! Yes, pound my mother, give me a brother!" Nydia encouraged me, stroking my balls to help her own cause.

"Or a sister!" Sandra chimed in.

"Sisters are good, too," Nydia admitted, while still fondling my balls.

"Indeed they are. I wish that I had one, for sure," Ninve acknowledged, before she knelt and started licking my taint and ass.

When Sandra slipped in some tongue of her own to help Ninve rim me, I had enough and couldn't resist the pleasure anymore. I exploded deep within Cherry, expelling my seed as far inside the MILF as I could get it. At that point, Ninve, Sandra, and Nydia all rushed to clean my dick orally. As cock worship went, it didn't get better than that, with a fourth pair of lips added once Cherry joined them on their knees.

We all needed a nice bit of rest, so a Sunday afternoon nap was in order, and we took one for sure, snuggling on the kitchen floor and dozing off. When we woke up, a couple of hours had passed and we heard a knock at the door. Since we had neglected to lock it, Nydia's father stepped inside and chose that moment to confront his wife and daughter. Raymond was on my turf, however, and his attitude needed a bit of adjustment.

"So, you're all naked. What is this, some kind of orgy?" he demanded.

"Well, as a matter of fact, it was one. Probably will have another one, too. Plenty of time for it. Your wife and daughter wish to move in with me, and so they shall. What do you care? You have Daryl, after all," I reminded him.

"What are you insinuating?" he asked me, clearly not sure of what Cherry had told me.

"I'm not insinuating, anything. I am plainly stating that you have Daryl as a lover. Nydia's husband is your boyfriend, your gay lover, is he not? You're both gay!" I stated baldly.

"So, she talked! Now, how am I supposed to show my face in this town? I'll be excommunicated from the Church! What are you trying to do to me?" Ray now played the victim.

"Oh, get off your high horse and face facts! You're out of the closet now, whether you like it or not. Might as well embrace your new freedom and openly take Daryl as your lover, as you really wish to do, anyway. Let the bishop and his crew go fuck themselves! They have no more right to tell you to be straight than they have to expect your wife, your daughter, and myself to be monogamous. That is to say, no right at all," I tried to put some steel into the man's spine, give him some chutzpah.

"Oh, alright! I'm gay! Are you happy now? I, Raymond Alejandro Contreras, am a goddamned homosexual! I like men and not women! There, I said it! Happy now?" he snapped at last, tired of the denials and pretenses, all of the stress of lifelong hypocrisy.

"Give me my divorce and I will be very happy indeed. I want the freedom to sleep with a man who wants me, desires me, and intends to give me at least one more child. It just so happens that I now see what Nydia saw in Mark. He is my lover as well as hers, not to mention Sandra and Ninve here. This is what the Church used to practice and preach in the old days, the blessing of plural marriage, yet sadly not blessed by the Church and its leaders.

"Well, I happen to think that, with some adjustments to protect women and children from abuse, there is nothing wrong with such a lifestyle. If you are excommunicated, I will suffer the same fate as you, as will Nydia, won't you? All I ask in return is my divorce, so I can have the life that was meant for me," Cherry reasoned with her husband.

"Exactly. Just no more lies. No more threats. We're in the same boat now, Daddy, like it or not. And you need an heiress, so like it or not, that's me. Am I really such a horrible daughter? I just want your love and your respect for my own choices. Show me that I am still your daughter and you are still my father, and I will stand up in church and share happily in your fate, your excommunication. As far as I am concerned, the Church should rename itself 'Ichabod', because the glory has departed from it," Nydia informed her father.

"Yes, that is true, my dear. Very well. I admit that I was wrong to push you toward Daryl and I should have simply faced facts. My whole life has been a lie. It's time to tell the truth to the world. You're no longer the black sheep of the family, my dear. I am, as a homosexual. You're not cut off, honey. Your mother will get half of my wealth, as she is entitled to take, and when I die, you will get the rest. You're still an heiress. Who else has a right to claim my estate? No one. Daryl will get his part while I live, and what I don't give to him, you will inherit for sure," Ray promised his daughter.

"Thank you, Daddy. Just tell Daryl for me that I forgive him, but I do want my stuff back. I want either a divorce or an annulment, but either way, I'm getting out of this marriage. I belong to Mark and I'm never going to leave him again. Nor is your mother. We're his now and we're not going anywhere. Now, how about a proper kiss for your daughter?" Nydia insisted.

Ray then planted a truly paternal kiss on Nydia's forehead, hugged her in spite of her nudity, and even embraced his estranged wife. This was a clear signal: he had given his approval and blessing on our lifestyle, including to the double divorce. Both Cherry and Nydia would soon be free again, at any rate, and so would Ray and Daryl. The sham marriage was over at last.

Whatever else might come, it was a damned good fresh start to everything after all.

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