Naked in the Spring

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, FemaleDom, Water Sports, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I - The weather is getting warmer, and Danielle is dying to get back outside without her clothes on. Her parents disapprove, but there's nothing they can do to stop her.

The atmosphere is not a perfume ... it has no taste of

the distillation ... it is odorless,

It is in my mouth forever ... I am in love with it,

I will go to the bank by the wood and become undisguised

and naked,

I am mad for it to be in contact with me.

— Leaves of Grass

"How's that feel, Baby?"

"It feels nice."

"It feels nice, what?"

"It feels nice, Daddy."

He loves it when I call him Daddy, because he is my daddy. Plus, it gets him hot. It's the same reason he always calls me Baby. It's sex talk. After five months, he still can't believe he's screwing his own daughter. It drives him crazy when I remind him.

We were on the couch in the living room. Daddy was sort of scooched down with his ass on the edge of the cushion, and his head back, looking up at me. I was riding him like a pony, with my hands on his shoulders, my legs on either side of him and his cock way up my pussy, beaming down at him with all the love I had in me. We weren't fucking hard, just moving around slowly, digging the way we felt on each other — his hard dick stuffing my slick baby cunt. Daddy pushed into me gently. I moved my ass in a circle, pressing down on him. We sighed, we said "Oo! Oo!" quietly, we stared into each other's blue eyes.

I love my Daddy so much.

But I was worried he wouldn't last. He knows I love my orgasms to build and build, but it takes a long time, and it's torture for the poor thing to wait. Sometimes he shoots off too soon, so I distracted him by talking.

"It's getting warm out, Daddy," I said.

"Baby, I know what you're thinking, and you can't. You're too old now."

"But I want to! — Please, Daddy? Just in the backyard?"

"You'll get caught. People will ask questions, and they'll find out about us."

"I'll be careful. — Oh! Do that again! Do that again!"

So he did it again, swirling his dick over a spot that had suddenly got sensitive. When I finished grunting, he said, "Look, I promise you, when school's out, Mommy and Daddy will take you to a beach where you can run around naked all the time."

"But that's so far away!"

"Promise me! Promise me you'll wait."

"Can I at least go to school without panties?"

"You're already doing that, I'll bet."

I giggled in my naughty way, and he knew he was right. I wanted to beg him some more, but it was getting hard to talk.

"Is that it, Baby? Are you coming?"

"Y—y—yeah," I sighed. "Daddy! Da—! Da—! Da—!"

My body rattled like a truck. I fell down on him, nuzzling his neck. He wrapped me tight in his arms while I shivered and squeaked. It was so delicious, so deep and long and yummy. My cunt squeezed his cock. I could feel it jerking (and I could picture it, too, from the times I watched Daddy masturbate), and his hot, yummy come filled me up.

Then we were still for a while. I was very sleepy.

"Baby," he said, "promise me — please — you'll keep your clothes on outside."

"Mmm-kay, Daddy," I mumbled. "I prah..."

My voice drifted off. He patted my bare ass.

"Now," he said. "How about we get dressed before Mommy gets home?"

"Uh uh," I teased him. "Not in the house!"

If you've been reading my stories, you know what my promise to Daddy was worth. I'd been cooped up all winter, and I was dying to be free. It was May. The trees were bright spring green, and I got that fluttery feeling — that urge — every time I left the house. Going to school with no panties on helped for a while, but I wanted the sun and air on me all over, and I couldn't wait till summer. I was always distracted, and walking home in the afternoons, I kept looking around the neighborhood for a good place to strip.

My name is Danielle, and I love being naked.

I kept my promise to Daddy for a whole week, which I think was pretty good, but finally I had to give in. It was nighttime, though, so I told myself it didn't count. Mom and Dad took me to one of their gigs. They belong to a small orchestra that plays in a tiny church. They did some Mozart things and Beethoven's Fifth. It was really good, but it ran late, because the conductor showed up drunk. Anyway, that's what Daddy said. We all went right to bed when we got home. Dad and Mom said they were dead tired, but they weren't too tired to screw. I stripped and got into bed with the covers down and my door open. I could hear them across the landing. I fingered myself, but I couldn't come. I couldn't sleep, either, even after they got quiet. My mouth was dry, and my armpits felt damp. I kept tossing and turning, and thinking about how nice the night air felt outside.

Finally I looked at my digital clock. It was one-thirty.

"Fuck this," I said.

I got up and tiptoed across the landing. I listened at my parents' door. One of them was snoring, probably Mom. For a second, I thought of going back to my room for a T-shirt or my pajama top — something I could cover up with if somebody saw me. But then I thought, uh uh. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it all the way.

My heart was racing as I padded down the stairs. My chest felt tight and my legs got weak. I had to lean against the wall and take a couple of deep breaths. It was crazy, I know, but I couldn't stop. I didn't want to. I was like an addict or something.

I went out through the kitchen. The back door made a kind of sucking sound when I opened it. It was quiet, but the way I felt, it seemed awfully loud. My hand shook while I made sure the doorknob would turn from the outside. Then I carefully pushed open the screen door and slipped out, pulling the main door shut.

Going outside with no clothes on is like taking off my last scrap of clothing. I mean, I go naked inside all the time, but that's inside. It's private. It's like I'm still wearing my house, if you know what I mean. Out on the back steps, I was really, truly, completely, utterly, and totally naked.

For a minute I just stood there, relishing my exposure. I locked my hands behind my head and let the night air lick the sweat from my armpits. It was a little chilly, but that only made my skin feel alive all over. A big half moon was rising over our garage. It was bright in the starry sky, and I admired the way it made my pale skin look silvery blue. My little pink nipples — the circles around them are no bigger than dimes — turned pale purple, and the slit on my bald pussy was a deep, thick shadow.

This was fascinating to me. I look at myself naked in the mirror all the time, waiting for any signs of development, but my body was strange to me now. I looked like a ghost. I lowered my hands and passed them down my chest and over my tummy, then up my thighs and between my legs — Mmmm! — and back over my ass. The only thing I was sad about was that I couldn't see my bare butt in the moonlight. I twisted around and tried to look, but I couldn't see.

Well, that's it, I told myself. You've had your fun. Go back to bed. But that was just a little game I playing. Part of me said, "Don't do it," and then the other part said, "We're just getting started." I went down the steps and around to the front of the house.

We live on a small, curving street not far from my school. It's got one little Cape Cod house after another, like ours, and it was empty at this time of night. There are no sidewalks, so I stayed on the edges of the lawns. The grass was cool and soft on my bare feet. I went from streetlight to streetlight, watching the way the light played on my skin, almost daring somebody to look out their bedroom window and see me. The air felt amazing, and so did my middle finger, which I keep between my pussy lips sometimes when I walk around naked.

I was halfway down my block when I saw some headlights floating up along the cross street. They stopped, then they came around the corner, heading toward me. Where I was right then, there weren't any bushes or trees to hide behind — just a big empty lawn. So I scampered back into the shadow of the house and laid down, flattening myself chest-down on the grass. I was out of sight for like half a second, but the stupid house had some kind of motion sensor, and suddenly my bare ass was caught in a spotlight. I grabbed the grass and tried to flatten myself even more.

The car was a little blue and white police cruiser. The cop looked right at me, and he slowed down. I saw his head in silhouette, and I recognized him. It was Officer Boone, the guy who taught the DARE program when I was in fifth grade. He had just caught his star pupil bare-ass on somebody's lawn, though I doubt he recognized me without my clothes on. He just looked for a second, like he was trying to figure out what he was looking at. Maybe he thought my blonde head was some kind of little bush, and my ass was a couple of white rocks. But then he unbuckled his seatbelt, and I heard his door click open. For an instant I thought I could get out of trouble be offering to suck his cock or something. I'd never seen a black guy's cock before, and I had a crush on Officer Boone when he taught our classes.

Suddenly his head snapped around. He looked down at his dashboard. He swung his door open, then slammed it shut again, and he drove off fast with his red and blue lights flashing.

I heaved a huge sigh. My heart was beating against the ground. I could feel every blade of grass tickling and prickling all down my body. And my pussy! My pussy was shuddering like a puppy in the cold. I wasn't coming, exactly, but I'd never felt anything like it.

It gave me an idea.

Now, my Mom and Dad and I have had some discussions about whether I'm an exhibitionist or just a nudist. What I did next pretty much settled that question, I think.

I got up and went down to the corner where I'd first seen Officer Boone's headlights. It's a four-way stop, but the cross street is bigger than mine, and even in the middle of the night, there's always a few cars. There was a row of blooming forsythias on a lawn on the other side, bordering the road. I went over, crouched between a couple of them, and waited.

It seemed like a long time, because I was so wired, but at last, I saw the flicker of headlights far down the road. My arms started tingling again as I watched them coming closer, getting bigger in the dark. Just when the car began to brake for the stop sign, I shot across the street. The headlights flashed over my body. For an instant I wondered how they made my ass look, and how much the driver saw. I ran up on a front lawn and kept going, charging as fast as I could, not looking back, down the block from lawn to lawn. And it happened again. My pussy began to shudder. It shuddered so hard I couldn't run any more, and I went down on my ass and skidded to a stop, like I was sliding into second base. I was really coming now, and I didn't even have to touch my pussy. I flopped on my back, my arms over my head, and squirmed on the grass like a crazy thing.

"Oh ... oh wow," I said, laughing quietly. "Whoo!"

My breathing and my heart gradually came back down to normal. I stopped squirming, welcoming the breeze on my damp pussy.

I shivered like I was cold. Then I stopped. Then I shivered again. I hugged myself until I stopped completely. I tried to get up, but my legs were weak, and I fell right back on my ass.

So I looked up at the stars, with my arms crossed over my chest, taking deep breaths, and I wriggled my toes on the grass.

The car I flashed hadn't followed me. I wondered why. Maybe the driver wasn't sure what they saw, or maybe they didn't believe it. Or maybe they were too tired to care. I suddenly realized I was tired, too. Exhausted, in fact. The adventure was over.

I got up. I was still wobbly, but I could walk. I wiped the grass off my butt and slunk home, humming Beethoven's Fifth, the march in the second movement, to keep myself going.

The back door was still unlocked, the kitchen was still dark, and mom was still snoring behind her bedroom door. It was like nothing had happened.

Believe it or not, I put my pajamas on before I crawled into bed. It sounds weird, but after running around naked and coming so hard, I was feeling modest, even virtuous. I wasn't sexed up anymore like I'd been just — I looked at my clock — seventeen minutes ago.

I pulled my covers over my face. It felt good to be warm and all wrapped up. I fell asleep with a smirk, telling myself I wasn't going to take any more dumb chances.

But I knew that wouldn't last.

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