My "Walking Dead" Weekend
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Zombies, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Violent, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It was my opportunity to be on Television. Of course, I was only going to be grunting and making strange faces as one of the "Walking Dead". Still, the entire experience had a lot of side benefits.

My room-mate Tiffany came rushing into the bathroom, when I was still sitting on the throne. Certainly, you can understand why I would be annoyed at the intrusion. Sure, we were closer than most room-mates, but she knew I enjoyed my privacy at such moments.

I guess I should start by introducing myself. Everybody around the campus calls me "Piggy" and I kind of hate that nick-name. It all started with that stupid movie with Burt Reynolds and Jon Vought set in the backwoods swamps and had a famous scene with the guys getting sodomized by the redneck bad-boys. I had stupidly imitated the sounds the city-boys made when they were rolled over the tree stump and forced to make noises like rutting pigs getting it on. The silly "oink-oinks" followed me everywhere I went. I may be accused of bias, but I am really pretty attractive in my own petite way. I am 24 years old, with dark black hair, and I am an extra-small in almost everything I wear. I tend not to wear a bra because my breasts are not much more than my nipples and a slight bulge. I do have a fully rounded ass which I think is genetic due to some hanky-panky with the help by my sanctimonious ancestors.

Both Tiffany and I were due to graduate in June and we both had signed up for graduate school down in Florida so we could be close to the beaches.

My real name is Faith, which is a whole lot different and more attractive than Piggy. My mom and dad had sold their Atlanta home and were on a "round the world" cruise on their stupid 75 foot yacht. Don't start thinking we were all kind of rich or anything. I think it was just a way they both had of getting away from the fact they were getting far too old to find any excitement in the old neighborhood. I think my dad was getting his jollies from the willing bar girls in every port and my mom was keeping her options open with the muscular deckhands who doted on her drooping ass cheeks.

Tiffany almost pulled me off the commode making me pull up my smiley face panties in a hurry. She was such a ditz that I fully expected the entire male football team to be filing in behind her to scope out all my goodies.

"Piggy, guess what?"

I hated it when Tiffany played that game. She never just came out and said what was on her mind. At least not unless she had my head locked in tight between her legs and she was giving me direct commands on exactly where to place my tongue next.

I loved licking Tiffany's pretty pussy. She had about the juiciest and sweetest tasting pussy I had ever tasted. I don't mean to imply that I had a lot of experience in that area, but I have been able to sample a pretty wide selection of pussies in the four years of college. I had not completely sworn off cock, it was just that it was too much trouble these days with the guys that either wanted to suck you dry of all your happy thoughts or guys that made you feel so guilty when you wanted to move on to other pastures.

No, the average college guy was just too much trouble. It was better to get it from a married professor or even one of the Hispanic laborers who couldn't speak much English but knew how to fill an empty hole in a hurry. Neither one of those types ever wanted a "lasting relationship" or a sympathetic ear.

"Tell me Tiffany, I can't wait to hear."

My sarcasm was totally lost.

"You know that television series, "The Walking Dead"? Well, it will be shooting out at the Oglethorpe plantation on Friday night through Sunday evening and they want as many extras that show up promptly at 5PM on Friday afternoon."

I vaguely remembered watching a couple of episodes of the horror styled television series but I was not all that interested because it seemed to be all about slaughtering numerous flesh-eating zombies and a number of normal humans being consumed by the vicious mob of demented dead. It was not what I would describe as a "Chick flick" which was my forte.

"I am not really a fan of that sort of thing, Tiffany."

"But, Piggy, it is like the most popular show on campus. A lot of us are going just to get on the show for a couple of episodes. Besides, they will give us free food, tents to sleep in and pay us each $800 if we stay until Sunday afternoon. All we have to do is put on the Zombie make-up and let them kill us every now and then."

Actually, at this point, I got a little more interested because my parent's monthly check had not arrived this week and I was down to my reserve cash hidden in my tampon box.

When I agreed to do it, Tiffany grabbed me and pushed me down on the fluffy white carpet in the bedroom. She was a lot stronger than me and soon had my face right under her seeping panties. I was so busy laughing that I forgot to voice my customary "Oink, oink" that always got her pussy to squirt her juices right into my greedy mouth.

After she did my face real good and got me all sticky, Tiffany used her tricks learned in gymnastics to flip me on my tummy and straddled my ass with her pleasantly plump thighs. I could feel her snatch rubbing right on my upraised camel-toe and I knew she was going to make me take one of those nice from the rear pounding without a dildo but with a lot of friction and a lot of eager enthusiasm. She leaned down and whispered in my ear,

"Give me the Oink-oink now, baby!"

Tiffany pulled my hair hard and I gave her what she wanted in a very high-pitched squeaky voice and trembling ass cheeks. She laughed and gave it to me good with some stinging spanks on my ass and stuck her fingers in the corners of my mouth and made me crawl all the way into the living room with her perched right on my back. You have to understand she weighed a whole lot more than me and it was hard for me to carry her weight without caving in. Somehow, I managed it and she made me parade in front of the sliding glass doors turning around like a duck in a shooting gallery. I knew the boys in the other side of the courtyard could see my humiliation and I thought I could hear the echo of a few "Oink-oinks" off in the distance.

We all crammed inside of Tiffany's Range Rover. There were six girls and one male. The male was more like a female because he made no bones about admitting he swung for the other side. We were fresh meat for the "Walking Dead" shooting location ready to be shot, sliced or diced into little pieces for the glory of the "normal" humans still alive in a Zombie dominated world.

The worse thing on Friday night was the endless paperwork and then the classes in how to apply the "Walking Dead" zombie make-up. We were supposed to do each other. It was a way the production company could save money and not get into a lot of union issues. Tiffany and I hooked up with two of the other girls, Holly and Carol to fine tune our make-up efforts. We were supposed to wear the oldest beat up clothes we had and make sure our shoes or slippers were as dirty and messed up as possible. If we had panty-hose or nylons, they were supposed to be all torn and ripped like we had been in a nasty fight or accident. The four of us just rolled around on the tent dirt floor getting as dirty as we could. We all had a lot of red streaks around our mouth like we had just had a nice human meal and had no time to wipe our mouths off.

On Saturday, we were all in a huge scene out on a deserted highway. It was a road that had been closed when an alternate route was constructed by the new federal highway funding that was giving priority to the long neglected region. There was a bunch of military guys from a base down by the coast that were all having a nice weekend on the shoot and trying to fuck as many of the "Walking Dead" zombie girls they could get their hands on.

I watched my room-mate Tiffany sucking off a "Walking Dead" military recruit right behind the phony barn with the front but no inside or back. His friend was shy and he was afraid of asking me to get on my knees as well for fear that I would reject him. I kind of felt sorry for him knowing they would all be sent to Afghanistan soon and probably wind up being the truly dead. Against my better judgment, I asked him to check out the back of my legs to make sure my make-up went all the way up to my smiley face panties.

When Jimmy saw me bending over like that with my dirty legs and shitty clothes and nice clean panties underneath, he got the message and yanked them down without asking for permission and sunk his very alive "Walking Dead" cock deep inside my clutching pussy.

I saw and heard Tiffany getting her load of cum in her dirty face and mouth that looked like she was a cannibal of the worse sort. Jimmy steadied me for his liquid gift and I could tell from his heart-felt grunts that he was ready for a "Walking Dead" Academy Award.

Late on Saturday night, when Tiffany and I and the other two girls were inside the tent, one of the assistant set directors came inside and asked us,

"Do any of you girls want to do a special scene for the movie? It pays an extra $500 each and you get a chance to audition for a production job at the East coast studio in Miami Beach."

All four of us were hot to trot. I was interested more in the $500 extra bucks than in the production job, whatever the hell that was. The director's name was Basil and he spoke with a British accent which I thought sounded real sexy. He led us and four other girls from another tent to the long wooden fence that surrounded the deserted factory being used in the episode. It was a real fence and it was pretty sturdy. Basil told us that the scene would be used in a related "Walking Dead" special movie that was totally "unrated". I figured he was telling us it was xxx rated but wanted it sound innocuous.

I was surprised to see a couple of the scripted actors present as well as a few of the Hollywood types that seemed bored with the whole project.

Basil explained that we would be led to the fence by a patrol of the normal humans with our mouths sealed shut with duct tape to keep us from biting and with long leads and collars to keep us in formation. It seemed a bit humorous but looking back on it now, I can see it would be very erotic to see eight disheveled and bound females, even "Walking Dead" females being led to some sort of punishment. Then, we would be bound to the fence and immobilized so our flanks were sticking up and out the other side in a defenseless position. It was only after all this was done, that I actually realized we all were positioned for some sort of rear entry either in our pussy or our pucker holes by the eight males ready to get some "Walking Dead" pussy.

My partner was one of the Hollywood types with dark glasses and a little goatee that gave him a devilish look and made me all fluttery inside. When I saw all the men drop their trousers, I knew this was a single take and nobody would be calling "cut" when they were finished. The guy gave it to me good, right into the back end of my pussy, sliding right up my slit like a buttered hot dog. Some of the girls were shouting out mostly due to the speed of the coitus taking place on camera, but most of us were not upset at all. I was pretty happy with my partner because he was bringing me to a real quick orgasm in a real big hurry. I let go with a few "oink-oinks" before getting into the role of a real "Walking Dead" piece of ass and growling like a demented dead zombie.

My partner, who I later found out to be Mister Ramon, laughed at my verbal hijinks and shot his load with some impressive authority right up hard against my cervix. I guess I felt pretty submissive after that and just followed the orders like a good little girl.

My check for the extra $500 came in the mail the following week along with a letter of introduction to the studio head in Miami Beach. It stated that I had shown excellent acting skills and was "willing to learn" from a skilled director. That sounded pretty accurate and I was looking forward to combining my postgraduate work in Miami with a nice job under a dedicated director or producer in Miami Beach.

Right now I have to end this to go watch an episode of "The Walking Dead". Maybe this is one of the ones that I and Tiffany are in. I hope my smiley face panties aren't showing.

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