My First Job
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, BBW, Big Breasts, Workplace, Prostitution,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of my first job, of the ladies I met along the way and of the fun i had with them

It seems a lifetime ago; my first job was in my dad’s factory. It was his rule, you can come and work in the family business but you have to start at the bottom; there would be no easy ride, no cushy jobs for the kids. my older brothers had both done the same working their way through the departments, gaining experience. They had both become managers with one of them running one of the family factories in London.

So at the age of just sixteen, I left school and started humping boxes and loading trucks in the company warehouse. I worked with five other guys, they all knew who I was but it did not stop them having fun at my expense, I was the tea boy, the sandwich fetcher, the one that ran the bets to the bookies and got the fags from the corner shop.

When it came to the work I tried to keep up with them but between them, they had twenty-five years’ worth of experience and they knew how to lift and stack. After a few months, I found that I had muscles developing where I never even knew that muscles existed. Every day was the same, trucks came in and trucks went out and we unloaded and loaded. In those days there were no stacker trucks, no conveyor belts just trolleys and hard graft. From seven in the morning until five at night we humped boxes in and out of that bloody factory.

One day one of the older guys, bob, was helping me unload some boxes of equipment, they were heavy and it took a lot of graft and grunt to move them onto the trolley before they could be moved into the factory. We had moved around a dozen of the boxes when Bob’s footing went on a damp patch on the floor and he slipped over, leaving all the weight for me to try to struggle with.

There was no way I could hold it up on my own I dropped the box and nearly chopped off my toes as it hit the deck. I felt a pull in my back but being the youngster I tried to laugh it off. Bob was very apologetic and I told him not to worry about it, these things happen. It was not until the following day that I felt the pain in my back, at first a twinge then a really sharp pain, but I carried on working just the same. That I released later, was a huge mistake.

It was during the afternoon tea break that one of the guys noticed I was guarding my back and he asked what was up, I told them I was feeling a bit sore after the accident and they all told me I was soft and took the piss out of me for the rest of the day. It was a Friday and I thought a bit of rest over the weekend would sort me out.

Monday came around far too quickly and I was still feeling sore, the guys noticed and gave me the lighter jobs, filling in the dockets and running more errands to keep me away from the heavy work. At the end of the shift as they did sometimes the lads went to the pub, and I tagged along. As Bob went to the bar to order the drinks one of the other guys, Matt, asked if I was okay, I told him that my back was still giving me problems. He told me that I should get Mona’s number from Bob and laughed. All the guys laughed and when I asked why they told me that Mona was a physiotherapist and masseuse that Bob had found when he had strained his back the year before, one of the guys said she had healing hands and after a session with her, I would not even remember having a bad back.

I asked bob about Mona as we sipped out pints of bitter and he looked around the table, before asking me if I was sure I wanted to see her. I said if it helps my back get better I will do anything. He slipped a pen from his pockets and scribbled a number on to the beer mat. As I pocketed the number there were a few giggles from the others, but I ignored them. I guess I was still too young to see that I was the butt of a joke.

It was two days later that I slipped into a telephone box and called Mona; she sounded nice and was sympathetic as I explained my back problem. We arranged a session that evening and I noted her address down. I told the guys over our afternoon tea that I had arranged to see her and they all laughed saying I would feel like a new man after a session with the lovely Mona. The joke still didn’t click.

I walked over to Mona’s after work and knocked on the door of her old Victorian house. It took her five minutes to open the door. To be honest, my nerves had started to kick in and I nearly walked away, but when she opened the door I was glad I had not.

She was around forty, blonde and well built. Her makeup was a little on the heavy side but I would have said in her day she was an absolute stunner. She was dressed in a white smock coat and high heels, with white tights like the American nurses we saw on TV. She had wide hips and I could see from the swell of the smock, she had a fair old pair of tits on her.

We did the introductions and she offered me a cup of tea, which I accepted. We sat in her kitchen and she told me the different services she offered. There were basic packages leading onto the full service two-hour deluxe package, I decided to take that one. It was expensive but hey in for a penny in for a pound...

After we had finished the tea Mona led me upstairs to the treatment room, it was a big room with a proper massage table as well as bed and a side room that she told me was the bathroom.

“Okay,” she said, “As you have come straight from work I think a shower is in order”

She gave me a couple of clean towels and then led me to the bathroom and told me to shower then lay face down on the treatment table with a towel around my waist, and with a wink she was gone. Ten minutes later she walked back into the treatment room and found me exactly where she has asked me to be. I have to be honest and say I was little nervous. Although I had dated girls I had never had more than the odd fumble under the jumper, one girl at our school leaver’s party hand had wanked me off but that was all I had ever done, and being almost naked with an older woman was a very new experience for me.

Mona asked me if I was ready and I told her I was, and she switched on the radio, filling the room with classical music. She started by pouring oil into her hands, then stroking my shoulders and neck. As soon as her warm soft hands touched my flesh I felt my cock stirring beneath me. She was good all right, her hands kneaded and caressed my flesh, she moved down slowly really working my muscles and every now and then remarking that she could feel tension or knots and she worked at those areas more thoroughly.

She varied the pressure, varied the style, sometimes it was the balls of her hands sometimes the fingertips. The sensation was amazing, I felt the pain drifting away and a new sensation took over, she was making me horny.

I felt her stroking low down on my back and was startled when the towel was removed from my midriff and she started to stroke and squeeze my buttocks, at one point her nails raked over my skin and I was sure I would blow my load there and then. I felt her hands stroking all over my legs gently tickling my inner thighs and the back of my knees. The silence in the room apart from the radio was eerie but at the same time exciting

Her hands lifted off me and the music stopped, she had turned the radio off. Then I heard the oil being squirted onto her hands and once again her hands started to massage me, kneading, fondling and stroking.

“Have you got a girlfriend?” she asked and I replied that I was not really seeing anyone.

“Ever had a girlfriend?” she asked, and I replied that I had had a few dates but nothing serious.

“Are you a virgin?” she asked and that took me by surprise and I stuttered a little before telling her I was.

“Well I had better be careful” she sighed “we don’t want any accidents”.

I felt myself blushing was it that obvious, my dick was already as hard as steel and I was nervous about rolling over when Mona was ready to massage my front. I felt her hands lift from me...

“I need more oil,” she told me and with a cheeky slap on my ass she left the room. I took the opportunity to adjust myself; my erection was making it very uncomfortable to lie on my front.

When Mona walked in the room I was looking the other way and I only knew she was back when her soft warm hands started to stroke my thighs, she worked the flesh moving upwards towards my ass. Every now and then I felt a feather-like brush on my balls as her hands worked the inner thigh muscles. I clamped my legs shut...

“Hey Zak, just relax and you will enjoy it more “she whispered

and then her hands parted my legs wide,

I was sure my balls were now in full view. Mona’s hands moved up my inner thigh and this time quite deliberately she cupped and stroked my balls, rolling them in her hands. As one hand played with my balls I felt her stroking one finger down the crack of my arse. Then I felt her lips on the taut skin of my buttocks and her finger pressed harder, opening my buttocks and pressing against my asshole. I was sure I was about to cum. Her lips and teeth were all over my buttocks kissing and nibbling, my right hand still stroking my ball bag which was getting tighter and tighter.

“You have a peachy bum Zak!” she giggled and my heart raced.

This was as close to sex as I had ever been and I was sure that within a second it would be over with me making a real mess of her treatment table, and then with a sigh from Mona as quick as it started it ended. I felt her stand up and she told me to turn over. I knew that with now towel over my groin my hard dick would be on display.

I hesitated a while too long I guess and she must have realised why.

“Come on rollover, I have seen a cock before you know!” she sighed impatiently.

And with that I rolled over, my cock pointed at the ceiling, its tip shiny with precum. And I closed my eyes, worried about what she might say or do.

“Nice cock” she purred “now as this big thing is getting in my way I think I should deal with it first before I massage your front”

“oh ... errrm.I guess... “I started to say.

“if that’s okay with you?” she interrupted me.

“Oh yes ... that’s ... well that would be fine! I said not wanting to sound too eager.

I heard a zip and opened my eyes, Mona had her back to me and I could she was taking off her smock. She placed it on a chair and turned to face me, dressed only in a lacy white bra that was struggling to keep her big tits under control, a pair of lacy white panties and white hold up stockings that clung to her chubby thighs.

She smiled “bra on or off young man?”

My voice cracked as I said off and she looked me in the eye as she unhooked the bra and threw it onto the chair, her tits were amazing, full and heavy, huge brown nipples capped them and they swayed as she moved toward me. She stood beside the table and used the fingernails of one hand to stroke my thigh, from the knee upwards before stroking and scratching the tight skin of my balls.

I was looking at her face, her smile was wide and her eyes were taking in the sight of my throbbing erection. She had a hungry look in her eyes.

“Now as this is your first time, don’t hold back, let it flow and do what comes naturally” she almost growled,” I promise the next time will last longer”

And with that she dipped her head into my groin; her tongue ran a line up from my balls to the tip of my cock and around the head. I could feel her warm breath and my ears were full of the sound my own heartbeat. As she kissed and licked my knob I felt her big jugs brush my skin and it was like an electric shock. Her right hand circled the base of my cock lifting it and her left hand gently tugged at my balls.

It was an amazing mix of pain and pleasure. Pain trying to hold back and pleasure as this amazing lady kissed and licked my organ. I watched as she planted a line of kisses along its length and then looked up at me, with a wink she slipped her lips over the crown of my cock and took my entire length into her hot mouth, moving down until her nose was buried in the hair around my balls.

She slurped upwards, her tongue playing all around my cock before plunging down on it again. I knew I was about to explode and moaned to her that I was nearing my orgasm.

She did not stop; slowly she pulled her lips up to the crown of my throbbing cock before plunging back down its length. Her hand cupped my bollocks, rocking them, fondling them. Once again she slowly dragged her lips up my cock and plunged back on to it...

My first blow job, I knew why guys always talked about them now, the sensation was mind-blowing, my heart was racing. I felt the pull of Mona’s Lips on my cock as she drew back and after a moment plunged my cock deep into her mouth...

I closed my eyes and felt my balls contract, the moment of release almost like an explosion in my head. I felt all the tension in my body flow out of me, flow out with the gush of cum that must have hit the back of Mona’s throat. My hips lifted thrusting my cock deeper and Mona groaned but did not back off. Her hand squeezing my bollocks, like she was trying to squeeze every last drop of cum from me, I felt her sucking hard on my cock, slurping and sucking. I felt a shiver run through my whole body and Mona must have felt it too as she looked up at me and winked, that cheeky, sexy wink what I would become accustomed to.

She held my knob in her mouth until it went soft; slowly it flopped out of her mouth.

“Enjoyed that did you?” she asked, before licking a little bead of cum from the corner of her mouth.

I didn’t know what to say, what was the etiquette.

I just lay back eyes closed and sighed; I heard her laugh and then heard the squirt of the oil on her hands. Her hands started to massage my chest. Her fingers played with my nipples and I felt a shift as she moved and stood at the head of the table. I opened my eyes to be greeted with the amazing sight of her big tits swaying just inches above me, her big brown nipples at times almost grazing my face.

“Oh Go on,” she giggled “you know you want to”

and with that, she dipped slightly and I sucked a big brown nipple between my lips. My hands reached up and slowly I felt those amazing orbs, feeling the soft skin, feeling the weight and firmness. Her nipple was growing hard between my lips and I stoked the tip with my tongue, she learned further forward almost suffocating me with her boobs. My hands squeezed, played fondled those big titties and Mona must have liked it was she was breathing deeper now.

She massaged my chest for what seemed like ages, and I sucked and licked her nipples swapping between them and all the time my hands were filled with soft, warm, tit flesh.

Then she stood upright, her nipple being pulled from my mouth and I must have sighed.

Mona laughed, “hey you time is nearly up, but there is something else I would like to do for you”

“Come on you, get up onto your feet! She said and I did as I was told,

She took my hand and pulled me up from the treatment table, leading me toward the bed.

“Stand there,” she said positioning me at the end of the bed. I watched as she slipped off her lacy panties. She had a hairy bush, this was in the time before shaving was the trend, and she gave my cock a soft but firm stroke and smiled up at me.

“Do you think you would like to seconds young man?” she purred.

And with that, she walked to the side of the bed and pulled open a draw taking a little silver packet from it. She had a big bum, but it had a sexy wobble to it and I could not take my eyes off it

She sat on the end of the bed her face level with my cock, which was slowly coming back to life. She opened the packet and laid a condom on the bed.

She took my cock in her hands and slowly started to stroke it, I felt my legs turn to jelly and I had to rest my hands on her shoulders. It took only seconds for my cock to return to its iron bar rigidity.

I watched as she expertly rolled the rubber Jonny over my cock before lying back on the bed, her legs wide apart, knees slightly raised. I did not need telling, this was instinct taking over, I shuffled up the bed, positioning myself between her knees and leaned forward. I felt her take my cock in her hand and position in at the entrance to her pussy.

I lay over her and heard her whisper in my ear.

“Just push baby” and I did as I was told, feeling my cock slide into her pussy, as soon as I was in her muscles started to clamp around my manhood, almost massaging it. I lay there for a while, enjoying the sensation of my cock being inside her, feeling the warmth of her boobs against my chest and her hands stroking up and down my back and then over my buttocks. It felt like ages but I guess it was seconds before once again instinct took over and I started to move my hips.

My cock slid out and then back inside her, I was thrusting like mad at first until Mona implored me to slow down, take my time, enjoy. I did just that and the experience was amazing. I supported my weigh in my hands and knees slowly fucked Mona, pausing on the in stroke, slow deep strokes.

I felt Mona’s hands on my shoulders, setting the pace that she wanted me to use. Slow, steady, and deep strokes, a nice steady rhythm

I felt her hips lift up to meet me ... the room was filled with grunts, groans, the sound of flesh slapping on flesh and the smell of sex.

I felt my cock sliding in and out of that woman’s cunt and I with every deep thrust she groaned out loud. To be fair she had a nice tight cunt and I could feel her clenching and pulsing around my erection.

That noise she was making me feel like a man, being able to make her groan and sigh and writhe under me was empowering. I looked down at her big tits as they swayed and wobbled below me and I dipped my head sucking one fat nipple deep into my mouth, making Mona thrust up toward me. I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me onto her tits.

I felt her hips rising up to meet mine more urgently and it gave me urgency, I started to drive my cock hard and deeper into her sex and the harder I drove the harder she drove back. I heard a voice and only after a few seconds did I realise it was Mona...

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck oh fuck ... YES, ... harder!!”

I drove harder and deeper ... I could feel the pressure in my balls and I knew I would not last long,

Then it happened, Mona dug her nails into my buttocks and let out a huge grunt and a sigh, her body spasmed beneath me and I felt her hug me to her, I felt her body quivering, shaking, and then I exploded inside her filling the condom with my hot seed, my balls emptying with huge force, my body going tense before it was also taken over by the power of my orgasm, we lay against each other our bodies shaking.

I was unsure what to do, too be honest, and fair play to Mona she took over, once again the professional, she planted a big kiss on my forehead and rolled me over onto the bed beside her. She slipped the rubber from my flaccid cock and tied it in a knot.

“Thank you, that was amazing, a great way to finish off the working day!” she smiled.

“No thank you!” I replied.

And with that, she hopped off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom when she appeared several minutes later she was dressed in a bathrobe and I was nearly dressed.

She ran her nails down the skin if my back and kissed my should.

“I think that that back of yours could do with some more treatment!” she laughed “same time next month?”

I walked home with a spring in my step and the lads where right I had forgotten about my bad back!

The next day the lads gave me a real ribbing and asked me what she had done for me, but I ignored them and got on with my work, thinking that a month is a long time.

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