Day 14 - Cruising With Felice

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Story: Felice is Grant's personal assistant. She sets up a video call to deliver him some bad news, and to give him a front row seat to an arousing video show.

Day 14 afternoon. I had spent the morning fucking with two insatiable nubile young ladies, Chantel and Fleur. I had learnt that it was Fleur's birthday... 15th birthday ... and I was her self-indulgent treat. One day, my cock is going to get me into big trouble.

Just after the girls had left my suite, I received a message that my personal assistant Felice wanted me to return a video call to her. I got myself showered and dressed and headed down to the ship's communications centre to make the video call. The operator showed me to a private room where I could watch my call on the big screen.

After a few minutes, I was watching Felice sitting in my office chair as she established the video call to me. She was sitting there with her sexy long legs crossed wearing what looked like a mini-skirt with a low cut top which showed off the tops of her georgeous bountiful DD cup tits - tits that I'd helped her acquire.

Oh my god I had loved kissing and sucking on her big nipples and molesting her big titties as I ploughed her tight pussy with my rampant big cock. That was a daily occurrence lately and I was missing that ... and had been for the last 14 days.

"Hey Felice ... what's up?" I asked her as I wasn't expecting a call from her.

"Hi Grant ... sorry for the call but I have some news that I have to share with you ... and it's not good..." she responded.

"Oh..." was my short reaction.

"Grant. I have loved working with you for the last year ... and I have enjoyed every single day but..." she responded and then stopped with a few tears in her eyes.

"What are you saying?" I asked very concerned about her wellbeing.

"I can't continue to work for you any longer" she explained.

"Why?" I asked.

Felice sniffled and then cried for a few moments. The tears streamed down her cheeks as I waited for her to settle.

She then continued "My boyfriend has told me to quit my job ... or he will come down to work here with his gun and find the guy who had been fucking me ... and he would blow his cock off." She paused for a moment before continuing with "I told him that he wouldn't be finding anyone to shoot ... because there was no one here that I was fucking."

I was a little stunned and a little afraid too because I had heard about her boyfriend's temper.

"We have been so careful ... no one should suspect anything was happening between us" I commented.

She paused for the moment to wipe her eyes and blow her nose. Then she started to laugh and I relaxed a little.

"Felice ... what's going on?" I pleaded.

"Grant ... unfortunately there was something that he noticed ... my pussy has been tighter in the last two weeks than in the previous months..."

Then I started to laugh too. "Oh my fucking god ... I didn't think of that".

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