Day 14 - Cruising With Chantel and Fleur

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Grant had been 16 yr old Chantel's first fuck. She returns with her new friend Fleur to have another session for herself and to watch Fleur take her first live cock into her teenage pussy. He gladly obliges the two insatiable nubile young ladies.

Day 14 morning. I had had a restful night after spending a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with the delicious older Carla and the youthful Alex. Whilst I was resting they were enjoying each others bodies, so I got a chance to recuperate.

I had been down to the buffet to have breakfast and about 10 AM I made my way back to my suite. I had only been back a couple of minutes when I heard a knock on my door. Looking out the peep-hole I saw that it was Chantel (a delightful 16 year old that had been a virgin until I plundered her very tight pussy); and Fleur.

"Oh my god..." I muttered under my breath. Fleur had been flirting with me all through the cruise, with this young teenager throwing herself at me at all available opportunities. The furtherest that I had gotten with her had been to lick her deliciously tangy pussy in a stalled lift. I had promised her that I would fuck her before the end of the cruise. Maybe today was going to be that lucky day.

I quickly opened the door and ushered the two young ladies into my suite.

"Hello girls. You both look ravishingly beautiful today".

They both smiled at the compliment and giggled at little.

Chantel was wearing a bikini top that did little to hide her magnificent tits with a sarong around her hips ... and bare feet. Fleur was wearing a loose fitting top with large arm holes. Her skirt was short (mid-thigh); and bare feet too. I could see by the wobble of her tits that they were unemcumbered under that shirt.

I led the way into the lounge and sat in the middle of the large chair, leaving a space on either side for them to sit with me. I indicated to them to come sit with me as I put my arms on the back of the chair. They sat and I moved my arms to rest across their shoulders.

"Chantel. I didn't know that you knew Fleur." I commented.

"We've become friends over the last couple of days ... we found out that we had lots of things in common ... things like our tastes in men" Chantel explained with a smirk.

She continued "We both came to the conclusion that men are much better than boys when it comes to some things...".

I turned to Fleur and asked her "Do you think that men kiss better than boys?"

"Uh ... uh..." she hesitated.

"Maybe you haven't kissed a man yet ... Do you want to see what it's like?" I cheekily asked her.

She couldn't answer. Her words seemed to have left her. All I got from her finally was a slight nod. I pulled her closer until my lips touched hers. Gently at first and then with increasing passion until I slipped my tongue between her slightly parted lips. She caught on quickly with her tongue getting involved too. Finally we broke apart after a couple of minutes of pashing.

"Now ... what do you think? Do men kiss better than boys?" I posed to her.

This time she was able to answer without hesitation "Yes ... yes definitely!"

I then turned to Chantel and repeated the question and the lip-lock with her for the next couple of minutes. Her answer was a definite "Yes" also.

I then posed another question. "I know both of you can answer this one ... Do men lick pussy better than boys?" I looked back and forth between the two waiting for an answer.

Chantel finally spoke "Our memories need refreshing ... after all it has been a few days since we got to experience it." With that comment she stood up and dropped her sarong to the floor, revealing that she was naked under it with her delicious pussy on full display. Fleur followed her lead and her skirt dropped to the floor also revealing a naked pussy to my gaze.

They both sat back down and spread their thighs.

Fleur then said "Please lick our pussies ... we need our memories refeshed".

I stood up between them and faced them holding out my hands. "Come with me ... let's go to more comfortable surroundings". I ushered them into the bedroom from there.

"Ladies ... would you do me a huge favour and remove your tops so I can feast my eyes on your sensational tits". Fleur hesitated but Chantel quickly slipped the top off her sensational big set of tits. Seeing that Chantel was now naked, Fleur then removed her top from her petite set of tits. They were fucking sensational too.

"Chantel. I want you to lay on your back in the middle of the bed". She quickly followed my instructions. "Now spread your legs a little more please". She compiled and I was soon feasting my eyes on her seriously sexy pussy.

"Now Fleur. I want you to lay on top of Chantel. Hip to hip and tit to tit...". I was setting them in the same position as I had used yesterday with Carla and Alex.

With a little help from me, Fleur was soon in position on top of Chantel with her smaller tits pushing down into Chantel's much larger tits. I was now observing two very youthful pussies piled one on top of the other as I crawled between their spread thighs.

Bringing my face up close to their piled pussies I let my tongue run lightly between first Chantel's pussy lips and then Fleur's. There was a definite difference in taste - Chantel's was fairly neutral in taste whilst Fleur's was already quite tangy.

I tasted and licked each pussy for about 15 to 20 seconds each before switching to the other - concentrating on between the pussy lips and avoiding their canal entrances and clits. I could hear them moaning together as I licked them. Then their moans changed. and I suspected that they were kissing each other now. I looked up briefly to confirm that they were kissing and hugging with them mashing their tits together.

I then decided to switch my attention to their clits. First to receive attention was Chantel, with my tongue teasing her little bundle of nerves with the tip of my tongue. I got an instant reaction with her pushing her hips at me, trying to prolong the contact between my tongue and her clit.

"Oh ... oh ... lick me ... lick me ... don't stop ... I'm so close" she groaned as I worked her into a frenzy teetering on the edge and about to plunge over into a massive cum. I then changed to Fleur's pussy to tease her erect clit.

"Oh you bastard ... you left me hanging" Chantel spat at me. I was too busy licking Fleur to be able to reply to that very true accusation. I had my lips latched onto Fleur's large clit now and her cum was building just as fast too.

When I sensed that she was very very close I switched back to Chantel's pussy. This time involving her clit and entrance to her pussy canal.

"Oh fuck ... he left me hanging too" Fleur complained as I worked Chantel into another frenzy - this time I didn't stop and she exploded into a massive cum, showering my face with her now sweet juices as I prepared to leave her pussy and move to Fleur's.

Switching back to Fleur's pussy, my tongue went into overdrive working its way between her clit and her pussy canal entrance, thrusting the tip of my tongue into her entrance before returning to tease her clit.

"Oh ... oh fuck ... oh fuck..." she chanted for a few moments before she too experienced a massive cum with her juices also trickling onto my tongue and into my tummy. As she settled I sat back on my knees to observe two very wet and engorged pussies - both of which I hoped to fuck very soon.

"Well ladies ... do men lick pussy better than boys?" I posed to them.

Chantel rolled off the top of Chantel to lay beside her. She then answered my question "Yes ... definitely ... boys don't want to eat pussy ... they just want to fuck it with their little cocks."

Chantel then interrupted with "Speaking of cocks ... it's time to compare yours with a boy cock. Let's see it now please".

I slipped back off the bed as the two girls propped themselves up on their elbows to watch me as I dropped my very tented shorts to the floor. My very hard erect 10 inch cock popped into view.

I cheekily asked them "How does a serious man cock compare to a boy cock?"

"Huge ... fucking huge ... I can't believe that I had that monster inside of me" Chantel quipped.

"Oh my god ... that's big ... maybe too big" Fleur commented with a worried look on her face.

"Don't you worry ... it will fit quite nicely inside your delicious pussy" I reassured her as I stroked it.

"I'd like a lick and a suck before I fuck you both" I suggested as I wagged my cock in front of them. "Maybe both of you would like to share for a while".

With that suggestion Chantel slipped to her knees beside me and grasped my cock, feeling it size, weight and texture before offering it to Fleur "Here ... you have a lick and then we'll do him together". Fleur slid across the bed and brought her face close to my cock.

Tentatively she touched my cockhead with her lips before opening them and taking the head just inside of her mouth. I could feel her tongue licking the tip for a few moments before she pulled back to look at my cock and offer it to Chantel. Chantel took up the offer and slid a couple of inches of cock into her mouth before locking her lips around it and sucking firmly.

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