Day 13 - Cruising With Carla and Alex

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Carla had come out of her sexual shell after her recent fuck session with Grant. She suggested watching Grant fuck another woman as part of her sexual enlightenment. Grant made a counter offer of involving young Alex into a threesome with Carla.

Day 13 afternoon. After having exacted revenge on Rosa on behalf of Carrie and Supriya, I was sitting in the buffet enjoying my lunch when Carla joined me at my table. I had fucked her yesterday after having flirted unsuccessfully with her for about a week previously. Carla was older than me, an ex-model with the body of someone much younger, and with a very under-used pussy (until yesterday).

"Hey stud" she remarked "Are you going to flirt with me some more? You never know your luck." she added with a big smirk on her face.

I leant closer and whispered in her ear "Just because I fucked you yesterday doesn't mean that I am going to stop any day soon ... How's my favourite older lady today? Do you have an itch that needs to be scratched?"

Carla laughed and the banter continued back and forth between us. Then Carla became serious and asked me "Can I watch you fuck another woman?" She was deadly serious ... I could tell from the look on her face.

"Hmmmm ... can I ask you why?" I queried her.

"I have watched porn with my late husband ... but being there and being able to see it up close in the flesh would be very different" she explained.

I thought for a few moments before I went for the shock factor again with my suggestion "How about you joining me and the other woman in a threesome?"

She looked a little stunned at that moment, so I continued "And yes ... that means you and her being intimate too ... kissing ... and licking each other's pussies". I waited and watched her face as she processed the meaning of my suggestion.

Finally she spoke "Oh wow ... that's much more involvement than I was thinking." She paused and I waited for her to continue. After a minute or so Carla continued "Is she pretty?"

I grinned. "Yes. She is young and loves being fucked by both men and women ... and she will absolutely adore you ... and your body."

Carla grinned and asked "When?"

"How about now?" I asked. "I have a massage session booked in my suite in about 10 minutes with Alex. She is a petite 23 year old blonde with a sensational body ... and a sexual hunger that's contagious".

Carla replied "OK ... before I change my mind!"

15 minutes later, there were three naked people in my suite - Alex, Carla and myself. Alex had thought it was a wonderful idea to have a session with Carla and myself. She called the Day Spa and told them that I had requested an extended booking and not to expect her back soon.

Alex was really impressed with Carla's youthful body and was currently massaging Carla's body with aromatic oils. She had Carla on her back and was working the oils into Carla's little tits and nipples. I was sitting back in the lounge chair naked watching the massage and taking the opportunity to stroke my cock into a massive erection. I had borrowed some of the oils so my shaft was glistening as I worked it.

With a couple of squirts of oil, Alex moved to stroke Carla's tummy and rub in the oils. In the meantime Carla's hand had found it way up to grasp at Alex's apple-sized tits. Alex's hand sweeps became bigger and bigger until her hand was running across the top of Carla's petite pussy entrance. I could see Carla pushing her hips towards Alex's hand, encouraging the contact between the hand and her pussy.

"Stop teasing her Alex" I commented as I watched on. "Stroke her pussy with your greasy fingers ... she will explode very soon" I suggested.

Alex took my advice and stopped with the palm of her hand resting on Carla's mound, with her fingers drapped across Carla's now wet pussy lips. Then she slid a single finger between the lips and into the hot wet channel. She stroked that finger back and forth for a few seconds before she slid the tip of her finger into Carla's tight pussy canal entrance.

She made a couple of shallow strokes in and out before pushing her finger deep inside.

"Oh fuck ... she's so tight, wet and so fucking hot" Alex gasped as she continued to finger-fuck Carla's pussy.

"Oh my god ... oh my god ... don't stop ... don't stop!!!" Carla moaned as a major orgasm racked her body from the digital stimulation. I could see that Alex's finger was very very wet ... with a trickle of Carla's juices leaking from her pussy and running down across her asshole.

Alex soon abandoned her side position and moved to the end of the massage table, pushing Carla's thighs wider apart and bringing her face right up close and personal with Carla's leaking and still spasming pussy. With her finger still deep inside, she led with her tongue and started devouring the juices that had trickled forth.

I closed my eyes as I stroked myself, not wanting to cum, wanting to save that for one of the two pussies on offer in the room.

I then heard "Oh god ... what are you doing?" from Carla. I opened my eyes to see that Alex had moved her finger from Carla's pussy to her asshole, and was now tongue-fucking Carla's very wet pussy. I'm not sure if the question related to the ass-fingering or the pussy licking, but both would have elicited the same response from the previously staid Carla.

As Alex worked both pussy and ass, I stood up and moved to the side of the table until I could play with Carla's tits and nipples. Carla had her eyes closed as both Alex and I worked her body together. Carla was moaning and licking her lips as her arousal level jumped. Her body was soon writhing and pushing against our hands and mouths until she exploded into another massive cum.

"Ahhhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhh ... cummmmmmmiiinngggg" she screamed as her body convulsed with a massive cum. Alex remained firmly in place, licking pussy and devouring the plentitude of tangy hot juices being expelled from Carla's pussy.

As Carla started to settle I nudged my cock at her lips. She resisted for a moment before she opened her eyes to see what was happening. Spying my cock she opened her lips and slid them over the upper portion of my cock. She then gently sucked on my cockhead as she brought a hand up to grasp my shaft and caress it as she sucked me.

Alex moved away from Carla's pussy and came up to watch as Carla sucked my cock.

"My god ... that is a wonderful looking cock ... do you mind sharing it with me?" she asked Carla. Carla responded by offering my cock to Alex's mouth. The offer was gratefully received and soon my cock was being sucked and licked, and passed back and forth between these hot ladies.

After a few minutes of this dual assault, I groaned "I need to fuck one of you ... anyone ... please!!!"

Alex (being the one without cock in mouth) replied "How about both of us?"

"Oh god yes ... anything" I replied.

"Come with me both of you" she said as she directed both Carla and myself to the bedroom.

"Carla lay on your back in the middle of the bed" Alex directed and Carla followed instructions. Then Alex laid on top of Carla - pussy to pussy, and tit to tit ... and lips to lips as the two sexy ladies started kissing each other passionately.

I saw what she wanted as I knelt between their spread legs and observed two very wet small pussies piled one on top of the other. I knee-walked forward until my cockhead came into contact with Carla's pussy. I swabbed it up and down between her pussy lips to pick up some of her juices before I pushed my cock firmly into her very small and tight pussy canal.

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