Day 13 - Cruising With Rosa

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Rosa was the South American young lady that had fleeced the husbands of Carrie and Supriya of their savings and more. Grant was enlisted to get even with Rosa. He did so in the only way he knew how - he fucked her and streamed the session live to the world (and to her husband). Revenge can be so sweet.

Day 13 morning. Anna (the captain's sexy wife, and a recent fuck partner) had asked for my help in getting even with Rosa (a South American cardsharp who had cleaned out the husbands of both Carrie and Supriya). I hadn't met or seen her until I was introduced to her by Anna.

After meeting her I could see why a gullible male would be taken in - she had a sensational petite body with what looked like an all-over tan. A compact bust line with a great figure - I could see that because she was wearing a tiny string bikini at the time (not much being covered at all). Oops sorry - I forgot to mention that she has a very pretty face framed by long dark brown hair - I was too distracted by the body!

It was mid-morning and the sun was shining bright with lots of sun-worshippers out by the pools. After being introduced Rosa pulled up the sun lounge next to mine to catch some sun. I was stripped to the waist and was wearing a snug-fitting pair of bathers that were well-filled out (I caught Rosa catching a glimpse every now and then).

"Could you put some sun-screen on my back please?" I asked as I offered the bottle to Rosa.

"Certainly" she replied as she applied the lotion to my back as I laid face down on the sun lounge. After finishing my back she asked me to roll over so she could do the front.

"You don't have to do that" I replied.

"I would like to ... it's not often that I get to touch an older guy with a great body" she responded with a smirk.

I became very cheeky with my response "And the best parts are not on display at the moment".

"Oh..." was her simple reply followed by a laugh.

Rosa then applied the lotion to my chest, rubbing it in and taking the opportunity to play with my large nipples in the process. Her hands wandered all the way down to the waist band of my bathers before she finished the job.

"I'm going to to your legs now ... then you can do me" she volunteered.

With the palms of her petite hands covered in lotion she worked up and down my legs from my toes to just above my knees on both legs. Then with a fresh supply of lotion she started working on my upper legs - between my knees and my crotch. Every now and again the back of her hand would rub on my ball sack which was encased in my bathers.

I didn't object or react so she became more daring until she actually grasped my balls and gave them a squeeze.

"Oh fuck ... your balls are massive" she whispered.

"Full of cum" was my simple and quick reply "Tasty too ... so I'm told" I smirked.

Rosa palmed my balls for a few more seconds before I moved away from her grasp.

"It's your turn now" I told her as I continued with my instructions "Please lay face down here so I can do your back".

Rosa laid face down and I was treated to the sight of a well-tanned compact ass with a thin string between her ass cheeks. As I moved into position behind her she parted her legs a little and I got to see that her string bikini did not cover the entrance to her pussy at all. The thin string passed between her pussy lips and across her pussy canal entrance.

I poured some lotion onto the palm of my right hand and worked it between my two hands before applying it to her inner thighs, with my fingers fleetingly touching her pussy, as I worked the lotion into her skin.

I was expecting some kind of objection - I had afterall ignored her back and had went straight to her inner thighs. No objections were forthcoming, on the other hand she was pushing her pussy back at my fingers until I was able to slip a finger inside her wet and tight pussy. All pretence of applying the lotion went out the window as I stroked her pussy with my finger. We were lucky that our position was off to the side of the main group of sun worshippers, meaning that we could play a little without being noticed.

"Oh ... oh ... ohhhhh..." she groaned as I flicked her clit with my thumb as I finger-fucked her towards a strong cum.

"Oh shit ... I'm cuming" she moaned as my finger was covered in her cum juices as her orgasm exploded. Her cum lasted about 20 seconds before she finally relaxed and I was able to bring my sodden finger to my mouth for a licking. "Yummmm..." I whispered to her before adding "I want to fuck that tight pussy right now".

Her head came up quickly and swung around to face me as I crouched at her side.

"What ... where ... why?" she asked in a startled voice.

I held out my hand and said "Come with me". She took my hand and I led her from the pool area and down a series of stairs until I found where I was looking for. She started to speak a number of times but I silenced her with a "Shhhh ... no speaking".

I opened the door and led her into the dimly lit accessway that I had found on day 1 when I had fucked Lara during the saftey briefing. I pulled her inside and closed the door. Pulling her close to me I kissed her passionately as my hands wandered all over her petite body - feeling her tits and her ass.

I soon had her naked with her very brief suit falling to the floor with my assistance. I placed my hands onto her shoulders to encourage her to kneel. She understood my wishes and knelt before me, placing her hands on my waist and dragging my bathers to the floor.

My cock popped free in front of her face.

"Oh my fucking god ... your cock is massive too" she exclaimed as I encouraged her to lick and suck upon my cock. She took the hint quickly and I was soon enjoying the sensations of her talented mouth. I stroked my cock in and out, trying to slide it deeper and deeper until my cockhead was touching the entrance to her throat.

"Suck me ... take me deep ... and play with your pussy to get it really wet" I commanded her as I enjoyed her attentions. I also enjoyed the knowledge that everything happening in this accessway was being filmed courtesy of the security cameras in this accessway. Susan (the assistant cruise director, and another of my fuck buddies) was streaming the action live to a pay-per-view Internet site.

"You are a great cocksucker Rosa ... does your boyfriend get to sample your talents too?" I asked tho not expecting an answer with her mouth so full at the moment. "I bet your husband loves your mouth too" I added, having been told by Anna that Rosa loved to fuck around.

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