Day 12 - Cruising With Carla

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Carla was a beautiful older lady (an ex-model) with a sensational body and a quick mind. Grant had been flirting with her for days and getting nowhere. Today he tried shocking her with a graphic account of a recent fuck session. She was intrigued and let her guard down (together with her panties).

Day 12 afternoon. I had spent a very satisfying morning being the male sandwiched between two insatiable females. I had always known that the pregnant Carrie had a huge sexual appetite, but the initially quiet Emily turned into a sexual tigress. I was lucky that they gave me some rest when they became passionate with each other.

I was sitting in the buffet enjoying some lunch when I spied Carla having lunch on her own at a nearby table. I picked up my plate and approached the table asking "Can I join you for lunch?"

She looked up and replied with a cheeky grin "Only if you promise to keep trying to seduce me".

I replied "Of course I can. But you need to give me some encouragement to keep trying".

To bring you up to date here I need to explain that for the last seven days I have been trying my hardest to seduce Carla ... and she has played along but only so far ... and I've gone away with blue balls that I've had to empty into some other female.

Carla was older than me (and I'm 54 years old) - she hadn't revealed her age, but I can tell you that she had the body of someone much younger. She was an ex-model and had kept herself looking good. She was very slim, about 5ft 7 ins tall with a very beautiful face framed with mid-back length sandy blonde hair. Her figure was sensational with a delightful compact ass, a narrow waist and really small tits (cupcake size). In a bikini she looked absolutely ravishing.

I had learnt that she was a widow and that she hadn't had any children. Her husband had been older than her and he had died about 10 years ago. He had been her one and only lover. Armed with that knowledge I firmly believed that I was not going to succeed with this lady, but it was fun trying.

If I had any cum left in my balls each night then I would have had a wet dream thinking about fucking this delicious woman.

Carla and I chatted and sparred over our lunches, and as usual the conversation turned sexual.

I decided that today I would try the shock truth approach as everything else had failed previously.

"You know that I am really knackered this afternoon ... I spent the morning entertaining two insatiable young women in my suite" I explained to Carla.

Her eyes shot open and she was really paying attention to my every word now.

"You're not kidding are you?" she asked incredulously.

"Nope." was my response.

"Oh my god..." she whispered "Tell me more please".

"Hmmm ... not here. And I won't tell you anything that will identify them. I keep those details private. Understand?"

"Yes. I understand" she replied enthusiastically. "Let's go to my suite ... I feel safer there".

About 5 minutes later we had found our way back to her suite and I was sitting beside her on the lounge chair. I then proceeded to give her a blow by blow description of this mornings antics (I had to change some details to protect the identity of Emily).

After I had finished, she took a couple of minutes to speak.

"Oh my fucking god ... I have never heard of or even imagined such behaviour" she whispered. "I'm not criticising you or them when I say that. I've just never experienced half of what you guys did."

That was the first time that I had heard Carla swear.

I just held eye contact with Carla for a few moments thinking of what to say next. She continued before I had a chance to speak.

"Evidently I have led a very sheltered life when it comes to sex." she explained. "Rob, my husband was not very adventurous, and that was fine with me. But you have me wondering about what I have missed out on...".

I sat and listened because I sensed that she had much more to say.

"In my days as a model I shared many a change room with both men and women, and I got to see my fair share of naked bodies. All the guys had cocks similar in size to my Rob's so I didn't sense I was missing out on anything ... Now you tell me that you have a 10 inch cock ... surely you are exagerating?" she asked.

"Nope" was my simple reply.

She thought for a moment, and then she said "Can I see it please? ... Can I see your cock?"

"Oh my god" I thought. "This situation may develop if I play my cards right".

"Are you sure?" I asked. My cock had been half hard being just in her presence, and with her request it had filled out enormously and was close to full erection (in its current cramped confines of my shorts).

"Yes ... I'm sure" she replied.

I stood up and faced her. I kicked off my sandals, then I pulled off my polo shirt, leaving just my shorts. Carla was watching me closely as I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them down over my hips. They caught on my cock momentarily before it popped free as my shorts pooled around my ankles. I stepped out of them and kicked them away.

My cock stood proudly erect, pointing at her. I brought my hand to its base to help emphasise its size (in length and girth). I gently stroked my cock as I waited for her to comment.

"Oh wow..." she whispered.

"You can touch it if you like" I responded in hope.

Her hand snaked out tentatively and slowly, and it seemed it took an eternity for her hand to grasp my cock. Her hand felt so soft as she held my cockshaft, and it looked so small compared to my cock. I released my hand as hers started stroking me slowly. The stroking continued for a couple of minutes before I made another suggestion.

"Use your other hand to touch and cup my balls. They are pretty big too" I added.

Her other hand came out a lot quicker and it was soon cupping and feeling my balls in concert with her stroking of my cockshaft. I let her enjoy her exploration for the next few minutes before I asked her.

"Is there anything else that you want to explore ... or be explored?"

She didn't respond so I changed the question to be "Can I see you naked? I feel all self-conscious being the only one naked here?"

She heard that question because she stopped stroking and touching me but kept her hands in contact with me. She looked up at me and asked "Why would you want to see my old body ... naked?"

"Because ... I think it will be sensational ... from what I have seen of you in your dresses" I winked as I finished that response.

"Hmmmmm ... can I trust you if I'm naked?" she asked.

"Nothing will happen that you don't want to happen. That's my promise to you" I responded leaving myself plenty of scope if this session goes the way that I would like it to.

"Ok ... sit here whilst I stand" she directed me back to the lounge as we swapped places. I sat with my cock in my hand as Carla stood in front of me. She kicked off her sandals, and then opened the zip on the back of her dress. Shrugging her shoulders the dress slipped forward until it was around her waist and her little cupcake tits were on full display.

"I hardly ever need to wear a bra with these little ones" she remarked.

"They are sensational..." was my only comment as she pushed her dress down over her hips until it fell to the floor around her ankles. She stood there wearing just a skimpy very small pair of panties.

"Please turn around slowly please" I asked her. She smiled and slowly turned giving me my first look at her largely naked ass with a thin string between her butt cheeks. The turn was soon completed and she was back facing me.

"Please continue undressing" I asked her.

She slowly hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and then pushed them downwards, revealing that her pussy was totally devoid of hair. The panties fell to her feet - she stepped out of them, picking them up and tossing them onto my cock with a deliberate aim. She stood up straight and faced me with her hands on her hips.

"Oh my god ... you are sensational ... beautiful..." I remarked with a huge grin on my face. "But I didn't expect a bald pussy on you" I added mischieviously.

Carla laughed then she explained "I had my hair laser removed ... being a model you need to keep it closely trimmed if you have hair, so I took the easy route and had it removed".

I was entranced by her body, taking it in from head to toe.

"Grant ... Grant..." I finally heard Carla speaking to me. "You can touch too ... if you would like" Carla added.

"Oh wow ... can I?" I queried her, not knowing if I had heard properly.

"Yes ... you can. How do you want me?" she asked.

"Come sit beside me again" I responded as I made room for her. She sat and turned slightly towards me. My hands came out and made initial contact with her shoulder and her face with just my fingertips. I trailed my fingertips all over her upper body avoiding her tits to start with.

"Oh god ... now you are going to tease me ... aren't you?" she asked.

"A beautiful woman's body deserves time spent exploring ... I may find an unexpected erogenous zone or two" I replied with a big smile.

"In that case continue..." Carla remarked.

I continued with my fingertip explorations all over her body (except her tits and pussy) for the next 10 minutes, slipping down to kneel between her thighs to reach some interesting places on her lower body. Carla laid back in the lounge and closed her eyes during that time. My cock in the interim had lost a little of its initial hardness but that would soon return as my touching became sexual.

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