An Affair
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Woman in search of lover for an affair

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Masturbation  

She doesn't know when or why she actually made up her mind to have an affair. She still loved her husband, but lately she was feeling restless. She no longer saw herself as a woman. She was everything a good wife and mother should be, but not a woman. The idea came gradually. In retrospect it must have started when one of her schoolmates admitted to having a crush on her and still fantasized about having her. She realized that maybe she was still sexy especially now that she made up her mind to reinvent her image.

It soon became a dream where she would imagine men desiring her, pleasuring her, driving her mad with desire. She would wake up in the morning feeling a dull ache between her legs and slight moisture. She would get up and go take a shower. Alone in a shower she would allow the fantasy to wash over her senses. She would switch to a hand shower and turn the stream to a hard massage and direct it on to her aching spot. The strong pressure would provide a constant and relentless stimulation which she imagined was a man's thumb rubbing the throbbing nob that was her clit. The thumb was never soft, but hard and callused. It would be rough on the smoothness of her clit. At times she almost could feel it. It was as if a sand paper would rub her. It hurt and pleasured at the same time. She would hold the shower in place hating when the water pressure or temperature changed, which it always did, just as she was about to cumcome and she would have to adjust it and start all over again. But when she came, the orgasm was blinding. Sometimes, her legs would turn to jelly from satisfaction and she would have to lean against the wall for a few minutes until she could find her balance again. Even then she would still feel her body trembling from aftershocks.

While on vacation, alone again since her husband did not like to travel, she would spend the days day times wandering and gawking at the sights, but at night she would feel lonely. Her girlfriend suggested that she check out this site for women looking to have an affair. There was no harm in just looking, was there? After all she would never meet these men. She will just see if anyone would even be interested in her. She was no longer in her 20's. Hell, it has been decades since she last saw aher 20's birthday. Bravely she set out to create an andaccount. Since she did not take it seriously, her profile reflected her disdain for men who were only interesting in sticking their cock into any willing vessel. To her utter amazement at least 20 men responded. Some she vetted outright, those who were looking for cybersex. She never understood the attraction of that. It was still the same as masturbating. She need contact of another skin, she already knew how her own felt. Some she corresponded with. They were promising, intelligent, funny, and thought she was sexy. Her, sexy, now that was new! When she was at her prime no one ever considered her sexy. Smart, but never sexy. When she was younger one of the boys would point out the ideal woman would be a woman with her brains and her best friend's body. Somehow that stuck with her and that is how she thought of herself. Now, whoever thought that a woman in her 40's would be thought of sexy and hot by guys in their 30's?

After she got back home, she got the courage to meet some of these men. The 30 year-olds proved rather disappointing. They seemed to cum within minutes while boasting they can make her orgasm several times before they found their own release. From that point on she resolved to only deal with mature men Young penis was fun, but it was all over way too quickly. She preferred it to last. Few men got cold feet even before they met, talking about changing times.

Then she met them. His profile picture was hot. He was, as she began to call him later, Sex on Legs, tall, blond and handsome. His writing was both intelligent and arousing. The second had a smile and lips that made her melt at the thought of feeling them in place where she fantasized hard thumb would be. Then she got pictures of their cocks. Oh my, her mouth watered just at the sight of them. Sex on Legs had a long cock with balls that looked like two ripe peaches. She longed to taste and squeeze them just to see if they would swell up. The Hot Lips had a big, thick cock. She could almost feel it filling her pussy. She wondered if it would even fit, if her pussy would stretch that wide. Best of all both wanted her, desired her, they couldn't wait to be with her as a woman, and they thought she was smart, sexy and funny. Sex on Legs was going away and begged her to give him a chance, even if she found someone else in the meantime. What a turn on. She had to meet them.

She met Sex on Legs at a parking lot of a mall. He wanted to take her out to lunch to see if they clicked. To her lunch was a waste of time. She was looking for an affair not a lunch buddy and there was only one way to know if you click, and that was during hot and sweaty sex.

She made him find a hotel. Unfortunately all he could get on a short notice was a motel room. It was not an ideal situation since she was very allergic to motels. She always had a distinct premonition that she would find semen on the sheets. Luckily, this motel was fairly clean. It was a small room with an obligatory wood paneling, king size bed that looked sturdy enough and a small bathroom and did not smell of old cigarettes, cheap beer and sex. The room even had a mouthwash as one of the complimentary incidentals that hotels provided. Towels were white but rough. Lighting was dim. At least the bed wasn't the vibrating kind.

They entered the room and he reached for her. Boy was he tall. Six plus feet with very nice set of lips that kissed and teased her lips in such an erotic way that she felt herself go weak in her knees. After just one kiss she started feeling that familiar tingle between her legs. She was getting soaking wet just from his kiss. No time was wasted getting rid of clothes. He was a bikini man with a very nice bulge and legs that went on forever. She had to touch that bulge. It was hard and long and he had balls that simply begged to be played with. She reached inside and cupped those pears. He moaned in pleasure. She salivated.

Finally they were naked. Now many women are big on foreplay and kissing, and hugging and all that other nonsense. She was into carnal pleasure. Touching and fucking in all the right spots right away was her idea of foreplay, and the only spot she wanted to be hit right now was a soaking wet hole between her legs. She was also not a big breast woman. Running wet tongues over nipples never did much for her, but he bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth and sucked open mouthed. Her body went limp and her nipples got rock hard. With his lips on her nipple, not an easy task for a tall man, he pushed her until her back hit the bed. He reached with his hand and rubbed the clit. His thumb was what her fantasies were made of, large and rough. He massaged her clit until it was throbbing then plunged his fingers deep inside her. She came in a rush of screams and wetness. Her body was still going through aftershocks of an orgasm as he entered her gently, he was big. Her pussy stretched to accommodate the cock. But unlike in all the torrid novels she read, the stretch was not painful, it was very much pleasurable. Who knew that when a man's big cock stretched your pussy it heightened the sensations of penetration. He started to move. As far as she was concerned his cock was made just for her pussy. It reached the G spot she didn't know she had. She made him stand on his knees and lift her legs above her head so he could go even deeper. Then she screamed for him to fuck her harder. As he fucked her still sensitized vagina from the first clitoral orgasm mercilessly she sensed the beginning of something very interesting and very powerful building up somewhere deep inside and it grew stronger with his every thrust. Then, without any further warning, she felt herself cumming coming from deep within. Until this moment she was clueless that you could have a vaginal orgasm. It was even stronger then clitoral one. Unlike clitoral it did not stop. He kept fucking, she kept cummingcoming again, and again. Not only was she riding a wave, after wave, she was getting even wetter after every one. She reached down between her legs, grabbed his balls, flexed her vaginal muscles around his cock, gave balls not so gentle squeeze, and he exploded with a scream. She made a man scream, and they said Kegel exercises only come in handy during pregnancy. For the first time she realized how much power she could have over men. That scream, that realization, and his one last thrust made her explode again and this time she screamed. He fell of her panting. He said he couldn't believe how good her pussy felt, hot, and wet. How it made him cumcome hard. Wow!!! No one ever told her that before. She put her head on his shoulder and tried to wrap her legs around him, he moved his legs. TheA man was not a coddler, it was ok, she could live with that. They started talking getting to know each other, but she was only listening with half ear. She was busy kissing his smooth chest and playing with those marvelous balls. To her utter astonishment he was getting hard again. She met a man who could fuck for a long time, cumcome and get hard again almost immediately. This is what heavenhaven must be like.

He tried to reach for her, but this time she climbed on top of him. She guided his big cock into herself. She was still wet, or was she wet again? She remembered all the porn she has watched where women moved their hips as they rode and bounced. It had to be tried. She moved her hips in a pumping motion, he groaned. She started moving them faster. He put his hands around her hips pushing her deeper onto his cock while raising his hips up to meet her thrusts. She was fucking him his balls bouncing off her ass. She arched her back and reached for them. She grabbed and squeezed them, his cock got impossibly bigger and his balls felt like rocks. One last thrust and she felt his cum filling her pussy. It was like molten lava flowing into her. The sensation of hard cock's friction against her wet pussy filled with cum made her orgasm again. Now it was her turn to collapse. As she rolled off him, her hand instinctively went for his cock again. What was wrong with her, she couldn't stay away from a man's cock or his balls?

She slid down his body and wrapped her lips around his penis. Another first for her, she was never big on giving blow jobs, but she just had to take a taste even though is still had her vaginal juices and his own cum all over it. To her utter amazement, her cum didn't taste bad at all. It was a bit sticky, but sweet. Her mouth slid up and down his shaft. She tried to deep throat him, the first attempt made her gag. She readjusted her mouth and tried again, this time it worked. She even managed a suck as she deep throated. There were some very satisfying sounds coming from him. She took her mouth off, and ran gentle kisses on one side of his penis then the other. She followed those kisses with her full lips. Finally she sucked on his tip. It was big. She sucked on it greedily and even stuck her tongue into the opening. As she sucked she was using her hands to masturbate areas where her mouth was not. He moaned. She once again sucked hard her way down his shaft all the way down to his gorgeous balls. She licked them, took them into her mouth and sucked. They were so perfect. It was like sucking on two very malleable balloons that seem to fill with every suck. He had enough of her teasing. He pulled her off his cock. Tossed her unceremoniously on her stomach, told her to get on her knees, for once she obliged, and thrust into her. He fucked her hard, his balls bouncing against her clit. The pounding into two G spots by his cock and his balls, was too much for her. She erupted in an earth shattering orgasm. It made her whole body shake. She didn't know how much longer she could stay on her knees. Her legs were shaking so much. He took pity on her and turned her on her back, once again lifting her legs impossibly high over her head and kept pounding into her. She lost count how many times she came. Finally he reached his climax as well. It took a few minutes for her body to stop shaking and her hands trembling. In her mind this guy passed his interview with flying colors. In the span of two hours, she made him cum four times. She had no idea how many times she came, yet, strangely enough, she still felt like she could use more. Her poor husband would have to help her with that. Now she wondered what Mr. Hot Lips would be like.

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