The Prodigal

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Romantic Sex Story: Cast - 2013 Clitorides Award third place for "Best Romantic Story." The continuing story of Tony Ames, his art, his sport, and his loves. It's one thing to gather four women to you that you love and who love you, but keeping them could be harder than expected. Most chapters have a little sex in them, a few have a lot. Tony is about to turn twenty-one and changes happen when you become an "adult." This story includes a submissive woman.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Polygamy/Polyamory   Slow  

Cast and Notes

There are a lot of people mentioned in the "Model Student" series. Some of them keep getting more and more important and others silently slip away. This is a list of those who are most important in this story. Some of the characters are highlighted with an asterisk, which means there is interview with the character in Triptych Interviews. These are sometimes off-the-wall conversations that I hold with different characters in my head. It's how I manage to keep them straight, their names correctly spelled, and general characteristics the same. It gives me an insight into the character and you might find it fun, too. I'll continue sporadically adding interviews as I go, so if you see a character you aren't familiar with, check the the interviews.

I guess it bears repeating: This is a work of fiction. The characters, conversations, actions, and places are made up and live only in our imaginations. The same can be said about the author. Copyright ©2013 Elder Road LLC.

The Family

*Tony Ames, the narrator, is pursuing a double degree in an experimental program between Pacific College of the Arts and Design (PCAD) and Seattle Cascades University (SCU). His major at PCAD is in painting and at SCU in English. When The Prodigal opens, he has just finished his sophomore year. His relationship with Melody and Lissa is developed in the original Model Student.

*Melody Anderson, sometimes called "Little One" by her lovers, is Tony's first love, and is also part of the unusual combination of women who have been drawn to him (sometimes, literally). She is pursuing a degree in textile arts at PCAD. Melody is Chief Operating Officer of Ice Queen Sportswear and is responsible for the design and shipment of their fashions. Gypsy calls her the Queen of Spades.

*Lissa Grant, Tony's second love, is a former model and racquetball champion. She has two children, Damon and Drew, by her first husband, Jack Wade. She is the inspiration behind and the CEO of the trio's corporation, Ice Queen Sportswear. Tony, Melody, and Lissa are the original "triptych" in this relationship. Gypsy calls her the Queen of Hearts.

*Kate Holsinger, Tony's third love, was courted by the original three and courted all three of them before finally becoming a part of the family in Triptych, part one. She has not joined the partnership, however, and seems to hold back a secret that she won't tell. Kate will be a junior at PCAD majoring in painting at the beginning of this volume. Gypsy calls her the Queen of Clubs.

*Wendy Martin, Tony's fourth love and odalisque, was an abused woman trying to make it on her own when she first encountered the group. She was injured in a fire and rescued by Tony. To her, he is both her hero and her master. She fully joins the family—but not the partnership—in Triptych, part two. Gypsy calls her the Queen of Diamonds.

Extended Family

Damon and Drew Wade are Lissa's boys. Damon is eight and Drew is six at the beginning of The Prodigal.

*Jack Wade is Lissa's ex-husband and father to Damon and Drew. He is active in the boys' lives and a good friend to the rest of the family. He might just have a thing for Melody's mother.

Willow, Sunday, and Rainbow are sometimes referred to as the Oregon Trips, or just "the Trips". Willow and Sunday are Kate's brother and sister (twins) and Rainbow is their girlfriend. All three are sixteen at the beginning of The Prodigal, nearly seventeen. They live with Tony and crew and share a room on the lower level of the house.

*Gypsy and Oke, Kate's parents. Live in Oregon on a commune. They are old hippies and Gypsy reads cards.

Deb and Saul, Tony's parents. Live in Nebraska. Saul is a fifth grade teacher. Deb makes dolls.

Alexandra "Lexi,", Melody's mother. Lives in Massachusetts. Melody's father, *Harold, died in Triptych, part one.

*Bree Jacobson, daughter of the SCU Athletic Director and Melody's girlfriend and lover.

*Allison "Allie" Perkins, intercollegiate women's racquetball champion, friend and sometimes lover of the family. She has just graduated from college and is taking a position in an acting company in Seattle. She went to Kansas State. Great voice.

*Whitney Lambert, tall, dark Cajun athlete and linguist attending SCU. Olympic hopeful in hurdles and long jump. She's pretty, fast, and smart and over six feet tall. Lissa's girlfriend and lover.

Classmates and Friends

*Sandra Wells and Walt Rosenberg. Sandra is going into her junior year at PCAD and Walt will be a senior at SCU. Tony introduced them and they've become lovers. Sandra majors in illustration and graphic arts and is a long-time friend of Melody and Tony. Walt is a football lineman planning on a financial career. He plays racquetball in the off-season.

*Amy Garnet, Sonia Engstrom, and Jan "Thor" Thorson. Amy is entering her junior year at PCAD in advertising art. Sonia and Thor are Seniors at SCU. Even though Amy is a lesbian, she is trying to make a relationship work with Sonia and Thor. She is a roller derby skater under the name "Amalia Want" and is a good friend of Melody and Tony.

*Rio Drescher, student at SCU and would-be lover of Tony. Majoring in English, they study together. She's a little overweight and very short. She also likes, "just a little pain."

*Beth "Dumpling" Carpenter, Tony's best friend from high school. She will be a junior at Wellesley in Massachusetts. She also tries to be Allison's long-distance girlfriend.

*Amanda Fortier, human anatomy study partner with Tony, Bree, and Justin at SCU. Becomes a good friend.

Justin Chen, human anatomy study partner with Tony, Bree, and Amanda at SCU. Loves to drum.

Karl Higgendorfer, former intercollegiate and National Singles racquetball champion who became a friend of Tony's. Now in second year at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Interested in Amanda.

Bianca and Costi Stanescu, Romanian competitors at World's befriended by Kate.

Support Staff

*Clarice Bortelli, Tony and Kate's agent.

Glenn "Doc" Henredden, Tony and Kate's academic advisor at PCAD and art instructor.

Bob Bowers, syndicated art critic for the Times.

Penny Kost, office assistant/accountant for Ice Queen Sportswear on work study. Will be a sophomore at SCU.

Jonathan Reichman, opera aficionado and Allison's boss at the theater. Bought one of Tony's paintings.

Cary Randolph, Tony's dual degree advisor and coordinator.

Carolyn DeWitt, Melody's advisor at PCAD and chair of the textiles department.

Donna and Howard, hairdresser and barber at Quick-Cuts where Tony gets his hair cut. Living vicariously through Tony's stories.

Coach Fredericks, Tony's conditioning coach at SCU. Teaches Tony Parkour.

Coach Sam Jacobson, Athletic Director at SCU, Tony's friend and Bree's father.

Jade, product photographer who photographs Tony's and Kate's artwork for brochures and later for prints.

Neil Stedman, agent from New York trying to steal a client.

Gerhardt Strauss, old print maker in Columbus, Georgia.

Erika Strauss RedHawk, apprentice to Gerhardt and his granddaughter.

Brian Summers, reigning National Singles Champion who has never made it to Intercollegiates and has yet to play Tony in a match. Goes to Clarkson University.

... And others.

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