Giving Her a Name
Chapter 1

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Historical Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman is welcomed to America...

Months of eating nothing but fish, living crowded with no privacy, finally she was in america. She was French and spoke very little English but she planned to improve when she got here. She had her suitcase with the little clothes she had.

She was very pretty rather young looking, but very pretty, she was 20 and she had brown hair slightly powdered because of the fashion that was going on in Paris. She wore a brown dress and old shoes. Her waist was rather small because of how tight she wore her corsets. She crossed her arms and looking to the distance. When she looked back she saw that someone had took her luggage. She sighed and sat down, she was beginning to regret this whole American dream thing.

A very handsome man, a few years older than her walked up to her. He hadn't shaven his face in a few days and he had a scar on his upper lip. He looked a bit tired, never the less, very handsome.

"Where is it you are going?" he asked her.

"my English is no good" She said in a thick french accent.

"Did you just arrive?" He asked. She nodded He sat next to her.

"Where is your luggage?"

"Je suis désolé, je ne comprends pas" She said.

"Your bags?" He said gesturing at his briefcase.

She frowned and shook her head.

"Why have you come to america?" He asked her.

She smiled. "To live" She replied simply.

"What is your name?" He asked her. She smiled and starred into his dark eyes.

"I do not have"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"My name, I no have one" She said.

"Oh, well, My name is Noctis." He said to her.

"Ravi de vous rencontrer" She said.

"What is your business in america? Have you come with family? Or to meet a husband?"

"No family, just me"

Noctis smiled evilly. He put his hand on her knee.

"Come walk with me, on the beach" He said.

"quoi?" she asked.

"Venez marcher avec moi sur la plage" he replied in perfect french.

The girl was shocked to hear such perfect french, and to think he was letting her struggle and try so hard to understand and speak the little she knew.

"Yes" She replied in English.

Noctis lead her off the dock and on to the beach, they weren't much people anymore it was getting late, the sun was setting. Noctis grabbed her by the waist and nuzzled into her neck.

"l'arrêter!" she screamed. "Oh honey, can't you see? I'm giving you a quick start on your new career." he said. She pushed him away and he pulled her closer. She was so frail, so weak and Noctis was so strong. Noctis gently kissed her neck and dragged his tongue to her cheek and planted a small kiss on it. She gasped. Her body was reacting in ways she never though possible.

Noctis firmly grabbed her face in his hand. She grunted and he lifted up her dress. "No" she whispered. But Noctis had already pulled down her bloomers, leaving her garter belt untouched. Tears danced down her cheeks, but oh how she wanted him. Noctis grabbed her frail hips and held on tight and got down on her knees. His lips pressed against her tights and his hand gently touched her behind. She gasped and wanted it so bad. Her hips slowly rocking towards him. He opened her lips and teasingly lightly licked her lips and tasted her sweet juices.She gasped he nibbled lightly on her lips and she moaned. He pushed two fingers inside of her. She was so tight he moaned as he fingered her and started lapping her clit. She moaned and her breathing got quicker. "elle me sens si bien" she gasped. Noctis went harder and faster and bit down on her and she came roaring in a sea of pleasure and her knees were so weak they kept wobbling beneath her.

"We have an audience" said Noctis gesturing to a few men over by the docks, one of them was stroking. She blushed.Noctis stood tall and he forced her on to her knees. He held her hair and she willingly wrapped her lips around him. He gasped and thrusted into her throat.

"I've decided, that I'm going to name you Salo" he said. She didn't reply but kept eagerly sucking him hard and deep. "Ah, Salo your mouth is so warm, god you do this like a good whore don't you?". She didn't respond.

"plier, salope" he said. She obeyed and bent over. Noctis pushed into her. He gestured to the men over at the docks. Soon they were all watching "Salo" get fucked by a complete stranger. Begging him to go deeper, and to rub her where his tongue had done so before. He rubbed and the men around her stared in awe of this young woman moaning and meeting her hips with Noctis'.

Noctis finished deep within her. "Don't forget to bring her back when your finished" he said walking away from Salo. He stood several feet away. One of the men took Salo in the mouth the other from behind. Salo grunted and tears flowed down her eyes, she glanced at Noctis' with a look pleading for mercy. But Noctis smiled, crossed his arms and watched her. By the time they were done she had spunk in her hair, cu nt and breasts, and mouth.

"You look beautiful, Salo" He said. She smiled weakly. "You live up to your name" He whispered to her.

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