How to Babysit a Good Catholic Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Pedophilia, Rape, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Sister, Rough, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Spitting, Babysitter,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story tells the tale of a catholic boy named Mainard, a narcissist and a egotistical 17 year old boy who gets a chance to baby sit a 14 year old virtuous Innocent girl named jocelyn who attends the same school as he does.

My name is mainard I love and care only for myself, I am being of perfect symmetry I could describe to you what I look like but the imagination will paint a picture of how you define me, now let me tell you where it all begun...

It was a Sunday afternoon when my mother approached me, I thought she was going to start yapping on about her usual bullshit but I was wrong it was different. She said to me "I need a favour I need you to babysit that lovely girl who lives down the road" I immediately scowl at her and think to myself what is the old bat going on about?! She goes on to say "you know the one who goes to your school, Jocelyn that's her name!." I rack my brains endlessly and then I remember Jocelyn Gabriel! I laugh to myself and a smile can't help but creep on my face. I feel the blood rushing to my crouch my penis begins to throb at the very thought at an evening alone with that self-righteous goody two shoes bitch, I said to myself I am going to teach her a lesson she won't forget. I reply "of course mom what time am I needed?"

"6 o clock darling."

It was 4:40pm now, I dashed to my room and shut the door and locked it, I ran over to my draw and pulled a class photo out it belonged to my sister she was in the same class as Jocelyn they were both 14. I gazed at it for a while then my eyes locked on to her, innocence made her beautiful, I had fooled around with many girls in my year but they were all whores begging me to have me inside them, but Jocelyn with her porcelain skin and her plump over developed breasts and of course her eyes they were such a light brown the appeared red not to mention her hazelnut hair, she was perfection. I unzipped my trousers and pulled them down then I sat on my bed, there was a wet spot on my boxers I had been hard for so long that pre-cum began to emerge I ripped off my boxers my penis flew up! The head was wet and glossy with the pre –cum I was so horny it was unbelievable, I spat on my left hand and wrapped it around the hard shaft moving up and down slowly spit began to seep from in-between my fingers and run onto my balls. My eyes were pinned on the picture of Jocelyn I was going to shoot my load then I stopped and thought no, let me save it for her! I put the picture away changed my trousers but before pulling them up I stood and begun admiring my long thick dick it had grown and inch and a half from the ages of 16 to 17, you see I had ordered my sister to measure it for me on my 17th birthday she just like me is a perverted and horny wretch and I would show her the ropes from time to time, some call it incest I call it brotherly love.

I glanced at the time it was 5:45 time to get going I was thrilled, I shouted to my mum "bye on my way to look after Jocelyn" I walked down the road thinking of all the things I would do to her but there was little time to day dream before I knew it I was there outside the house. I knocked on the door, her elder brother answered when he looked at me I saw the fear in his eyes, you see I had a reputation in my school long story short I was a bully it turned me on to humiliate the weak and to let them know they were inferior. "George where are you parents?" I said to him, he squirmed and stuttered then he replied "they have left for dinner, they have left me to go over some ground rules bedtime for Jocelyn and stuff like that" he was a year older than me but he was so short and weak like a feeble lamb he made me feel sick, I was about 4 inches taller than him. I replied "George get the fuck out of my way it's cold out here, now piss off to get some ice cream or whatever it is you do" he looked at me then looked at the ground to scared to make eye contact he grabbed his jacket and walked swiftly down the road without even raising his head, I was amazed at the fear I could strike into the hearts of others. I walked in and closed the door, Jocelyn was in the living room studying as soon as she saw me she was flustered "Mainard you came, not that I needed you! I'm old enough to fend for myself" she said I look at her and reply "well of course". For the next hour she was going on about her being the class president and honour student this and the best grades in the class that blah blah blah. Then I thought its time, I sprung towards her and grabbed her throat whilst slamming her against the wall I yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE?!" she was in pure shock I went on to say "this is how it goes you do as I say when I say, or else I will snap your neck and kill that pathetic brother of yours!" a tear ran onto her cheek she whispered "ok please don't hurt him"

"ok?! I think you mean yes sir respect your elders bitch"

"yes sir I'm sorry don't hurt me or my family" she said in a feeble tone. It was such a rush I felt my penis pulsating it began to raise and press against her thigh I said "you feel that there's a lot more where that came from, we are gonna have some fun!" I released my grip she gasped violently and began to cough I walked away from her and said "control yourself" she began to stand up straight but still shaking in fear, I pulled off my shirt followed by pants and underwear, her eyes locked onto my veiny pulsating cock then she looked away, " look at it!" I yelled. "Now your turn" she looked at me saying " I can't it's not right or pure I will go to hell!" she says I reply "silly girl this is your hell, looks like you need some help" I walk over to her and take the back of my hand straight across her face, she screams and falls, I then tear of her shirt and rip off her skirt I look and stare at those plump breast my mouth watering as I do, I yank at the bra but it won't budge then I bite the strap and gnaw it off.

The bra falls her nipples erect and hard they were red and saw looking like they had just been growing, I put my mouth on her left nipple and begun to suck and spit on it, groping her right breast at the same time, then I looked in her eyes and smiled "stop it that hurts!" she yelped, then I stopped and got up and walked over to my original position "get up you weak mess" I demanded she then stood up shaking like a feather in the wind. "you made me do that so in future what I say, when I say!, now get those panties off" this time she didn't dare defy my will, she slowly removed them as she did I could almost smell the sweet smell from in between her legs, her pussy lips were pink and I could see moisture between them. "sit on that chair and spread your legs!" she walked slowly to the chair and sat down, I walked over to her grabbing both her knees and yanked her legs open her sweet pussy juices made my penis throb so hard it almost hurt, I ran my finger over her clit and in between the lips retrieving some juice and put it on my tongue, during this time she was biting her bottom lip whilst trying to put her legs back together. I let her close her legs, I stood up grabbed her panties and put them in her left hand then grabbed her right hand and put it on my hard dick "now little bitch open your mouth" she was reluctant but I could almost see in her eyes she wanted to she opened her mouth wide and saliva ran down her chin, "you're gonna suck me off until I cum and then you're gonna clean it up with the inside of your panties" she said "yes sir" I replied "you're getting the hang of this aren't you haha". I put my penis in her mouth and I let out a cry of pleasure so warm and wet, she began to suck the tip I could feel her tongue swishing around the head, I grabbed her hair pulling some out while pushing my penis down her throat. She gargled and gaged violently I let go she then coughed up stringy spit all over my cock and balls at the same time tears streamed down her cheeks. "now jerk me bitch!" I grabbed her hand then showed her how, when she got grips with it, it felt so good her soft hands mixed with pre-Cum and saliva the combination was to die for "faster!!" I screamed she began to go so fast, I could not keep up, "I'm cumming! aw fuck yeah" cum blasted on her face and tits some even reached her chin the white shiny liquid dripped from the end of my cock "what are you waiting for suck it all out!" she slurped up every last bit from my dripping pulsating cock she held it in her mouth "now spit it into the panties and clean up the rest of that hot cum with them too". She wiped it all up with her panties then I said "put them on" at this point she was balling but I did not care "yes sir" she said, as she put them on cum began to run down her leg from the soaked panties, once she had them on I pulled her up from the chair and stood behind her. "this is where it gets good" I whispered in her ear, I grabbed her panties and pulled them up into her ass crack then I pushed my dick in between her ass cheeks and rubbed back and forth as I went up the tip of my dick touched the bottom of her back. With my right hand I reached down the cum soaked panties then I gently rubbed her wet cunt she moaned softly but wildly then I slid my finger inside "aw fuck yes right there!" she cried I was shocked she was loving it I had never even heard her sweet mouth curse before I had finally won her over. I kept finger banging her pussy it was so wet and sticky! then she finally came she squirted and her pussy became tight around my two fingers that I had slid in. soon after she came so did I, my load went all over her ass which was now covered in sweat and cum, I span her round pushed her back onto the chair tore off the panties and stuck my tongue in her crouch licking up all of her cum along with some of mine from before, the mixture was so sweet all of her juices, I lapped it all up sticking my tongue deep inside the pussy and in between the soft lips, she moaned so loudly she began to speak in tongues.

I got up gave her a long French kiss so she could taste her sweet pussy, then I put my clothes back on wiped my mouth and said "what are you for waiting for? This mess wont clean itself up!" she was dumbfounded lying there in a pool of fluids. I took my phone out then took a load of photos of her from every angle especially in between her legs while she was still wet and nude, then she began to get new clothes and also mop up the mess "what shall I do with these panties?" she asked "give them here I replied, when my sister whiffs these not only will she be soaking wet but jealous" the door opened George was back I hid the panties in my pocket. George murmured "my parents will be back any minute, they said to pay you 35 bucs" I walked over to him snatched the money patted him on the head and said "she's all yours, for now" while giving him a sinister smile I turned my head back and looked at Jocelyn and gave her a wink "bye for now" I said, then walked out the door already plotting my next adventure.

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