I Become a BFFB

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, White Couple, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: How computers changed my life.

Chapter 1

I've always been interested in technology, actually work with computers in my job, so when friends and family have problems, they often come to me for help.

That's fine with me, I'm happy to share my knowledge and expertise and have most of the tools available to me anyway.

So, when my niece, Marian, called me to tell me that her laptop had quit working and that she had a paper on it that she had to finish and turn in, I told her not to worry and asked her if she had a backup available. Of course, like so many people, she told me she didn't.

I told her to bring it over after six so I could take a look at it.

Now, my niece is quite a lovely young woman. She has just started her master's program in Education and the paper was one she needed to finish and turn in the next week. She is tall, like her mother, my sister, and stands five-nine, quite statuesque and curvy.

Marian brought it over and I took it back to my makeshift shop and took a look at it, running some diagnostics. I did run some antivirus software and reinstalled the operating system and got the computer up and running again.

I called her and asked her what her file was called and where it was located and she told me so I found it and it opened well and seemed complete. She was so happy to hear that, of course, and I told her to pick it up the next morning on Saturday.

After I'd assured her that things were okay with her laptop, I closed the file and on her desktop was a folder marked, "Photos." Perhaps you might not look but I did and inside were several folders, one of friends, another with family photos and one was a file marked, "James and me," so I took a look.

Here was my beautiful niece, Marian, standing in front of a bathroom mirror with a fellow holding a smartphone taking their photo. Naked.

I went through the folder, pic by pic, many of them naked, several of them fucking and I found a video file in the same folder. Yes, about twenty minutes of spirited sex, especially of the fellow, James, up in back of my niece doing her doggie-style as her large boobs swayed back and forth.

Well, you know what I had to do, right? I pulled my pants down along with my boxers and had a good go at it while I watched my beautiful niece sucking and fucking this boyfriend of hers, James.

I did copy them onto my own computer, after all, a single guy needs some visual masturbation material, right?

The next morning Marian came over right after nine and I showed how everything now worked again and gave her a USB-drive with her valuable files on it including her college paper.

As I handed the thumb drive to her, I said, "Here's your work files and also the picture and video files you won't want to lose."

Her eyes widened and her face flushed a bit, then she asked, "Um, did you look at any of those, any of my picture files or video ones?"

"Well, I know who James is, if that's what you're wondering, Marian."

"Oh, geez, I meant to erase those," she admitted.

"Marian, you're certainly old enough to have pictures and videos, intimate ones, you're twenty-two, after all."

"I know, but I didn't even think about them when I gave you my laptop. What must my uncle think of me?"

"Your uncle, Marian, thinks the world of you and even more so now after seeing that stunning body of yours. You and your boyfriend certainly do have a wonderful time of it."

"Oh, James isn't my boyfriend. Not really. We're just friends-with-benefits, we're fuck-buddies."

Well, I had heard the term but I asked her anyway, "So, it's just for the sex, you two aren't really involved otherwise?"

"Just the sex. Oh, he's a nice guy and all, but my thing with James is all about the sex. Is that shocking, Uncle Chase? Am I a bad niece?"

"No, I understand, we all have wants and needs. Your generation is just more direct about it. That's nice."

We were sitting at my workbench and she put her hand on my bare leg right along the hem of my shorts and said, "Well, James now has a girlfriend so I'm kind of without that kind of companionship at the moment. And you did help me out, I'd like to do something for you," she said as she turned and kissed me on the lips sliding her tongue in my mouth as she moved her hand up onto the bulge in my shorts.

Her head pulled back and she said, "You know, Uncle Chase, I don't ever think you've shown me your bedroom. I think its about time you did," and she stood up pulling me up by the arm.

I showed her where to go and we were soon in my bedroom, standing there, necking, making out, our hands all over each other.

"Oh, I don't want to wait any longer, I'm so hot," she said and she was almost instantly out of her clothes. I got mine off as well and she took my cock in her hand, gave a gently squeeze, then told me, "You know, Uncle Chase, I've wondered for a while now what this might be like. I think I'm gonna like this," and she pulled the covers back and flopped down, legs wide.

I have never just fucked a woman; I always, yes, always, give her an orgasm by oral first. That's just my way and it has earned me some accolades so I crawled up between her legs, then dipped my head down to begin kissing, sucking and licking my niece's wet pussy.

"Mmm, I love a man that starts out this way, Uncle Chase, I think you and I are gonna be fuck-buddies for sure. Just don't tell my mom, okay? It's just our little fun secret," she said as I gently opened her with my fingers so I could get my tongue in deeper.

"Mmm, omigod, oh, that is so good, so hot," she gasped as her hands pulled my head tight to her as she began to buck against my tongue. I just loved her pussy, it was so smooth and soft and plump; I could lick it forever.

"Oh, Uncle Chase, you really know what you're doing. I might send you some guys I've known and you can give them lessons," she huffed as I flicked my tongue as deeply as I could.

She lifted her legs over my shoulders and settled them there as I could look up to see her breasts rapidly rising and falling.

Oh, oh, omigod, uuh, uuh," she cried out as her hips thrust at my face while I held my tongue as steady as I could. She sat up and pulled me up into her arms kissing me over and over, panting, "Oh, Uncle Chase, that was wonderful, wonderful."

Then, she flopped back down, gripping me tight as she wound her legs around my back, wiggling herself into place for me to begin pushing into her.

"Mmm, yes, oooh, right there, inside, inside," she panted as I pressed into her warm and slippery insides. It was delicious.

I began moving in and out as she moved her hips around under me giving me the best fuck I'd had in years, simply wonderful.

"Oh, Marian, you are so nice, this is wonderful," I moaned as she lifted her legs high moving her hips back and forth as I stroked in and out over her.

"Have you ever thought about this? You and me doing this?" she asked. "Tell me the truth."

"Well, that bikini you had, the little yellow one when you were, oh, sixteen, seventeen, something like that, um, yeah, I though about what your beautiful body would be like doing this."

"Mmm, that's funny. Do you remember me hanging around you a lot when I had that yellow bikini on? When I would sit in your lap?"

"I do. Don't tell me it wasn't all innocent?"

"Heh, hardly. I still can remember your erection under me. Now it's inside me. Oh, it's taken some time to get here but it sure was worth the wait."

"Yes it has, Marian. I wondered if you weren't wiggling around on purpose but, well..."

"Oh, on purpose, all right. I loved feeling you hard and stiff under me. And, Uncle Chase, I certainly knew what I was doing, I was giving you a hard on and I loved it every time I did."

"I'm sure loving the way you've made me hard today. I'll fix your computer any time you want," I laughed.

"Just pull back until you're almost out of me, just leave the tip inside," she asked and I moved back as she began moving her hips in a circle massaging my cock tip with the inside of her pussy lips.

"Mmm, that's nice, where did you learn that?" I asked her as she sent shivers of ecstasy all over my body.

"Maybe I shouldn't say, but, well, it was one of my profs when I was in my second year. He was about sixty years old and handsome in an older man kind of way. I just thought he was so sexy and, boy, did he teach me a lot. The man was a master lover. Just the best. So, thank Doctor Eriksson. He loved it when I got him off this way."

"Mmm, I'm loving it, too," I moaned as I held still while her pussy slickly rubbed around and around on my head.

"He was the one man I've been with who could fuck for hours. The only way he could cum was doing this. But I'd let him do me on and on and on, through three, four orgasms. Then he'd want this, just what I'm doing. And he'd cum a ton. Since his cock wasn't really deep, a lot of it came right out. I loved the feel of it all wet and running down my butt crack. That's pretty slutty, huh, Uncle Chase? You didn't know what a little whore your niece has turned out to be, huh?"

"I think you've turned out just fine, Marian. And you're gonna have my cum running down your butt crack any time now, this is fantastic," I gasped as it happened. My cum began shooting into her, but being shallow, a good bit of it didn't stay up inside and her underside was drooling my cum as she pushed down and started fucking me hard and fast.

"Umm, umm, fuck me, fuck me, omigod, ayye, ayye, unhh, unhh, oh, wow, it was just like with my old prof, wow, this was great, Uncle Chase," she said rather breathlessly as she pulled my head down tonguing me over and over.

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