Sad Sadie
Chapter 1: Setting Up Shop

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Setting Up Shop - Sam kidnaps Sadie and runs off to a South Sea island that he owns but the reason that he does it isn't what you might think.

I watched with interest as Sadie was brought out of her medically induced coma. She looked around wildly trying to determine where she was. She tried to move and suddenly realized she was tied tightly to the chair in which she was sitting. She looked with fear at the stone walls of the castle that surrounded her. Finally her eyes fell on me sitting on my "throne." Recognition came into her eyes.

"Uncle Sam," her eyes said she was still clearly confused. "What?" I didn't bother to answer. "Where am I?" I answered her softly, "Welcome to the country of Samula, Sadie."

I continued, "As to why you are here there are two reasons. First, because I don't like the way Mary, your stepmother, is raising you and second because I want you. To my mind, both are valid reasons."

I noticed she was still pulling that the ropes that were holding her. "Would you like to have the ropes untied?," I asked. "Ya think?," she said snottily. That was another attitude that showed she wasn't being raised right but I decided to let it slide for the moment. "The only reason I had you tied was so you wouldn't hurt yourself while you slept." (That wasn't entirely true but close enough.)

I turned to speak to Gar who was seated on a platform to my left which was ten inches lower than my own. "Gar," I said firmly, "would you please untie little Miss Sadie." Even though it was worded in the form of a question, it was a command that he could not ignore. He sort of grunted and got off the platform to do as I asked.

Perhaps now it the time to explain a few things that led to position I now occupy. My name is Sam, the last name doesn't matter and you probably wouldn't recognize it anyway. I was born into a wealthy but not super rich family. Nevertheless, they wanted the very best for me and I took to it like a fish to water. I was also blessed with a world class brain (I'm not bragging, just stating a fact). I graduated from high school at 15 and from Harvard Law School at 19. All the time my parents were in there pulling for me and, more importantly, teaching me how to be humble and to have a great love for my country. At 20 I started my own investment firm, took time to get married to my childhood sweetheart, Susan, and made my first billion dollars. After the first billion it came easily and today I am worth somewhere between 975 billion and one trillion. According to the latest numbers that makes me the richest man in the world and yet nobody knows me. And I like it that way.

My parents kept me grounded. But it was Susan that kept me humble. Susan came from lower middle class family living in a small town in central Pennsylvania. She wanted to stay that way even though I offered to buy her a mansion. So we lived in a small town in a medium price house and shopped, just as our neighbors did at Wal-Mart and Kmart. I was very happy with that as it was a good place to raise our son, Richard, who came along about three years after we were married.

I first met Sadie when Susan's niece, Mary, met and married Glen. Glen had custody of Sadie who was ten and his daughter from a former marriage to a dwarf. I don't if she got the gene or not but she was pretty small for ten. But it was what happened to Shannon that upset me more than anything else. Shannon was the product of Mary and Susan's oldest sister, Gail and some guy. Gail wasn't at all sure who the father was. It could be any one of twenty or so different men most of whom were migrant workers and no longer in the area. Anyway, Mary ended up raising Shannon who was pregnant by twelve and on drugs by thirteen. Today, Shannon is much better, no thanks to the mental health industry. At my suggestion we put her in the room and wouldn't let her out until she was clean. She looked like hell when she came out but she had learned her lesson. She went back to school, became and RN and is now working in the city hospital.

Now Mary had another impressionable ten year girl on her hands and from what I could see she wasn't doing a much better job with this one. She was already letting her spend the night at her "boyfriend's" house.

Two years later, tragedy hit my own house. Richard was enrolled in karate classes and they were on the way from that class when a drunken semi driver ran them down killing both himself and the two most important in my life. I'll have to give Mary credit as both she and Sadie were there to help me during the dark days that followed. But my sorrow wasn't over as both of my parents died on their way to support me. Even with Mary and Sadie trying to cheer me up, I felt like a rudderless ship flowing in a sea of despair.

I finally was starting to come out of it a bit within about a month. I've never one to worry much about those things I can do nothing about. So I threw myself into the one thing I had always been good at ... making money. Within six months I had a net worth of over three trillion dollars. That was more than the annual budget of many small countries.

When I had that thought I knew what I wanted to do. For all that I truly love America I really didn't think it could survive and I'd owned a forty-five square mile island in the South Pacific for several years. It came on the market for eleven million and I had snatched it up. At the time I didn't know what I was going to do with it ... now I did.

It cost 500 million and a year and a half but I was finally ready to move in. It cost another ten million to break away from the Melanesia chain and have myself recognized as a free and separate nation known as Samula.

While the structures were being built, I was building my staff. My first acquisition was Gar. His real name was John Smythe and he was a convicted child molester. The only way he got out was by agreeing to complete castration. That mean his penis was reduced to a mere three-quarters of an inch and his testicles and sack were completely gone. But he was 6'5" and three hundred pounds of pure muscle and he would work well as an enforcer. I signed him to a twelve year contract with the understanding that when it was over I would fly him to anywhere in the world he wanted to go and give him one million dollars. I didn't really trust him all that much but I thought he would be useful ... at least at the beginning. I did keep a 9mm handy however.

The other men on my staff were also eunuchs. I got some of them from a mid-eastern sultan who was who no longer had need of them. (Of course, he wanted a half a million apiece for them.) They were there because they wanted to be and were free to leave any time they wanted. These included Victor who was the cook, Raul who was a doctor and Tim who was in charge of housekeeping. Tim used the women from the surrounding farms (more about this later) to help with this.

By far the most expensive structure on the island was the castle. It had ten foot thick walls around the outside and was built to withstand any wind and or rain storm of any type or intensity. Surrounding the castle were a group of family type farms. To staff them I ran ads in newspapers all over the world. There were many restrictions of course, I wanted nobody with a criminal record and everybody must speak English. It could be a second language but if it was, he or she must be extremely fluent in it.

Behind the castle was the power generation system which consisted of utilizing solar, wind and a system I never did completely understand called geothermal. It was operated and maintained by a retired engineer who kept us supplied with all the power we would ever need. Also behind the castle and right beside the power generation system was a heliport with ten 100 gallon holding tanks containing fuel for the small Bell helicopter that was housed in the windproof hanger.

Running off of the heliport was a blacktop road that ran five miles to the boat dock which contained a 200 foot cabin cruiser which was, in the beginning, was almost constantly in use shuttling people who wanted admittance to the country and needed supplies back and forth.

It took some time but when I was done the population consisted of 76 people which included five farmers and their families, one rancher along with his family and two hands, a seamstress (upon her recommendation there were 100 bolts of cloth in various colors and textures stored in the back of her shop, she figured that would last her around ten years), a family of five who ran the general store, a crew of six that handled the ship and an accountant along with various other people like a band leader and several musicians.

In the beginning we used the American dollar for the currency but I knew that in time we would have to mint our own. With that in mind, I imported one trillion dollars in gold bullion and housed it in a vault that would have put Fort Knox to shame. Taxes were a flat ten percent, no deductions but it was set up by families and not the individual. I didn't really need the money but I wanted people there to believe that they were contributing to the society and, in point of fact, they actually were.

The judicial system was extremely simple. I was the judge, jury and, if necessary, the executioner. Hopefully, I would never be put in the position of having to execute anyone. My preference would be to simply send them back to where they came from along with enough money to survive for six months or so to help them get back on their feet in their country of origin.

Things were going like the well oiled machine I had work so hard to create when I sent Gar off to abduct Sadie with stern instructions that she was not to be hurt in any way. I knew she didn't want to come as I had offered citizenship to her and Mary, her husband and even Shannon and been turned down flat. They couldn't believe that the United States was to be either gone or be some place that nobody would want to live in. I hoped I was wrong but didn't think I was. Still, I could see the direction in which Sadie was going would turn her into a shallow shell without a good life. So it was for her own good that I sent for her. I knew that if Gar was caught in the United States he would go back to jail and this time would be no way out. I figured if it happened, it happened so I wasn't going to worry about it.

It was evening and I was sitting in my chair in the watch tower surveying my kingdom. Lights were coming on in the farm houses and the sun was setting in the western sky. It was beautiful and I smiled with satisfaction. Life was good in Samula.

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