Fit to Be Tied

by Saxon Hart

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Light Bond, Sex Toys, .

Desc: : She wanted to experiment, but was she cheating?

I have an admission to make before I go any further here. I have watched a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Yes I did. My better half was watching a show on there one night and told me enough about it to pique my curiosity. So I asked her to DVR it so I could watch it when I had an hour to spare. The show was "Our America with Lisa Ling" and that specific episode was about kinky sex. I wasn't thoroughly entertained or informed; the internet has jaded me I guess.

One segment though focused on a man and a woman who engaged in rope play, and other submission games. They went on to talk about how mostly they never had penetrative sex, and had other rope play partners That little admission lit a light in my head that begged to be explored as a story. So here is the story edited as always by PapaGus...

Fit to be Tied

"Really mom, I don't have a clue where she's at," claimed the voice on the other end of the phone. Donny Bauer chuckled a bit in spite of his building rage.

"Don't call me that you fag," he said to Rick Burns his lifelong friend and current business partner. "All I know is the weekly classes, and meetings, and dinners with the cunts, and whatever else she fuckin' claims to be doing at night are increasing, and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep from beating the ever loving dog shit out of her lying ass."

"Shit dude. You know you'd never raise a hand to Jesse."

"Tell me that when the image of her getting pounded by some sweaty yoga faggot makes me want to empty my 12 gauge into every swinging dick she is ever around. Well except your gay ass."

"Why not me? I might be fucking the shit out of her as we speak."

"I know you aren't because you know that to pay your ass back I'd fuck Samantha so long and hard, you'd never touch the sides again."

"Shit. You would make her laugh herself to death if you whipped your pencil dick out."

"I suppose you're gonna tell me that your mom laughs by saying 'Oh shit! I can't handle all of that monster at once! Give me a few inches at a time Donny boy!'"

"I gotta hand it to you bro. You have one hell of an imagination. But seriously; if you think she's fucking around on you, divorce her ass. No man should put up with crap like that?"

"All I have are suspicions man. I know she comes home and showers in the downstairs bath after most nights out, these mystery friends I've never met, not to mention her new thing of not wanting me to see her naked."


"Yeah. I went into the bathroom the other morning while she was showering and she bitched at me for hours about privacy, and how I am a pervert for trying to spy on her. All I wanted to do was brush my fucking teeth."

"Well, you are kind of a perv."

"Dude, perv or not, she used to parade around in front of me naked. Especially after that yoga shit started toning her up. I need concrete proof if I'm gonna kick her to the curb. I'm not risking half of my shit on a gut feeling, no matter how strong it is."

"Call Herman. He's a PI now and can get you all the proof you need."

"Your cousin Herman? Are you fucking retarded?"

"What? You can't still be pissed..."

"Pissed about his dumb ass getting us thrown in a Honolulu jail? Fuck yeah I'm still pissed. First shore leave we get in Hawaii and his dumb ass gets us locked up. We're lucky the JAG didn't toss us in the brig when we got back to the ship."

"OK, he fucked up, but man that was 12 years ago. Plus you have to admit he made it into the SEALS and we never made it above JG Louies. I'll call him in the morning"

Donny had to admit to himself that he needed proof, and a PI could get it. "Remind him that he owes us big time."

"OK jerk off. Well I am goin' to bed, so I'll see you at the site in the morning."

"All right fag. Don't forget it's your turn to bring coffee."

"Did your date go home?"

Brett Wilson looked up to see his roommate enter the living room. Brett had just sat down to watch SportsCenter on ESPN. "Yeah, she left about twenty minutes ago."

"Did you fuck her yet?"

"Nope. Just tied her up, as usual. I did use those electric shocking dildos again. You know, since I got those she has come over more and more often."

"So why don't you just fuck her?"

"She won't let me. She says she won't do that to her husband."

"She won't fuck, but her hubby is OK with you tying his naked wife up and plugging her holes with dildos?"

"She says fucking would be cheating. I have no clue what hubby knows or doesn't know."

"My money says her hubby would call it all cheating."

"He's not my concern. If Jesse wants to be tied and all of that, I'll do it. I'd never turn down a chance to stare at her body. She's hot! Besides; she might get so worked up on the dildos one of these times that she'll beg me to fuck her. I'd love to plug that tight asshole of hers."

"You're such a pig. I gotta work early so I am going to bed."

"I can't be worse than your work buddies," Brett said as he watched her walk out of the room. "Damn she's got a great ass!" he thought as Kate went to her room. Then his thoughts turned back to Jesse. He had been playing bondage games with her now for six months.

At first it was only once every couple of weeks. Then he was seeing her at least once a week until he bought the toys. Since he'd bought the dildos and butt plugs she had started coming over more and more often.

Brett had met Jesse seven months before at a sexual deviation symposium in San Diego. He had been listening to a panel of six men discussing cuckolding and humiliation in an open forum. Three of the men were dressed in panties and were obviously the pro group, while three men in sports jackets were the anti's.

One member of the pro group had just stated how much watching a big cock stretch his wife's pussy turned him on, but the payoff was always getting the sperm when the act was done. A second chimed in about loving it when his wife made fun of his cock while their bull shot a mouthful of sperm into him.

"Disgusting fucks," Brett said to himself as he turned to go see if there was anything less stomach churning.

"Is that a professional opinion?" asked a feminine voice from beside him. He turned to face the owner of the voice. She had red hair, pouty lips and piercing green eyes. He then deflated when he saw the ring adorning her left ring finger.

"Oh, I apologize. I thought I was more alone."

She laughed charmingly and he felt another pang of want. "Don't worry. I can't ever figure out how any man can act like those people do either."

"It sure doesn't fit into my list of kinks to try. I'm Brett Wilson by the way." He said extending his hand. She smiled and shook it.

"Jesse Hudson. Pleased to meet you. Are you from this area?"

"No, I'm from Denver."

"No way! So am I. What part of town?"

"Thornton. And you?"

"Greenwood Village. I have a private practice in the Tech Center."

They ended up walking to the different forum's and speeches together. When they got to a large BDSM gathering Brett noticed that Jesse was paying more attention than she had been before. There was a gallery of pictures featuring women tied up in various positions.

Brett was slightly disappointed that most of the women in the photos were dressed. Most were in bikinis but only one or two were nude. He was told that nudity didn't play a large part and most submissive women who liked to be tied got off on being tied alone. No matter what they were wearing.

He turned to find Jesse staring at a picture series of a woman tied and suspended from a rafter. As she was dangling, her tormentor was pouring candle wax on her body. She was staring so enrapt that she didn't hear Brett tell her that he was going to the dinner.

She caught up to him as he was exiting the exhibit. "I'm sorry for losing track of time. I just couldn't figure out why someone would want to do those things," she told him.

"I'll bet you were thinking of having your lucky husband do that to you," Brett thought to himself. "I'm not sure what I'll learn here that will help in my practice. Maybe I'll start lobotomizing cuckolds."

They chatted idly through dinner. There were times when Jess's mind seemed to be in other places, but Brett just figured she was thinking about other things she had to do.

After dinner Brett went to his room and spent a couple hours jerking off thinking about Jesse. He showered and finished off all of the gin in the mini bar and went to sleep.

The next morning he didn't see Jesse at breakfast, nor did he see her at lunch. Shortly after the last forum of the day he saw her coming out of the BDSM display they'd been to yesterday. He assumed that she was doing research and went to dinner.

After dinner as he was heading up to his room with a new bottle of gin, he saw Jesse walking out of the dining area. She didn't seem to notice him so he went to his room for the night and repeated the previous evening's activities, but this time he was thinking about his roommate Kate.

The symposium ended at noon the following day so many of the attendees staying at that hotel checked their bags with the concierge before going into the conference hall. Brett attended one of the last two forums on BDSM. He started imagining Jesse and Kate again.

When the forum was over he went to the concierge to get his bags and catch the shuttle to the airport. He collected his bags and went to the front to find the shuttle waiting. As he got in he saw Jess sitting on the rear bench and sat next to her.

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