How Are You Not Being Neglected?
Chapter 1: My life before the discovery of the ANR

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Revenge, Food, Lactation, Big Breasts,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: My life before the discovery of the ANR - A Romantic Revenge Story in Homage to 800lbgorilla’s fantasy Romantic Erotic story,"A Beautiful Wish”

I am Bill Johnson, the head of Information Technology at a mid-sized company in the Mid West. The city, where my family lives is a medium-sized real melting pot. Let me tell you something about me. I am tall with green eyes and curly brown hair I'm a little over six feet. I was born and grew up here. In the high school, I wanted to be an IT professional. When I had finished, I went to college and did just that. I like the low fat milk from my childhood and even better now. When I reached the legal age to drink alcohol, I preferred milk to beer. When I was eighteen years old I lost my virginity after graduation. I dated some girls in high school, and more girls in college I was not too wild when I attended parties, but I did have a good time. Sadly I did not find the right woman. After graduation I came back to the city of my youth, where I found employment at the company I currently work for. I became a trainee in the IT department and began my career.

I met Linda in a bookstore. Linda graduated from High School and chose not go to college so she became shop assistant at the bookstore I frequented. I liked reading paperbacks, preferring them to e-books, which were of course at that time still in their infancy. She was a tall brown haired gray-eyed girl with nice C cup breasts. She helped me on numerous occasions to find books and we talked a little. As time progressed, I got the nerve up and asked her for a date. To my great pleasure, she said yes and a relationship soon formed that led to us enjoying an intimate relationship in my bed. We were compatible. She still lived at her parents' home, but soon after we began sex she moved into my condo. We were living together for almost half year, when I asked her with a beautiful ring to become my wife. She said yes. Our families started the preparations for the wedding and it was a big affair. Soon after our wedding I got promoted, and with the salary increase, we purchased a nice house.

We got closer, and soon baby production began. Our sex life was not spectacular or exotic, but we made the most of it. We made the bunnies blush. We tried many sexual positions, oral but we were not enthusiastic about anal. I liked to eat pussy and Linda was good at blowjobs. We were satisfied from each other. Our son Brian was born first, and Jennifer was born two years later. Soon our sex life dwindled to three or if I was lucky four times a week after the birth of our daughter. We were the average married couple with children. Linda was a stay at home Mom. Linda was a great Mom and I adored my kids.

My boss left our firm and I was promoted to his position, when my son was eight years old. My workload increased, but so did my salary too. This pay boost allowed me to take my family on a vacation to Cancun.

I persuaded the directors of the company to move from the six or eight separate software packages to use one Central IT System. I found a subcontractor company to introduce this IT system. The project was one and half years of long hard work. Our IT department had to maintain the old systems in parallel with the under development new system. The subcontractor company helped, but the members of my IT department had to work overtime. However the boss had to set an example, so I worked the most to gain the success. We both our company and subcontractor firm also tested the raw program. If we found mistakes we fixed them with the help of every part of the company, and in some cases we developed additional new steps into the Central IT system.

I worked day to day to evening and also I went to work on Saturdays. I worked as a robot for more than one year. I came home exhausted and I just jumped into the bed to sleep. It was that time after some months of this rough schedule and the beginning of the new Central IT System test period, when I noticed my wife's behavior changed. Earlier in our marriage she acted provocative to attract me into bed. Sometimes she was successful, but sometimes I was so tired that I was asleep the instant my head hit the pillow. Sadly, when she came to bed, I was so tired I began to neglect her. The three times a week decreased to two, and from two down to one sometimes. I explained to her that I would ravish her when the new Central System was in place and I would have much more time for my family. She no longer dressed up or acted provocative. But when I wanted sex she did not deny it.

I worked so hard that I did not recognize her behavior change. I was thirty-seven years old and my wife was thirty-four years old. My kids, Brian was twelve-years old and Jennifer was ten-years old that time. Fortunately my overwork did not interfere seriously with their life, they did well in the school. I was proud of my kids.

My only entertainment was surfing on the Net. When my wife cooked the Sunday lunch I surfed a little longer. As you remember, I love the low fat milk. I was curious about the milk of animals and I found something about human milk and researched it more. Then I found a strange website about the ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship): and I read it. What I thought that time was that it was an interesting weirdness not more at all. I read more and I learned much more. For example it is a healthy relationship to decrease the incidence of breast cancer. One liter of human milk is 700 calories and the body uses more calories to produce this fluid, so The ANR is a very good body weight control to women. The human milk strengthens the husband's immune system and the daily two sex is good prophylaxis against prostate carcinoma. The women must drink more water and to intake calcium (cheese) and so ANR may do from 19 years to above 80 years old.

One part of women gets orgasm and long lasting euphoria from the ANR. Unfortunately not every woman gets orgasm from breastfeeding and one part of men are lactose intolerant, so the ANR will not be everybody's cup of tea. I was lucky I liked drinking low fat milk so the ANR really interested me and I found more sites to read about it. I found a small-classified section with dating ads on one of these websites, where I looked at one of the ads. A woman wrote she was a young widow, who wanted a man who was interested in the ANR connection. She was very graphic, because the man she wanted to be her special person would need to suck her milk at least twice a day in the morning and evening. My curiosity piqued and much to my surprise, she lived in my city. I looked at that ad for the next week again. It was an interesting thing, but nothing more. Again I was very curious, because she was from my city.

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