Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Celebrity, Humor, Tear Jerker, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - (Most music mentioned available at iTunes)

To refresh everyone's memory — I'm 39 - my second wife Kalista is 34. Caroline, who used to be known as Sarah Jane, is 52.

Rose and Michael are about to turn 16 ... Lily is 14 - Annette is five; Xavier is 18 months old and newborn Claire Antoinette Sarah Newman is barely a year-old.

All the girls are redheads, except for Caroline.

This tour was planned from scratch, but using the methodology we employed from the 'Honey Tour'.

We had asked Brian and Susan to join us, but they were content running the Charles & Claire Dance Studio operations. I'll tell you more about them and their kids a little later — they had five!

Our Moms left our music very well organized, despite it being a little dated. We hadn't enjoyed much of the music of the last 15 years - it was too derivative, didn't have much a dance beat, so we bought a bunch of music off ITunes that was as old as what we used to dance to, just different!

We then took the contact information we had from all of our tours, thank you Annie, and sent a number of group e-mails wondering if anyone was interested in watching the next generation of Newman's and McArthur's dance.

The response was immediate and collectively intense. Many had wondered if Charles and Kalista were coming on the tour. As soon as my wife read about a dozen people all wanting to see us again, the Tour was named, planned and priced. Time had passed, so prices would go up. We're still quite well-off, so my wife convinced me to raise the prices 25%, I had wanted 50% - but as Sarah had told me many times, 'fight the fights that are important to you, give up and enjoy the make-up sex you will get.' Yeah, she still fills my head from time to time.

As before, we got so many requests, we used the wonderful calculation model that Ken had created for us so many years before. Nowadays, Caroline does the picture taking, the website and the conversations with people putting out our Posters, T-shirts and Pennants.

Long before we all went on tour, Caroline took some pictures. I still decided who was in them. Michael wanted some say-so in the matter, but his step-mother told him that he would start getting worry lines like his father. That shut him up in a heartbeat.

We also never threw an outfit away! The kids got to play dress-up, enjoying themselves. Rose was growing a similar profile to her mother, making Claire's clothes appear almost as good looking - I still love you honey!

We created 11 Poses.

Michael and Lily in matching blue outfits.

Michael and Rose in purple and red.

Rose and Lily in a memorable back-to-back picture.

The same with Michael in the middle.

Me and my hot wife - her wearing that fantastic shimmy dress from before.

All the ladies together,

Me and my oldest boy alone.

The same, adding in Rose and Kalista.

The same, adding in Lily and Kalista.

All five dancers together, with me in the middle.

And, over her objections, Caroline, Kalista and Me.

Next, we all had to get the music and learn some new routines. We bought and downloaded music from the movies and Broadway, including An American Tail, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Cabaret, Chicago, All that Jazz, Singing in the Rain, Damn Yankees, the Drowsy Chaperone, Ella Enchanted, West Side Story, Enchanted, Grease, Guys and Dolls, How to Succeed in Business ... Jekyll and Hyde, ShowBoat, Les Miserable, the Sound of Music A Little Night Music, MeshuggaNuns, the Music Man, My Fair Lady, Newsies, Oliver, the Pajama Game, Moulin Rouge, Babes in Arms, Bye Bye Birdie and Edit.

Over half of that list came back to Broadway as a revival the last 15 years. Maybe it's true that 'there are no new ideas', but we added to that list, with their approval, our extensive Michael Bublé inventory, Josh Groban and Charlotte Church music, along with anyone who performed at our wedding.

For the prices, we were charging ... a number of 50-minute sets were created. Michael, Rose and Lily all loved the idea of learning lots of dances. I remember having that much energy once!

Kallie and I would also dance numbers in each hour, leaving the three kids the bulk of it. We couldn't let them have all the fun!


Charles & Kallie - Johnny's Mambo

Mike and Lily — Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Mike and Rose — Hernando's Hideaway

Lily and Rose — Cell Block Tango

Charles & Kallie — Somewhere Out There

Lily solo — I Feel Pretty

Mike and Rose — Twin Soliloquies

Rose solo — I Don't Know How to Love Him

Mike and Lily — I Could've Danced All Night

Charles and Rose — Daddy's Little Girl

Mike, Rose and Lily — Born to Hand Jive

Kallie solo — Belle

Lily and Rose — The Boy is Mine (K's idea)

Mike and Lily — Lady in Red

54 minutes exactly — close enough!

Of course, we had a dance floor out back, courtesy of the same people as before — covered, piped and wired for sound again. While the kids practiced, with Kallie helping here and there, I worked on more Set lists.

We could work our numbers when the kids were doing other things.

It brought back so many memories, seeing those beautiful young ladies help each other on their two duets. I saw Rose teaching Lily a couple of moves. They didn't have the prior ballet experience Claire and Kallie had, but they made up for it with youthful exuberance.

"Hey Dad," Michael asked me. "Can we dance together with Kallie?"

"Did you have a song in mind for that, son?" I asked.

"I know that this set is full, but I meant sometime during one of the other sets?"

"Sure. What song?" I asked again.

"'Skyfall', that pretty song by Adele!"

I hummed it to myself, and thought he had a great idea. "Nice idea, Michael — good choice ... get back to work with your partners," I said.

He walked over to me and said, "Dad. I'm beginning to realize the conflict you must've had, dancing with two beautiful ladies all of your life. Thank you for letting Rose, Lily and me do this. We'll never be as good as you and mom, or Kallie and you, for that matter, but I can only thank you for giving me 'the dance gene!'"

"Michael, that is the most adult remark I have yet heard you make. Remember, the ladies should be the focus of your dances — you're just there as window dressing. If they shine, you will glow with pride knowing you helped them."

"Thank you for reminding me of that. You're the best Dad ever!" he said with a tear rolling down his face.

"Are you in good enough shape to do the Charles & Claire, 'Sing, Sing, Sing' routine? It's almost nine minutes long?" I asked him.

"I think so, would I split it between my two partners?" he asked back.

"Excellent idea, get back to it Michael," I prodded. He smiled and turned and went back to his 'girls.'

I'm so proud of him!

After their practice was over, I choreographed Rose and my routine to Michael Bublé's haunting 'Daddy's Little Girl' number. I had us do a nice dance, with part of it with her feet on mine, finishing it with her back on the ground, letting her end with a curtsy to me, then the audience ... they should eat it up!

I told them they could leave, but they stayed to watch my wife and me, learn some new routines to some wonderful old musical numbers.

First, Johnny's Mambo — none of them had learned any Mambo Steps before. I asked K if she remembered our old routine and thought she had. I nodded to my son, who started it.

Yes, this is how it feels, with a gorgeous woman in my arms. She smiled just like she did, when we first did this. Her hips and hands were still elegant, as we separated for about 16 measures, doing some side-by-side stuff like the good old days. I heard the girls giggling, but Michael shushed them and watched intently until we were done. Then, he led the applause, with the girls, and the rest of our group who were watching all of this, joining in.

I will definitely need to start working out again. However, until I did, we relearned our routine we'd done to 'Somewhere Out There.' It was really fun getting up and dancing once again. After Kallie and I dusted off the cobwebs of these routines, Rose and Lily both came and wanted to dance with me. I felt so much love, especially with Lily, who had lost her Dad. After we were all finished, Kallie helped me to our bedroom to change, and get in our spa together.

I put my iPhone next to me, and let songs just play as we luxuriated with those wonderful bubbles feeling nice all over my body.

After a dinner that Caroline and Rose fixed, we all gathered together and practiced the set all the way through. Everyone did rather well, but I had to come down on some lazy legs I saw my own son have. I gave him the tip that changed my life when Mom has said to me, 'Lead with your hip, dear'. I gave that tip and showed it to him. He got it almost immediately making me very proud of my boy. The girls seemed to do it instinctively, but Michael had never picked up on it.

K and I showed them some of our old moves, which both Lily and Rose paid close attention to. They did one of their numbers each — the difference was startling!

They also weren't dancing as close to one another as K and I were. I asked Michael to step closer to his sister, causing Lily to giggle watching it. They had to adapt their holds like Claire and I had to at the time. They were 'chest to chest' but their dancing improved after they had adjusted.

Then Michael let go of his sister, and Lily came in and after a few moments of embarrassment, they improved again. Lily was just starting to develop so they were closer than Michael and his sister.

When we were done dancing, I disclosed the next set list I had created.


Charles & Kallie — Mamma Mia

Mike and Lily — Phantom of the Opera

Charles and Lily — I Don't Need Anything But You

Michael and Rose — Papa, Can you Hear Me

Mike, Rose and Lily — Empire State of Mind

Kallie — Whatever Lola Wants

Mike and Rose — Love Will Keep Us Together

Charles and Kallie — Wind Beneath My Wings

All Five of us — Halleluiah

Mike and Lily — Not The End

Charles and Lily — Hey There

Rose solo — When You Got It, Flaunt It

Charles and Kallie — My Funny Valentine

All Five of us — New York, New York

52 minutes exactly — I still got it!

I had created two additional set lists, but it was important for those first two sets to be learned well. Whenever I was not watching them practice, Kalista and I worked on the schedule. We were planning on starting on October 15th - June and Kalista's Birthday, and my anniversary with Claire, in Columbus.

Again, we used the Internet, our website and word of mouth to generate buzz. I contacted the Palace Restaurant, and got a table for everyone to come. We got a sitter for Xavier and Claire. Caroline did that 'Sarah thing' and put out a press release, declaring that the 'Next Generation' of Charles & Kalista were making their debuts.

With everyone dressed to the nines, we arrived in our newest acquisition, a beautiful deep red Chevrolet Suburban. Michael helped Lily, who had her hair up for the first time, looking 17 or 18, out of the car. Annette looked great in an adult-styled dress.

Michael went back and helped his sister Rose, who looked haltingly beautiful, with her red hair up on the back of her head, just a touch of makeup, wearing a fabulous new outfit from Victoria's Secret online that was white and showing a little of her 'girls' which was apparently distracting Michael, but he was charming putting each of his dancing partners on his arm.

I helped out the most stunning woman I have ever laid eyes on, Kalista Rosemary McArthur Newman, who was wearing a red flutter-sleeve dress that didn't allow the wearing of a brassiere, darn it. Cut down to just above her belly button it looked fabulous on her. We let the rest of them lead the way.

Our old friend, Shelly Burgess - from WSYX-TV was there, still looking nice. Along with a cameraman - she had a microphone in her hand.

I nodded to her as we walked up.

"Hello, Charles and Kalista — can I have two minutes live in 30 seconds?" she asked.

Beating me to the punch was my wife, who said: "Of course Shelly!"

Her cameraman was giving hand signals, "5 — 4 — 3 — 2 — 1" and he pointed to her.

"Hello Everyone, This is Shelly Burgess from WSYX-TV, coming to you live from outside the Palace Restaurant. The reason I'm here is because of the couple next to me, Charles and Kalista Newman. We haven't seen them for almost a year. Charles, what's the reason you've brought your team here to the Palace?"

"Thank you, we're putting together a new Tour, calling it 'The Next Generation', with our two children Michael and Rose, along with a cousin, Lily McArthur. They have become exceptional dancers, so our entire brood is going on tour in October."

"How can people find out about the tour?" we were asked.

"Our website, has the details and pricing. We're hoping that people will contact us to be on our tour like we did before."

I turned directly into the camera and said: "Decision makers. We need you to have a musical release, and a minimum space of 500 people. Email us with your hall dimensions and we'll get back to you ASAP!"

Shelly asked, "Is it just the kid's dancing, or will the US Olympic Silver Medalists, Charles and Kalista be dancing as well?"

My wife got in front me and said: "Shelly, of course we're dancing. We're practicing every day, getting ready to open on October 15th, this year — that's my birthday. We don't have a place to open in yet, come on Ohio — we expect somebody to let us show off our new generation of dancers to a bunch of crazy fans. We have all new posters for you to purchase, along with the posters from when Claire got to dance with this hunk."

"Thank you - go on inside," Shelly said.

Turning towards her camera, she said: "Columbus, get off your butts and go to their website to get Posters, T-shirts and more. The industry known as Charles & Kalista is poised to make a return to cities all around the USA, be first — be proud. Remember, Dancing is Fun, so Never Stop Dancing!"

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